This is dedicated to all the haters. No RoLove for you tonight. Douchebags!!

I would just like to say to one little blog reader in particular tonight that if I am a train wreck, then you’d better watch the fuck out because I am about to run you the fuck over. But I hope you have a nice night hanging out with your 145 cats while you star on the show, “Hoarders,” and hide behind your book of  “imaginary shit that does not exist.”

I will not be posting your comments. They will be going in the trash, where they belong.


And a little P. to the fucking S. I love Tom Selleck a.k.a Magnum P.I. It could possibly be one of the best shows, EVER. Along with Murder She Wrote and The Golden Girls. That was for you, Rita. Just some of those random little things that I am throwing out into this world.

56 responses to “This is dedicated to all the haters. No RoLove for you tonight. Douchebags!!”

  1. So glad you didn’t post the comment…my head may have exploded!

  2. I am so happy you dont let the haters bring you down. All i have to say is if you have never lost a child you will never know the pain that comes with it. People have no right to say that you are a wreck there is no right way or wrong way to handle things there is only your way. I keep you your family and your lil Ro man in my prayers!

  3. Maya!! I’ve been a quiet follower for a loooong time. First, your Ronan was beautiful, strong, free, very spicy and I’m terribly, more-than-words-can-say sorry he died . Second, you are awesome and brave and true for doing what you do. You are loyal to your son, through life and death, and nothing is more deserving of honor. Thirdly, you make me see my three girls with a new pair of eyes–eyes that have carried your words filled with pain, and transfered that into more gratitude and extra extra love. And lastly, screw those haters Maya. Anyone who would hate/judge you for the serious pain you are going through is ignorant and cruel. You’re a true badass chick and I for one, want to see you shove a middle finger right up cancer’s ass!! Go get ’em Mama Bear….

  4. FUCK THE HATERS!!! Douchebags is one of my favorite words but that even seems to nice for people that are going to hate. Do they NOT have better things to do. I mean really if you don’t fucking like what is being said in someones PERSONAL blog that she chooses to share in order to bring awareness then DONT FUCKING READ IT YOU CUMTWATS!! DAMN!!! You have NO right to judge, give advice on how you would handle something because you are not in her shoes. Go back to your Homes & Gardening magazine or Cosmo magazines because this is real life and if you are not strong enough, open minded enough or even have a fucking heart, you dont belong here! Fucking mud ducks!! People like that make me want to ROsmack them in the face to have them feel an ounce of some type of pain because obviously their life is full of rainbows, unicorns and fairies where everything is perfect. Fucking Leave it to Beaver people need to go clean their house, cook dinner, pack lunches and continue about their ever so perfect fucking life. I pray the haters NEVER have to experience the loss of a child. Fucking martha stewart types need not play with us. Go suck a nut or is that above you too!
    Love you MAYA AND RONAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROmagic, ROlove, ROinspiration, ROyal, ROmazing, ROfabulous, ROkissmyass haters!!!!!!!!!!


  5. PS…..if you think she’s a train wreck…..then hop off and take the city bus because when she ends up crashing…..its going to be crashing into the face of cancer and kicking its ass and you have no right to take pride in helping her in this fight if you can’t back her up 100000%! GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!! Damn now i am pissed….shallow, narrow minded, judgemental people piss me the fuck off like no other because think about…a child that these haters think is GORGEOUS (because he is), is bashing on his momma and RONAN is NOT HAVING THAT!!! I’d be scared… very very scurrrrrred of RONAN having his mommas back against you haters!!!!!!

    Ronan is going to ROninja, ROroundhouse, RObitch slap yo ass in his own way!!

  6. A big I second that to all the above posts….those haters….tell em…whatever the fuck ever…! Go Maya 🙂

  7. You are a train wreck??? Yikes! I would hardly classify the woman who is going to change the way the world views pediatric cancer as a train wreck, but hey…that’s just me! And by the way, I love the above picture! Hysterical!!

  8. It blows my mind that anyone could hate on this situation. I bet your are absolutely spot on in your assessment!

  9. We don’t need any BS from some idiot who doesn’t “get it” Screw the rock RoMama!

  10. Train wreck? My ASS.

    Love the video … cracked up. For sending along a smile … thanks!

