My idol. My theme song.

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  1. A mutual friend shared your site months ago. I’m praying for you and your family, especially for Ronan’s happiness and comfort, and will hug my boys tighter every day as a result of your struggle.

  2. i love pink!

  3. Martha Cooper Avatar
    Martha Cooper

    I’m traveling this sad and painful journey with Ronan, you and your family by reading every blog. I have no words to express to make a difference in what you’re feeling. I just want you to know that I care and wish I could change this nightmare for you. By sharing Ronan’s and your family’s story and by your reminders to not take life and love ones for granted, my life has been changed.

  4. Shawn O'Connor Avatar
    Shawn O’Connor

    March 30th of last year by beloved baby brother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). I have barely been able to breath since as I watch this horrible disease take over his body. I definitely have those days when I feel sorry for myself and ask God how he could be this cruel to give this disease to such a wonderful man. I discovered your link on Facebook yesterday through a few of my friends and live here in Phoenix so I read every word of your blog, looked at every picture you have posted and cried my eyes out. I realized that I have had 43 incredible years with my sweet brother, Brett, and you have a beautiful blue eyed baby fighting for his life that really hasn’t even begun. I can’t even begin to express to you how incredibly sorry I am…I woke up this morning and instead of feeling the sense of dread I normally wake up with, I felt so blessed knowing the wonderful memories that make up the years of moments I have spent with Brett and then I immediately thought of Ronan and prayed he wasn’t in pain and that he was having a good morning with you and allowing you more time to have more moments and more memories together. I will never again feel sorry for myself or say “why us?” I will instead think of your beautiful child and think, “Why him?”

  5. Sang my boys Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tonight and we prayed for Ronan. We prayed for a miracle. Our lives have been changed forever by reading your blog as well.

  6. My daughters and I…(along with my sister Kim who is dear friends with your mom Lynn and Jim) have had Ronan and your family in our prayers for several months now. We cry for you as if Ronan is a part of our own family…we love your son because you have shared his story with us…our hearts cry out for you and the great pain and suffering Ronan and your family have endured. Ronan has been brought through trials that many grown men will never have to endure. He has been at war with his body. Should he take the arrow, it will not destroy his spirit or his soul. It will only penetrate his flesh. We have never walked in your shoes…to walk a mile in them we cannot fathom. With every step your family takes…may Ronan’s beautiful life heal each step into your future because he is one of the bravest souls we have yet to meet, but have grown to love. Carrie, Aly and AJ Michalka

  7. Gabriela Maldonado Avatar
    Gabriela Maldonado

    Your baby, and your family are in my prayers!! God will change this!

  8. My heart aches….. I lost my husband to Esophageal Cancer
    on September 25th 2009, Jim was a very young 49 year
    old and he was not ready for heaven….. I tell you this because I have been reading through your blogs and
    journey, and I “get it “FUCK CANCER… I know it’s hard
    to hear people who really do mean well and are at a
    loss for words, speak words you do not want to hear, I will
    pray for ROCKSTAR Ronan and your entire family, I am
    posting this on my Facebook page to spread awareness
    and asking for prayers…. may god bless you…. I am so very sorry you are going through the Cancer Journey

  9. Everywhere I Go by Lissie. Saved me when my friend Maddy Boutelle died of a brain aneurism. Search it i hope it helps. I still pray for Ronan that he is safe and for you and your family. Maya, I am not going to say he was a beautiful kid, because he still lives on. He IS a beautiful child. My prayers and love goes to you all ∞

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