Oh, Hey Cancer! Fuck you! Seems like an appropriate title tonight.

Ronan. Your daddy left for Vegas. This means I get to hold down the fort while he is away. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem in the pre Ronan is not dead days. Now, doing things like keeping your brothers entertained on their fall break, solo, is hard fucking work. Don’t get me wrong, they are easy boys. And if you were here, I have no doubt we would be off doing things like going to the Pumpkin Patch, shopping for Halloween costumes, and having lots of adventures. You know what is right around the corner. Your most favorite holiday. Halloween. It used to be my favorite holiday, too. Now it just makes me extremely sad. Last year, I dressed up like a dead zombie because that is how I felt. This year, I’m not feeling like doing anything except burying myself in a big hole in our backyard. I have not carved pumpkins with your brothers yet, or gotten their Halloween costumes. We have been talking about what they want to be. Of course I always wonder what you would have been. In my mind, you would have been a different Star Wars character every year for the rest of your life. I don’t think you would have grown out of your Star Wars phase just quite yet.

Today, Liam and Quinn’s fall break consisted of therapy. It was Liam’s day to be with Dr. Rachel. It’s been a while since he has seen her. I went in and talked to her before hand. I told her that I have been having to talk about your last days a lot, with everything that I have been doing. I told her I was worried because we had not really talked about it in depth with your brothers. We agreed that she would dig deep today, without pushing Liam too much. I waited in the waiting room with Quinn. My mind was racing and of course my heart was breaking thinking of the conversation that was taking place in the next room. What a great way to spend fall break, huh. Liam came out after an hour, his little eyes all red. I got up and left him out in the waiting room with Quinn while I went to talk to Dr. Rachel about how the session went. I listened to her tell me how Liam talked very openly about the sadness he feels over losing you. How during the time when you were dying he told himself to be a good brother, to be brave, to be strong, and how he wanted to be somewhere else. He told Dr. Rachel he told you the same things. He cried a lot when talking about all of those things. She told me he has a higher emotional intelligence than most kids his age. How well he was able to verbalize everything that he was feeling. I wiped away my tears while listening to this. I felt like punching the wall and screaming, “WHY THE FUCK DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?!! TO THE BEST BIG BROTHERS IN THE WORLD?!!!” I got up and told Dr. Rachel thank you. We decided that it was best for now to let Liam talk about these things in his safe space with Dr. Rachel. I asked Liam in the car if he wanted to talk about anything. He told me he did not, so I left it at that. I am just thankful that he is opening up to someone.

I picked up a friend of your brothers so we could have a play date. I took them over to The Village to play basketball, football and swim. I was sitting outside, under the shade of course with my dark sunglasses on because I have developed an allergy to the sun called, “I fucking hate you.” I was watching your brothers and their friend swim. I was trying not to get too sad that there were 3 boys in the pool and one of them wasn’t you. Just as I was sitting there, a little hummingbird came flying right up to my face. It stayed there for a few seconds. I smiled. I thought of you of course because little hummingbirds don’t happen often in my life, but when they do it is always when something really important or sad has happened and I need a little sign that you are around. 3 minutes later, my Twitter alert went off. Somebody had tweeted me that our friend, Super Ty had passed away. My stomach dropped to the floor. I sat there for a few minutes. I didn’t cry right away. I thought about the hummingbird and how that was your way of telling me you were going to take care of Ty now. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched your brothers laugh, splash and play. I sent your Sparkly a text about Ty because he knows how he was our roommate at Sloan. I told him that he had passed away and how cruel life was. I told him about the hummingbird too and how I knew it was a sign from you and how you would now watch over Ty forever. He told me that he knew that you would, too. My tears didn’t stop for a few minutes. I’m so sorry to Ty’s mama, daddy, little brother and to all who knew and loved him. I’m so sorry to Ty. Will this cruel world ever get better, Ronan? How many kids is it going to take, before people start paying attention to the point where everyone finally says, enough is enough? When is this sick cycle of kids dying over and over and over from cancer going to end? When are people going to stop looking away because it can’t happen to their child, right? I know I am making a lot of headway with everything we are doing, but some days I feel like how long is this going to fucking take? And what is it going to take for everyone to wake up and join in this fight with me? Am I going to have to organize a freaking protest or something? When will our government really step up to the plate and what can I do to make this happen? Somebody get me on the phone with Obama. Seriously. Too many parents are losing kids. Too many kids that are still here, will suffer for the rest of their lives. They deserve to stop being overlooked. They deserve better treatments and options. I don’t want another mom to have to sit down with their other children and let them look at the ashes of their dead brothers body. I am beyond heartbroken and if things continue to stay this way, I just don’t know what I will do. Really, how hard do I have to fight? I feel as though it is all I am doing, 24 hours a day. Will things ever get better? If my post seems hopeless tonight, it’s just because I am so very sad over Ty, Ronan. I hope you two are both playing together in your super hero capes. Take good care of him sweet boy. It shouldn’t be this way.

I’m going to end this here. Your brothers had a good day. I tried my best but as always I carry so much sadness around in everything I do. I miss you so much. G’nite Ro baby. Sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back. I hope you are safe.


P.S. Hey Cancer. Fuck you.

