Happy 4th Birthday Ronan Sean Thompson

Ronan. Happy 4th Birthday baby boy. It was the fastest 4 years of my life. It flew by in the blink of any eye; but now that you are gone, the days and nights drag on forever. Time seems to be standing still. I woke up at 6 a.m. and hiked Camelback by myself. I have decided to make this a tradition and do this on your birthday every year. I put about 20 of your purple F U Cancer bracelets in my backpack and when I got to the top of the mountain, I decorated one of the trees with all of your bracelets. I hope a bunch of new people are wearing your little purple bracelets around and I hope they know your story now. I’m so motivated on spreading the word that I will do whatever it takes. I looked for you at the top of the mountain today, but I didn’t see you. I miss your beautiful face so very much.

After my hike, I came home and got ready for your day. It was a hard day and all I really wanted to do was hide in my bed. I didn’t but I honestly don’t know how I survived. I had to write out your obituary today. On your birthday of all days. Your daddy wanted it done. It really only took a few minutes and I am surprised how quickly all of the words came to me. I guess you were helping me along because it was very effortless. Who would have thought that I would be writing out the words to be printed in the paper about your death, on the day you were born. It really is the cruelest joke ever. And nobody is laughing.

Your dad, Nana, and I took Liam and Quinn to Chelsea’s Kitchen for lunch; your favorite spot. Quinn ordered a Shirley Temple and they brought him his drink with lots of extra cherries and I didn’t even have to ask. It was just the way you would have liked it, Ro. I ate the Ahi Tuna Tacos just for you because I have not eaten in about 3 days. I was not hungry, but I forced myself to eat for the sake of your birthday. After lunch, we took Liam and Quinn to Target to pick out a gift from you to them for your birthday. Liam got the new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean PS3 game. Quinny got a new Lego Wii Controller. It was hard to walk through Target without you as that used to be our special thing to do. It felt very eerie and sad.

We came back home and tried to fill the rest of the day with as much happiness as possible. It was exhausting and we all had a hard day, trying to make something so sad, somewhat happy. We didn’t pretend not to be sad though. We talked about it instead. I told Quinn how he and Liam may need to go talk to someone about all of this. He just responded, “Why mom? I can just talk to you.” I told him of course he could, but sometimes it was good to talk to someone on the outside because I am hurting so badly as well. I told him I would go with him and tried to explain to him how this was the worst thing that could happen to a family and how important it is to embrace all of our feelings and not keep them bottled up inside. He seemed to understand what I was saying for the most part but I know at 8 years old he cannot grasp the magnitude of what has happened. At 33, I have yet to grasp it myself. Shock and numbness are still all I feel.

Later in the evening, our house started to fill up with some of the girls whom shall remain nameless. You know who they all are; the one’s who have held me up this whole time.  The one’s that love you so much, that they seem almost just as sad as me. The one’s whom I would not be standing here if it were not for them. They all wanted to celebrate you, Ro. They swooped me off for a few hours and we celebrated you in the most beautiful way possible. 11 of us got tattoos in your honor. Almost all purple stars, some tiny, some big. There were a lot of tears tonight with the girls, but the amount of love was something like I have never experienced before in a room full of all women. At one point, I looked at Fernanda and said, “I feel like there is so much love here, that it is going to bring him back.” I am serious when I say that. I felt like the heavens above would open up and drop you back down into my arms where you belong. That is the only place you belong and I will never stop believing that it is going to happen someday. But Ronan, if it doesn’t happen, I will try my hardest to be o.k. I have the best man taking care of me, the best twin boys, and friends that are so unbelievably beautiful that they seem almost not real. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have all of them; but I know that I am so ridiculously thankful that it makes my head spin.

