Living is easy with your eyes closed

I have no idea what day it is even…. Wednesday I think? The days and nights are so blurry here and it is so easy to lose track of the time, days, and nights as they all seem to blend together. I do know that today is my dear birthday bunny, Jen’s birthday. Happy Birthday my sweet friend. Thank you for being a rock for me these past 5 months. I love you dearly<3 I hope you had a beautiful day.

My morning started off great with my friend Melissa bringing by coffee and her gorgeous smile for me. Ronan wasn’t up for visitors, kicked her out of the room, so we went into the hallway and caught up for a bit. Ronan would scream for me every so often so I would come and and tell him I was looking for Dr. Wood. He seemed satisfied with that answer so I was able to go back into the hallway and finish my conversation with Melissa. After she left, I was able to get out of the hospital today for most of the day. It was much needed and Mimi Kay and Papa Charlie came and sat with Ronan for me. So thankful. I can feel myself going a little stir crazy. It was nice to be out and about today. I returned around 5 to a happy Ronan and our 3-year-old roommate, Angel, who had been left alone almost the entire day. He sat and told me that his parents were never coming back. These are the same parents who left him alone last night for about an hour and when I went to ask Angel where they went he replied, “They went to smoke.” OMG. I spent the next 2 hours tonight tending to him and sharing Ronan’s popsicles and toys. I felt bad for the little boy. A 3 year old should not be left alone, EVER! He started throwing things at Ronan which in turn, made Ronan upset and the two of them were screaming back and forth at each other. Ronan ended up in tears because the roommate said to him, “You’re a bad boy!” Ronan looked at me and said, “I not a bad boy, mama!” I told him of course he was not but that didn’t stop the little tears from sliding down his cheeks. He is so tough but really got his feelings hurt tonight. There was not a nurse in sight up on 3 to handle this, so I did best I could. That floor 3 is a little coo-coo. Dr. Eshun gave us the green light to move to the 2nd floor tonight, thank god! We moved down here after the Angel incident and his parents had still not returned. We are just happy to be out of that room and down to our fun floor with the BEST nurses in the world. They were all so excited to see Ronan and he was just as happy to see them. The 2nd floor is like our second home now… it was weird to be here, but not with our “family.”  Somebody even wrote, “Rockstar Ronan,” on the whiteboard where all the nurses/patients info goes…. so cute that they know his nickname:) We are happy campers to be back down here and Ro baby is sound asleep. His ANC was still at 0 as of this morning. UGH. Please let it come up tomorrow. We are itching to get out of here and be back home.

Somebody sent some goodies tonight and I have no idea they  came from, as there was not a card. It was a bag full of some Star Wars toys, some fun books, Coffees for me…. Any takers??!?! Please let me know who you are… I would like to give you a proper thank you. It made our night! Ronan has been having a blast with his coloring books and little light saber racing car. THANK YOU!!!!!

I’m getting anxious and homesick tonight. Hoping I can unwind with a movie or something. I could seriously use some yoga in my life right about now. I feel like I have a lot to say, but my mind/body/soul is shutting down. Hospital exhaustion is kicking in. I am so thankful for my thoughtful husband and the Bose Headphones he bought me for Christmas. Music is saving my life through all of this…. thanks Wooddawg for being so thoughtful all of the time. You are the best gift giver in the entire world. Hope you all have a beautiful, blessed night. Sweetest dreams!

Extra special dreams tonight to my dear Charisma. I told you all the stars would end up aligning for you. More good things to come your way my dear. I can feel it!!


7 thoughts on “Living is easy with your eyes closed”

  1. ❤ u! Thank you again for the best voicemail of the day & the sweetest fb comment! You are my rock….

    PS ~ I am in love with the "Fuck everything & become a pirate"!

    luv ya!

  2. Rest well tonight and hopes you and Ro can break out of there soon. Glad you are at least back to your home away from home, your floor!

  3. arggh,love the pirate. sending hugs and love. D
    Play a little Willie Nelson to brighten the blues. Or maybe some of
    his good smokes???????????????????????? just kiddin.

  4. Dear Father God, please cause Ronan’s numbers to go up so he can go home with his mommy and see his family, I know how you love families Father God, in Jesus name amen.

  5. You are funny. Ahoy e maytes. I am so sorry you had to go through that room ordeal. Could those contractors work a little harder over there at PCH?

    Thank you for checking on me with my cold. That is so sweet and typical of you. Everyone else first. When you spring the joint we need to go get a massage. I will call and check on you later. Hopefully you two are snuggled up and sleeping as best as you can in the hospital. Sweet dreams. Love to you all.

    Willits Family

  6. Ahoy, fellow pirate! You have been able to affect so much change through all of this. What are the chances PCH could provide yoga opportunities for parents??? Just a thought! Wrapping you pirates in light and love and climing numbers!!

  7. how dare any parent to ever, ever leave a 3 year old alone..esp in a cold scary hospital all alone???!!! Where are their priorities? Cigs or a scared, sick child in a hospital bed all alone. I am not a parent and this makes me really angry.
    Your little family is so blessed to have each other. Esp. a mommy who will spend night ad day 24-7 with such an adorable little child. Unconditional love with true priorities.

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