“From what I can see here, it looks like you are having a baby…”

Ronan. Today, was not a day I expected at all. I had an early appointment at The Fetal&Women’s Center of Arizona. I had to take your brothers because the appointment was so early. Mandy Bee offered to come and sit with them while I went back for my appointment. As we were sitting there waiting, Mandy goes, “You know you can find out the sex of the baby here, right?” I told her I wasn’t aware of that as I thought I had to wait until I saw my OBGYN in a couple more weeks. She told me how she found out at 12 weeks here with both of her boys. I am further along than that, but not much. As soon as my name was called, I got up and asked if it was o.k. if everybody came back in the room with me. The sweet lady told me it was. Your brothers sat playing on their iPads and I was on the table, getting my little belly lubed up. Pretty soon, Poppy was on the big screen. My heart started pounding. So loudly I was sure that everyone in the room was going to hear it. The lady started measuring some things. Mandy chirped up, “Can you tell the sex of the baby today?” The technician told her she indeed could. She asked me if I would like to know. I said, “Sure!” Of course you know I am so impatient when it comes to all things being pregnant. She put the little wand over my belly. I felt myself panic. Oh god. Ronan really wanted a girl. Please. I really wanted a girl. For as much as I can say all I care about is a healthy baby, the truth is, a little girl would mean so much mainly for the fact that you wanted a baby sister. The picture came on the screen. I heard her say it was a boy, before she said anything at all. “From what I can see here, it looks like you are having a baby girl.” “Really? Are you sure?” The technician told me she was about 90% sure. I could not believe my ears. I started bawling, tears falling everywhere. Mandy came over and grabbed my head and kissed the top of it. I buried my head in her shoulder trying to control myself. It was no use. Mascara and snot everywhere. I don’t think I have stopped crying, the entire day. Quinn was over the moon. Liam chirped up that there was a 10% chance that is was not a girl. So typical. So funny. I tried to call your daddy. He didn’t answer. I had Quinn call your Nana. She thought we were all lying to her. No way could it really be a girl.

I finally got your daddy on the phone. As much as I hated to tell him this on the phone because he is in Vegas, there was NO way I couldn’t tell him. “Guess what?” I said, tears still falling everywhere. Your daddy never knows what he’s going to get with me. It could have been everything from “I’m leaving for Tibet to I bought a dog.” I think he was really relieved when he heard me say, “We’re having a baby girl.” He was so happy. He said he knew it. I think deep down, I knew it too, but the confirmation was nice today. I spent the rest of the morning calling and texting our closest peeps. Fernanda. Stacy. Becca. Macy. Liz. Dr. Jo. Melissa. Gay. Tricia. Danielle. Marisa. Carolyn. Charisma. Kass. Rach. Robyn. Rissy Girl. Katie. Meg. Our Fairy RoMo. It is her birthday today. Can you believe that shit?! I found out on her birthday, which was not planned at all! This appointment just happened to fall on her birthday! Talk about another huge sign! There was one person I had not told yet. Your Sparkly. He is the last person I told today. This was not something I was going to tell him over the phone. I had to tell him I was pregnant with this baby, over the phone. I NEVER get to make him smile with happy news, because all the news I sit and share with him is usually so fucking sad or me venting. I sent him a text. “Where are you?” He responded with “In a meeting. Are you o.k.?” I said I was o.k. That I needed to see him today. “I’ll see you in 20 minutes. Come to my office.” I met him there. I was in the middle of sending an email when he came down to get me. I didn’t see him walk up, I only heard him barking some smart ass remark to me, like he always does. He sat down. I told him to hang on, that if I didn’t send this email, I would forget to do it.” He sat. I kind of crawled over to him and gave him a big hug. He laughed at that. “What’s going on? You look pretty today. You know what the baby is, don’t you.” I smiled. “Yup. It’s a baby girl.” I watched his eyes light up in a way that his often do, when he is truly happy. I was so glad I got to tell him my news in person. “I knew you were having a baby girl. I told you that. Ahhhh! You with a baby girl. Finally, someone you can do all those girly things with that you love doing. You two are going to be something else.” I laughed and talked about you a little bit. How much you wanted a baby sister. I am still trying to absorb this all. I cannot believe all the little blessings you are putting in our lives. I left your Sparkly and as I got in the car, I sent him a quick text. “You are going to make the best grand poppy ever. She is so lucky to have you.” He responded back with a simple, “I will.” I said, “I know. Thank you.”