Once we finished up our little tribute to you, we went outside with a bunch of purple balloons. I held a purple star one for you. All of us gathered around in the parking lot and sang “Happy Birthday,” to you baby. We then let the balloons go. We all cried, held on to each other and watched the balloons float into the dark air. It was beautiful for being so sad. We all came back to our house and broke out your birthday cake. Quinn and Liam were dying to have some. Gathered with a bunch of our friends, I lit 4 candles for you and we all sang “Happy Birthday,” again. My eyes stayed totally locked on your daddy’s eyes because I knew if I looked elsewhere, I was going to lose it. I had to stay strong in front of Liam and Quinn. I put on my best mama boots and sucked it up. I wished for you baby. Just like I’ll do everyday for the rest of my painfully long life. Being without you is like being a trapped wild animal. I will never escape this cage and I wonder if this feeling of restlessness will last forever. It  makes me want to crawl out of my skin, this feeling of being without you. How long before I completely crack?? I can slowly feel the numbness wearing off and I am so scared of what is to come. Just the tiniest taste of knowing what life is really like without you is so physically painful that I am almost positive that I won’t survive this. If the pain of a broken heart could really kill someone, I would be dead by now.

I’m sorry, Ro. For being so sad tonight. I hope it makes you feel better to see how we ended your day. I know you saw us outside, playing basketball in the dark with your brothers. I could almost hear your whispers in the cool air of the night. I know you know how much we all love you and miss you so much. So many people let balloons go today for your birthday. People we don’t even know, Ro. You are the most loved little boy up in the sky. I love you to the moon and back. It was the best worst birthday ever and we will never stop celebrating your life. G’nite sweet baby boy. I love you so much.


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  1. Happy birthday u lil rockstar. We love u!

  2. Maya,

    If only I could take some of your pain…you are truly amazing!



  3. Heavyheartedmum Avatar

    Happy Birthday darling Ronan. You share your birthday with my beautiful baby boy, and I thought so hard about you yesterday, I never even met you and yet my heart breaks for you. I hope they celebrated you properly up there. Wishing peace and strength to your mama and daddy, and your brothers who must miss you so very much. xxxxxx

  4. Happy Birthday, Ronan! What was your party like in heaven? My kids decided you were having cake with our Uncle Carlton who passed away on Monday…oh, and Gizmo, our chihuahua, who passed last year. 🙂 Take care of your ohana, handsome. You are loved.

  5. Happy Birthday from Germany little Rockstar, just know that your story has touched thousands around the world and have made them better people. I don’t even know you but what your Momma wrote about you and you have changed my life…thank you!!!!!

  6. Marilyn Sanchez Avatar
    Marilyn Sanchez


    Thank you for giving us Ronan. I mean, I know he’s your baby boy and all but when you started this site, you shared a piece of him with us. You allowed us into his life and him into ours, gave us the opportunity to get to know him, to pray for him, to hope for him, and most of all… to Love him. (And boy do we love that little boy). We are all better people because of him… because of all of you. This is only the beginning for Ronan and all the good that will be done in his name. We all know it and we all feel it, the Force is strong with this one.

  7. Happy Birthday Ronan. You are truly an amazing soul that has touched the lives of so many people through your mama’s words. I have been reading your story from the beginning but have never commented before. Last night I was telling your story to my son for the first time…he is 18 months old and my little man kept saying “yea” all the right spots in the story. I felt like he understood every word I told him. He is going to have a baby sister soon. I was looking
    through a baby name book looking up the meaning of names trying to find the right middle name for her. I happened to look up your mama’s name. It said Maya means mother, nurse, great, and God’s creative power. What a perfect name for your amazing mama who makes so many other women aspire to be the kind of person, woman, mother that she is. Wishing for peace and strength for you, your mama, your daddy, and your brothers. Much love xoxo

  8. Happy birthday sweet boy, ur mom is amazing, but you already know that! Love you.

  9. Happy Birthday Ronan!

    Maya, you are right on point.

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Keep rockin and take care of your mama. xoxo

  11. Happy 4th birthday sweet baby boy Ronan. We released four purple balloons here in Michigan for you! Fly high angel baby, fly high!

