Here’s to you, Wooddawg. 9 years later, baby.

Today, 9 years ago, I was married to my best friend, the
love of my life, my Woody. The only person who has ever truly had
my heart. It was the happiest day of my life; until today. Today is
the happiest day of my life in a different way; a bittersweet way.
Never in a million years did I think that 9 years after I married
my husband, that I would be crying tears of joy because my baby’s
bone marrow scan came back as clean. Yes, that’s right, you heard
me, CLEAN! When Ronan was diagnosed, his bone marrow was filled
with 5-7 percent of Neuroblastoma. Now, it has come back as gone.
What does this mean you ask? It means a lot of things. It means
that the chemo is working, it means that the Neuroblastoma is going
to be easier to get rid of, it means that Ronan truly is kicking
cancer’s ass, and it means that we are once again, filled with so
much hope for our baby of ours. He truly is a force to be reckoned
with. Nothing can stop this baby, not even something as evil as
cancer. This is the best news we could have received today; the
best anniversary gift I could have ever asked for. It is truly a
miracle and proof that all of our prayers, love, energy, and
whatever else is out there, is working in our favor. We met with
Dr. La Quaglia today. He was serious and to the point, but also as
soon as he walked into the room, I knew. I knew that we were in the
right place and I knew that there is nobody in the world that I
would trust with the life of my child. It was like he had a circle
of angels surrounding him. I took one look in his eyes and the
trust was formed instantly. He of course told us how serious the
surgery was; he had to make sure we were aware of the risks. This
was hard for me to hear; but I know legally, he has to tell us
these things. He said on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst,
Ronan’s Neuroblastoma surgery was about a 3. I asked him how long
he anticipated the surgery taking and he looked at me and said, “As
long as it takes to do a perfect job.” Done and done. I know this
man is a gift from god and the only person that should be operating
on my child. With that said…. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE…. spend all
day Monday thinking and praying for Ronan. He will need it and we
will need it. I have never been more scared in my entire life. This
is a huge deal… he has to get through this. Just imagining my
baby going through this makes me sick to my stomach. But he is a
fighter and has proven that he can handle anything. He loves us all
too much to leave us.

Tonight, I am asking that you keep a little
girl in your prayers named Ashley. Her mom got in touch with me a
few months ago and her daughter, who is 7, was diagnosed about a
week after Ronan. Today, as Ro and I were trecking through the snow
to Sloan Kettering, I heard her mom yell out my name. I turned
around and there she was, Nicole, on her way to Sloan as well. She
introduced herself and said she has been following my blog for
quite some time now. Ashley, will have her surgery tomorrow, by Dr.
La Qualia. I know she is going to be fine, but as always, extra
prayers help. I will keep you posted and I will be thinking of her
all day. I saw Ashley today. She has the exact same sparkle and
strength in her eyes that Ronan has. She is going to be fine;
another beautiful survivor.

So, New York has completey healed my
love for running. It truly has become my therapy again. Last night,
I was crawling out of my skin, dying to run since it had been a day
since I had gotten to. I headed up to Central Park and ran about 6
miles on complete ice. It was dangerous, crazy, and completely
cathartic. Tonight, I did the same thing as well. Right now,
running is the only thing that is saving me. I don’t have my
therapist here…. and I so need to do a phone conference with her.
Running is my saving grace for the time being. I am going to come
back here and make the NYC marathon my bitch. Mark my words.
Today, I got to meet the new love of my life, Miss Macy:) She is somebody
that emailed me awhile back on my blog to say that she lived here
and if I needed anything to please call her. She is around my age,
and we have been keeping in touch for awhile now. Finally, I was
able to meet this little angel of ours. And what an angel she is.
She came through the RMH, all bundled up in her fur, toting gifts,
and as gorgeous as can be. Ronan and Quinn instantly fell in love
with her and I did too. She stayed for a couple of hours and we
entertained the boys the entire time. Ronan was flirting away, up
to all of his usual tricks. Macy could not have been more fun and
just what we needed to brighten our day. Thanks, Macy… as I said
before, I feel like I’ve known you forever. I can’t wait to
celebrate my birthday with you.

So, tonight, I sit alone at some
amazing pub by the RMH, paying bills and blogging away on my
anniversary. Sad but true. I would of course, rather have Woody
with me but he so sweetly understood that I needed to get out.
INDEPENDENCE…. ugh. it is so important to me. I need this time to
do my thing…. blog, pay bills, be out in the real world
surrounded by people laughing and who have no idea what the fuck
cancer really means in life. Everyone here is laughing, drinking,
playing trivia, and living life to the fullest. Just as they should
be. Hey, it wasn’t so long ago that I lived this carefree life. I
will never take it for granted again. I used to be exactly like
these people in this bar. And I will be someday again. Someday, I
will be back here, with my husband, just enjoying each other and
not obsessing about Ronan’s cancer. Love you all. Sweetest dreams.