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  1. Maya…my thoughts exactly. Another one of my little heroes was murdered by that motherfucker cancer tonight. On that note….Fuck Obama or Romney for President…I’m voting for Maya Thompson.

  2. I started following Ty’s story after you told him about us Maya. My heart is heavy today, knowing that Ty is gone. He was such a gorgeous boy just like Ronan.

    I can’t tell you how big a passion I have for childhood cancer now, after reading about Ro and Ty. I wanna DO something, and I feel useless right now that I’m too young to really do much. It saddens me and it angers me to read about kids suffering and dying. It is so unfair. I just did the AIDS walk with my school in LA and I just looked around, thinking to myself, “why don’t things like this exist for childhood cancer?” I hope that one day that will exist and so much more.

    1. If you want to help, and honor Ty, Ronan, and the thousands of kids & their families fighting every day, I’d encourage you to explore St. Baldrick’s Foundation & Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Both offer low to no-cost opportunities to raise funds that go directly to research. As someone who is pretty broke myself, it’s not always easy to give cash, but volunteering at an event is a positive way to support the fight. Our St. Baldrick’s events the last 2 years have raised nearly $200,000 – and virtually everything including the location, entertainment, and raffle items, was donated. We offer women & girls the chance to cut their ponytails & then donate those to Locks of Love. Ty was one of our five honored kids this year, and sadly the day of the event was the day of his last MRI that showed the return of his tumor. A shaving event is something you can organize at your school, and a lemonade stand is something you can do in your yard. These two organizations are very highly rated, have low admin costs, and fund a lot of vital research. People like you, with the passion to act, are going to be how we find better treatments and a cure.

    2. Ana,
      You are awesome for wanting to do something. I don’t know how young you are, but I do know that you are not too young to make a difference. There was a girl who had a benefit at her high school that raised money for The Ronan Thompson Foundation. And my daughter who is only 8 years old has been busy trying to make a difference in her own way as well. She came up with the idea for us both to donate our hair during September (pediatric cancer awareness month). While we were there, she told everyone in the salon that it was Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and all about Ronan. She also told all of her friends to buy Taylor Swift’s song “Ronan” because the money raised helps charities. She wears Ronan’s bracelets and tells everyone who will listen about him. There is a Run To Fight Childhood Cancer and she helped with the kids crafts there. I can tell by your post that you are older than she is and that you have a great passion for helping. So please don’t feel useless, you will find your own way to make a difference and to help raise awareness! 🙂

  3. I agree! Enough is enough! We need to put an end to all this!!

  4. Maya,

    I cried tonight as I do a lot of times reading your blog. How so unfucking fair it is. Ty was from the town over from mine, and I spent most of my day today planning my children’s fundraiser that is taking place in December, I talked to people about children’s cancer all day today, I told them about Ronan, I told them about Ty,and sat in my car and cried when I heard the news about Ty. I knew Ronan would be there to greet him in the cancer free place they are now, but I am so angry, I promise you I will NOT stop fighting, I mention children’s cancer in every conversation. I hand out flyers and letters to everyone I know about children’s cancer and my fundraiser. Lane Goodwin also lost his fight today, I hope he’s with Ty and Ronan, I hope they are free and happy and together. There is not a day that goes by I don’t think of you and your family Maya. I’m in this battle with everything I got. The two little boys I nanny for ask to see Ronan’s picture and hear his song everyday,the older one told me he wants to grow up and be an inventor, an inventor of medicine that cures all the kids like Ronan, you have made a HUGE impact, Ronan is changing this world. My hugs and thoughts to you, I will be wearing sparkly gold things as I meet people for the fundraiser tomorrow, I will be making sure everyone knows we have a battle to fight. Xox

  5. I really couldn’t have said it better myself…I was heartbroken to learn about Ty earlier today. Though both Ty and Ronan’s journeys didn’t end how I would have wanted I am thankful both of your families have brought childhood cancer to the attention of so many. Your stories have forever changed me and I am determined to find a way to help fight the battle to bring the importance of this research into the forefront. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family. My son is almost 3 now and I truly believe your blog has taught me how to be an even better mother to him.

  6. Liam and quinn should have never ever lost their brother ronan, and gavin should have never lost his brother ty. It is not fair and cancer sucks!!! I wonder if u did get in touch with obama if he would even do anything. All they seem to care about is power and money! They are probably one of the reasons we get cancer with all the poisons they put in our food!
    I know you are going to make a differance, maya. You are so strong, and you are changing the world. I wish you still had ro 😦

  7. After reading about Ty today I feel like I’m at a complete loss of words, I just want to scream. I hope Ronan and Ty are running wild together. Thank you for not only sharing Ronan’s story but Ty’s as well. We’ll keep fighting for these beautiful boys.

  8. Hey Maya,

    I am doing a project that involves me giving an “informative speech” in front of my college lecture hall of 200 hundred tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know I am giving my speech on you and Ronan. I am handing out flyers with the links to the foundation and this blog. I hope this can brighten your day, if only for a moment. Not a day goes by I don’t think of Ronan; even though I never knew him, when I read your posts or see pictures of him my heart feels heavy like I was close to him as well. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling, but I just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration to me, and Ronan’s story has inspired me to become a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric oncology hospital. You are an amazing woman!!!