  11. magnum pi is the fucking mashiznit ❤ you get cooler every time I read this! And remember, ronans law: fuck em if they can't take a joke!

  12. Maya, you Fucking Rock!!! Holy Shit…I can not stop laughing at the picture of the beautiful little girl running through the flowers…Fuck….that is FUNNY! Thanks!

  13. Fuck the haters!!!!

    And this is what you should tell the haters: “In order for you to insult me, I would first have to value your opinion” 🙂

    Keep rockin’ RoMama!!

  14. Hater’s can piss off! No one is forcing them to read YOUR blog!!!

  15. Oh Lordy, girl! You need so badly to grow up. You cannot take any criticism. All you want is sycophant followers to feed you badly damaged ego. Anyone who writes the things you do , must be insane or so messed up that they will never be able to change. I would predict Woody will finally get a can full and leave and take those other two boys away from you to protect them. I know this will probably not see the light of day on your blog, as you said you were not posting what someone else said who obviously called you on the carpet. Give up people. Maya is a lost cause. She is so childish, to think her cursing makes her some big tough MF. She is a pitiful small human being , who needs to feed off others to survive. I feel sorry for Ronan to see her act like she does. I know he does as his spirit is very much alive. His spirit was too mature for her.

    1. Go fuck yourself, Troll.

    2. You said how do we know you or anyone else is dealing with something bad as well and ur right we don’t. But for you to say the kind of things you said to a mom who lost her child you have to be in a very dark place. This is her way of dealing with things she does not want to put all her feelings on her husband or kids or even other family and friends. I think Maya is a very stong woman. You do not have to agree or even like how she is dealing with things but the thing is you have no place and no right to say anything!

    3. …..Are you mentallky retarded??? And yes, that is a serious question. Her child is DEAD. She is GRIEVING. But YOU… you are one of the people in this world that contribute to making it a shitty place. Congratulations.

  16. And to all you hangers-on. You judge yourself when you read her blog and make assessments of what she says and then make assessments of what others say. How do you know that those people writing to try to bring Maya to her senses, have not been through something far worse than Maya or any of you? How do you know that they are not fighting a valiant battle over some other disease that robs people and even children of their lives? The answer is you do not. Frankly, I only read it occassionally to see if she has come to her senses yet. Sadly she will not as long as she has one fan who cheers her on. Ronan is better off where he is than with her. That is really sad, but true. His old spirit has reached Nivana and Maya will have to keep coming back for God only knows how long, because she is so low on the spiritual level. BTW, I am not talking religion here Maya and posse, I am talking spiritual growth.

    1. “Ronan is better off where he is than with her.”

      What the FUCK is wrong you? You are a SICK individual who has bigger issues than Maya.

      We are her Mafia and WE stand behind her all the way. We see past the Fuck you’s and sadness to the LOVE that shines bright. We see that even though she is sad and in a dark place that there is REAL change that will come of this. She is not just HIDING behind some username and throwing out mean and hurtful comments. She stands behind what she says 100% even if it’s not what people want to hear.

      Can you say the same? blessuxinfinity? Nope you are not even worthy of anyones time here any longer….

    2. You FUCKING DOUCHFUCK THERE IS NOT A MOTHER FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKIYY FUCKED UP THING THEN LOSSING A CHILD!!!! YOU STUPID FUCK BITCH!!!! Go stuff your face with some Bon Bon as you have too much motherfucking time on your hands to sit and write a mother who’s CHILD is DEAD some garbage like this!!!!!

    3. To the asshole who can’t keep her STUPID comments to herself FUCK YOU!!!!! It must be really easy to sit behind your computer and talk shit like YOU’RE the tough one! Well I hate to break it to you…Maya has ONE HUGE mafia behind her and when you fuck with her, you’re fucking with all of us….BRING IT BITCH!! We ALL love and support Maya to the fullest…Keep that shit that you spew to yourself. Sad pathetic person.

    4. WOW!! You are a fucking asshole! Nothing else is a worthy description of exactly what you are. I’m curious, what are you doing to change the world!? The only thing I can think of is wasting space.

    5. Wow! Just wow! If you’re taking the piss, do it somewhere else, because I find it hard to believe that a fellow human being could be as insensitive an arsehole as you. Are you for real?!?! What ever happened to being kind to people and trying to empathise, even when you don’t fully understand another person. Jesus was able to love and accept everybody. Why can’t we??? Or do you know EVERYTHING. Pffft.

