Cowboy Boots and Little Big Baby Steps



Ronan. 3:30 a.m. like clockwork, I am up. I have been sleeping well still, but it’s at this time that I am up and my mind is racing/missing you so badly that I cannot fall back asleep. I have a ton to do tomorrow, too. Seems like I have been doing a lot lately. I worry that I am not taking enough time to be sad/grieve for you on the days that I am so busy and so productive, that I don’t have time to sit around and cry for you. It feels wrong, but I also understand that in order to change things, Ro, I have to be strong some days. I cannot give in to my grief, everyday. If I did, I would not carry out what it is I am here to do, which is a lot. It is so much that I know I have people around me going…”Yeah, good luck with all that.” I don’t need luck. My luck ran out a long time ago when your disease took a turn for the worst. The only thing I need is the one thing that I have a never-ending supply of. That is passion. Passion for you which is going to get me everywhere. It is going to help me achieve everything that I set out to do for you. It is going to change the face of this disease. I already know this.

Today. I don’t even know what I did. I sat at my Starbucks office for hours. I met your Sparkly for a bit to take a break and to talk to him about some things I have going on this week. I went to him for his advice/insight/let’s play devils advocate. He’s always good for that. I told him my idea/ideas/the few people I have reached out to and who have reached out to me. I smiled a lot today around him which does not happen much. I always seem to be freaking crying. He looked at me and told me, “Look, your pain, this pain, is so much. All of your anger and sadness that you are feeling, it is never going away. But look what is happening. If you can channel it into the right direction, like you are doing, you are going to help so many people. You are going to make a huge difference. I know you can do this. You already are.” Then he made me laugh by saying, “And what in the hell are you wearing today? Your dress, cowboy boots, bright nails, and a smile? You are something else.” I know I am something else, because I am your, mama, Ro. And I know you always loved it when I would wear my dresses and cowboy boots. Little things like that, remind me of you, and make me happy. You would have insisted on wearing your boots, too. And I know your nails would have been painted, just like mine. You loved your fancy nails and my who cares if you are a boy, let’s go get a pedicure date. Maybe by this age, you would have stopped letting me paint your toes, sparkly. I hope not. We always had so much fun doing that together.

I ran home, dropped off my 50 notebooks filled with my evil plans to destroy the world, and went to pick up your brothers from school. I got to hear all about how Quinn gets to go to a pizza party for having so many points for his reading tests and I got to see Liam’s 100% on his spelling test. Little overachievers they are. I thought about how lucky they are, to be alive and living life as it is such a beautiful thing. I don’t think many people realize this. I think so many people, take it for granted. I am reminded of this, every second of every day due to not having you here anymore. It is both a gift and a curse. We got home from school and we did their homework. I got them ready to go to the Suns game with their basketball team as an end of the season treat that they do every year. Your daddy was supposed to go with them, but had your Papa take them instead due to a dinner I had to go to and he wanted to come with me.

Your daddy came home from work and ground rules were laid. “Are you sure about this?” he asked me. I told him that I thought that I was. “How do you know this is the right person, to be talking to?” I just sat and looked at your daddy. “My gut. My instinct. Because I have a feeling and it is a strong feeling. Because I met this person once and something about his eyes, told me I could trust him and that he was a kind, honest, good person who can give me some direction and insight. Because I am following my heart and that has gotten me this far.” We left for dinner. A dinner where we talked about you and some ideas. A dinner where I was told 2 things that I have been learning through out all of this which are, never take no for an answer, because there is always a way, to get a yes. And that word passion came up again. I was told all things are possible, when you have that and you choose to dream really, really big. It was a dinner filled with love, big dreams, big plans, yes you can do this and here is how you get it done, laughter, tears, support, and teamwork. And all of this came from going off a gut feeling that I had. I left that dinner holding on to your daddy’s hand and was reminded that I have the best teammate ever. Him. He looked at me and goes, “Well, what did you think?” I smiled at him and told him I was really glad that I listened to my heart. He told me that he was too. We made some plans on how we will proceed and the steps that need to be taken next. Little, big baby steps I’m calling them. I am trying to keep up, to move slowly, but some very big things are happening that I just have to keep up with. There is no stopping this now, Ronan. Moving forward is the only way to go and I cannot wait to see what you throw my way, next.

It’s 5 a.m. now. I need to try to sleep for a couple of hours. I love you. I miss you. I really, really, hope you are safe. I’m so sorry I can’t take care of you anymore. I am trying to take care of you, down here, there only way I can now. By doing all of this, for you. I won’t let you down. I love you, Ronan. Sweet dreams.


8 responses to “Cowboy Boots and Little Big Baby Steps”


  2. Molly Withington Avatar
    Molly Withington

    Ro is amazing. You are so amazing too, Maya. Thank you for giving these kids an HONEST voice.
    Love the new site!

  3. Maya, you are doing it! You are so right, passion can take you anywhere you want to go, and even to the places you never dreamed of!! I am so proud of you! I just want to say, I love when you talk about your “evil plan to destroy the world”…because that is truly how people make you feel when you are passionate about something! They want to tell you it will never work, that it will dissapoint, that it is just impossible! Why are people like this? If they can’t be “abnormal” like you (and you know I mean that in the best possible way) then why not just support your effort?? I know you have said this before and I so agree with you…it is the people that are NOT “ordinary” and do not follow all the rules that make a difference in this world! That’s why they are called EXTRA ORDINARY…which is what you are! Lots of RoLove to you and I love the new sight, it is incredible!

  4. Michele Wiltchik Avatar
    Michele Wiltchik

    Hi Maya – I have been reading your blog for quite one time now. There is a book I am reading now that makes me stop and think of Ronan often. It is called The China Study. I know you are on to big things and big ideas are brewing. This book may have a significant impact on you and your plans. Please read it. If its too scientific based for you t concentrate, then please have Woody read it. It may make a HUGE difference in your life gong forward. It is changing mine already. It has to do with nutrition and disease. Please read it and then let your blog readers know about it. It’s very powerful and very timely for you to read since ou are energized and on to big things. Please don’t miss this step. I would love to discuss the book with you once you have read it, too.

  5. parentingalive Avatar

    Here, following your journey, as always.

    Had to comment today on that image. It just gripped me and held me stone cold when I saw it. Where is it from? I’ve had 13 deaths in 3 years, so it really speaks to me. I’m so humbled to stand witness to what you’re doing here. When you posted yesterday that it’s been 10 months, I thought, I’m sure it feels like forever to you without Ro. Then I thought, too, wow, look what she’s done already in such a short time. Most people in your situation would still not be functioning on any level, much less at the point where they could put purpose to their pain. I know you are still in so much pain, and the hurt will never go away, but you’re doing so much at a time when it is so hard. I’m just humbled and amazed to witness it and wonder, for someone who can’t necessarily help in the financial aspect, what can I do to support your vision? Is there other volunteer work you need? What are your most crucial needs right now?

  6. Maya, the world needs more people like you. If every 5th person in the world were just like you, the world would be a better place. I am so glad you are doing a little better. Keep going and keep fighting.

  7. I can’t wait to see what you are brewing up next. You, and Ro are so amazing. You’re always on my mind. Tons of hugs to you!

    Also, great job to the twins for doing so great in school! They are so amazing.

    Behind you all the way!!



  8. I love your website. Every time I read a blog or listen to the song Ronan tears spill Out Of my eyes. You are incredibly Strong to be doing this. I believe that God has big plans for your family, including Ronan that are yet to come. You, Ronan, & all of your family are in my prayers. Keep on fighting, just like Ronan did.

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