One thought on “Your bedtime song for the night, Ro. We are insanely obsessed with Florence.”

  1. Maya,

    I have written on here a few times, I never write on blogs, I am a stalker, but you have def. touched my life…there is a pict of Ronan in the tub that looks just like my baby girl. I love that you are real and straight forward. I also love that you use this as an outlet so you can be a mom/wife/daughter/friend. People who don’t write, don’t get it. They see anger, not determination. Yes, there is anger, shit loads of anger, but it is breeding determination, which is what is needed.

    I just found out that one of my students, who has watched her mother battle cancer for years, has tested positive for the same gene. Now she has to have surgery, very intensive nasty surgery. All I can think about it you…as I sit here and cry and hope that she will be ok and know life sucks sometimes.

    Thanks for all you do. Thanks for the Rosongs. My baby girl and I love them.

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