  9. Enough is enough already. How many of these brave little children have to die before people get their heads out of their asses and demand that the government does something about childhood cancer. Watching loved ones die from this disease is terrible enough, but compound that with it being someone’s child and it breaks your heart.

    I am haunted when I remember your response to Cindy when she wrote you the letter and talking about how cold Ronan’s feet became. Then I read the Super Ty blog this morning and just felt my body go numb. Something has to be done, and it has to be massive and loud enough that everyone has to take notice.

    Don’t feel like you have to fight alone. You are gathering a lot of people that have been touched by Ro, and also by Ty, so use them to magnify your voice. Stay strong Maya… it is a heavy burden that you carry, but your strength and anger and passion are what it is going to take to bring this damn thing out of the fucking shadows where we can kill it!

  10. I’m sorry for this to have been such a sad day. My prayers continue to be with you and your family, and I will pray for Ty’s family as well. Do know that I’ve gone most of my life without any intimate hummingbird encounters (;)), so the fact they happen at times like this for you leaves me no doubt that that is a sign from your sweet Ronan.

  11. I’ve been reading about Super Ty as well, and was very saddened when I found out he had passed. Now he and Ro are in a much better place, with no cancer, or presidents that don’t pay attention to it! I saw a hummingbird as well, today in my math class. It was looking at me and I looked at it. Then my fucking math teacher banged on the window and shooed it away. Fuck her, and cancer too. I don’t have a lot of money, but I will do my best to help end this motherfucking cancer once and for all!

  12. Sabrina Maldonado Avatar
    Sabrina Maldonado

    I sat down this evening and I always read your blog and super Ty’s as soon as I went on to super Ty’s I was hoping to read a good update because yesterday wasn’t so good but all I saw was dates 😥 it makes me so sad because these are innocent children and Ronan’s birthday is a week after my sons and Ty’s birthday is 3days before my daughters. They didn’t deserve this your families didnt deserve this nobody deserves this! I am ever so determined for my run like a rockstar marathon run! I know Ronan and Ty are playing together and now with both of them in heaven they will make even more greater things happen!! Ill pray extra hard for you guys tonight! Much love

  13. Demetria Arriaga Avatar
    Demetria Arriaga

    Maya, I learned about Ty’s story from your blog. I had fallen in love with him and was devastated to hear about his death today. I can not sleep. I will continue to talk about Ronan, SuperTY and all of the other children until everyone I know hears their story. I am so sad.

  14. I am so sorry you’re hurting. I appreciate your posts so much and your blatant honesty. I am cheering for you and praying for you and Ty’s family. I’m here for whatever you need.

  15. Thinking of you RoMama. Thinking of Rockstar Ronan. Always rolove!!! Thinking of Q & L. It’s so fucking unfair. Thinking of poppy. Hope everythings going well. Thinking of Ty and his family. Fucancer!!! Maya’s mafia!!! I am right here behind you!!! XO

  16. Maya,
    My sentiments exactly!! FUCK YOU CANCER is my FB status tonight 😦 I guess we lost a couple sweet Warriors on this day. I was led to your blog from reading and following Lane Goodwin…who passed away today also. My heart aches so badly for a little boy I never got to meet and his family, who I just want to hug so badly. I have prayed and prayed and prayed (like my prayers make a difference) well there were thousands of us and I guess that was just not enough. I am so heart broken for you,Ty’s family and Lanes family. I have worked in the non profit world here in AZ and will do something to help families like yours and Ty’s and Lanes and so on. I know that is not much, but it is a start. Because of you I have started my application a while back to volunteer at PCH as well as Ryan House. I guess that may sound stupid to some people but if I can even be a small part of making a difference in a sick child’s life or their family to give them a 5-10-15 min break to breathe, then that is what I will do. I promised I would NEVER turn my back on Child Hood Cancer after being made aware of it’s nastiness, and I never will. Sending Love to you,TY’s family and to Sweet Warrior Lane!!!!!!

  17. I first learned of your story through Taylor Swift’s song, and have been following along ever since. When you told us about Ty, I started following his story too. I instantly fell in love with both Ronan and Ty. I couldn’t believe the world had lost such a wonderful little boy, and now we have lost another. I cannot express how much anger and sadness I feel in my heart right now. These children should have never suffered, let alone die. I just can’t put into words how much I hate cancer. I can’t just sit here and do nothing, I need to raise awareness. WE all do. There is just so much ignorance when it comes to this topic, but you and Ty’s momma are sure doing your part.

    i don’t even have a child yet, but trust me when I say that I can imagine your pain. I just wish I could take everyone’s pain away. I wish we made children our priority, instead of the war, or prison inmates, or making our cities nicer. It is just so unfair, and I hate it.

    I will do everything I possibly can to aid you in this. I am young, but I am also passionate, and believe me when I say that I will not rest until this is one of our top priorities as a country.

    Best wishes for you and your family, and Ty’s family too. I know Ronan and Ty are in a better place now, but it still doesn’t make this right.

    Fuck you cancer, we will destroy you.

  18. I have been following Super Ty since you posted his moms e-mail. I am devastated that this has happened to you both. I know in my heart those beautiful boys are in heaven playing together. May God bless them and keep them safe always.