    Thank you for continuing to write. When I first heard about Ronan passing, I cried so hard. My husband asked me why I was crying. He said “you don’t even know them” and he’s right, I don’t. But for some reason you and Ronan have touched my heart. You Maya, are the greatest person I will never meet. I bet you are an amazing friend, and I’m so glad that you have a huge support system right now! So please keep sharing your journey with us. Let us cry along with you.
    Hugs and love from Michigan,
    My Mom, she tells a lot of lies,

    She never did before

    But from now until she dies,

    She’ll tell a whole lot more.

    Ask my Mom how she is

    And because she can’t explain,

    She will tell a little lie

    because she can’t describe the pain.

    Ask my Mom how she is,

    She’ll say”I’m alright.”

    If that’s the truth, then tell me,

    why does she cry each night ?

    Ask my Mom how she is

    She seems to cope so well,

    She didn’t have a choice you see,

    Nor the strength to yell.

    Ask my Mom how she is,

    “I’m fine, I’m well, I’m coping.”

    For God’s sake Mom, just tell the truth,

    Just say your heart is broken

    She’ll love me all her life

    I loved her all of mine.

    But if you ask her how she is,

    She’ll lie and say she’s fine.

    I am here in Heaven

    I cannot hug from here.

    If she lies to you don’t listen

    Hug her and hold her near.

    On the day we meet again,

    We’ll smile and I’ll be bold.

    I’ll say,

    “You’re lucky to get in here, Mom,

    With all the lies you told!

  12. Happy Birthday! Maya you are an amazing mother, not just to Ronan but to the twins too. We don’t even know each other yet you have taught me so many things. Thank you.

  13. I learned of you through a friend and, though I don’t know you, I find myself thinking of your words often these days. You are making a difference; Ronan’s life is making a difference. The passion with which you love him is tangible and I’m hugging my kids tighter, practicing more patience and putting it in perspective thanks to you and Ronan. Just thought maybe you should know. Your strength is astounding.

  14. I thought of you all day on your Birthday Ronan….so many people miss you, even people that you never met!
    We will always keep your family in our hearts!!!

  15. So proud of you, such big steps you have taken. What a tribute to Ronan. You are truly amazing. I’m proud you all embrassed the day. All our love to your entire family.

  16. Happy Birthday Ronan!

  17. maya im so honored you keep writing! it the mist of the darkest time, you find the courage to push thru! ive been so consumed in your story trying to tell as many people as i can! Im so heatbroken for you all! my heart aches for you, woody and the twins!~ Even tho i only know you from school it seems that ive known you forever, thru following Ronans and your families journey, you ALL really hold a special place in my heart! you are so brave as a mother to hold it together and share your story! ive been really trying to read more on neuroblastoma, to understand this bullshit disease! Its so not fair for any child to EVER GO thru this, FUCK YOU FUCKING CANCER. I pray that God can comfort you and your family and keep you strong,hold you when you on the days your heart is aching, and stand by you thru the hard times and hold you high on the days your spreading the word. Im so honored to say Ronan has really made me rethink life in away ive never thought possible but im also doing some serious life changes and its becuz of your sweet Ronan that these changes HAVE to be made! if he can put a smile on his face and brave thu it well damn it my struggles are so minor. So So minor!!!! I will forever be grateful to you Maya! Keep pushing forward, i know your Ronan will always be with you on the days you struggle to give you that nudge to keep going! sorry if i ramble on but i just so want you to know you and your family are forever embedded in my heart and now in Ronans life and in his death i feel compelled to share his story with any one who will listen! your amazing momma! you truly are! Hang in there and keep sharing!

    ps i will be attending the balloon release here in longview on sun. to honor your sweet boy! Wouldnt miss it for the world!

  18. 4 candles burn bright at Corpus Christi his journey touched so many and His spirit will be with us for eternity. May God Bless!