The rest of my day, played out in a way that I don’t think I can take much more. I got a text from Carolyn saying to call her that she had some news. I, of course went to, “Oh fuck. It’s got to be something bad, because too many good things are happening lately.” I texted her back, “Is it good news or bad news?” I was expecting the bad from my friend and foundation president. She responded with, “It might just be the BEST news ever.” I called her. I did not think anything else could happen today, that would leave me speechless. I was wrong. Tears all over. As of now, I can’t talk about our news. All I can say is I cannot believe all of this. I am overwhelmed. I am floored. I cannot believe how truly hard you are working, Ronan. I have never believed in something more in my life, then you. You are making so many amazing things happen. I ended the day with Stacy at Fernanda’s house. I told her the Carolyn news. She could not believe it. A baby girl and now this?! She looked at me and said, “How are you not so overwhelmed?! Aye! Maya! You know this is all Ronan. You know that you could have been in bed for the past year, and we would have all been o.k. with that. Because that would have been totally acceptable! But you chose not to do that, and look at everything is happening.!” I started to cry. I said I knew. I knew but I also knew from day one, that I couldn’t do that. I have to make you proud, Ronan. Lying in bed for the past year, would not have made you proud. But I appreciated Fernanda saying that. I know she meant it because she is such a true friend like that. All of my friends are. I am so lucky to have them all. They stuck by me during my darkest of days. Even on my darkest of days, when nobody knew what to do with me, they stood by me. They didn’t judge me. They may have gently slapped me here and there, but they didn’t talk ill or abandon me or whisper behind my back. This is why they are still in my life. Because they never gave up on the you and me part of this. They just let me be, trusting in me to come around when I needed to come around. For that, I will forever be so thankful. For that, they will forever be my sisters. This baby girl, is going to have so many beautiful aunties. With you watching over her, with a daddy like yours, and your big brothers, too. This baby girl is going to be the most loved little baby girl in the world. Thank you, Ronan. I so badly wish you were here. More than anything. She will be a part of you and I cannot wait to meet her. Please make her extra extra spicy.

Today, was a really happy day full of never-ending tears. Tears of both happiness and sadness. Today, my tears were more happy. I’m soaking that up, because it doesn’t happen often. I miss you so much. I love you so much. I hope you are safe. Please keep this baby girl safe for me, Ronan. I know you will.


Happiest Birthday ever to our Fairy RoMo. You are pure magic and are totally going to make the best fucking godmother ever. Poppy is so lucky. We all are. I love you.

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109 responses to ““From what I can see here, it looks like you are having a baby…””

  1. Yay!!!! Beautiful news!!!

  2. Oh my I’m totally all smiles with tears pouring! I’m so so happy for all the GREAT things that are happening due to u and Ronan working so hard together. Wow this just totally made my night hearing the wonderful news. Can’t wait to follow ur journey thru all the great things that continue to happen! A little girl…….AMAZING! So happy for you Woody and the boys! U truley inspire me and so many others.

  3. I’m so freakin happy Maya!!! After yesterday and all the heartache it is sooo good to hear such wonderful news….happy news that brings tears to your eyes and fills your heart with renewed strength and passion…Ro knew you needed this…as always he is the brightest star in the sky…and today would definetly have been a kissing day for sure!!! Happy Birthday Miss Fairy RoMo …big hugs to Quinn, Liam. Woody, Poppy and you Mama Maya…as I am not much of a real religious person (I am really mad at God right now) a beatitude does come to mind….Blessed are the weak for they shall inherit the world…your hard work is making this happen for so many who can’t fight anymore…xoxoxo from Arkansas

  4. It is not often i cry happy tears for you…today I did. Poppy Thompson is going to be so amazing, just like her brothers, her dad and her mama. I hope she is just like you (but perhaps less swearing…at least until she’s out of diapers!) xoxox

  5. Congrats Maya!! Little girls are so much fun to dress up!!! And Happy Birthday to Fernanda! We share the same birthday!!!

