A pretty perfect playday with our new friends and a hummingbird.

Ronan. Monday. Presidents Day. Or in other words….. your brothers get to stay home from school day so you’d better act like a normal mama, and make a fun plan for them like you would have back in the day. A fun plan was made for me a few days ago.

Incoming text message from Margarita: Do you want to take the boys roller skating on Monday? On the west side?

Me: Total awesomeness. Roller skating? On the west side? That is so dangerous. Yes, please.

A plan was in place. One less thing I had to think about.

The morning came and I woke up feeling extremely hung over for some reason. It was not due to the imaginary shots/wine/beer I drank. I think I was hung over from the amount of restless sleep that had consumed me once again, during the night. I hopped in the shower, got your brothers up, showered and we were out the door and shoved into this bright, bright world. I took them to Taylor’s for breakfast. “Table for 3?” the waitress cooed. My brain automatically went to, no… table for 4. Where’s Ro? I looked behind me. “Oh, yeah. Table for 3, please.” Fuck. That will never sound right. I sat with your brothers and watched as they inhaled their food. Pancakes, eggs, fruit, 4 sides of bacon, toast. Geez. I cannot keep those brothers of yours, full enough. They eat twice as much as I do. You would have given them a run for the money though. Oh, how you LOVED to eat. You were always my best little eater. We finished our breakfast and drove over to Rita’s house so we could follow her to the roller skating rink. Or as I was soon to discover, my heaven.

Your brothers were excited as they had never been roller skating before. We entered the facility which was packed full of every different kind of person you could imagine. Tiny kids, young kids, tweens, teenagers, adults, grandparents…. you name it. The roller skating rink was dark and disco colored balls lit up the ceilings. I was instantly transferred back to 1989, where problems did not exist. Ummmm…. excuse me. How did I not know that this place existed? A dark place you could go, in the middle of the day, where the best/worst top 40’s music is so loud that you could hardly think straight…. all while on roller-skates! It does not get any better, than that. Your brothers were less than thrilled. I don’t think they will be trading their basketball shoes in, anytime soon for a pair of roller-skates. I got the two of them out on the rink a couple of times, but they were so uncoördinated all they did was skate, fall, skate, fall…. over and over again. They were not the least bit impressed with my mad roller skating, look at me, I can twirl around skills. I held their hands as we tried to skate together. I did not hold back my laughter as they continued to fall. They both reminded me of that scene in the movie, “Bambi,” where he is a baby and he is just learning how to walk. Legs flying everywhere so long that little Bambi just cannot get them to cooperate. They were both good sports and by the end of our hour there, I had Liam skating around the rink hardly falling at all. Quinn was over it pretty fast and could not wait to get out of there. I could have stayed there all day. In fact, the next time I go missing in the middle of the day…. you’ll know where to find me. Great Skate hanging out with my new mid 40’s man friend with the most epic mullet and Van Halen shirt I have ever seen. Next time I go I am totally rocking my Van F-ing Halen tee so we will match. Great Skate rules.

