I miss him

6 responses to “I miss him”

  1. My son Morgan (4 years old) woke up this morning and said he had a dream about Ronan. He said in the dream Ronan had a popsicle for himself and a lollipop for his Mommy.

  2. Maya,
    I sit here at work and I cry for your heartache…..over a family whom I’ve never met. I think about you daily. I wish I could make all of this go away for you. I continue to pray, pray, pray that you find reasons to smile more and more each day. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself and your “brightest star” with us.

  3. Oh Dear Maya how I feel your pain everyday.

  4. Therese in Ireland Avatar
    Therese in Ireland

    The first time I heard this song years ago, I played it over and over again, I loved it that much. I still do. Only now it will always remind me of you and Ronan. It’s bringing tears now but hopefully, some time in the future, it will bring a smile as I recall your posts filled with love and fun and good times. And Ronan. I am so, so sorry for your pain Maya, I just cannot imagine. It’s so wrong that you should be without your beautiful boy that there are no words for it. I watched your recent video posting and cried my eyes out for you, Woody and the boys. At the same time, it was wonderful to see Ronan’s unconditional love for you and that he was so comfortable with it that he would just blurt it out, how beautiful is that? You are the best Mom he could have had on this earth and I’m sure that is bringing a crumb of comfort to your army of followers. It does for me. Sending prayers and heartfelt wishes for comfort, peace and love.

  5. You’ve got me hyperventilating with grief for your loss.

    You’ve got me knowing the next time my beautiful three year old draws a mural on the walls, I will not yell.

    You’ve got me believing that there is no way to completely overcome the loss of your own child.

    You’ve got my support to will yourself to sleep, smile and laugh for your sons who need you.

  6. Today I was really, really upset about some problems I have. Then I saw your post, with the simple words ” I miss him”. This has happened before, I am all worked up about some money problem or something, or that the dog peed on the carpet….and then I see a post from you. Ronan has provided such perspective to me. I will be a better mother because of him.

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