A sweet little visit


Ronan. You know how I know that I am right about what it is, I need to do? Because last night or actually at 5 a.m. in the morning, after I had written to you, I fell asleep thinking of you and these little plans of mine. Guess who appeared in my dream. You. You came to see me. You never do this. We were on an airplane together. You were sitting across from me. You had all of your hair and looked so healthy and perfect. I knew you were sick, but you couldn’t tell by looking at you. You squeaked at me in your little voice about wanting to see Nana and wanting guacamole. I woke up because your voice sounded so real, I thought you were in the room. You were not. I think this was your way of telling me that I am on the right path of what it is, that I am supposed to do.

This may be my shortest post ever, Ro. I am too tired to write much else. I had dinner with your Dr. JoRo tonight and a very special guest. We all ate the guacamole you asked for at your favorite restaurant, Chelsea’s Kitchen. I missed you so much and wished that you were there to eat it with us. I’m so sorry you cannot. You deserved so much better. I love you. Sweet dreams. I hope you are safe. G’night baby doll.


11 thoughts on “A sweet little visit”

  1. Hey Maya – Had to pass this along (link below). Saw this band last night at SXSW and immediately thought of you. Purple lights were beaming from everywhere. Hope you like. Love you Girl.

  2. I follow you, although a bit more silently than before. Proud of all the strides you have made Maya. I still think of you and R and your family often and am SO happy to hear you got a visit from your little monkey.

  3. I’m so glad you had a dream with your beautiful blue eyed spicy monkey RO! 😀

    Thinking of you RoMama and Rockstar Ro!
    Always Ro! xo

  4. Maya,
    I am so happy you got a visit from your baby. This post brought happy tears to my eyes! You are doing such an amazing job with kicking cancers ass. Keep it up and i pray & hope you get many more sweet visits from your amazing lil guy! What a ROmazing dream 🙂
    With love,
    From Texas

  5. I am so happy Ronan came to you in your dreams! A wonderful sign and confirmation of your path indeed! Sending you thoughts of warmth and comfort

  6. I am sooo glad that Ronan visited you in your dreams. I wish every night for my sons to visit me. They don’t come into my dreams often but I always take it as a sign as well. Sending you peace and hugs.

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