The happiest day of my new life

I got a phone call from Dr. Maze today re: Ronan’s scan results. He told me as much as he could, which was so nice of him to do. Waiting is the hardest part and he instantly put me at ease with his news. Woody heard from Dr. Eshun around 5:00. We have some very good news to share tonight. 2 weeks ago we were told to expect the mass in Ronan’s abdomen to shrink around 20-25 percent, but not much more than that. Dr. Eshun told us tonight that the mass has actually shrunk 47%. That is huge news for us! We could not be happier with those results. It is still in his bone marrow, and there are a couple of other areas they are going to watch… but nothing else has progressed or started to grow, so Dr. Eshun is very pleased with what he is seeing. I fell to the floor after hearing this news… and cried like a baby. All I could think about was how I knew Ronan would fight this as hard as he possibly could. He is proving it by the results we are seeing and how well he is handling everything. He is so unbelievably strong. He is fighting so hard for us all of us, because he loves us all so much.Today has been such a happy day for our family, a day full of hope and a big sigh of relief. We still have a long road ahead of us, but today was a victory for us. Tonight, we will sleep a little better and dream a little sweeter. We are so full of hope and joy and are going to continue to love Ronan so deeply and so much that it kills all of his cancer. We are doing everything we can to surround him with positive energy, laughter, and love. We will continue with his treatment plan and pray that we continue to see amazing results.

I had lunch today with 3 lovely ladies. I finally had the chance to meet another mom, Lara, her son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and he is now 10 years old. They live here and are very involved in raising money to fund less toxic treatments for this disease and to find a cure. I cannot tell you how much meeting her meant to me. Her son, Noah, is alive, healthy, and is so full of love for life. He beat all of the odds and is living proof that miracles do happen. Lara gave me a lot of great advice and seeing her courage and strength was so very inspiring. I can’t wait to meet Noah someday and introduce Ronan to him.

I  also saw a therapist today. I knew within 15 minutes of our session that she was the one. Intelligent, compassionate, and we meshed well. She gets it. You want to know how I really knew she was the one for me?? She asked me about Ronan’s cancer, she asked me to tell her what his treatment plan entailed. I went through the list of 5 rounds of chemo, surgery, another round of chemo, stem cell transplant (maybe 2), Radiation, and the last blast of antibodies. She looked at me and goes, “Does cussing offend you?” I go, ” No, quite the opposite.” And she goes, “Good. Holy shit.” Ahhhhh, a woman after my own heart! I loved that she was so raw and blunt. I don’t need any sissy pants, sugar-coating, therapist. I need someone who understands that this is one of the worst possible things to happen to a parent and who can look me in the eye and tell me it’s bullshit, but she can figure out how to get me through it, so I don’t have to check myself into a loony bin. This lady is going to be that person for me, I can already tell. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I can see little pieces here and there of our old life coming back. It’s like there are little flickering pieces of glitter floating through the air and every once in a while I’ll catch one. I caught one yesterday when I spent a few hours with Woody. We went furniture shopping and to lunch. I can’t tell you how important those few hours were with him. I allowed myself to forget about Ronan’s cancer for a while and just enjoyed spending some time with my husband. It was a beautiful day spent with a beautiful man.

I just want to tell each and every one of you who are reading this blog, following Ronan’s journey, praying and thinking about us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will say this over and over again until the day I die… I know he feels your love and I know all of the love, prayers, and positive energy are working. There is only so much medicine can do, so please continue to do whatever you are doing for him:)

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  1. YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. Can you hear me all the way down on McDonald Street. I could not be happier for you all. May you sleep well and hold everyone close and tight. What a beautiful family. Truly seeing how much you all have come together. You all are a pillar of strength and are amazing. Each and Every single person in your entire families. What a beautiful family. May you stay as sweet, perfect, blunt and honest as you are. We love you all very much and seriously could not be happier. Looking forward to seeing you all. Much Much Love,

    The Willits Family

  2. My heart is so full of happiness, hope and love for you and your family. I feel so blessed to be a part of your lives. Love you guys!

  3. That is that is such great news! Ronan you are a ROCK STAR and you ARE going to kick the rest of the cancers butt too! Maya you are an amazing mother! So happy for your family tonight!

  4. So happy to read your wonderful news about Ronan and what a great day you had in general. I will continue to keep praying for Ronan and your entire family. Get some much deserved sleep! ~Michelle Hobbs

  5. That is such wonderful news. Rock n Ro is going to kick cancer’s butt! I’m also pleased you found the perfect therapist. I’m a huge believer in professional help when there is a life change, and boy is this a huge life change! You’re just doing everything right!
    I was at a function this evening for the Arizona Nurses’ Association and talked about Ronan (not by name) to some of the nurses in attendance. They were pleased he is doing so well and were very affirming about the care he is receiving at PCH!