    6. I am probably a fool for giving you a second of my time, but I have a couple of things I would like to address in your message to Maya and her blog readers. I am going to try hard NOT to stoop to your level. I really don’t understand why Maya is even being criticized. What am I missing here? Because she says “fuck” a lot? She lost her baby, her RONAN; I think that gives her the right to drop the fuck word to her heart’s content. Which brings me to my next point; this is HER blog and YOU have a choice: read it or don’t read it. If you don’t like what she has to say, then stop reading. You say you come back occasionally to see if she has come to her senses. I ,for one, hope she never comes to her senses. I hope she never stops fighting for Ronan and bringing much needed awareness to childhood cancer. So I guess you can stop reading. You say she can’t take criticism, but what you are saying is downright cruel. Who says to a bereaved mother “Ronan is better off where he is than with her”? That’s harsh and pretty sickening. I for one am here for one reason only, well two actually. First, by reading her words, I am here to support her. I have not gone through the awful loss that the Thompson’s have experienced, but by reading her words, whatever those words might be, I am supporting her. The second reason I read, is to know what I can do in the fight against childhood cancer. There does need to be more awareness, and if I can help in any way, shape, or form (even if it’s by wearing a FUCK YOU CANCER bracelet) I am happy to do it. In closing, fuck off fucktard. Damn, I stooped to your level. Oh well! Buh-bye!

  17. DOUCHEBAGS does not come close to the fuckers who judge.

    Love you RoMama!!


  18. TO BLESSUXINFINITY….FUCK OFF!! How DARE you say Ronan is better off where he is!! WTF?!?! Do you not have a soul, a heart! How heartless can you be to say that to any mother! Are you fucking kidding me!!! Also who the fuck do you think you are to say Woody is going to leave and take her two other boys to protect them……my god I am so glad you are at a distance!! You can sit behind your little computer screen and judge her and condemn her for pouring her heart out but I can guarantee you, you would not have the balls to say this shit to her face. You are the epitome of trash, cold hearted, narrrow minded douchebag!! Ronan hasn’t even been dead a year yet and you expect her to already come to her senses??????????? She is MORE productive than most who have lost a child….I know first hand!! She is out there trying to protect other babies and families from suffering the unimaginable loss that she is dealing with. Give the womam fucking time to deal, work through it, heal and you have no right to tell her she needs to grow up. The ONLY one that needs to grow up is you…your parents raised a fine person didn’t they….one full of judgements, spewing hateful shit, and basically beating down a woman who is at her lowest. Why even read her blog even if it is only occasionally? Why not take that ten minutes or whatever and do something productive, if her blog is so horrible and immature. Do you get off on hurting others who are already broken? Do you get off on judging others? Try and get laid….that may work better for you because ill be damned if I am going to sit back and let you or anyone say the hurtful things you have said. Don’t read her blog asshole…..its that simple. Its apparent you have mommy or daddy issues or maybe you were bullied growing up and now you feel safe sitting behind your computer screen, bullying a mother who lost her child to a horrific disease. Take your BLESSUXINFINITY and shove it up your ass douchebag!!!!!

  19. Wow!! That was really mean!!

    1. My comment (Wow!! That was really mean) was meant for BLESSUXINFINITY also!! I don’t ever post but I felt the need to when I read that!! Maya, keep on doing what you do!! XOXOXOXOXO

  20. This is for Blessuxinfinity — I hope you burn in hell for all the rotten things you said in your last blog. You are definitely at the top of the list of DOUCHEBAGS. Maya — you are amazing and I will continue to read your blog every day.

  21. This is all so sad if only all this hate and harsh judgement could bring back that beautiful boy maybe then it would make sense, my wish for everyone is to cherish each day and value this life, it is a gift!! I bet Ronan would have the same wish.


    Can we all make a rule here…. it’s called “Don’t Feed the Trolls” and it means when out of control idiots like “Blessuxifinity” post comments that are so off base and cruel and unkind like that one, ONE person can just reply to the comment with “Don’t Feed the Trolls” and that’s that. No one else comment.

    Let’s keep the posts on this blog for those of us who LOVE and SUPPORT Mama-Maya!

    Love and support and more love to you Maya!