We continued on with our little playdate and Rita and Dragon, came over. It was a spur of the moment, let’s salvage the day and play plan. It was our first play date with them and the boys were excited to have their new little friend over. Their little friend was just wanting to play with some trucks. “I’ve got some trucks,” I said to Rita. “Come over.” So they did. Little Dragon had trucks on the brain so I led him into your room. Rita gave me a look and said, “Are you sure???” I told her I was without a doubt sure. I practically begged her to let her little Dragon, into your room to play with the baskets of toys that are just sitting there. We grabbed about 6 trucks and headed out into your backyard. Rita looked at me again, “You’re really sure.” I gave her my best I’m strong but really sad smile and said I was absolutely sure. That it would make me sad, if your toys were not played with. And play that little Dragon did. Alone for a while, while Liam built pirate ship legos in your room and Quinn tossed the football around with me. I heard Rita yell, “Where in the world did you learn to throw a football like that?!” I yelled back at her, that I wasn’t sure, but apparently it meant I was meant to have all boys. Quinn and I were tossing the ball around for about 15 minutes when it happened. I was feeling good about being a good mom, and playing with Quinn. I never feel that way anymore, mainly due to the fact that I feel like I am freaking crying/hiding all the time. I was standing in our yard and I kid you not, a purple headed humming-bird flew right up to my face and stayed there for a good 30 seconds. I thought it was going to kiss my face. What in the world? Am I dreaming this? I froze. Hummingbirds don’t come this close to people and just stay there, do they? It’s head is purple…. I thought to myself. I must be dreaming. Or dead. Then I heard Quinn, “MOM! The hummingbird! It’s head is purple!” Just as he said those words, it flew off. Whoa. That was weird. I’m not dreaming. Quinn saw it too. I didn’t know what to think or do, so I continued to throw the football back and forth with Quinn. I couldn’t stop thinking about the hummingbird. Was that a sign? A Ro sign? I don’t know but you always hear about how after you lose someone you love, signs appear. Was that it? Or was it just a freaking hummingbird? I told myself not to over think it. Just to go with it. It was a little Ro sign indeed. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those and it felt nice. Thanks baby.

We played outside for the next couple of hours. I watched Quinn play with little Dragon, just like the way he used to play with you. It hurt/felt good all at the same time. I felt my heart fall in love with this little Dragon that I hardly know, instantly. I watched the way he played in the dirt, destroyed part of Liam’s army Alamo that’s set up by our rocks, played trucks, laughed with Quinn, they took the hose and washed your truck together. Everything that they did were all the things Quinn used to do with you. It was almost too much, but it wasn’t. It’s just the way it’s going to have to be from now on. All that mattered was that two little boys’, had the best play date ever and they were both happy. That in turn, made me feel alright. That little humming-bird appeared again and did the exact same thing to me, just as our day was coming to an end. I think it was your way of telling me good job for being such a good mom for the day. I think it was also your way of telling me that our new friends are extra, extra special. I kind of already knew that though. After our friends left, I fell apart in the garage and let myself cry for everything that used to be, but will never be again. I mainly just fell apart because I miss you so much and I have no control over how much it hurts sometimes. Uncontrollable tears are part of this process. I’m sure they will be, for the rest of my life. I’m o.k. with that. I’m o.k. with the tears. You are worth each one of them.

Today was pretty awesome. Not really, because all I did was get caught up on everyday things that I now hate. And I went to the freaking grocery store, which you know I hate. It’s one of the places, that I miss you most. “Come on Maya! Be a good mom! Get your kids some healthy food and try to cook at least 2 meals this week! You can do it!” That was myself, giving myself a pep talk today as I almost aborted grocery store shopping mission. I pushed my little cart, though out the store and missed you so badly, that I found myself magically transported to the toy aisle where I could not move. Frozen in front of the Star Wars toys on aisle 9. I wonder if Ronan would like this guy…. Oh! A guy he didn’t have! Should I buy it? The conversations in my head go on and on all day long like this. The anger came next. -Maya get out of the fucking toy aisle. Ronan is dead, you do not need to buy him any Star Wars toys today. I went and took my anger out on the Kosher food aisle instead. I’ve never made Potato Latkes before. I’m going to make some fucking Potato Latkes today. I’m going to peel, a fuckton of potatoes and make the best Potato Latkes that have ever existed. I drove home after the grocery store and took the rest of my anger out on cleaning out our refrigerator and getting all the laundry done. I find myself, washing the blankets and sheets in your room, just to do so. Sometimes I secretly think if I wash them enough times, you will come back. Or sometimes I don’t want you to feel left out, so I wash your clothes too. Your little socks are still in my purse. I take them everywhere.