  19. Happy 4th birthday ronan we will love you forever!!.

  20. Oh Maya, I’m so sorry again. Your story has inspired me to be a better mom and wife and not to take anything for granted. I am continuing to pray for you and Woody and the boys every day. God bless….

  21. Laura in El Paso Avatar
    Laura in El Paso

    I read your entire blog just last week and I have been wanting to write to you ever since but have struggled with what to say. So, here’s what I came up with.
    There is nothing I can say. Just know I think of you and your family often, I pray for you all. Ronan’s story will be with me forever, and I will never forget to be thankful for each day I have with my children. It is my promise to Ronan that I will never take them for granted again.
    My heart aches for your family, you all have been through hell, but I know the love you have for one another will see you through. Anyone who has read your words can see that. 🙂
    I’m sending you all my love and positive energy, Maya. ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. Happy birthday, Ronan. Forever 4.

  23. Maya~ So many people surround you to be your soft place to fall…thanking God for that on this day. Much love, michelle

  24. Beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Ro – I thought about you all day yesterday.

  25. Happy Birthday, Ronan! As you look from heaven above on the family you left behind, remember to send them a sign to let them know you are alright and waiting to see them again.

    This is the begining of a beautiful book, one that will be a best seller. Keep writing as it is a testimony to your dear, beautiful child. You are so strong yet the breakdown will come. I know, I’ve been there, not with a child but with my husband, the father of two wonderful boys, who at the ages of 8 and 6 were bewildered that he was not coming back. When he passed away a friend gave me this anology of grief…I’ve kept it in my heart for over 23 years. If it helps you then good if not then you can tell me to F off.

    Grief is like a wound. You don’t feel it at first because it is so new and it is numb, but then it begins to bleed and the pain comes. It hurts for days until it scabs over. Some days you pick at the scab and it bleeds again and the pain comes back, or you or someone else knocks the scab off and it is painful once again. Eventually the wound scabs over and the pain is gone but you are reminded about it every time you look at the scab…the pain it brought. One day the scab falls off, but now there is a scar, pink and itchy, and you scratch at it. It reminds you again of the pain it brought. Time goes on and the scar somehow is not as itchy, or noticeable, then it seems to fade over time. But that scar will ALWAYS be there to remind you of that wound you suffered.

    While I know you are not religious, I am deeply and I pray that God will enfold you, and comfort you and your family. He gives you the strength to go forward, He gives you peace, He gives you love, and He is there for you.

    Take care of yourself as Sunday will be the hardest day of your life…I know.

  26. Todd & Kara Schierscher Avatar
    Todd & Kara Schierscher

    Happy Birthday sweet Ronan! Thought of you all day yesterday and will be sending balloons your way from Rose Valley (Kelso, WA) on Sunday night. I KNOW lots of people from this area will be joining us!!!

  27. Just heard the song 99 Red Balloons by Nena and I thought of Ronan. I will think of him each time I see a balloon floating in the sky, each time I see a shooting star, every rainbow, each time I hear Don’t Stop Believing, each Star Wars figure I see. My whole life has changed since I have started reading your story last year. I am more patient with my son and everyone around me. I am grateful for the little things in life. This life is so precious. My heart hurts each morning when I read your words, I wish I could somehow take away your pain, even just a small part of it. You are so strong and I am so glad you have so much support through your family and friends.
    Sending love from Castle Rock, Wa. Thinking of you now and off and on each day, wondering how you’re doing.


    99 dreams I have had
    In every one a red balloon
    It’s all over and I’m standin’ pretty
    In this dust that was a city
    If I could find a souvenier
    Just to prove the world was here
    And here is a red balloon
    I think of you and let it go

  28. Happy Birthday Ronan……love you always to the moon and back!!!!!

  29. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t stop thinking about Ronan, you and your family. All the way from the Netherlands, wishing you strength and all the love in the world.

