Thank you Grey’s Anatomy!!!!


Ro baby. I don’t watch T.V. anymore. It makes me too anxious. But I am hearing that tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy will feature a story about Neuroblastoma. I think everyone should tune in. I will be curious to see if they will be able to even come close to touching on how horrific this disease is. I am so very thankful that this disease is finally getting the attention it deserves. I feel like a movement is happening in the world of childhood cancer. I feel like you are the reason why. I love you. I’m so tired tonight from the 3 hours of sleep I got last night. No Ambien. I tried everything natural instead but it didn’t work. My mind just won’t seem to shut off anymore. All it wants to do is think, worry, scream and cry about you.

I saw Super Nate today. He’s been declared NED which is so huge. Next step for him, is transplant. Thank you for watching over him. Thank you for making him, remind me so much of you. I smiled and cried today over both of those things. He is such a feisty little fighter. I’ll try to check in with you later tonight, Ro. But if I don’t get to due to being too sleepy, G’nite, sweet dreams, I love you. I hope you are safe.


6 responses to “Thank you Grey’s Anatomy!!!!”

  1. Will be watching & thinking of you & Ronan!!

  2. Watching it now!!! One more step in getting the word out there!

  3. Well, that episode with Wes was sad. I turned it off at 9:47.. I doubt the ending changed much. It would be nice if we could change the channel when life gets sad…

  4. Wow-not impressed at all w Greys episode. 😦 The word cancer was barely used. I guess I was expecting a little more. But, it is a start!

  5. Watched it tonight and it brought me to this page and reminded me of the day I stumbled upon your blog…I skimmed sentences….couldn’t see through the tears nor could I bare to read it all. YOU are one amazing person. It has literally had thee most amazing life touching effect on so many people and I know I’m a stranger but I would do anything to help. All I do is run a bar but if you ever need it its yours. You are truly amazing don’t ever stop fighting. Also,allow yourself as much happiness as you can,you deserve it and your little rockstar would love nothing more than to see you smiling 🙂 Have you read the book “Heaven Is For Real” told by a 3 year old boy? I thought of you when I read it. If you haven’t read it I suggest you run out and buy it now. It brought peace to my heart….hopefully it can bring a fragment of it to yours ❤

  6. Yeah well Grey’s failed, they made it all mushy and ohhy gooey cause we all know cancer is ooh gooey right 🙂 But really could they get it right, could they even come close, I dont think so, Hollywood has to make it pretty and wrap it up in a pretty bow.

    I wanted to tell you I read your blog everyday and have read it everyday since I found you a long time ago and I wanted to tell you that you have inspired a fire inside of me…Im not going to tell you the bullshit line about “Oh God gave this to you because your so strong and God only gives us what we can handle and your such a strong person I could never do what your doing” I hate when people say that to me cause its a bullshit line from people who have perfect lives and perfectly healthy children and it make me mad as Hell when I hear it, because that means in my eyes that if I was a coward and not strong I could have a perfectly healthy child- sign my ass up- I will be a coward today please. I just want to simply say thank you for your words and your blog, I find myself when I respond to stupid as cowards or writting I say to myself “well that was very Maya of me today”

    love, a made as Hell mom

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