  6. I am so happy I am bawling!!! I have been telling myself lately to keep praying as hard as we did in the beginning, EVERYDAY, we do not fail as a family we pray for you everyday and it is great that you know that it’s not just the medicine it is all this LOVE too! I hope that you all sleep a little better tonight and I am going to go run upstairs as fast as I can to tell my hubby the great news!! YAY!!! Love, Nikki

  7. Maya,I’m soooooooo happy to hear your good news! Instincts tell me that all of this is gonna have an even happier ending! Cancer free happy! My family & I continue to pray for Ronan! Oh yeah,congrats on the foul mouth therapist. Lol. Sounds like just what you need!

  8. Todd and Kara Schierscher Avatar
    Todd and Kara Schierscher


  9. Hooray!!!! The Berwind Family is so happy for the entire Thompson family! Jeansie is doing a “yippee for Ronan dance” as I type this. Hope you all continue to have a wonderful weekend together! 🙂 So happy for you Maya.

  10. Amazing news! What a little Rock Star! 🙂

  11. Maya,

    This is amazing news 🙂 I am so happy for you – have been waiting for the day when this great news would come! Congrats! Go Ronan!

    -Katie 🙂

  12. Wow!!! God is so good!!! He has mighty plans for Ronan!!!

  13. It’s hard to put into words the happiness and joy I feel for you and your family. We are all praying continuously for you and I can’t begin to understand how a little piece of you must have been relieved today. We will continue our prayers. We love you all! Way to go Ronan!!!

  14. It’s only going to get better from here. And Ronan will be well very soon. Your family is in mine and my daughters prayers.

  15. Jacque and Louise Moskowitz Avatar
    Jacque and Louise Moskowitz

    It was with great joy and some relief to read your update; Ronan’s progress is a testimony to you and your family’s strength and support as medical care can do just so much.

    We’re excited for Ronan; he and his family contnue to be in our thoughts, prayers, and we continue to send our positive energy.

    Refuah Shleimah (speedy recovery), Jacque and Louise Moskowitz

  16. Yippeee Yay……. I am so happppppppy! Every nght and morning, i see you guys in my meditation and I m very very glad to hear such good news. The strength and power be yours now and ever! Rockstar Ronan… here is my big hug to you bud!! and to your family. Take care.

  17. dear maya be sure when there is so much love and where you feeling positive everything ll work out! im and interpreter i had a client who was only 6 monts old when she was diag. with Stage 2. i have been with her every day! it was heartbreaking for me cuz she was same age as my own girl! there was a time when doctors only had little hope! but her family always kept it positive! she had a massive mass on ther tummy, bone marrows alsa severeal brain tumors! while treatment she lost her eyesight and doctors said it ll never come back! it was so difficult for a tiny baby to cope with everything but she fought so well!! all i want to say is that today she is 8 years old! even better she had her eyesight back! with only loss of 15 % ! she was my little miracle ! i still do see her very often very health and happy! she is learning brail and has to use very large print to read but doesnt stop her doing anything that she enjoys!
    i read through ur blog thanks to carisma ! when i told u this story she told me to share with u!
    i m prayin for little ronan i m so glad to hear those good news and believe me there ll be much more!!
    pls give him a huge kiss for me!
    waiting to hear his fully recovery!
    sending u all my love
    asu xoxoxox

  18. HELL YEAH, MAYA!!!! So happy you have gotten some good news. Your little seal is God’s gift to us all, he is a teacher to all of us. Look at all of the things that everyone is taking a deeper look at, loving more, cherishing and holding more meaningful. I will still continue to pray as much, think of you all as often and know in my heart that he is going to beat this all the way!!! Love to all five of you and sweet dreams! Kenna heard me telling Jay the news earlier in the car and Kenna started saying, “yay, baby Roney is getting better”. She loves to call him baby Roney. XO

  19. Truly a miracle, if doctors say to expect 20-25% at best; then a 47% reduction is a real miracle. Let the joy flow! God does answer prayers. Doctors and chemo could not have done this alone, praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  20. The most exciting news I’ve heard all week! So much love, prayers, and good thoughts are making a difference. Ronan, sweetheart, you keep on being you and fighting!! XOXO

  21. this made me cry, i started reading your blog on Monday and am slowly working my way through, i read this and thought how could he have died? this must be a joke, Ronan was getting better! things were looking so good for him! I am truly sorry for your lose and can’t believe terrible terrible things like this happen to people who are just so wonderful, loving and strong. My heart goes out to you and your family. I pray for you guys everyday! I know that your life from here on out can only get better, because the is just no way anyone, especially not someone like you, should have to go through this again. Some things are just so unfair.

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