  30. Happy birthday beautiful angel. We promise to pass on as much love and strength as possible to
    your mama to help her get through this.. You all are forever etched in my heart and I will do what I can to help raise awareness. I’d love to order some bracelets… Please take care of yourself Maya….

  31. Maya,

    Thought about you many times this week. I can recall vividly after my father passed, somewhat suddenly, an odd sense of “what the fuck is this all for.” You go from being the planner that is going to save his life, to the person still in planning mode, out of habit. There comes a moment when you get so mad because no matter how much you do in planning services, receptions, helping family make plans, writing obituaries, planning outfits for your kids… all the work doesn’t bring back the one thing you want the most… which is the person you lost. Just makes you want to scream WHAT IS THE FUCKING PURPOSE OF THIS?? JUST GIVE HIM BACK. You want the prize for a job well done, and it’s so unfair that it doesn’t come. I am glad that you are feeling him with you. He’s there and he always will be.

    You and your son have touched hundreds of thousands of lives in ways that will last a lifetime. I am grateful to be one of them.


  32. Happy Birthday 4th Birthday Ronan. Maya, thank you so much for sharing your life with us. You, Ronan, and your entire family have touch my heart. You are a TRUE warrior Mom and I continue to pray you and your family.

  33. Maya, I don’t have any words to make it better, because there are none. I lost my beautiful Keely on Christmas Day 2010. When I read your blog the day Ronan died, your experiences mirrored mine almost exactly, even to washing his sweet body and preparing him for removal. That’s something I never put in my entries on Caring Bridge, I just couldn’t. I have never even told anyone before. But it was the hardest and most necessary thing I have ever done. The depth of the love we have for our children is such that you simply cannot bear for anyone else to do it. It is so sad that Ronan’s birthday occurred so near to his death, but as you celebrated it by doing all the things he loved, you are keeping him alive in you. I haven’t had to do that yet, because Keely’s birthday isn’t until August, so I will have to cross that bridge when we get there.

    It sounds as if you have a most wonderful husband, sons and friends, so be sure to lean on them when you need to, and let them lean on you as well. Like you, I am not religious, and I admired your courage when you said if anyone told you it was “God’s plan”, you’d tell them to “fuck off”! There is no plan, life is random and chaos and shit just happens, and it’s not fair. But as my Mom used to say, “No one ever told you life would be fair”. It’s horrible when you lose a child, you feel as if you are going to break into two! But somehow you don’t. You go on one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. The beautiful analogy that Christi left about the wound is very accurate, and it does get somewhat easier over time, but the wound is always there, breaking open repeatedly, the pain flooding back over and over. Allow yourselves to feel the pain, to honour it and Ronan, but then put it away and take the next steps.

    You are an amazing, wonderful mother, and I thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your journey, and, I hope, your support.

  34. I was on a business trip yesterday and in a plane at 7 AM then at 8 PM. Beautiful sunrise and sunset from 30,000 feet on Ronan’s birthday. I missed and thought about Ronan as much as I did my own girls. The skies and heavens were beautiful and smiling all day long on May 12th and I know why. I wished Ronan a happy birthday all day long. Those beautiful, smiley skies were for you Maya. Wishing you all the peace in the world yesterday, today and always.

  35. Maya, You’re an amazing person. An amazing mother.

    Thank you for sharing Rockstar Ro with all of us!
    Yesterday I sang Happy Birthday to Ro! and thought of him, you, Woody and the twins.

    You truly honored Ro to the fullest, as hard as that must have been, because Rockstar should’ve been here with is family celebrating.

    Can’t wait to see the tattoo you got to honor Ro. (hope you’ll share) You have an amazing army of women. Amazing!

  36. Happy birthday again:) all the way from alaska!! you are an amazing little boy and continue to inspire people all over the world, and i can tell that is what you were destined to do:)

  37. This beautiful baby boy and his amazing family have touched all of our lives forever. I know a lot of you have been wondering what more you could do to spread Ronan’s story and show your love for and support while raising awareness. Follow this link to learn how you could help. As always, please keep this wonderful family in your prayers.


