Oh, hello there. I have missed you, too. So I guess I’ll start blogging again.

IMG_0243I am a mother, a bereaved mother, a wife, a lover, a friend, a survivor, a warrior, a pissed off feminist, a rebel with a cause, an activist for many and loyal as fuck. My blood may bleed gold and childhood cancer will always be my number one cause in life, but I fight for many.

I will stand up and speak up when I think something is wrong. I will fight to my death for what I believe in. I believe in equal rights for all. I believe in human rights for everyone. I believe love is love and nobody should have the right to decide what that looks like. I stand by Planned Parenthood, always. I am an animal lover who thinks Sea World is one of the worst places on earth. I am work in progress vegan who just can’t seem to give up raw fish in sushi or cheese. I am a free spirit, tree hugging, half fancy, half hippie, total yogi wannabe who thinks Taylor Swift hung the moon. I believe in the underdogs and that a small group of determined people really can change the world.

If you believe differently than me, I will absolutely respect that. But if you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot, misogynist, nazi, white supremacist asshole, I’m going to need to to unfollow all of my social media pages.

Please do not come on here and threaten me or my family because you see me holding up a sign at a protest for a President that I do not support. Disagree with me, great. Agree to disagree, absolutely. Let’s have a conversation. But to threaten me… oh hell no. I will not stand for that. I will not be bullied. Or called names behind a computer screen. Or have my life threatened. Your words will not make me back down. Or even hurt my feelings because for fucks sake YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ME.

I know me. I love me. And it has taken me a long time to get to a place where I love myself again after losing my son. So please, kindly go the fuck away. Your words have no place here. Go find something else to do besides harass a bereaved mother. Take all of that negative energy and channel it into doing some good in the world because I can promise you living a life typing out hateful words behind a computer screen isn’t going to change who I am.

This is me.

Who are you?

14 responses to “Oh, hello there. I have missed you, too. So I guess I’ll start blogging again.”

  1. Girl, I can’t even with you. You are amazing and powerful and you have no idea how much your words touch people and inspire them. Thank you for this post and for ALWAYS staying true.

  2. i agree to disagree and still love and respect you and your opinion….we all have a right to peaceful protest for a cause we disagree with…though we have differing views I am not nor have ever been a racist or bigot etc…I have very dear people in my life who are minorities and LGBT, etc….I will never judge you for the way you look or think or believe that may be dif from me and I have taught my children and grandchildren the same…to love all folks no matter how different we may be…so all that being said please give me the same nonjudgemental courtesy as we try to unite for peace to reign in all hearts and all nations and for safety for all families to thrive and prosper…its what we all want…and with God in our hearts and minds we cannot lose hope…

    1. If you truly are not racist or bigoted then this post wasn’t directed at you and you would not have taken it as such. She directed her outrage at people who not only disagree but disagree AND are hateful AND threaten. I don’t see the need for you to ask for nonjudgmental courtesy.

  3. your ” taylor swift hung the moon” part was hysterical. I certainly needed to read that and get that laugh in. These past few weeks for me has been hell. But that’s for a different discussion. I love how you described yourself and said how we can’t choose who we love. Word to that. Heck, I am a 40 year old who’s with a 62 year old man- child ( I say that cuz he Loves playing video games ).
    You’re dope !!!

    1. Older men are the fucking best;)

  4. I think you’re amazing ❤️

  5. You’re a super star! I love everything you stand for! Your strength amazes me, as a mom and a human, so much love!

  6. Oh my, this is the best. Absolutely the best. You said all the things that I think, in such an eloquent way. I 100% believe that it is a person’s right to their opinion, and we can all agree to disagree. HOWEVER, there are some absolutes that go to who we are as people, and THOSE ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE!! Those of us who feel its important to stand up for the little guy are getting more bold, and speaking out. 45 is not my President, not nwo, not ever. He is morally bankrupt. I can see why you dislike him…he is the exact opposite of you! Thanks for all you do, and for speaking your truth. You are awesome!!

    1. “I 100% believe that it is a person’s right to their opinion, and we can all agree to disagree. HOWEVER, there are some absolutes that go to who we are as people, and THOSE ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE!!” …… I love that and I want to steal it and make it my FB status everyday.

  7. I strive to reach your level of badass-ery. You are an amazing woman, Maya! Keep fighting the good fight.

  8. Well Said Maya! Love how you get straight to the point! You are awesomeness!!!

  9. That’s a pretty clear post and it’s time for all of us to be clear , no sitting on the fence here, 100% agree, except from up here in Canada

  10. ❤❤❤❤

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