My husband is my hero

I think I have officially cracked. I’m sure I’ll have lots of times where this is the case but I think it happened yesterday. That’s where my family, friends, and husband come into play and put me back together. Especially my husband. He is my rock, my pillar of strength, my everything. I tend to overdo things in my life… this has pretty much always been a theme of mine. I’ve been overdoing¬†everything, except the most important thing which is connecting and being present with my family. I have been keeping so busy… so overly busy… I guess so I didn’t have time to sit and truly think about what is going on. I mean, I know what is going on… but it is easy not to think about it when you have too much on your plate. This has been my coping mechanism. So the last few days, I’ve taken some time away from researching, blogging, emailing, etc…. it felt nice. Woody and I have had some good talks. Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos I forgot about my best friend; him. And I know why. It’s easier for me to not look at him in the eyes and to not see his pain. It’s easier to be too busy, because it’s hard for me to see him hurting and I don’t want him to see how scared and sad I am. But he knows…. I married one of the smartest men out there… it’s one of the reasons I love him so much. He sat me down and told me that I need to put my faith back into him and trust that he has already done all the research, talking with doctors, etc…. He did this weeks ago. I guess I just got lost in the shuffle of all of this… by obsessing. It has been my way of dealing with things. It’s not the right way and it’s not the healthy way. I see that now. I’ve got to trust the people around me more, trust the doctors, trust in all the prayers and good energy. It’s hard for me… but the person I trust most in my life is my husband. 110 percent. He is the most amazing man in the world and I know with him by my side we will get through this. Some people search their whole lives for what Woody and I have and never find it. Even though all of this, I still think I’m the luckiest girl alive. I’m going to focus more on being in the present… I can’t think and obsess about the future. I am here, Ronan is happy, and that is all that matters. We have to make the most of our good days with him because as of now, these are the good days. He is home with us and everyday I have to remember that the days we are together as a family are the best days of my life; no matter what our circumstances are. Ronan, Quinn, and Liam need to have things as normal as possible and that is going to be one of the main things I focus on. I have to bring back the balance and harmony in our lives.

After hounding Phoenix Children’s Hospital for 24 hours, we received Ronan’s CT and Bone scans back. I am just going to touch on this and say that it looks like the chemo is doing what it is supposed to be doing. It appears to be working but we will know much more next week after our second set of scans. This is very good news for Ronan and for our family. Please continue to pray for our little fighter… he has such a long road ahead of him.

7 thoughts on “My husband is my hero”

  1. Good for you Maya. We all get off target and can loose focus on what is really great when challenges are in play. I am happy you were able to take inventory of all that is good and having a spouse who is your rock is an amazing thing. Your love for each other will support each other during the hardest of times and God will carry you both always. Continuing to lift the entire Thompson family up in prayer. Love and blessings to Ronan. Candyce-tell you twins I’llmake more chili whenever they want it. Comfort food is a good thing!

  2. Soooo good to hear about Ronan and your realization for yourself and family. It will only bring great things, smiles, and happiness. Let your support system do the work for you so your extra moments are for you family. xoxo dd

  3. Maya,

    Blogging, texting, friends, going out to lunch – all of that can be put on hold. Those three precious boys and Woody need you each and every day. Even the strong need support. Ask God to give you the “peace which passes all understanding”. Last year I went through a whole year of cancer treatments with my mother, I could not have done it without my faith in God. He is the source of hope and calm, so you can do the daily tasks a mother needs to get done, even in the tough times.

  4. Welcome back to the world of the living! I thank whomever that you have Woody and the twins and the family and the friends and the enormous courage that lives within you. I also admire it and think about it when something goes wrong in my life, like I burn the soup, which seems like a crisis, till I think well, Maya would laugh at me right now, and my pimple seems pretty darned small, my burnt soup, a joke. You are amazing, and if you didn’t fall apart,you would be a robot! I’ve followed you and your story for a while now, but had no idea I could communicate with you!

    Would like to mention something in the spiritual sense, which is not my forte. I’m Jewish, and we just had Yom Kippur, which, though I’m pretty Jewish, I’m not too religious, if that makes sense. This, however is the most important holiday to me. I spend it alone, by the water (where I think G-d hears me best) and this year we talked about Ronan and his eyes and his health and his heart and your family etc…. I certainly can’t tell you what the outcome will be, but somehow, I know it will be ok, better than ok. In some weird way, you will all be better for it. You got me to pray and got me closer to G-d and hey, I’m some Jewish stranger in Chicago!!! Please know that this stranger in Chicago thinks of you at least 3 times a day, and sends best wishes and thought and wish I were you best friend so I could be there and cook and clean and drive the kids and hug you and give you strength.
    Love Elisa

  5. I wanted to share a blog of a family going through what you are. They put their faith in Sloan and Dr LaQuaglia like you might be doing and wanted you to hear from them on what happened. I pray for strength for you guys. I can’t imagine what you are going through but as you can tell, you have an army of believers to pray for you.

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    God bless you!


    1. Hey Maya, I’m not sure if you read the link that Julie sent above. I checked it out and found the following very interesting from Jack Demers blog on October 2nd:

      Mommy?…. Did they get my spot?”…..In a very hoarse whisper after slowly waking up for a second, 26 hours post surgery…..OCT. 2, 2010

      YES honey…YES THEY DID.” …..when we told Jack this, he gave us a thumbs up, and drifted back to sleep. How’s that for a ROCKSTAR?


      Are all little boys rockstars?

      Keep the Faith,


  6. You sounded great when I talked with you and you are entitled to have break downs. Especially while your mom is here because she can be your mom. Sometimes that is exactly what the doctor ordered for you to get strength. Cannot wait to see you all this week and transform you into a spooktackular home. aaaaaahhhhhhh. Have a beautiful Sunday this heat better break soon or I am going to melt like a wicked witch. ughhhh.

    Gay and Family

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