  6. I LOVE this post! I am so excited for you and your family to be expecting a baby girl! She is going to be one lucky “poppy”!

  7. this is the second time in two days my heart has been made happy by baby news – congrats Maya – congrats Ronan – this little Poppy is indeed truly blessed. Such wonderful news. And I can’t wait to hear what great things are going on with Ronan’s Foundation.

  8. Hey Maya! SO happy for you and the whole family! I was wondering if it would be strange if I could send the beautiful little lady a little gift? A crocheted hat? My best friend makes beautiful hats & would be honored to send Poppy one. I have no clue where to mail it to but if you can please send me a mailing address I would love to send one

    1. I’m sure you could probably send things to the PO Box address listed above for the foundation!

  9. Wow, Maya!!! Congratulations πŸ™‚ It is so nice to see you smiling. Fabulous! Big hugs to you and yours.

  10. Sabrina Maldonado Avatar
    Sabrina Maldonado

    I knew you were going to say it was a girl!!!! I totally knew Ronan was going to make sure it was a girl for both you and him!!:) I’m smiling and crying at the same time :’) congrats to you and your family she’s going to be so beautiful!

  11. like i posted on facebook earlier this evening, i am glad you’re getting your Ireland.

    i am so happy for you. ya know one of your pics thats been posted lately on facebook i thought you looked to have been carrying a girl but as i keep getting told by many naysayers that ” ya cant tell from how someone is carrying”. so way wrong. i had 2 girls and one crazy boy trust me you can tell. i am over the moon happy for you.

    congrats congrats congrats !!!!

  12. Omg! I’m so happy for you! I was thinking about you today thinking “oh god, please let her have a girl” and look I just read your post. I have been praying for you as your story has touch my heart and has made me appreciate life so much more.

    God Bless,
    – Erika

  13. So incredibly happy–and while so many will I am sure say they knew it–I truly feel like I did–but I don’t think I am fucking brilliant or anything–I just think Ronan put it right in all of our hearts. So much love to you all–can’t wait to hear the rest of the best news ever when the time is right. Oh–and Fernanda–she nailed it, you could have and should have been in bed for a year or 10 or the rest of your days on this Earth. The world should be so incredibly grateful for your fight and the love you have for your precious boy–I know I am. Blessings to you, Maya…and Woody, Quinn, Liam (holy shit did he have me rolling with his 10% line), Poppy, and of course always to Ronan and his spirit which continues to touch this world in ways we would not even think to dream of!

    1. Congratulations!!! You truly do have an angel watching over you! I am going through a tough time right now and your spunk and attitude are awesome for me! I actually had a dream about Ronan. He came to me and was so happy. I understand this might sound crazy, but I believe his love is so big it’s touching everyone who knows about him. Continued prayers for you and your family, Lisa

  14. I knew it!! Couldn’t be happier for a more deserving family! Ronan is working miracles.

  15. Congratulations to the whole family! As usual, when I read your posts, it was with tears in my eyes! Tonight was happy tears though! I can’t wait to hear the wonderful news that is happening! Thank you for sharing your story! I listen to Ronan’s song every day!

  16. Congrats Maya, so happy for you. Ronan is certainly looking out for you!

  17. RoMama,

    I am soooo happy for you and Ro! Another spicy member!!! A spicy princess. A mother / daughter bond. Your ying to your yang. A partner in crime. Rolove!!! I envision her looking just like Rockstar Ronan!!! Xo
    Always rolove!!! Woody will have his daddy’s girl. Q & L will be the best big brothers!!! Ronan will always watch over poppy!!!