    FUCK YOU Cancer for taking Ty today, for taking Ronan, and for taking my only brother! It’s been almost 11 years since I lost my brother and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and curse Cancer for robbing him of his life.

    You are doing amazing things Maya! Don’t ever stop! Be the next Augusto and Michaela Odone who discovered a treatment for their sons ALD and have saved thousands of other children from this horrific disease. Be the next John Crowley who raised over 100 million dollars to launch a biotechnology company to find a cure for his children’s Genetic disorder Pompe disease. Be the person who finds a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

  19. So proud of your strength, you are making a difference in childhood cancer. I feel horrible that another young person lost their fight against cancer. I have been following Ty story. Love goes out to your entire family. Thanks for doing all you do and being who you are….always!

  20. No words, my words are the same as everyone wrote, I will help as much as i can, all I need is for someone to tell me what i need to do and i will do it

  21. I have not been at my computer all day and to open your post and read about Ty. My heart is so heavy…so sad. As I fell in love with Ronan and your love story instantly upon a friend sharing your story on FB before he was stolen from this world, so did I with Ty after you shared his story a few weeks ago. Beautiful brave boys and your precious families–I am so so so very sorry.

  22. Maya you need to write Obama a letter, you said it yourself. Kids that want to play basketball with him writes him letters and he listens, he would/has to listen to this!!! What’s their to loose right?


  23. kbrant08 on twitter Avatar
    kbrant08 on twitter

    Maya, you probably won’t even see this… But my heart is heavy and I know you feel the same heaviness so I thought I’d write you..

    Two weeks ago, my beautiful friend who just turned 20 last month went in for emergency surgery, they found cancer, and she died two days later… I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said FUCancer since then… My heart hurts today because its been two weeks since she’s been gone but also I had a dream this morning. She was just laughing so hard and she was so happy… Like literally throw your head back kind of laugh. She could never laugh out loud in life because she had a trache that ruined her voice when she was young. Her laugh was beautiful. And she told me she was safe because I always wonder that like you do. She was holding this little boy in my dream… I wonder if maybe it was Ro, or Ty, or Lane… Anyway, I remember telling her “My soul is on fire…” I’ve never said that in my life, Maya.. I saw it on one of your pictures one time but that’s it… I’m sick of Cancer robbing beautiful people of beautiful lives… Your baby boy, all the other babies, and my sweet friend have set my soul on fire… I just wanted you to know… No one else understands the heaviness that tugs at us but I know you do. Goodnight..

  24. I just don’t even know what to say. I tried to write a message to Ty’s family but i couldn’t find the words to express my sorrow for them without using too many expletives.

  25. This is so wrong. I’ve been following Ty’s blog for a while now. I really thought he would be healed. I still can’t comprehend why the government won’t wake the hell up and realise that our children dying is not FUCKING inevitable. We can fix it. I know it. We were not put on this earth to be beaten by a freaking disease. We are humans. We are the most intelligent creates on the planet, maybe even the universe. So why the hell are we sitting by watching babies die, while doing pretty much nothing but sell fucking wristbands. Seriously. Obama, the UN, the WORLD needs to wake the hell up and give cancer research the funding it deserves. Honestly, don’t introduce a fucking carbon tax. Introduce a CANCER tax.

  26. I cant belive it, i love you ty

  27. Maya u ROCK!!! every time i read one of your post makes me think how we have everything and yet we are complaning that we dont have this is or that…YOU HAVE TOUGHT ME ALOT FROM reading your post..GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY and TY family too. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND YOU SOON WILL SEE THAT EVERYONE IS GOING TO HELP YOU FIGHT THIS FUCKEN CANCER!!! praying for you always ❤

  28. You are such an amazing person – Childhood Cancer slithered its way into your life – and instead of hiding, you doubled-down and made it your life’s goal to rid us all of it.
    I certainly hope and pray that that we can all celebrate its’ end one day. And I hope and pray that you and yours find peace.

  29. I love you Maya. I feel the same. I followed Ty’s story also. I feel like we are all losing children and I spend every minute of every day in panic mixed with grief for these children- Will fucking cancer come and take my child too? What can we do?! I’m not rational, but it feels all to real to me.

  30. I’m with you Maya…fuck cancer…i’ll say it twice FUCK CANCER!!! It was a horrible day yesterday…not only SuperTy…but also Lane Goodwin lost his fight last night as well. This has to be stopped…my tears just fall from all the sadness, the sickness, and the pain these poor kids go through…never once do they stop smiling, or fighting, or giving up hope…your right it’s a fucking nightmare…and prayers dont seem to help…what type of God that lets this happen over and over again??? I kissed my 2 boys last night and held them before I climbed into bed. I knew I’d have horrible dreams…dreams about three boys taken to soon. I did, but I aso dreamt that my normal family would be wrecked by childhood cancer and I wouldnt be as strong as you, Ty’s mama, and Lanes sweet mom…and you know what my warped mind showed me? That I would sit with my child through hell and back to have one more day. It shouldn’t have to be a reality for some families…and I’m so very sad for you because I’m sure when another child passes its like you relive it all over again…FUCK YOU CANCER and all that you have taken!!!

