Magic Medicine….Round 5, Day 4

Whooo hoooo!!! Time for the Ronan’s done with Round 5 Happy Dance!!  Everybody, stop reading, and get up and do it!! Yay Baby!! He will be coming home this afternoon. Yesterday, he was sick to his stomach again and had a pretty hard day. At one point he looked up at me and had little tears sliding down his cheeks and goes, ” I just want to go home. I miss Quinn, Liam, Daddy, Nana, Papa Jim, Mimi, Papa Charlie, and Santa Claus.” Ahhhh! I wanted to snatch him up and carry him out right then and there. Instead, Woody came around 4:30 and pretty much forced me to leave the hospital. I was kicked out by my own husband who knew I needed a break. I came home and slept and showered and woke back up around 6. I was beat. Mimi and Papa came and relieved Woody and stayed the night with Ronan. Thank you for that. As soon as I was up, I headed out to see what my mom, Jim and the boys were up to and I started going through the mail. There was a huge box by my door and I saw that it was from the clothing company, Fore!! Axel & Hudson. I set it on my counter and my mom and I opened it up. OHMYGOSH! Denise, if you are reading this- I don’t even know what to say. When you said you were putting together a box for Ronan, I expected a few things! Not your entire line and ALL of your hats! My mom and I were dying and just kept pulling more and more things out of the box. Ronan is going to be the most stylish little cancer patient ever! Thank you so much! Not to mention they sent a check to help with our trip to New York. I hope one day, I get to meet all of you behind all of this so Ronan and I can give you a big hug. You are going to make his day when he comes home and see’s all of his new, adorable clothes and hats. Don’t even get me started on the quality of the clothing. So beautiful and soft. You will forever be my favorite little boys line and I hope to throw a ton of business your way. Your hearts are amazing. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I want to try to call you today to tell you thank you on the phone. I had no idea my one little email would turn into something so amazing. And if any of you reading this are on Facebook or Twitter…. go find their page, and become a fan or follow them. They did a great little write up about Ronan.

Last night, I hung out with the twins, my parents, and Woody. We watched the ASU vs U of A game. Nice work, DEVILS!!  The boys’ were in heaven and set up a “party” in their room which consisted of drinking Coke (OMG at 7:00 at night) and popcorn. It was too cute so I let it slide. I snuck out around 8:30 and walked to my friend Niki’s house for a little couch time. It’s my favorite couch in the world. Her husband, Mark, was home as well so we sat and talked for about an hour, then Woody came down to join us. Cheers to the 4 of us being together! It was a very nice, cozy evening with dear friends. Just what I needed.

I’ve got to go and get ready and head over to the hospital. We are bringing Ronan home today. Yay for that. Love you all. Fore!!! Axel and Hudson… You are going to help me change the world and the way it ignores childhood cancer. Thank you again!! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Magic Medicine….Round 5, Day 4”

  1. Ronan Rocks!!! What an Amazing little man he is and his Mommy and Daddy too! You all inspire me Everyday with your Courage and I will be forever Grateful to you maya for reminding me no matter how bad things get there is always worse that can happen. Ronan is in my Prayers Daily, Them beautiful Blue eyes of his inspire us all to be better and do better and Give MORE to the research that can help to someday find a cure for this Evil Disease called Cancer. Even I want to thank all of those who have helped with transportation for Ronan’s trips and to all of those who have donated and opened your heart to this Amazing Family we have all come to care about.
    Congrats on a successful round 5! xo

  2. Wow…I am dying….what an amazing company..that is so awesome and sweet. He will be so excited to see this stylish spread of his…:) Glad you got some good time in last night with the family and friends…and so happy Ronan comes home today to be with Nana and Jim before they go. Your almost at the next phase…nyc…Have a heart filled night. xo

  3. I am so glad for you and thankful that all is going well! Today in the newspaper here in Longview, there was an article about a Kalama 5 year old who lost her battle. So sad, but I am only mentioning this because of the fight you mentioned aginst childhood cancer…they only discovered her cancer in June…she is with the angles but we can be inspried by every child who has to have the cancer experience, and try very hard to bring it up a notch and more when it comes to fighting the good fight…DO NOT LET THIS BRING YOU DOWN…God is good and He is in control…going through with His plan in our lives..we just need to trust in Him.


    i read a lot on cancer though i dont have any close cancer friends or relatives. I read a lot purely because I came upon chinese traditional medicine by chance and really amazed by the effectiveness and wisdom. From there, I learned a lot on nutrition and health balancing. The more i know about naturaltherapy, the more I’m convinced that cancer therapy is very profitable yet damaging. A person that hardly spend time on health and suddenly told that his/her health is at risk will most likely goes with the conventional treatment. But tumour is not a monster, not some foreign particles attacking us. In fact, cancer or tumour is part of us, attacking the tumour is equivalent to attacking ourselves. Attacking ourselves to the brim of death to bring us back to complete health is indeed a very ridiculous theory. Many patients are cured of cancer but died, simply because cancer is defined as some visible mass as long as detectable by human devices. I left similar messages to cancer patients blogs and the messages are normally just discarded. But following their blogs simply confirms my predicted outcome. I hope you can spend some time on the above links and think from a broader perspective. Good luck and i sincerely hope Ronan will recover. He’s such an adorable kid.

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