  18. So happy for you Maya, and you look adorable!

  19. Yay!! This is amazing news! Of course like every blog you write I cried! Congratulations!!! Your son is doing miracles! Love how you said “make her extra spicy” So happy for you!!!

  20. Ekkk.. So excited u are having that baby girl! She will be so.spoiled rotten, protected by big brothers and extra special loved. I had a girl almost a year ago. Poppy was 1 of 2 names I was kicking around so I was shocked to hear u calling her that. I love it so much it almost(but more almost not because im 37 now)made me want one more so I could use it. Instead I went for Beatrix (Trixi) but I still just love poppy!

  21. You are awesome, im only 17 and you make me see the world with other eyes, hope Ronan is ok πŸ™‚ all my love from spain, i really admire you Maya.

  22. I shiver as I read this. WHOOOT WHOOOOT. :)))
    I hope there will be many more days like these for you and your beautiful family. But then again I’m sure Ronan will take care of it. You always say how proud of him you are but guess what?! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU TOO!

  23. 3 handsome boys and now a lovely little girl – so happy for you Maya. I know you’re going to name her “Ireland Ronan” but I think Poppy is cute as a nickname – will make for a cute story when she’s older.

  24. Congrats Maya and family Since reading you were having a baby I knew it was going to be a girl. I think she’s going to have Ronan’s beautiful eyes too. I know you like Irish baby’s name and I thought Ashlynn Ronan would be really pretty it would mean dream little seal.

  25. I happened to catch Taylor Swift’s song “Ronan”. Got deeply touched by her song. Then I googled it and came up to this website. I couldn’t help but have tears welling in my eyes. Ronan is so cute and as you said, he is everywhere. Best wishes!

  26. You are one amazing lady!

    You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way!


  27. Hazel O Callaghan Avatar
    Hazel O Callaghan

    Over the moon at this amazing news. Made my day:-)

  28. Im so happy for you guys. My favorite part of your always amazing letters was when you said that she is a part of Ronan and to make her saucy! He loves you so much. You are an amazing mother and he wanted to see you smile much more. Tears of happiness Maya.


  29. Shoot, Maya! I just ruined my makeup when I read this due to tears of joy! Congratulationns!

  30. No one deserves this happiness more than you. Soak it up and enjoy it, knowing that Ronan’s behind it all…

  31. Such wonderful news! You deserve this happiness Maya and a baby girl will be so much fun for you! You can dress her up and buy hats for her and just drink her little girlness up! Of course, little boys are blessings too but little girls are, well, different!

  32. Demetria Arriaga Avatar
    Demetria Arriaga

    I am so happy that you are having a little girl!!!! She will be spicy!! I also can’t wait to hear the big news with the Foundation!!There are so many of us that talk about your story daily… Love you!!!

  33. Congrats Maya!!!! I’m so happy for you! πŸ™‚

  34. Hipipip Houraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am so happy not only for you but for the world LOL can’t imagine what this l ittle girl can and will do for the world! half Maya half woody and I am definitely sure will have Ronan’s spirit and spiceness! be aware White house!!!!

  35. Oh, Maya, yea! After yesterday’s news of Ty’s passing, news of this perfect miracle could not have come at a better time. Thank thank you for sharing your joy!

  36. I’m so happy for you, Maya. I kinda knew it … but these great news just made my day! I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy … You are the best mother I could imagine. Ronan and you are my heros! ❀ Much love and light all the way from Germany πŸ™‚

  37. Michelle S from MI Avatar
    Michelle S from MI

    Congrats! I love reading good news from you….

  38. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy you had so much JOY in your life today. You deserve to be happy and I pray this is the beginning of many more good days for you and your family. Your hard work is doing so much good. I stumbled on you by accident and have not stopped talking about the situation since. You are an amazing woman and mother !! ((HUGS))

  39. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so glad you had so much happiness in your day. You deserve it, you work so hard to get Ronan’s story out there and it is working. I stumbled on you by accident and have not stopped talking about it since. This baby girl is so blessed to have you for her mommy. I will pray for you to have a little more happiness each day, and much more success with the Foundation. Looking forward to meeting you “kind of in person” via the Katie Show on Monday.