    1. Could we at least say “don’t feed the FUCKING FUCKWAD trolls”? :-p

      1. hahah that’s an even better idea :)!

  23. Maya, I don’t know you, but I love you!! You are an amazing mom and how you express your thoughts and feelings around your loss and the crap you have to face since Ronan’s passing, are soo incredibly raw. Keep up the great work you are doing to bring a name and face to Childhood Cancers. I will make sure to let others out there know all about Fucking Neuroblastoma!

  24. Fuck you Blessuxinfinity. You have no idea what Maya is going thorugh and have no business here. I hope I never near you use your “tag name” in public or I will beat the shit out of you. Piece. of. shit.

    We love you Maya. I am so sorry for people like her.

  25. Wow, Maya. On top of ALL you do and ALL you are going through, you have to deal with incentive freaks. So sorry. Keep being you, stay the course. I have a saying taped to my computer that says, “Before accepting praise or criticism, first consider the source.” You keep being RoMama. And for you haters, karma’s a BITCH.

    On another note, LOVED that video. Friggin hysterical. Never have I enjoyed watching the F-word thrown around so much!


  26. That clearly should have been INSENSITIVE freaks. Clearly I was so blown away by the nastiness, I can’t even spell.

    Karma’s still a bitch, though. 🙂

  27. This is for blessuxinfinity blogger. Get the FUCK OFF this Blog you Satan-fucker jabba-the-hutt-disguised as a human.

  28. Dearest Troll….A couple quick questions…WHAT have YOU done to change our world??? To change the insane, unfair and ridiculous way that Childhood Cancer is viewed in our world??? Maybe I missed that in your post.
    And, I am very well certain that many here ARE in fact suffering in some way of their own. Maybe you too have lost someone (though I can’t imagine someone without a soul such as yourself has anyone at all in their life)…But have you lost RONAN? See, maybe you missed something you ignorant fuck…HER BABY DIED. Her RONAN. What she types in a blog is her message-one way to release an ounce of her pain. She, like many (myself included) is a momma. Take away a momma’s child and your take part of her heart and soul.
    Judgemental?? Hmm….well, maybe. But what you fail to see in your apparent perfect world is that some people DESERVE to be judged for their actions or lack there of. It is what it is! Don’t like being judged?? Take a look at yourself and maybe you will see why people judge.
    “Come to your senses” and “Ronan is better off without you”???? Really? Who shit in your cereal??? Again…she watched her baby DIE!!
    From what I can tell from your post you must have issues. Did daddy leave you? Momma on crack, huh?! Afraid of a strong woman that speaks her mind??? Good! BE AFRAID FUCKWAD!
    And may you never watch as your child takes his last breath, may you never watch as your baby screams in pain from the poison that they are given to “cure” them, may you never watch a child suffer from needles, surgeries, constant pain. HOWEVER …I DO wish you the nastiest case of the runs as you wake up tomorrow to read this! Remember….KARMA IS A BIG OLE BITCH!!!! May SHE bite you in the ass!!!!!!!

  29. I am sorry there are such cruel people out there and that you had to be exposed to one of them. I too feel protective of you and angry that someone would try to turn something so heartbreaking yet beautiful into anything negative. I know that I do not know you but you have just changed my way of thinking so much that I feel that I do. Keep fighting Maya…I am so excited to see where this is going to go!

  30. Blessuxinfinity. I hope you are not a mother. No human, let alone a mother, would ever write those words to another mother. This blog is real. This blog is raw. This blog is truth. You do not have to agree with Maya’s truth, but she is saving lives of children not even born yet. How she can put one foot in front of the other is amazing. She spends countless hours working on the foundation while staring at the urn of her child’s ashes and yet you can barely spell. You are the epitomy of ignorance is bliss. Even Maya would not want you to ever hear the words, “your child has cancer.” If God forbid you do, you will have her to thank for so many advancements made for finding a cure. You should be ashamed of yourself. Her love for her children is so obvious in her writing. Go volunteer at a cancer ward and even that wouldn’t be a small glimpse into the world Maya and Ro have lived in.

    Keep up the fight, Maya. Ro is proud. Woody is proud. Quinn and Liam are proud. Give yourself some of that ROlove because you deserve it.

