There Are 2 Things in Life I Will Never Say No To. Anything That Has To Do With You and New York City.




Ronan. I know I’ve been quiet. I know you all worry when I am quiet, but I promise I am o.k. O.k…. I’ll admit it. I did see my life flash before my very eyes a couple of days ago when I found myself in bed, on my 6th Cadbury Cream Egg, and watching “The Kardashians.” I had a moment of sheer panic wash over me as I thought to myself, “Who am I?? In bed? The Kardashians?! OMG. I need an intervention.” I felt myself slipping into a deep depression that I hadn’t felt in a while. After the whole White House petition, I knew I was due for a breakdown. I had spent so much time working on it, losing sleep over it, and mostly obsessing over it… I knew I was going to crack. Then, the very itty bitty baby contractions started. OUCH!!!! Ummmm… ouch!!! It’s much too early for those. I was put under strict orders to slow things down and to stop with the stress. That’s what landed me in bed and somehow sucked me into the land of reality television which is so far from reality that it makes me want to barf. I sat in my bed for a couple of days and pondered life and death. The whole, what am I doing thing? Where is Ronan? And how in the world am I living without him? I did my best all week to do the normal mom things that I have to do to run our house. A Target trip that seemed so overwhelming to me that I had to sit in the parking lot and sob for a good 20 minutes before I could even get into the store to buy the one item I needed. Only my Dr. Bronner Magic Soap that I am obsessed with could have gotten me into that store and I was totally out, otherwise I would have aborted mission. I’ve been trying all week to get over to PCH to grab your Captain Rex costume that we used to decorate the Christmas Tree. I have been mentally visualizing myself walking into that hospital but then having to walk out with my dead child’s costume. In my mind, I’ve walked out with your costume at least 50 times. Through my flood of tears I sent your Sparkly a text, “Can you please get Ronan’s costume for me. I have tried to get it about 3 times, but all I can do is sit in the parking lot and cry.” “Of course I can. Consider it done.” he said. You’d think with all the shit I do, that walking into a hospital to get your costume would be easy, right? Well, that’s the world I live in, Ronan. To me, the littlest things can sometimes seem like the most difficult. I would rather jump out of an airplane, 10 times then have to walk out of PCH with your Captain Rex costume that you will never wear again. Walking in with it was easy. It’s the walking out with it that I just cannot bring myself to do.

I am really glad I did not die by the death of too many Cadbury Cream Eggs and The Kardashians. I am really glad about that because of days like today that seem to just magically fall into place when I need a big slap in the face of why what I am doing, is so important. I had a little secret very important meeting today. Your Fairy RoMo just happened to be in town for this meeting. One that I so badly wanted her at and one that she so badly wanted to be at but did not think she could come for due to her crazy work schedule. The stars magically aligned for the worst reasons possible so your Fairy RoMo has been in AZ for a little over a week now. When I remembered this meeting was taking place, I of course told your Fairy RoMo about it and she was more than happy to go with me. Our super secret meeting required us leaving my house at the butt crack of dawn this morning and driving half way to L.A. a.k.a The Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, AZ. I was excited about this meeting but as always I go in not expecting a thing. I have taught myself it is better to go into something not expecting a thing that way less disappointments occur.

Can I just say today, I am so glad I had your Fairy RoMo there with me not only as my dear friend, but as a witness to the amazingness that occurred. Because if I would have left that meeting today and had to report back to your daddy/board members about the conversation that was had, they would have all told me to get out of my fantasy world and back to reality. We both left our breakfast/meeting, speechless to say the least. It all started with the meeting of a lady who is such a badass in the cancer world, that Darth Vader would be scared of her. It all started with her looking  me in the eyes and saying, “What do you want? Tell me your dream for all of this.” So I blabbed all about our Neuroblastoma Research and Care Center. I did it without crying and drowning in my tears. I talked about it in a way that I made her understand why the care is just as important as the research. She grabbed my hand and said, “I promise you, we are going to make your dream, a reality. Now that I’ve met you, you’re in.” It was like I was let into the most exclusive club that ever existed. And in the cancer world, with this organization, that is absolutely the case. Follow up plans were made. It’s taken me all day to wrap my head around what this could mean. I feel like I haven’t been able to catch my breath all day and it’s not just from Poppy suffocating me. Let the evil secret cancer plans to take over the world, begin. Mawahahahahaha….

I had Dr. JoRo over to our house today. We very much needed a pow wow session. It’s been much too long. We talked a lot about Poppy, Inferno Fuckwad Bob, and of course you. Just as I was saying to her, “How am I going to survive these next two months?” A text popped up on my phone. It was my agent, Nena. “Hey, can you meet me in New York next week to meet with some publishing houses?” I just smiled at Dr. JoRo. “Here’s how I’m going to get through the next two months. By taking a little time out to go to New York.” What perfect timing. Of course I’m cutting it close with not being able to fly due to being so far along in my pregnancy, but I’m cutting it just close enough that I will make it. You know I will always say yes to New York. Especially when it involves you, which it always does.