  40. That is THE happiest news I’ve heard all week! Congrats to you, Woody and the boys! We have two miracle girls, Julia and Sara. Wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

  41. Congratulations! That’s so great! I was the 4th baby born after my parents loss their 3rd child to SIDS. As sad as they were…I do know having me brought so much joy after their terrible loss. They needed me. I never replaced my brother Christopher, he was never forgotten, and their love for me was/is beyond the moon and back! They can’t imagine life with out me but the truth is if my brother didn’t die I may never had been born?? And my parents can’t imagine that. My father recently passed away. All I’m trying to say was my parents never wanted to find their dead child clung to the sheets in his crib dead. Will always wondering what would he be doing now. Will always grieve and desire to have never lost him. They will always be deeply saddened by their loss. But they did lose him. I just know I came along at the right time for them and in no way did that mean they moved on from their loss.I did not replace him. Never have I felt that or have they. So don’t worry about that being in your thoughts or anyone elses. I just brought joy when they needed it and am probably the closest child to them. We are all very close, my siblings, but I’m that sibling that does all those little things the other 2 don’t! Lol…(I’m now 38) Ronan will live on forever in everyones hearts and some major changes are taking place because of him. Ronan and you are changing the world. Someday you will be with your baby boy again someday. He is so proud of his Mama and he is the force behind everything. Someday there will be a cure and someday things will be better then they are now in the NB world and you will be a huge reason for that….be so proud. So proud of Ronan and what he and you are accomplishing. Never worry that anyone will forget him….according to the RTF page you have like 8million people that know those blue eyes and you and him have forever help and changed all of us. This is far beyond what most of us accomplish in a lifetime. Your words help so many people in so many ways.

  42. Congratulations! I am sooooo happy for you!

  43. Congratulations!!! It does not seem like a big enough word for this occasion. I think this is the hardest I have ever cried while reading your blogs. You are a beautiful mama!!!

  44. Congrats on all the amazing news! (and yes, I, too had a feeling it was a girl! haha) You are gonna have a blast–I have three daughters so I know what fun it is: girly ruffles, dresses, bling-y stuff, doing hair–its endless. Ronan is going to keep the good stuff coming, just wait and see. So happy for you and your family–enjoy every second, you all deserve it!! xoxoxox

  45. Maura - Ireland Avatar
    Maura – Ireland

    So happy for you! Ronan is looking after your family so well. I am sure his little sister will bring great joy. Your daughter will have a great role model in her mother. You are doing great things in the name of Ronan. Thank you from this mommy of two little girls. X

  46. Congratulations on your wonderful news. As a father who had hoped for a daughter, let me confirm that they touch your heart in a totally different way than your boys do (I have two boys and a girl). Every child is special, but you form different kinds of bonds with little girls than with little boys.

    Ronan got his wish, and he is going to make sure that she is safe and spicy for your family.

  47. Wonderful!!! I knew it!!!! So happy for your happy day!!! I hope there are more and more and more of them.

  48. Congratulations on your baby girl. I was hoping it was a girl. You’re so pretty, all pregnant and shit. Can’t wait to see you on Katie. I’ll be at work, but I hope to catch it on the net that night. Good things are happening. So, so happy about that. You deserve some good.

  49. Maya, I am so unbelievably happy for you!! I knew this baby would be a sweet blessing from Ronan!! I was in happy tears from you when I read this. You are absolutely the most beautiful pregnant mother I think I have ever seen, inside and out!! I can’t wait to find out what the other great news is!! Much love and prayers . Alyssa

  50. I have decided instead of sending Baby Girl Thompson booties and I am sending her lip gloss!!!! Congratulations to all of you . This is such wonderful and Romazing news.

