This is dedicated to all the haters. No RoLove for you tonight. Douchebags!!

I would just like to say to one little blog reader in particular tonight that if I am a train wreck, then you’d better watch the fuck out because I am about to run you the fuck over. But I hope you have a nice night hanging out with your 145 cats while you star on the show, “Hoarders,” and hide behind your book of  “imaginary shit that does not exist.”

I will not be posting your comments. They will be going in the trash, where they belong.


And a little P. to the fucking S. I love Tom Selleck a.k.a Magnum P.I. It could possibly be one of the best shows, EVER. Along with Murder She Wrote and The Golden Girls. That was for you, Rita. Just some of those random little things that I am throwing out into this world.