This is dedicated to Ronan… thanks Linds. Because baby, he
is our firework. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting
through the wind wanting to start again? Do you ever feel, feel so
paper thin like a house of cards, one blow from caving in? Do you
ever feel already buried deep? 6 feet under screams but no one
seems to hear a thing Do you know that there’s still a chance for
you ‘Cause there’s a spark in you You just gotta ignite, the light,
and let it shine Just own the night like the 4th of July ‘Cause
baby you’re a firework Come on, show ’em what you’re worth Make ’em
go “Oh, oh, oh” As you shoot across the sky-y-y Baby, you’re a
firework Come on, let your colors burst Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh”
You’re gonna leave ’em falling down-own-own You don’t have to feel
like a waste of space You’re original, cannot be replaced If you
only knew what the future holds After a hurricane comes a rainbow
Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed So you could open
one that leads you to the perfect road Like a lightning bolt, your
heart will blow And when it’s time, you’ll know You just gotta
ignite, the light, and let it shine Just own the night like the 4th
of July ‘Cause baby you’re a firework Come on, show ’em what you’re
worth Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh” As you shoot across the sky-y-y
Baby, you’re a firework Come on, let your colors burst Make ’em go
“Oh, Oh, Oh” You’re gonna leave ’em falling down-own-own Boom,
boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon It’s always been
inside of you, you, you And now it’s time to let it
through-ough-ough ‘Cause baby you’re a firework Come on, show ’em
what you’re worth Make ’em go “Oh, Oh, Oh” As you shoot across the
sky-y-y Baby, you’re a firework Come on, let your colors burst Make
’em go “Oh, Oh, Oh” You’re gonna leave ’em falling down-own-own
Boom, boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon Boom,
boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

21 thoughts on “Here’s to you, Wooddawg. 9 years later, baby.”

  1. Congratulations. On your marriage. On Ro’s scans. On your healing. On your life.

    You’re doing it. You’re inspiring the rest of us along the way. I can’t wait for you guys to come back so we can get the kids together. And the adults! Party at our place. The Foutz family hearts the Thompson family.

    Big kiss from sunny Phoenix!
    Love, Matt, Sandra, Mia, Charlie and Genevieve

  2. Dear Maya: I am the one who is lucky to have met you. Thank you so much for brightening MY day. Ronan is truly a force to be reckoned with and he is going to take cancer and the world by storm. People all over the world are pulling for you and praying for Ronan and it is only fitting that you received this wonderful, amazing news on your anniversary. If that isn’t a sign then I don’t know what is 🙂 I will keep Ronan and Ashley in my prayers and I hope more good news is on its way!! XOXO

  3. Tears are streaming down my face…so happy for Ronan, you and your family. I have a 3 year old and COULD NOT even imagine going through something like this. Ronan is obviously a fighter through and through….as are you….you are very inspiring and every night I read your blog before I go to bed, so grateful for every moment with my beautiful daughter.
    I used to be one of those people you so often right about. A person who takes life for granted. I feel so silly to complain about anything now, a headache, my job, Ava driving me crazy when I get home from work because she wants ALL my attention….. Now, I treasure EVERY MOMENT.
    I have been waiting for this moment on your blog, where I can truly feel your happiness through your words….because as a mother…I FEEL YOUR PAIN…I can’t possibly feel it to the extent…but I feel it.
    HE IS GOING TO BEAT THIS…THERE IS NO DOUBT….I can’t wait to read this Monday night…because THAT WILL THEN BE THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!!!

  4. I am praising God, the Almighty Healer with tears of joy tonight for your little RockStar! And just know that the prayers will continue for his and your family’s strength. YOU, as mommy, are doing just a wonderful job loving your family through this hard time- I can tell this, and I don’t even know you! Keep up the hard work and know that we are praying for YOU TOO- God is there for you, anytime you feel like quitting- just put your pain in His hands and He will give you strength!
    Congrats, on your anniversary 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the outstanding news on the scans!!!! Prayers, prayers, prayers are coming in glorious waves to you and your family from my family and friends that are all along on your ride. As much as you would rather be another carefree soul in this world, you and your family have become an inspiration to many. I am learning from your lessons and while we may never meet, I am eternally grateful for what you have shared. There are days when this life seems like too much, when the pressure on my chest seems to reach through to my back but, thinking of you all is like hitting a reset button for, thank you Lord, we are healthy and we are loved.
    I can’t imagine the number of people on this planet that will be sending love to Ronan on Monday. How amazing is that? He is impacting this world is such a beautiful way. THank you.