  31. When I read about Ty’s death and about the death of Lane Goodwin (not sure how much you know about him, but his “Thumbs Up for Lane” campaign on Facebook has drawn in over 300K followers), I immediately thought of Ronan and how he would take care of them both. Two boys I whose stories I’ve followed died today. And it makes me so angry because like you, I keep asking WHEN THE FUCK is more going to be done?? I don’t know if it will bring you any comfort (as if that is even possible with Ro gone), but I do think that awareness if spreading, albeit not fast enough. I live in Miami and the other day, the Miami Herald had a big article about a little boy named Sal Vanni who had died of neuroblastoma. It wasn’t sugar-coated. It wasn’t smiles and bald heads. It was real, and it talked about how hard Sal’s treatment was and how awful it for his parents to face that he’s gone because no treatment could save him. I was so proud of the paper for running this story because people NEED TO KNOW that these beautiful children are dying EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And with articles like the one in the Miami Herald and your segment with Katie and the growing number of people on Facebook and Twitter who are following these kids’ stories, people are finally beginning to see it, whether they want to or not. And you, Maya, are leading the pack. Because of you, I will not stop talking about this. I will keep raising money for childhood cancer. And I will make sure that everyone I know is aware that childhood cancer is a fucking bastard that must be destroyed. As I’ve said on here several times, you’ve got a whole army of people behind you, helping you in your mission. Down here on earth and up above, with Ronan and Ib and Ty and Lane and all the other cancer warriors pushing us forward. Fuck you, fucking cancer.

    With love,

  32. You and Ro are making things happen. I know it should happen faster. We shouldn’t loose anymore babies to this. The sad part is now I look around at all the politicians spending millions on tv and radio ads and all the people giving them money to do that when they could be giving that money to you and your foundation to actually do something useful with it like SAVE fucking children. I don’t know if it will do any good but I have been trying to write a different company every day to tell them about your foundation and Ro and ask them to please think about next September (not because I wait that long but because they plan all this pink crap and they need to start thinking gold). It might not be much but it’s all I can think of at the moment and I can’t do nothing. Xo

  33. Seems these stories do not stop – a boy 9 months old in my home town is fighting Neuroblastoma but luckily the tumor is shrinking. They said it was the largest they’d ever seen.

    And I am so sorry for Ronan, Ty, Layla Grace, and all the other children that are dying. I am doing what I can to help and I am always very proud of you for all you do. And thank god that Liam has someone to help him get his feelings out – it really does take a village.

    And something hit me this morning about your ‘Poppy’. I now live in Belgium and my daughter was playing with her doll. And she held it up for me to hold her and said ‘kiss mijn popje’ — Pop is Dutch for doll and Poppy/Popje translates to ‘little doll’. So fingers crossed you are going to have a lovely little pop!!

  34. I started to read about TY from an earlier post on your blog. Poor sweet baby rest in peace.
    When will they see??? How many more babies have to die??
    The war is here and we are LOSING!!
    It is unacceptable!! Our children are OUR future!!!!
    Honestly I’m so sick of walking thru a department store and seeing pink, blue, red, etc ribbons!! Where the F… Are the GOLD ribbons??? Breast cancer awareness has even made it the NFL!! Where is Childhood cancer awareness??
    Maya your right who in the hell do you have to talk to??
    Oh and BTW hey Cancer…..F… YOU!

  35. Damn it Maya. As soon as I saw the title to your newest entry, I knew. I immediately went over to SuperTy’s page and saw the sad news. This is so horrific…I can’t even imagine living with all that you do. I watch as my father in law is slowly being killed by Cancer and I think about all the sweet little children going through this same bullshit. I hate Cancer. We need more people like you. I stand behind you and every other parent that has had this unfortunate ending. It’s bullshit and it shouldn’t have to be like this one bit. Your sweet boys shouldn’t be emotionally mature…Ronan should be here. I’m so sorry Maya, but I know you will make a difference. I will always stand beside you in everything you are doing. Fuck you Cancer!!!!!

  36. I fucking hate you cancer!!!! I started following Ty after you posted about him Maya…It is so awful what these innocent babies have to go thru it is fucking bullshit!!! I will never forget you or Ty’s family as you have both changed my life. I will not stop pushing people to talk about and stand up for pediatric cancer these kids need a voice dammit!!!

    If everyone goes to petition.whitehouse.org there is a petion there to appoint an advocate to the cancer board specifically a pediatric cancer specialist. Please go and sign the petition we only have til 11/8/12 to get 25000 signatures and we have a ways to go. Maya I know you have so much pull with people please lets get these signatures taken care of these innocent babies. I don’t know how to attach the link or I would. I have it on my facebook page and if anyone would like to get to it feel free to emial me at brandygrss@gmail.com and I will get you there

    1. Im so sorry…. the website is petition.WhitHouse.gov


      1. Argh..I cant think straight Im really not this bad petition.WhiteHouse.gov

  37. Yes. Fuck you cancer. Ty was a beauty. Fighting this murderous bitch is what we HAVE to do or it will continue to devour our beauties. We love you Maya.