  38. Happy birthday Ronan xx

    As always you and your family are in my thoughts xx

  39. I do not know you personally, but fell upon this blog as 2 of my facebook friends had posted links….. There are no words to share that can take your pain away. Please know that your story is touching so many people you are unaware of. Thank you for being so strong, brave, courageous, amongst your unbelievably painful journey. You touched my life today by sharing your story. I’ve had your family on my mind all day and I’m sure I will for some time. I spent today with my children and let all of my work and chores aside. You have inspired us to stop and smell the flowers. I pray that in time you will find peace. Much luv.

  40. The Cord

    We are connected,
    My child and I, by
    An invisible cord
    Not seen by the eye.

    It’s not like the cord
    That connects us ’til birth
    This cord can’t been seen
    By any on Earth.

    This cord does it’s work
    Right from the start.
    It binds us together
    Attached to my heart.

    I know that it’s there
    Though no one can see
    The invisible cord
    From my child to me.

    The strength of this cord
    Is hard to describe.
    It can’t be destroyed
    It can’t be denied.

    It’s stronger than any cord
    Man could create
    It withstands the test
    Can hold any weight.

    And though you are gone,
    Though you’re not here with me,
    The cord is still there
    But no one can see.

    It pulls at my heart
    I am bruised…I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline
    As never before.

    I am thankful that God
    Connects us this way
    A mother and child
    Death can’t take it away!

    Author Unknown

    1. beautiful poem!

    2. it’s very nice…… ronan hope you may have a wonderful lyf there in heaven….. its very hard to lose someone we loved esp. your child……

  41. Marquita Ward Avatar
    Marquita Ward

    I hear your emotional pain and am thankful that you can share it. That will be healing for us listeners. This is a part of our mourning. We are mourning little Ronan so much. I hope and pray your family will find the strength to comfort each other as you are..very proud of you all..but it is so sad you are missing Ronan so much. Never take more than one day at a time. You go through this in your own personal way and don’t let anything make you think otherwise. I am praying for you. May the Lord direct you in this in Jesus name amen.

  42. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and Ronan this past week…I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing woman and Mom. I know you miss him with every fiber of your being….I can only think how proud he must be of you.

    I have shed a lot of tears this week. Many for you and your child, and for my son as well. (He is stage 4 neuroblastoma and has been in the hospital for over a week with 3 bacterial infections, among other things) I would curl up next to him while he was asleep and read your journal entries and cry. I don’t know you, but my heart truely goes out to you and your entire family. Hugs.

  43. […] Happy 4th Birthday Ronan Sean Thompson Ronan. Happy 4th Birthday baby boy. It was the fastest 4 years of my life. It flew by in the blink of any eye; but […] […]

  44. Ronan,
    I thought of you all day on your birthday. You and your mommy have taught me so much about life. I will never be the same, and I am eternally grateful!!
    Love and prayers to you and your family now and forever!

  45. Happy Birthday Ronan! Sooo many people love you and your family, but you know that. When I look at the moon I think of you!

  46. Annie Johnson Avatar
    Annie Johnson

    /Users/cowlitz8/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2011/05/13/20110513-210213/DSC01884.JPG

