We live in a beautiful world

What a beautiful day. Today was filled with such beauty I almost don’t even know where to start. First, I just want to say that our prayers of finding a private plane to get us to and from New York City have been answered. I can’t believe all of the responses I got today from people who were more than willing to help us out. We can now breathe a big sigh of relief thanks to some very special people. Also, I got a call from somebody that I don’t even know today, whom I am just calling, S. She offered to let our family use their jet to get us to NYC and was so gracious and happy to help. We have decided to go with a bigger corporation, but I just want to say a special thank you to this family for stepping up and offering to help us. They don’t want to be recognized in any way… and that right there speaks volumes about the type of people they are. S, I cannot wait for the day I get to meet you and give you the biggest hug in the world. You are an angel and I will never forget your kindness and generosity that came from the truest place of all; your heart. So, thank you again; You and your family will forever have a special place in my heart.

I spent the day at home with Ronan and I actually got to cook dinner. That in itself was such a treat. I have always loved to cook and I was so excited to spend the day doing so. Ronan helped me add the ingredients to my beef stew; and loved every second of helping me. Woody was so happy to have a meal that I had cooked myself. He even told me he thinks it was one of the best things I have ever made. That made my night. After Wood came home and we sat and had dinner I put on my running shoes and headed out in the dark, cold night. Oh my goodness. I am so happy that running has found it’s way back into my heart. Geez, all it took was my little guy getting cancer. Sad but true. After I ran the NYC marathon a couple of years ago I started up the “I hate running club.” I have been a member of this club ever since completing that marathon. Well, now I am happy to say, I no longer belong to this club. Before all of this, I would have never ran in the dark alone. Now, I don’t care at all. It’s like I have nothing to be afraid of because all of those fears that I had before were so silly. I know what real fear is now and it is so much bigger than running in the dark. I blasted my music, ran so hard and so fast for a good hour. My calves burned, my chest burned, and it felt good. I thought of so many things during my run. I kept telling myself, every time my feet hit the pavement, it was one step closer to getting Ronan well. I pictured so many of my family and friends on Thanksgiving…. and imagined them all being happy and thankful this year. I know you all are going to be thankful for so much more than normal. I am happy to be able to give that gift to you. It makes me happy to think of all of you and all the beauty you have in your lives. It gives me peace. I thought a lot about New York and getting that fucking tumor out of Ronan’s abdomen. I can’t wait to just get it out of him. I am going to ask for it too. Call me crazy, but I want to see that thing. I am obsessed. I hope the doctors will agree; not sure if it’s something they will be o.k. with but I am going to ask. I thought a lot about all of the medication I am on now. I would like to say a big fat thank you for the inventors of Zoloft, Xanex, and Clonazepam. I never thought I would be one of those “people,” but I am and I am not ashamed. I am thankful that about a month after being in all of this, that I knew I needed help when I found myself locked in Ronan’s dark closest rocking back and fourth crying my eyes out. I am thankful that I was brave enough to admit that I needed something to help me get though this. So thank you, Zoloft for keeping me more steady and even keeled. I can now actually go into a grocery store and not flip out. I have not taken the Xanex yet…. saving that for when I really need it. And Mr. Clonazepam. I can finally sleep at night; peacefully. Before Mr. Clonazepam, I was lucky to get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. That in itself was enough to make me crazy. Sleep deprivation can really mess with your mind. I feel a little bit like the old Maya. A girl who used to be crazy strong and could have ruled the world. I need her back to get Ronan through this, and if it takes being on this stuff for a while, then so be it.

Ronan is going to beat this. There is no doubt in my mind. Tonight, he was jumping off of the ladder to Liam and Quinn’s bunk bed onto the ground into a pile of pillows below. And your telling me this kid has stage 4 cancer? It’s crazy to me. Nothing can stop him and his spirit. He must have told me 50 times today how much he loves me. We had a great, fun day together. Tomorrow, we will go to the clinic to have his levels checked. Praying that he can start his chemo tomorrow. It’s time to get this show on the road, people!

Sweet dreams to you all my dear friends. Please never forget how beautiful this life is; even during what seems like the darkest hours. I am so thankful for all of you<3

This is from my sweet friend, Jen… beautiful song and beautiful lyrics. Thanks baby.
Rascal Flatts – I Won’t Let Go Lyrics

It’s like a storm
That cuts a path
It’s breaks your will
It feels like that

You think your lost
But your not lost on your own
Your not alone
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
If you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go

It hurts my heart
To see you cry
I know it’s dark
This part of life
Oh it finds us all
And we’re too small
To stop the rain
Oh but when it rains

I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight

And I wont let you fall
Don’t be afraid to fall
I’m right here to catch you
I wont let you down
It wont get you down
Your gonna make it
Yea I know you can make it

Cause I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
And I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go
Oh I’m gonna hold you
And I wont let go
Wont let you go
No I wont

7 thoughts on “We live in a beautiful world”

  1. I am so happy right now! I can hear the old Maya in this post. The Maya that can kick the shit out of anything. You are so brave. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.

  2. Yes! Liv, I hear it too! I was thinking the same thing! I am so blessed to call you my friend. We will do this! We will kick the living shit out of cancer…it won’t know what hit it! We can do this, together…
    I love you!

  3. What a beautiful day for the entire Thompson family. When we talked yesterday I too heard the strength in your voice. It helped me to go to Frys and tackle all of the people. FYI when did it become politically correct to back up right into cars in the parking lot when there is nowhere I could go with a car behind me etc. Ugghhh LOVE the Grocery Holiday Spirit.

    You do have beautiful Angels Everywhere. Very humbling. Have as Great of a Thanksgiving Dinner as you can in the Hospital:) I know your Auntie Karen will not let you starve…. It is GREAT to hear your strength.

    Blessed Holidays
    The Entire Willits Family

  4. Maya, so happy you & your family had a very good day. Your blog has helped many people realize what is important in their lives & what isn’t such a big deal afterall. I am grateful to you for that many times over. My family &i I wish you more & more beautiful days to come!

  5. I’m so grateful you guys had a wonderful day. I hope they keep coming. I’m also glad so many people were able to reach out and help with the plane so that you got that taken care of and we all know Ronan will be safe and protected in his own private ride 🙂 Praying everyday….
    COLE Prayer Team, http://www.colesfoundation.org

  6. Good days are to be treasured.So happy you could have one very good one.
    Your blog has helped me to be more grateful than ever for our family.
    Look for the Angels in the hospital on Thanksgiving day. I am sending them
    just for you and Ronan. Many prayers are being sent to heaven by so many
    unknown people. With gratitude for your strength and hope to your family
    and others. Dorene

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