Wipeout Childhood Cancer!

Ro baby! Even with my mushy mush brain, I have genius ideas! You know how we LOVED that show on ABC, Wipeout? How we would all watch together during our family fun nights?? I’m watching it right now, with your brothers, without you which I HATE, but………

What if I went on that show? And they could call it the “Wipeout Childhood Cancer,” episode. GENIUS!!!!!! Does anybody have any hookups with ABC? Maybe if we write to them, they will agree to do this! How fun would that be?

Anyway, Ro. It’s just one of my 50 thousand ideas. All for you. Always for you. I love you. I miss you. I hope you are safe.



15 responses to “Wipeout Childhood Cancer!”

  1. I love that idea!! I am in! My little guy and I watch all the time too. I don’t have any connections but will try and think of something!

  2. If you are serious (and I KNOW you are!!), just say the word and I will email ABC-and I know many others in your Mafia will as well!! My boys love that show!!! Would love to see you on it-maybe you and Brett Michaels could team up!!!

  3. GENIUS!! You should totally do it, Mama Maya! Who do we email about this????

  4. You can tweet both @ABC or @Wipeout Cmon MAYA’S MAFIA! If anyone could do this show it would be Maya!

  5. GREAT idea!

  6. Brilliant idea – I wish I had an ABC connection.

  7. What a fantastic idea!! Love it!

  8. Claudia Flaherty Avatar
    Claudia Flaherty

    Love this!!!! You should email Johnjay VanEs from KISS. His sister is a producer in CA and I’m sure she’s got the hook up somewhere. He is how I found out about your blog when Ro was sick. Do it!!!! Maya’s Mafia all the way!


  9. I dont personally, but I did post it on Facebook to see if someone may. Briliant idea!

  10. I might know someone, I’ll pass this on to them and let you know if they can do something, if not though, I’ll still write to them for you, I think it’s an awesome idea. The show always reminds me of a real life Super Mario game πŸ™‚

  11. I love that show! That would be a great idea, Maya. They have such cheeseballs on there, I donno why they couldn’t find an angle on your idea!

    Found this tonight. I know you love Pearl Jam so you’ve probably heard it before. Makes me think of my love. It sounds good for your Ronan too πŸ™‚

    “If I keep holding out
    Will the light shine through?
    Under this broken roof
    It’s only rain that I feel
    I’ve been wishin’ out the days
    Oh oh oh
    Come back”

  12. Could this work? found this email on Abc’s website…I bet Maya’s Mafia could get their attention.


    1. I sent an email to them suggesting they check out the blog etc. Hope this moves forward and becomes a reality!

  13. I think wipeout is a good idea but I also think it is like ‘pre ejaculation’. First you need to decide where the money from your foundation is going to go,
    I think the wipeout is a good idea, not so much for the $$ because they only pay life 50K to win the final round.
    However, I do think that this is an amazing idea to bring awareness. Would be great if all the people competing were parents that have lost their children to cancer and the money they win goes to the foundation of their choice.
    I already thought of you being on wipeout. This thought crossed my mind when you wrote on your blog that you were thinking to go skydiving and that extreme race thingy that you signed the waiver for.
    I think you would do awesome on wipeout πŸ™‚ I wonder who u will have as your partner. Will it be Woody or maybe one of your friends that runs up camelback barefoot with you? haha would be a fun episode to watch.
    My daughter that is now 4 use to watch it with me. She would never call it ‘wipeout’ though. Even now, when talking about that show, we call it “Owwie Owwie Owwie show” LOL She use to call it that because she would sit and watch it and always say “Owwie” every time someone fell or hurt themselves LOL
    I think concerts and wipeout are great. But, as I said on your FB the other day, we need to be careful where we donate our money because companies like “ACS” and many others do not put the money to good use and the money is not going where we would like for it to go (to research for finding a cure). Google “Jamie Heywood” and listen to/read his story. I met this man some years ago. His brother died of ALS. Jamie became obsessed with finding a cure, started his own foundation, hired his own scientists and was doing EVERYTHING he could to beat the clock to save his brothers life.
    I met him after his brother passed away. I met him when his film showed in Portland. He was a friend of my patient (That also died of ALS). I’m not giving you this info to have you read his story or watch his movie and make you cry. Every story where a family member dies is a tragedy and sad story. Everyone that dies has family that loves them. ALS is a disease that once diagnosed, the person lives on average maybe three years and they do NOT have a good quality of life during those three years. Maybe you can get some more ideas by reading about Jamie.
    Best wishes to you πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work! You are amazing πŸ™‚

  14. YES! Wipeout Childhood Cancer!!!! That would be huge! Let’s do this!

    I’m sure Bret could help you. Or those other sources the lovelies above mentioned! I’m on board for it. Very “Baby Danger” of you πŸ™‚

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