I went on a run tonight to clear my head. I wore my new favorite running shirt which simply says, “Fuck Cancer.” It makes me run faster. I guess I’m still sick because 5 minutes into my run, I started coughing and my chest was burning so badly that it felt like it was on fire. I told myself to suck it up even though all I wanted to do was turn back home and crawl into bed. I didn’t though. I ran so hard/fast for 5 miles that I ended up throwing up on the side of the road. I heard the little voice in my head telling me not to stop, because how was I going to Fuck Cancer if I gave in so easily to the pain of my run, due to being sick. Being sick is for the weak. You were never weak which means I have no right to be either, baby. I sucked it up today for you. I finished my run, came home and took Liam on a date. We went to dinner, where another little thing happened. There was this girl there, playing acoustic guitar and singing. She’s really good, I said to that Liam brother of yours. He agreed. I heard her say, “The next few songs are going to be covers of Taylor Swift.” No freaking way, I thought. Who is this little child prodigy who just made my Ronight? Liam and I listened to her. I held his hand. We both smiled. It was if you were there with us, on our little date. I need this girl, to play at one of our events. She’s awesome. After we paid the bill, I gave Liam some money, a bunch of RoCards, and about 6 bracelets. I told them to put them all in her tip jar. He was so excited to do so. I hope she looks at your little face, looks up this website and something Romazing comes out of this. I think she was worthy of you tonight. Her voice, guitar playing and choice of songs told me this. Liam agreed. After our dinner date, I took your smarty pants brother to the bookstore. My other heaven in life. The book store. I could spend hours in them and so could he. His love for reading has taken off like wildfire! I am so excited about this as I was always such a bookworm. Reading used to be one of my favorite things to do in life. I miss it. Maybe it’s time I start taking it up again. I kind of feel like I could be ready. We shall see. It’s the lack of concentration that seems to be killing me. That and my non-existent memory… the one that I can’t find. Has anybody seen it? I would really like it back…. it’s starting to become a problem. You know it’s a problem when your daddy comes home from work, looks at me and says, “What did you do today?” My reply is always, ” I can’t remember.” And I literally never can. Then I get frustrated, start to cry, and wonder if my brain will ever be the same again. At this point, I’m thinking no.

Much more to write about little monkey man but your brother, Quinny, is looking extra snuggly. I’m going to curl up with him for the night. I’m sorry I can’t curl up to you. It breaks my heart every night. I love you so much. I miss you so much. I hope you are safe. Please, please be safe. Sweet dreams little man. ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOUSOOOOOOMUCH.


16 responses to “A pretty perfect playday with our new friends and a hummingbird.”

  1. You are SUCH an amazing mama.

  2. i’m glad to hear you had a good couple of days, Maya! I think of you and Ronan every day! Much love to you, xoxo

  3. Good Morning Rollerderby Rockstar! Loved your purple hummingbird’s visit. You and your boys (all 4 of them) are amazing!

  4. Maya,
    Your posts are so beautiful….so awfully painful, but beautiful. Some days I laugh, some days I get mad (at your situation), some days I feel hopeful, but today’s post made me sob at my desk at work. I just don’t know how you do it. I honestly don’t think I could. You are Romazing and you really need to know it. Does Woody read your posts? I know you said it wasn’t his thing, but I am willing to bet he would get a whole new perspective on what you are going through and that he would be simply amazed at your beautiful words.

    Always lots of love from Minnesota to you and your family.

  5. So glad for a good Presidents day. Love the purple humming bird.

  6. wow! Im so glad you enjoyed your time at Great Skate! My family grew up there! My brother is the Manager……Bob Sietsema. If you need a fund raiser or special party, he is the guy to ask!

  7. Maya,

    Sounds like the boys had fun at the skating rink and you got to laugh really hard. I’m happy you had an OK day 🙂

    Thinking of you and Ro! always Ro!
    The purple hummingbird… how RoMazing is that! 🙂

    Peace & strength

  8. hello. i had a very similar hummingbird experience and goggled it.. that’s how i found your blog. i searched your content and the foundation you have created in memory of your dear son. i stopped in my tracks when i read the date he passed.. the same day my son passed. i believe they sent those birds to us. i hope my son and yours have met.. who knows, maybe they are best buddies right now. signed, your sister in loving our boys for eternity… pamela