  51. Love to your entire family. What a fabulous addition she is going to be. Congratulations!

  52. Congratulations! So happy for you all. Poppy will be the most beautiful baby girl ever! Ronan is amazing

  53. You are so beautiful Maya! So happy for you and Poppy girl! I could actually hear your happiness and excitemenf in your blog. Thank you Ronan for taking care of your mama!

  54. Congratulations Maya! What wonderful news today…you are right, I’m sure Ronan is working his magic and never leaves your side! He will watch over his precious baby sister, I know he will. Your news put a huge smile on my face- thank you for sharing!

  55. I’m so happy for you Maya πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  56. OMG Congratulations Maya!!!!!!!! What a wonderful gift!!!! As I was reading your blog today line by line, waiting for the nurse to say the sex of the baby, I too teared up with anticipation and when you balled snots and all, so did I!!! I think all of us who follow you and Ronan were there with you as well!!! Enjoy this wonderful news and gifts from Ronan! πŸ™‚

  57. Wow Maya, so happy for you all! Such exciting news! Congratulations! Much love to you as always! xoxoxoxoxo!!!

  58. Oh Maya it is so great to see you glowing and to see that beautiful soul of yours sparkle! It only gets better my dear!! Congrats on Poppy! Funny I saw the instagram or FB post and I said “Awww there is sweet little poppy girl” then I scrolled back up and read where you put the 2 hearts and said it was a girl… Then it dawned on me that even though we all knew it was a girl, it was being confirmed! Then the tears began to flow! That Ronan… He is something, always up to something. He is one of a kind!! But you know that!! Big hugs!!

  59. Robin Frederick Avatar
    Robin Frederick

    Tears flowing like lava, but smiling all over myself. Thank you for sharing. ❀

  60. Congratulations!

  61. Maya! I am SO happy for you:) I also wanted to share with you that I am fluent in sign language and I am teaching myself how to sign Ronan’s beautiful song by the amazing Taylor Swift πŸ™‚

  62. Some people are automatically negative in thought. You are the perfect example that there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a reason to smile. There is a reason to be positive. An attitude can be an awesome thing when you use it for good and in the name of love. Your strong passion to change the face of cancer research and the “Ro and I can do this” attitude is helping the many who may have been on the negative side. I know they must be re-thinking why they are doubters. You are changing many things besides cancer awareness. (FU Cancer).
    Congratulations Thompson family! Happy dance here. Luv<3

  63. Congratulations! This is beautiful news! I had a feeling you were going to find out your baby would be a girl, what a blessing!! She will have a AWESOME family!

  64. She’ll be the sparkliest, spiciest little sister there ever was. πŸ™‚ Because you and your husband are such awesome parents, she’ll grow up knowing and loving all 3 of her brothers. Congratulations!!

  65. Maya,

    I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations about the news of a healthy, baby girl! You look beautiful in your picture…you are glowing. Thank you for sharing with us! We are continuously praying for you & your family. You & Ronan are an inspiration and you remind me not to take my life or the many blessings in my life for granted.

  66. pure bliss. This a a total Ro-miracle and I am so thankful for you all. Take this Joy and run with it and know that Ronan will ALWAYS be a part of this sweet little girl. It’s so beautiful!

  67. Congrats Maya!!! I’m so happy for you , and sure she will be a beautiful little princess, just like Ronan want it!!!

  68. Oh Maya how wonderful! Being on this journey with you for the past two years has been, and will continue to be, an amazing journey. I am so happy to read such a joyous post from you! Wow that Poppy, and Liam and Quinn and Ro – sweet spicy Ro – they get to have the best Mama! I so wish that Ronan was there to meet his baby Poppy, but he is there in a way because he is so clearly ALWAYS with you. I know you will have dark days and bright days ahead and we are there for them all. I am so happy to be able to share this bright day with you. Sending you thoughts of peace and joy today!