    For Ronan’s birthday, I went and bought a Rockstar Ronan shirt, I wanted a bracelet too (I’d always wear it) but Moonlight Bay is sold out of them. Then I went to Safeway to get purple balloons. While there I saw a big bag of them waiting to be picked up, so I asked the lady if she’s been selling a lot of them and she said yes all day and that she thinks it’s so wonderful the community is gathering like that. I do too! I bought 10 of them, not sure why, because I wanted 9 (5 to represent your family, and 4 to represent mine) anyways on the way home the extra one popped. How crazy is that?? I put my kiddos to bed and made Ronan a cake. This was only the second one in my life so it wasn’t pretty (the link above is a picture of it). When my kids woke up, we let the balloons go and I explained to them that we were sending them to heaven to Ronan for his birthday. Later we lit the candle on the cake and we all made individual wishes and as a family blew the candle out. The rule was the wish had to be something to do with Ronan. Later I asked my daughter what she wished for and she said “I wished that Ronan’s daddy would be ok, that he wouldn’t be sad.” then just today I was driving my kiddos to day care and my 3 year old son said “Mommy do we still have cake?” I told him yes and he said “well we have to send it to heaven. I was like ” well baby, we can’t send a cake to heaven, but we sent the balloons there,” then my son was like “but it’s his cake, it’s not our cake.” Moral of the story, my family is still thinking about you, and I’ve just fallen in love with you! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, and loving your children so much. Still praying…….

  47. Happy Birthday Ronan. I thought of him all day yesterday,today and he will be there always reminding why we all should go on. and to fight this battle against cancer until a cure is found. I am sorry for your loss Maya. There is nothing i could say to comfort. I am sad and wish that all this love from so many would bring him back. how i wish that for for you. How i wish i could take all your pain away. I feel terrible that me being so sad about Ronan have to come to this blog to get strength from your writings. you are a powerful writer. I pray for you to find yourself back and grow wth your twins and family all over again. Ronan lives on..love you.

  48. Leetta McPhea Avatar
    Leetta McPhea

    Happy Birthday Ronan!
    Woody and Maya, your Beautiful Ronan touched more lives in only 4 years than most people will touch in a lifetime. Your love for each other will give you the strength you need to get through each day, and Maya, you are truly an amazing woman.

  49. Hi Maya… We were at my 4-year-old son’s end of year BBQ at preschool yesterday. At the end, he collected 2 balloons… A purple and a blue one. When we got to the car, the purple one slipped out of hand and floated away. Purple is his absolute favorite color, so he was began to get upset… I knelt down and whispered in his ear that there’s a little boy his age up in the sky who is loved and missed very much who would love to play with the purple balloon… He thought about it on the way home and when we got there, he let go of the other one, too, “for the little boy in the sky.”

    Ronan has become a touchstone not only for me to remember to cherish my boys every minute, but also to help teach them about boundless kindness and love. Thank you, Maya, and we love you, Ro.

  50. Happy Birthday sweet Ronan!

  51. Because of you I am forever changed. Thank you for opening up your life to us. You are an amazing woman Maya. Your beautiful son Ronan will live on in the thoughts and prayers of strangers who are touched deeply by your incredible story. Happy birthday to your baby boy.

  52. Happy Birthday Ronan!! I am just reading your blog for the first time & can not believe your strength. Ronan was such an adorable little boy. Your pictures are beautiful & a treasure of memories. I understand your pain having lost my son Kai James Thompson when he was only 2 1/2 months old. The fact that you are surrounded by so much support & are able to celebrate Ronan’s birthday is amazing. I couldnt even get out of bed for weeks & couldn’t celebrate Kai’s 1st birthday. Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you as you grieve. Ive been told so many times that it will get better but Kai would be 3yrs old in July & it still takes everything for me to live my life missing him. I have accepted that his absence will always leave me with a pain in the deepest part of my heart. I just need to live the best I can by keeping his memory alive. You seem to be doing such a good job at that for Ronan already!! You are now giving me strength. So thank you for sharing Ronan’s story & for allowing him to touch my heart today. I cried thinking of him being with my angel Kai.

  53. Happy Birthday little Ronan!You are exremely missed and never forgotten.

  54. That is such a heartfelt story and my prayers go out to the Thompson family and all of the families that have to deal with loss!!!!!!!!!! Ronan you are missed very much by your family and will NEVER be forgotten!

  55. Happy Birthday Ronan. ❤ I know you had a great one. I love you so much. Maya, your amazing. Keep doing what your doing. Happy 4th Birthday Ronan. I love you.

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