  9. Sorry Maya – didn’t mean to stop at baby steps – stupid phone! But, baby steps are important. I’m still taking them 7 1/2 years later. I wanted to say hello, since it’s been awhile (I have to visit the land of denial every once in awhile to stay sane). I’ve had a few experiences like yours (the hummingbird), and I do believe that it’s possible they have a way to send us a sign and let us know they love us. Right after Colin died, a “Baby Boy” balloon (that we received before he passed away), left the nursery, traveled at least 14 feet down the hall, ducked under my door frame and ended up bobbing right in front of me. Mind you that I had 16′ ceilings in my bedroom, and the balloon was hanging out at 3′, basically making “eye contact” with me. It was probably the most strangely calming experience I’ve ever had. Other times, the lights have flickered in the nursery as I rocked one of his siblings to sleep and was talking to him (Colin), almost like he was answering me. I also have had many experiences with cardinals, which were my dad’s favorite bird. I definitely recommend taking comfort wherever you can find it. Why fight it?

    I also wanted to share with you that Riley (Colin’s twin brother) was looking over my shoulder, and saw that beautiful photo of Ronan with his bright blue eyes shining. He wanted to know if that was Colin (his brother). He explained that he knew that there really couldn’t be a picture of Colin at that age, because he died when he was a newborn, but that the photo (of Ronan) made him smile and think of Colin, so he thought that maybe that’s what he might look like in Heaven. I told him about Ronan’s story, and he said that he was certain that Colin and Ronan were friends, and that Colin had looked out for Ronan when he arrived since he had been there longer. He misses his brother so much – I guess he probably misses the idea of having a brother since he never really knew him. He says that part of him must be in Heaven with Colin, because his heart feels like there is a hole in it sometimes. It’s amazing to me how little ones can express their emotions about really serious things sometimes. When my friend died recently, my 4 year old hugged me and said, “it’s okay mom – when we die and go to Heaven, you’ll get to see your friend again, and I’ll get to see my brother!” Crazy how it makes so much more sense to her than to me.

    To Pamela – I’m quite certain that they are. My heart goes out to you both. Baby steps


  10. Tiffany Sellwood Avatar
    Tiffany Sellwood

    Oh, I’m so happy for your happiness today, Maya. There is a whole lotta RoMagic going on for sure. You are such a good mama. The world could use a few more of you.

    Reminds me of my Quinn last night,when he said, “I wish there were a thousand of you.” If only there were a thousand of YOU taking care of our world’s babies!

    Hugs from Ahwatukee –
    Tiffany, the other Quinn’s mom

  11. I love the purple hummingbird Rosign. The Taylor Swift cover songs were pretty great too.

    I still have trouble concentrating long enough to read (it has been 2 yrs) but I can listen to books on cd. I carry around 1 of his socks with me too.

    Thank you for writing and sharing Ronan. You are both inspiring. Take care. Fuck you cancer.

  12. WooooW what is it about hummingbirds??? I had another one of my friends say the same thing happened after her husband passed. Interesting to say the least!

  13. Maya, beautiful post!

    What you are doing to spread the word about childhood cancer is making a difference, even if it takes baby steps as you say, to get it the attention it deserves. For the month of February, one of the grocery chains in my area (Houston) has been collecting donations to support Texas Children’s Pediatric Cancer genetic RESEARCH dept. When I saw the flyers at the register, I almost cried thinking about little Ronan and your family! You are so vocal about the need to support research and when I saw that the donations were specifically for research, I wish you could have been there to see it too.

    Hoping those baby steps become GIANT LEAPS!!! No momma should ever have to endure what you have.

    Sending you hugs and strength from Texas!
    Jennifer, James & Brett

    PS – FU Cancer!

  14. Wow! Soooo many signs that your little boy has been right there all along and I know he has never left you. It sounds like you had such an amazing day with Quinn and Liam! I’m sure Liam loved his date! Keep your chin up because if anything, you’re looking out to Ro and he might be trying to get your attention again! 🙂

  15. I am so sorry, your story breaks my heart, then fills the shards up with the most beautiful kind of love that I’ve ever felt. ❤

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