Magic Medicine…. Round 5, Day 2

Ronan’s day went pretty well. He slept a lot today and I spent the day cuddled up  beside him. We were both tired from last night. Because he is hooked up to so many fluids to keep him hydrated, he wakes up about every half an hour to pee. He is too proud to wear a diaper and won’t even consider it. That’s my boy:) Mimi Kay came by at 2 and I got to go home. I came home, slept for a couple of hours, and got up right in time to see Liam and Quinn. Woody worked late at the office so I took Liam and Quinn out to Chelsea’s Kitchen for a date night. It was so sweet to spend some time with them. We had a great night together. Mimi is staying the night at the hospital tonight so I can have a little break and spend some time with Woody.  My parents get in tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them. Liam and Quinn do not know that Papa Jim is coming. It is going to be a nice surprise for them.

The nights in the hospital, when I can’t sleep, I spend my time on the computer trying to get the word out about Ronan. I have become obsessed with finding my little guy stylish hats to wear and I stumbled on the most adorable little boy website. The clothes are darling, something that is hard to find when you are looking for boy clothes; and their hats are right up Ronan’s alley. I emailed them last night to tell them I had the perfect model for their hats and wanted to know if they would be up for helping me raise awareness for childhood cancer. I was so surprised this morning when I woke up to an email and a got a phone call from a woman named Denise who is part owner of the company. She was so touched by Ronan’s story and wanted to be involved in any way possible. She then told me she was sending Ronan a huge box of clothes and hats for free. I was not expecting that at all! She also called back to ask if Ronan had brothers because she wanted to send them some things as well. How amazing is that? What  a great company and I am so excited to work with them. I have been emailing the GAP forever now with no response. Go figure. Guess they are too cool to bring awareness to something like childhood cancer. A big thank you to Denise. You have a heart of gold. Take the time to check out their website… if you have little boys, you will fall in love with their clothes. I also have a link on the right side of Ronan’s blog that will take you right to it.

I also came home today to find an envelope in the mail from a friend of Woody’s from law school, Marcela. Her little girl just celebrated her 2nd birthday and instead of asking for gifts, Marcela asked everyone to donate to Ronan’s Foundation. I opened up a card with about 10 checks in it. I started bawling after reading the card that everyone had signed and just because of the beauty that came with it. Talk about a selfless thing to do. Marcela, your heart is so beautiful. I knew that from the first time I met you when Woody was in law school. I was so nervous to meet all of his law school friends but I had a connection with you from the beginning. Thank you for being so selfless and knowing what really matters in life. I love you.

The word is spreading about Ronan. As of today, I have 121,098 hits on his blog. His website is coming along. I will be so excited when that is up and running. Thank you to all of you who are getting the word out about our baby boy. He is such a strong little guy and is going to beat this fight, kicking and screaming the entire time. I could not ask for anything more.

Time to go and spend some time with my hubby. Love you all so very much. Thanks to Mimi Kay for giving me a break from the hospital. The time I had with Liam and Quinn tonight was just what I needed. I love you.


6 thoughts on “Magic Medicine…. Round 5, Day 2”

  1. EAch morning at 5:30 am, I begin my day by reading your post. You’ve travelled an amazing journey that will end with celebration of a cancer free Ronan! I believe that with all of my heart. I’ve sent a note to foreaxelandhudson for their generousity and am passing their email on….the boys will look so handsome in those hats!

  2. So happy your Mom & Jim are arriving today, as I know how excited they are! Please give them love from Lance & Sue, plus much support from all of us here in Longview. Sue

  3. How awesome to get all the cool clothes and hats. Do you know if you will be in Phoenix for Christmas? There is a cancer family gathering toys but I didn’t give them Ronan’s name since you were going to New York. I’d love to pass his info to them if you’ll be in Phoenix

  4. My son had the pleasure of sharing a room at PCH with Ronan and he is a very special little boy with parents who appear to have hearts as big as the moon and unlimited amounts of strength. I wish I knew where they got it from, my child is ill yes but there is no comparrison and there are days I wonder if I will get thru another. The family support they have is amazing, they seem to work in conjunction with each other like a well oiled machine to make certain Ronan has the best of everything. My son’s name is Dawson and Ronan he sends you good thoughts and says “May the Force Be With YOU”. Children share a different kind of kinship I discovered, I watched Ronan 3 years, playing with Dawson 9 years, and they played and communicated as if they had always known each other. Dawson went to school and told his class all about this little boy he met who was sick, as I listened to him talk to the class it was obvious that he was listening when the doctors and nurses came in the room because he had an excellent knowledge of what was going on with Ronan and I thought I had better talk to him and clear up a few things, when I did Dawson told me, “I know what is really going on but all they needed to know was that Ronan was a fighter you know like in Star Wars. ” Never had a more truthful statement come out of my childs mouth. Good Luck Ronan, meeting you changed my childs life forever. The Bennett Family

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