  69. I am moved to tears as always with your blog. But this time tears of joy for you and your family! Praying for many more blessings for you, your family and your Poppy! Thank you for sharing Ronan with us. love to you! ❀

  70. I’m so happy to hear of all this wonderful news, Maya! You deserve it. And as the mom of a little girl (and one who is very spicy and the love of my life) I can say, you’re in for another amazing adventure!! I’m so excited to hear about this, I was holding my breath when I read your post. Can’t wait to hear your other good news…thank you as always for sharing your story and your heart. Wishing you and your family all the best on this exciting new journey…and Ronan IS always with you, and always in so many of our hearts. Doing a super big happy dance for you today!! (even if it is in my chair, lol).

  71. Maya!!! I have been a avid blog reader. I am sitting here at my desk, with happy tears flowing! I’m so happy for you! I can just see you and Poppy with SPARKLY nails!!! So happy for you!

  72. Congratulations, so so excited for you and your family! What an amazing gift.

  73. YES!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you Maya, I can’t stop smiling!!! A baby girl is just absolutely perfect. It’s what Ronan wanted. πŸ™‚

  74. Oh my, wonderful news, Maya! I’m so happy for you. It’s so beautiful to see you smiling again. Your little girl is going to be loved so much. You deserve lots of happiness and joy! On a separate note, I wanted to thank you for sharing Ty’s story. I started reading Ty’s blog as soon as you mentioned the email you received from Ty’s mom, Cindy. I’ve got to love that little guy so much and prayed so hard for a miracle. Such a brave and strong boy! My heart aches right now and I have cried so much like if I had known him in person. It sucks that we had to lose another beautiful child to fucking cancer.

    Anyway, congrats to you, Woody, Liam and Quinn.


  76. I have been hoping for a baby girl for you! I have one gir(and 2 boys), SO much fun. Welcome to years of sparkly shoes, cool hair accessories and there will come a point where you WON’T be able to get your nails done ever again without her. And you won’t want to. I am so excited for you!!

  77. So over the moon happy!! A little spicy princess.. So now is she gonna be Poppy or Ireland??? Either way she is going to be Romazingness! xoxoxo

  78. Siobhan and family Avatar
    Siobhan and family

    Am so, so happy for you all. Your story has touched all our hearts. I too have a beautiful Ronan – they are special little guys! Thank you for sharing all your your stories…you guys are so very brave and a huge inspiration. We’ll be thinking of you here in Ireland. Siobhan xx

  79. Congratulations Maya, and your whole family too! I’m sure she will be extra spicy! Just like her spicy monkey brother! You know, you may have heard this before, but I imagined you had a little girl with the most amazing blue eyes, like Ro’s. No matter what, she will be beautiful, just like her mom! Congrats and good luck!

  80. And I love that baby girl as much as u do!

  81. Congratulations! Your strength is amazing, and this baby girl is gonna take on the world! You’ve inspired me to do more with what I have. Keep going forward, Maya. You’re making Ronan so proud.

  82. Shining Star's mom Avatar
    Shining Star’s mom

    Today my heart smiles for each of you. A little bit of happiness within so much heartache.

  83. I love when you bring good news:) So happy that you are happy about this sweet baby girl! She is going to be a beautiful fairy princess covered in purple sparkles:)

  84. I am so happy for you!! A sweet baby girl is just the ticket.

  85. Congratulations Maya! I am so happy for you! I love the name Poppy Thompson πŸ˜‰

  86. I am SO happy for you and your family Maya:) You guys deserve all of the happiness in the entire world! Your beautiful little boy has worked yet another miracle πŸ™‚

  87. Poppy Ronan Thompson. What a gorgeous name.

  88. Ahh congrats does that mean her name is Ireland? She is going to be soooooo beautiful!!!

  89. A beautiful baby girl!!! Congrats xx does this mean her name will be Ireland? Baby girl Ireland soooo cute

  90. Wonderful news, Maya! Congratulations!

  91. Yaaaa!! I’m so happy for you Maya Woody n the boys miss Ireland Ronan Poppy Thompson is going to be the most beautiful baby girl just like her big bro Ronan was and I betch she will have them big beautiful eyes just like you n Ronan!!!! Well congrats much love to yas

  92. Congrats!!! Poppy is a beautiful name. Please keep us posted with anything new. and please share pictures when she arrives.