  38. Maya,

    I am a childhood cancer advocate and when I saw your post about a meeting with Obama I wanted to let you know about Childhood Cancer Action Day. This past June advocates from across our nation came together and bombarded The Capital. Keep your eyes and ears open – I’m pretty sure they will be doing another one next June. We help pass The Creating Hope Act and are still trying to get the Pediatiric and Adolescent Survivorship Act passed (H.R. 3015). My organization is also trying to get Yoplait to make their covers Gold to bring awareness and raise funding for research (or any yogurt company); we are also trying to get Pandora to make a Gold bead where a portion of sales will go to research funding. KEEP FIGHTING; THINGS WILL CHANGE; WE WILL ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    Not one more child should be taken – NOT ONE MORE!

  39. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!! I can’t say this on Ty’s blog, but I know you appreciate angry profanities, Maya. What the FUCK?!! What kind of god lets babies like Ronan and Ty and Lane (http://www.facebook.com/#!/PrayersforLaneGoodwin) be poked and prodded and tortured for years, and then just lets them die?!! Kids should be jumping in mud puddles, playing in leaves, building snowmen, NOT FIGHTING FUCKING CANCER!!! People always use the “free will” excuse as to why God allows terrible things to happen. But what is the excuse for this? I hardly think cancer has a mind of it’s own. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more “free will” FUCKING BULLSHIT where are these babies free will??? they should be protected from all of this…What kind of loving god allows this kind of suffering!!! Im sorry if that offends anyone but it is a question I have not recieved a good enough answer on…

  40. Maya you are not alone in this fight. As one person, we often feel so small (I know I do), but together we are unfuckingstoppable. In the last few weeks I’ve ordered tee shirts and bracelets, written letters to the White House, signed petitions for awareness, and told anybody and everybody about Ronan. It doesn’t seem like much, but if each and every person who reads your blog, hears Taylor’s song, watches your interview, or hears of your story DOES something–things are going change. Miracles are going to happen. Life is going to be different as we know it. Don’t ever lose faith. I believe this with every fiber of my being. Thank you for all you are and all you’re doing. You’re amazeballs ( I hope I used that word right; I laugh everytime you say it and I’m guessing its a good thing;) PS) F.U. cancer! Your days are fucking numbered!

  41. I fucking hate cancer too!! Thank you so much for sharing Ty’s story on your blog. Because of that Taylor Swift posted about Ty on HER blog!

    What you momma’s have been through – I can’t even begin to imagine and my heart breaks for you – but I am so inspired by your love of your children, your commitment to making a difference in their honor – I am a warrior in this fight with you. I promise to do all I can so that no one ever forgets these beautiful kids.

    I want to believe that Ronan and Ty are up there in heaven together running around with their capes and causing all kinds of mischief.

  42. Julie Ramos-Cerber Avatar
    Julie Ramos-Cerber

    Maya please, my family wants to help so badly we cry together. My three babies want to become a DNA specialist, a doctor, and a surgeon just for RONAN! They ove him so much, we all do. We are haing a Ronan celebration on Halloween, we hope our rockstar shirts come in!!! I am doing everything possible to help you, but we want to do more and need a little help! Im tired of seeing these kids going through hell!!! We will do everything in our power to help! Fuck Cancer, Fuck it one million times. Fuck I hate it

  43. Dear Maya, My husband came into our bedroom this morning where I was sobbing in bed after reading about Ty’s passing. He actually became angry with me and said that I was obsessed with kids with cancer. I told him I was mourning a wonderful little boy and grieving for his family and I left it at that. But, the truth is that I am obsessed with pediatric cancer and I have been since I learned about Ronan. I feel so stupid for saying that I did not think much about pediatric cancer before a couple months ago. It is really shameful that I was one of those people who just tried not to think about it because it is too sad. Honestly, reading about Ronan was a wake-up call. When you told us about Ty, I started reading his parents’ blog too.
    I fucking hate cancer. And I will do whatever I can to raise awareness and money, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people. My husband and I are coordinating a holiday drive for the Ronald McDonald House with our son’s pediatrician’s office. I hand out Ronan’s bracelets to friends, family members, and acquaintances. I will never stop fighting for a cure for pediatric cancer. I promise you that and it is all because of you. Stay strong, Maya, you are an inspiration.

    1. Kate, I too have become “obsessed”. But I think that’s a good thing! The more obsessed the world becomes, the more cancer is eradicated.

  44. My heart and prayers are with SuperTY’s family. My heart is broken for all the mamas who have to watch their babies go through hell. Im tired of seeing pink everywhere I fuckin go. WHERE’S THE GOLD?? I ask every time i get the chance. Kick cancers ass, Maya. Be free sweet Ty.

  45. Maya,
    I have been following Ty and his family for 2 years now. I learned of Ronan through their blog. My 7 year old daughter has already started collecting toys to give to children in the hospital with cancer for Christmas. We were doing it in honor of Ty, but after reading your blog for the past few weeks, we have added Ronan to our list of heroes and hope to honor him as well. You and Cindy are such an inspiration to Moms everywhere. Continue doing what you are doing and I know you will both change the face of childhood cancer. What a team the two of you will make. When I read her blog this morning, I read that she and Lou held Ty for hours and I know it was her taking your advice. If that was the one great thing you did in this world, it would be enough… but you are doing SO MUCH MORE. I cant look at pink anymore without thinking that it should be gold (with a hint of purple, of course). I want to take a gold sharpie to everything pink and change it to gold. I cant wait to see what you will accomplish by next September. I wish the best of luck to you, Woody, your boys and of course your new miracle that was sent to you straight from your precious little boy in heaven.