  6. WooHoo! Ronan is kicking Cancer’s ass! Such great news! What a little bad ass to go up against such a Mo Fo and be winning! That boy of yours is gonna do great things with his life! Happy Anniversary. my family & friends will be extra, extra praying on Monday! Like I said before God is so not ready to reclaim his lil angel Ronan when he clearly has a amazing path in front of him! Don’t know you guys but couldn’t love you more (: what an inspiring little fighter you have!

  7. I am over the moon about Ronans Bone Marrow scan I am so happy to know he is rocking that cancer out! I will definitely send a lot of prayers your way and so will
    everyone I pass this on too, Thank you SO much for sharing your journey. You have said at times you don’t feel strong well you are because you have made a lot of us mom’s out here stronger by your show of strength.

  8. Amazing Maya!!! Not that we would expect any less from your Rockstar! Kicking butt and taking names as you predicted! Bring on 2011! We will be be praying for you Monday!! Hang in there Ronan Baby!

  9. I am byond happy that his scans came back clean!!! It brought tears to my eyes I was so happy I can only imagine how this makes you feel :o) He is something special and I will be praying for him and your family on Monday. Looks like 2011 is going to be great! Good Job Ronan and good job Maya for being such a great and amazing person. All though I dont know you reading your blog makes me feel like I do ♥

  10. Your news have made my birthday complete! I am so happy for all of you.
    I will keep your little friend in my prayers….good job Chemo!

  11. God answers prayer and Maya you have hundreds of people praying for Ronan’s remission, his medical personnel and your family. God gives hope and no cancer in the bone marrow is fantastically great news! May God be praised for the strong support system you have, the many people who have helped and for making all of us more grateful for what we do have in this world.

  12. Tears of joy I have for you all! Especially Ronan…a true fighter. I have become immersed with your blog…I have great empathy and compassion for you all. Ronan will fight this, I have no doubt. Congratulations on such sweet news. You have become an inspiration to the world. I appreciate the simple things in life and will never take it for granted again, and that is thanks to you and your powerful words. Keep kicking ass, Ronan!!! You deserve to be that little boy again and only worry about what toy you will play with next. That time is coming…woohoo!!! Prayers all day long on Monday…

  13. YAY!!! GREAT NEWS! I will be praying for a new little boy as the new year begins. Can’t wait til you run the NYC marathon. Love Katy Perry! Congrats! Your love, prayers, and persistence is paying off. And, so great that you can share your strength with others.

  14. Thank You Lord for the favor You have shown Ronan and his family. To God be the glory! I am praying for continued favor in his condition and also for Ashley and her Your goodness and mercy in their lives, in Jesus name amen.

  15. So THRILLED to hear about the clean scan!!!! And Happy Anniversary to you and Woody – wishing, hoping & praying that you can celebrate the Big 10 next year together and completely, totally cancer-free!

  16. Yay Ronan! He’s kicking cancer’s ass!! As I haven’t been able to fathom the pain you feel…I now can’t imagine the true joy you feel to get those results. I pray every night and throughout everyday for Ronan’s healing…tonight I can’t wait to thank God for this true blessing. And to get that news in your anniversary….that’s just truly a miracle! It’s proof that Ronan is going to be one of those that is going to kick the SHIT out of cancer and never have to look back!!

  17. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ronan! Ronan, Maya, Woody, Liam, and Quinn, I have been thinking of you and I miss you so much. Christmas is a time for miracles and Ronan is your little miracle. I will be thinking of you on Monday and if the boys are back, I will hold and squeeze them and say my silent prayers right in the middle of class. To heck with seperation of god and state!
    Please call me if you need anything. My love to you all. Mr. Martin sends his too!

  18. Maya… I literally can not even find words, when I have a bad day, I come home and read things like this and remind myself just how good I have it. You are such an amazing woman, I hope someday I can be as fantastic a mother as you, though I doubt thats even possible. I can not express how truly sorry I am for your lose, Ronan was such an amazing boy…. I started at the beginning of your blog a few weeks ago, and its posts like this that cause me to cry my eyes out, I will never understand how things seemed to be going so well, but ended so badly, life is just not fair.

  19. Sometimes i come back to random parts of your blog to keep myself from being a selfish bitch of a mom. I can get so irritated/frustarted with my girls. And I swear, everytime I do, I think of you (and your family) and Ronan. It gives me perspective to not nit pick, over the little things my kids do that make me mad. To be thankful for another day with my family. I have been seeing so many FB pages about kids w/ cancer. It breaks my heart. I know this is a real thing and it can happen to anyone, at any time. But I get so wrapped up in this little bubble, of negative, that I often forget the realities that some families are facing. I cry almost every time I read your blog. I don’t know how you did it and are still doing it. YOU are amazing. Ronan is amazing. I just cannot believe such a beautiful perfect family had to go through this. This is all just garble but, I am so thankful for your blog. For you being real. For sharing your story. You are an inspiration. I dont even know you, but you are definitely the strongest woman/mother, I know!

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