  31. Maya,
    I think you are fuck-il-icious! I will help you mow those fuckers down and support your “RO-MANIA”!!!

  32. Don’t Feed The TROLLS!!!

  33. I, for one, would like to know why none of the haters out there have attacked Maya for her taste in pop culture. Tom Selleck? Murder She Wrote? The GOLDEN GIRLS? Puh-lease. Really, Maya. Be responsible. Start watching Glee. Modern Family. I just can’t believe you have so many followers with this line-list of favorites. You need (and I can say need because I know everything about everything) to achieve your spiritual, crystal-wearing, I-see-shit-on-the-horizon-and-can-therefore-take-joy-in-attacking-grieving-moms-anonymously-on-a-blog NIRVANA by adding some good reality TV to your playlist. Or Johnny Depp. Take your pick. Peace out. I’m off to judge some other people who will change the world now.


  34. u r just as much a hater as any one when u curse people out and feed in to their posts. u all r haters, this does nothing to forward the mission for Maya or Ro. Just as u advise if u don’t like the response on here quit reading it. It is public and is open for all to comment. Untill it is not, u will receive all kinds of comments. If Maya doesn’t like what some write she should start writing in private, if this is a catharsis she doesn’t need anyone’s anonymous input. If she is strong and knows what she is doing she doesn’t need anonymous comments……… U all are feeding her what she wants…support for her way of doing this. Judgemental but only if it is coming from someone else. To hell with anyone who doesn’t think my way. U don’t know how I feel. I am the only one who ever lost a remarkable, beautiful blue eyed child. I am the only one who suffers because of this.

    I don’t see Woody’s post and him cussing everyone out and running thru the dark night. Didn’t he lose the same wonderful beautiful boy??????????? We all deal differently, but there is a common thread for the process. How we deal outward may be different but the inner emotion is the same pain and emptiness.

    No one deserves to lose a child ito cancer.

    Children need parents who teach them how to live- not what to be. Free to be and free to live, love and always laugh. Laughter IS a medicine. Anger and hate improve nothing. They wear you away from the inside.

  35. wait a minute…..we are all feeding this mother fucking douchebag!! How dare the fucker take 1 minute of our time, energy thoughts away from Maya and fighting this fuckwad cancer…let alone take 1 minute of Maya’s time!

    Let’s stop acknowledging these soul-less douchebags.

    I am off to do my monthly donation to Ro’s foundation…..what are you doing Blessuxinfinity?!?!


  36. Maya is traversing the lowest depths of hell. No one gets to judge her or her feelings PERIOD. If this blogs serves as a way for her to vent some of the overwelming pain and suffering she feels – pain that others can not even begin to comprehend – then so be it. No one gets to have an opinion on what she is feeling and/or how she deals with it.

  37. I’ll bet everyone she is a gazillion pounds, and sitting behind some crusty computer writing her stupid ideas! I’ll also. Bet she is soooooo jealous Maya has friends, family, and thousands of strangers that care, and this troll has zip, zero, zilch! She can only dream of someone like mayas hubby coming to support her! ————–

  38. Good for you! The hell with them if they don’t get it. I wish you could ban them from your site. Why do they keep reading if they are such assholes? Cuz they wanna see the train wreck. They would like nothing more than for you to kill yourself and die and make huge news about it. They think it’s going to happen and they want a front row seat. Well, they don’t know you and they can not possibly understand the live between a mommy and her son. I know cuz I had that kinda love too. Or as Dr Jo would say “I have that kinda love still even tho he’s not physically here” I miss by big boy too. Fuck them all!!

  39. Debbie Forrester Avatar
    Debbie Forrester

    You GO Maya girl! I love your replies, people should just shut the fuck up since they do not walk in your shoes. YOU ARE AWESOME, and Ro would be cheering his Momma ON!!!

  40. Dearest MamaMaya –
    don’t you worry your pretty little mind
    people throw rocks at things that shine…

    🙂 Much RoLove to you

  41. OMG! Good for you!!! I just saw you on Katie…I had to check out your blog. I LOVE your honesty, the way you don’t hold back. Some call it no filter, it’s so refreshing. I can only imagine what some idiot had the nerve to say to you…..can’t fix stupid. You are an extremely strong woman and I admire the way you are honoring you precious boy and the strength it had to take to to say “let’s fly away”. I am truly inspired..,

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