  46. Maya,
    My sister and I hae been reading your blogs and Ty mom’s blogs (because of you) and we said the same thing yesterday when we heard of Ty’s passing. How many innocent children must lose their battle before enough is enough? We are going to do everything in our power to bring awareness to our community to start! Please don’t ever give up Maya, you are a beautiful soul with amazing perserverence. You and Ronan has inspired so many of us already!

  47. Again I am heart broke. I have been reading Ty Campbells Blog and I learned this morning of his passing. I feel the same way, why are children dying and familys struggling over childhood cancer. We send people to the moon yet can’t cure cancer. I often wonder what the statistics were 10 or 20 years ago with childhood cancer. Is there an increase in cancer in children or do we only know the horrible statistics because technology. Is there something we are doing to make cancer more common. I dont know the answers I just know something has to be done. The CFC combined Federal Campaign is underwayand I will look to see if your organization is on it and then I will make sure to spread the word. I asked a co worker the other day to have her church pray for Ty. They gathered last night for bible study I wonder if they prayed at 7pm with the Campbell family. Wouldn’t that be something. You are always in my thoughts. Ronan and Ty GIVE a face to this horrible disease and now people everywhere can’t ignore Childhood cancer because you have touched so many lives through your blog that it makes it personal. Keep on keeping on Mama you are Brave and Strong. RoLove forever.

  48. Maya – I started following Ty’s journey when you told us about him. My heart is broken over his passing. My son was diagnosed with a rare cancer a few months ago and will be 3 soon. You and Cindy are inspirations to all us moms who have a child with cancer. I will never forget Ty or your beautiful boy Ronan and will continue telling everyone about their stories. We will continue fighting this horrible disease in honor of Ronan and Ty. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.
    Lisa – Long Island

  49. Maya,
    I have been following your blog ever since Stand Up For Cancer. I know you to read all our messages. I’ve already wrote to you a few times, so I don’t want to seem too repeatitve. I told you that I’m in this fight with you, I meant very word, Maya!! I’m fighting like hell for childhood cancer awareness!! I’m in this for long haul. I discovered SuperTy through you. I foolishly allowed myself in love with him. Ronan, Ty and my son Jason, all born in 2007. So angry for you!! This is so fucked up!! I don’t get how this is happening to our kids in the US, where we are suppose to have the best of everything!! That so false!! So many people don’t want to hear about childhood cancer, but they won’t stop me!! I will never forget Ronan, SuperTy or Lane Goodwin who also lost his battle yesterday. It’s crazy, out on all the kids with cancer out there, I followed 2, Ty and Lane and they died just hours apart. Yesterday was a sad day and I cried and cried. But at the same time I feel this is another sigh for me. It’s a sign that I’m doing something that I’m suppose to be doing!! I know I’m meant to fight with you!! I never met Ronan, but I love him so much!! He reminds me south of my boy Jason. I’m sorry I’m babbling on here. I’m freaking out here, I can only imagine what you go through. I’m so sorry, Maya. Ronan, Ty and Lane deserved so much better. I guess I just want you to know that in here fighting with you!! I don’t care if people don’t want to hear it!! I’m in this for the kids, all our kids!! I’m running PF Chang like a Rockstar!!! I ran 7.4 miles this morning file with anger and determination to change things in the world of childhood cancer!! Whatever you need for this fight, let me know, I’m in!!!

    1. Holy shit I can’t believe how many typos I made in my post!!! I guess that’s what happens when I’m emtionally typing on a iPhone!! I hope you could decipher what I meant!! Lol!! I need to proof read what I write!!

      Ps Fuck you cancer!!!

  50. Lane Goodwin lost his battle to childhood cancer last night as well.
    This has to stop.

  51. Hey I’m sorry about ur kid , life is so bad sometimes but whathever happends I don’t know why u have too keep smiling

  52. Maya,

    I have just recently found your blog and I want to say that I am so sorry you lost your beautiful little boy. I read about Ronan on Ty’s blog. I have been following Ty’s journey since the beginning. I think you are amazing, and you will change the way Childhood cancer is viewed. Someone posted something on my blog that I would like to share with you. It seems as thought this woman mimicked my thoughts. I think you are doing an incredible job and are such a strong woman. I listened to your son’s song, and it is beautiful. Fuck Cancer.


    This was a post made by a woman lolalately.
    lolalately says:

    October 17, 2012 at 7:35 PM (Edit)
    “There are times I am so incredibly proud of my country & fellow citizens, and times I am not. Right this minute, I’m not. We pay professional athletes millions of dollars to chase balls around a court, a field, a golf course, but we don’t allocate sufficient funding to keep parents from burying their babies.

    We pay Hollywood darlings multi-millions to strut their stuff to bar openings on the arm of who cares what “player”, and we praise the so-called work they’re doing turning their family name into big business. What a huge waste of money.