This is all for tonight, little man. I’m mentally tapped out. G’nite. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe. I promise to make you proud.


20 responses to “There Are 2 Things in Life I Will Never Say No To. Anything That Has To Do With You and New York City.”

  1. This is amazing news! Very much looking forward to the book. As a mom to a 30-weeker, take it easy girl (as much as you can…you’ve got so much momentum, I understand it will be a challenge).

  2. Since your last post I’ve been waiting for you to post again I’m so glad you did! YOU and Ronan and my aunt have inspired me to become a pediatric oncologist I know you will make all your dreams a reality very SOON. I’m supporting you all the way I read all your blogs and I won’t stop! #fuckcancer

  3. Maya the Kardashians!? 🙂 New York called just in time. I am so excited to hear that the stars are aligning and that your much needed dream is becoming a reality! Always thinking of you and Ro… always.

  4. I’m so excited to hear all about this secret meeting 🙂 you are moving mountains, Mama Maya!

  5. Lauriefromfrance Avatar

    So it’s “Maya and Nena take New York”
    LOOOL :))))

    Can’t wait to see little Poppy !!!!

    KILL CANCER !!!!

  6. So excited for you RoMama. Can’t wait to hear all about Ronan’s research center and your trip to NYC!

    You & Ro are moving mountains!
    Always rolove
    Take care of yourself & popstar!

  7. You are a Mama on Fire and we are all humbled by your awesomeness.

  8. Michelle from MI Avatar
    Michelle from MI

    Yeaaaaah..I have been looking out for your posts …. I was wondering if you were alright. I feel the same amount NYC….. I used to travel there for work before I had #2. I would walk the streets and feel a vibe I cannot express to others unless they experience it themselves….. Safe travels Maya…I hope to meet you one day…….

  9. So excited for the book! Best of luck!
    I can’t speak for Ronan but I just want to say that I don’t even know you and I’m proud of all that you’ve done. No one has inspired me more.

  10. your nightmare should not be your dreams but… glad you and others are giving cancer the “bird”!! Keep flying girl! You rule Ronan’s Roost!!! Rock It!

  11. Maya, you are moving mountains every day. Ever since you first brought up your Neuroblastoma Care and Research Center, I’ve known that someday, after I graduate, go to college, and get whatever I need to be I Pediatric Oncologist, I would work there. Ronan inspired me to do this, and I know that it’s right. I will always stand by you, Maya, and I want to help you kick cancer’s fucking ass.

  12. So excited to hear about these secret plans!!

  13. You’re doing it. You’re really truly doing it! You and Ro! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. Omg! This is amazing this shows the world how important medical research is especially for our children now & in the future. Mama Maya your amazing never give up hope and believe you have changed the world in many ways. Love u heaps from Sydney. Xoxo

  15. Maya,
    I just wanted everyone here to know because of Ro and Maya, there is one more registered bone barrow donor!! I hope to God I’m someone’s match!! This is just another way for me to beat cancer down!!

  16. Take care of yourself, Mama. We’re not going anywhere, so take the time you need to take care of you and little Popstar xo

  17. I wanted you to know that I’ve added your blog to my website created in memory of my 23 year old son who died 36 weeks ago. Please take a look – it’s a growing collection of blogs, websites, videos, and articles by and for bereaved parents.

  18. you are amazing maya, woody, liam and quinny
    And you are turning your dream into reality

    you make the world a better place

  19. Ok… You said this ” I have taught myself it is better to go into something not expecting a thing that way less disappointments occur.”
    Sorry for copy pasting but this is how I live my life every day. Expecting nothing to go right. Expecting that the good things that do I will be so pleasantly surprised. I look at things (or try to) in a positive way. But I don’t expect it. I do things and have fun in the moment but I don’t get excited when we know we are going to do something because to many times those hopes and dreams were dashed to pieces. So I have learned to expect things from myself and children. I take what comes and if its a good thing then be really happy. If its bad? I try to look for just one thing that day to make me smile.
    This little sweetie was on our news tonight.

    Baby Born with Cancer Recovering at Home

    I don’t want to make you sadder. But I know it motivates people to notice. All children are precious. This little sweetie was fighting alone in the womb before anyone even knew about it.
    Think of you often. Wish I could help more and more. If nothing else I can be eyes and ears to things.
    Hope your NY trip is amazing!

  20. you are an amazing mom and you are so blessed…

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