  93. I believe I see Ronan’s beautiful lips on Baby Girl! So thrilled for you all, congratulations!!!

  94. Dear Maya, I’m so happy for you!!!! πŸ™‚

  95. What great news – so glad there are some happy tears mixed in with the sad. Take care. Fuck you cancer!

  96. Congrats!!!! Ronan is 1,000% behind this:) My little boy (2.5 yrs) was carrying a balloon outside today and he accidentally let go. He was having a meltdown until I told him that his little balloon was being shared with Ronan. When we got home he told daddy all about “Ronan”. It was so sweet. Your story continues to inspire the world Maya. Your family’s strength and courage is remarkable. All my love.xoxo

  97. you so badly deserve all of the wonderful things that are coming your way… I am smiling and crying out of pure happiness for you. congratulations to you and your family- how exciting, a baby girl!! you are always in my thoughts and prayers..
    Ro is the brightest star in the sky, always watching out for you. He knew how badly you needed this right now and it just warms my heart to see you with happiness and renewed strength and passion. stay strong maya and remember the best is yet to come πŸ™‚
    much love from NJ

    oh and fuck you cancer

  98. That is truly GREAT news. I am so happy for you and your family. Your little man knew that you needed something special to brighten up your life.

  99. I freakin’ knew it!!!!! Yesssssss! Enjoy every minute… xxx

  100. This post made me so happy, and tears are over flowing! I think my favorite part is the picture of you at the bottom, smiling, it’s so nice to see you with a smile on your face, you look genuinely happy, & that warms my heart.

    1. Oh and Ps .. I took the two little boys I nanny for to let ballon go over the bridge between our house and Super Ty’s the other day, and the 7 year old tells me, but we have to get some for Ronan too so they don’t have to share up in heaven. He ask about Ronan everyday, it’s the sweetest thing.

  101. Amazing. You are so inspiring. I can’t read anything you write without tears. So happy for ya’ll! Your story and your little Rockstar Ronan has changed my view on life. Thank you for sharing your life. Congrats on your new lil girl!

  102. Best news ever.

  103. Congratulations to you, your husband and all you boys…the addition of a new Queen in your family is wonderful news. May I be so bold as to suggest to those folks who would like to send a baby gift, that in lieu of a gift, they make a donation to Ronan’s Foundatiion?? Anything to help research to kill this disease and allow children to grow old with their siblings. you have walked in hell, Maya. You and Ronan fought like army guys and while he had to leave the battleground, you are still with guns blazing doing all you can do to exterminate this bastard of a disease. I hope I live to see the day that all cancer foundations go away because cancer was fucking incinerated.

  104. Wow as a proud aunt of 2 nieces one 4 years old and one 7 month old, your in for some new fun. She will be very loved by many! Congrats to you, your husband, Ronan, the twins, and the rest of the family! Its nice to hear the great news. I am sure when your daughter is older she will read this blog like many of us have, hear stories about Ro from family, see pictures, and feel very connected to Ronan in her own special way. Ro really is pure magic!! Thanks for keeping us informed about this horrendous disease.

  105. I am so happy for your entire family ❀ this is such a blessing πŸ™‚ Ronan will be a part of this baby girl forever!!

  106. I saw you and your husband on the Katie Couric show and have been reading your blog ever since. Its taking me awhile to catch up because I wanted to start from day one.. I work in an office for 7 hrs a day and 5 of those hrs I have read your blogs.. a lot of tears and a lot of wows (I absolutely LOVE when Ronan sends you signs) its absolutely amazing!!! Today I could not reply to your wonderful news.. Congrats, to you Maya and your sweet Family… Ronan did it again!!! I have a feeling Mr. Ronan is going to make sure Poppy(which by the way I love) has his beautiful blue eyes!! Its crazy how I think of you and Ronan all the time.. Im so happy for you and cant wait to finally catch up and please continue to write.. I love hearing about all the Signs Ronan leaves for you… God Bless!!!

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