    Our priorities are so fu**ed up in this country, it will take a miracle to right the wrongs and injustices we do daily without even batting an eye. And perhaps our biggest wrong is to allow even one child to suffer through and die of a disease that this great nation should have cured long ago.

    Come on America, we’re better than this, aren’t we? Don’t let this sweet child have died in vain. Don’t let any child suffer and die when they could and should be living a good life.

    Is a ball player or a reality tv starlet really worth millions and a child not? Shame on us if we can’t answer that one with a resounding “NO”!

    My heart and prayers go out to Ty’s loved ones and to the many lives he no doubt touched. Rest easy sweet Angel, you left deep footprints here on earth!”

  53. F U CANCER.

    Thank you for sharing Ty’s story. I’m glad I was able to meet him.

  54. I’d have to say your title is very much appropriate. Near where I live a boy who was battling his third round with a very rare and agressive form of cancer lost his battle last night. His story spread across the nation. His campaign, “Thumbs up for Lane Goodwin” affected many people who uploaded thumbs up pictures to his facebook page. Even celebrities heard, Johnny Depp, Jeff Gordon, Brett Michaels and many others also sent photos. There is hope that awareness is spreading. I can never look at a thumbs up picture or see the color purple and be the same again. I’m kind of surprised there haven’t been any huge cancer milestones in a while and hope maybe a bill can be passed for awareness. I have been posting child cancer stats all over facebook because these children’s stories have changed me forever.

    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think.”

  55. No words. Just tears. And a big Fuck You Cancer.

  56. Maya, I have posted here a few times since finding your blog and after you told us about Ty, I started following his journey as well. I am sitting here in tears today for another beautiful soul gone too soon. I then read this morning about another boy, Lane Goodwin, who lost his battle this week with Rhabdomyosarcoma. I am now angry. Angry that these children have to die, angry that pediatric cancer doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Angry that this country spends money on so many stupid things but the funding for pediatric cancer research is non-existent. I want to do something. I want to do more than cry. I want to make a difference. I have to find a way to make a difference because I can no longer sit here and watch these kids be taken by cancer. I say this to you because I want to let you know that through your own loss and unimaginable pain, you have inspired me to make a difference. Not to just sit and read blogs and shed tears anymore, but to truly try and make a difference. And I thank you for that. It will never take away your pain at losing Ronan, but perhaps knowing you ARE changing the world and the fight against pediatric cancer one person at a time can make you smile for a moment. I live in AZ and want to find a way to be involved. If there is anything I can do to help Ronan Thompson Foundation please let me know. It’s time to form an army and fight this fight until it is won.

  57. Patience. Oh, the fury of a patient man!

  58. Patience. Oh, they fury of a patient man!

  59. I’m so sorry for the pain you and your husband and boys are enduring! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful little boy and your fight for better treatment and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer. I was reading Ty’s Mom’s blog, too, after you mentioned him in one of your blogs and my heart goes out to them. It sucks that these innocent little children have to die to be relived of their pain…that’s makes me so angry : {

  60. Maya, I have been reading your blog for a hot minute now and I think you absolutly should start a protest, and on the day you do, all of ronan’s warriors around the world should be having one, on their side of the world!

    As odd as it may sound, I have felt incredibly connected to ronan since reading this blog the first time, as if he has a plan for me, to be apart in the change of this filthy disease. I’ve never wanted to volunteer as much as I do now after being moved by that beautiful litte Ronan face.

    Also. I will never play with my children the same, I will always cherish them just a bit more than I always have.

    Thank you Ronan and Maya. Very much.

  61. Lauren O'Sullivan Avatar
    Lauren O’Sullivan

    Maya, I read your blog for the first time last night, after hearing Taylor Swift’s song for your precious baby boy Ronan. It probably drives you nuts when people say things like, “I haven’t stopped crying,” because really?? We’re crying reading your blog about what you went through?? I cannot fathom how many tears you’ve shed during your journey with Ronan, so I won’t bore you by telling you how many tears I’ve shed just reading about you. (Ok maybe I will…I shed hundreds.) I have a two-year-old son, and he’s my life and my heart. I look at pictures of your precious baby Ronan and I…lose my breath thinking about what he went through and how you and your husband and kids got through it. (I suppose you never really get through it…) I’m bawling and babbling like a fool here, I’m sorry! Why am I writing you? To say thank you. THANK YOU, MAYA, for putting a sweet face and a story to that word “cancer” so people start understanding what we’re fighting. Thank you for sharing your story and your memories. You and Ronan are inspirations, and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world!! God bless you.

  62. I am so sorry for you and your family, and Ty and his family… No one should have to bury their child. The only solace I can offer you is that while they suffered they did not have to suffer for long. My Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer when I was about four. She lived until I was twenty four; however she was completely unable to swallow solid food. Then food turned to liquid and while the cancer was gone it had done so much damage I am amazed she had the will to live. Cancer returned and took her ever so slowly. It breaks my heart to know how hard she fought, for exactly the same outcome.

    I fucking hate cancer.

  63. here I sit crying my eyes out at Sloan with my beautiful precious baby girl wondering when what and why im suppose to be strong im falling apart little by little

  64. I hate cancer too. I feel bad for you, and I’d like you to know that I think you’re a great person.

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