Our new little website launch day is today!

Ronan. I miss you so much. I find myself thinking about your 10 year old self so much lately. What would you have been like at 10? What would your voice sound like? What sports would you be playing? Would you still be my little trouble maker? Would you still tell me that I was your very best friend? I would give anything to know these things… I still look for you everywhere. Six years later and I know I won’t ever stop looking for you. I know how ridiculous that sounds… but somewhere in the back of my delusional mind I still think one day you are going to come back home because this was some sick experiment gone wrong. Until that day comes, I’ll never stop looking for you everywhere and in everything that I do.

Things here are busy. Too busy. This book is still keeping me busy. I am trying my best to finish it up, but I won’t put it out into the world until I know it is my best work yet. It’s getting there and I am on a really good place as far as writing goes. I took a little break the past few days to get out of my head a bit. I have Rach and her boyfriend here and we took a little trip to the Grand Canyon to hike it. It was physically one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but as always I got through it because in the back of my mind I hear your little voice pushing me to go on. And I always remember how you will never get to do “hard things” anymore so it’s my job to do them for you. I take you everywhere with me. You are my constant motivation and guide in this fucking fucked up world.

Remember how I always say you left me surrounded by the best people possible? You truly did and one of them is our little Rachel who is here now. Last year when we were in Iceland together she had just started talking to this guy named Jordan. Well, they fell madly in love and in between their love affair full of dance parties and desserts they somehow found the time to build our foundation an entirely new website and it is incredible. We are launching it today and I am in awe of how it turned out. Everything is so easy to navigate and now donating to the foundation is so easy and even comes with an emailed receipt! Talk about LIFE CHANGING for us as an organization. The best part is they did all of this for FREE so we can continue to use our funds to actually help kids rather than spend it on overhead expenses. I am so excited to put this out into the world today. I know it is something you would be so proud of.

I’m not sure if I have any blog readers anymore, but if I do and you want to check it out here is the link to do so…


Ro baby, I have to run and pick up your brothers from basketball camp and then drive them to another basketball camp. I so wish I could be driving you, too. I’m forever sorry. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe.


18 responses to “Our new little website launch day is today!”

  1. You will always have blog readers. 🙂 I wish you all the best. Awesome news about Rachel!

  2. Maya love, I still read your blog. I’ve been here since June 2011. I love receiving the email to say you’ve written a post (even if it’s not as frequent as it once was, that’s okay). Please never stop writing here to Ronan. I’m sure you have lots of silent readers still; I was one but I had to let you know I’m / we’re still here for you! I get how busy you are with Ronan’s book and your life / kids. I follow you on Instagram to still peek into your world and see what you and your beautiful family are up to. Congrats on climbing the Grand Canyon girl. OMG how big are the twins? They’re so handsome too! Poppy / Pearl is a wild beauty, I love her and I’m so glad you have her. What a firecracker. I can’t wait to read your book once you’re ready. Off to check out the new website, I’m sure it’s awesome. Lots of love and hugs as always xoxo

  3. Courtney Aguirre Avatar
    Courtney Aguirre

    I’m still here and missed your posts

  4. Thank you for sharing your precious Ronan with me and the world. I went to website and cried through the whole video. Like i always do every time i read or watch your story. Thank you for fighting for Ronan & all these children. I believe you and your foundation will be the change needed to overcome and beat this beast of a disease. Thank thank you

  5. The new site looks fantastic!! You and your group @ the Ronan Foundation are also rock stars! Keep on doing your wpnderful work.

  6. Still one blog reader over here, I’m sure there’s more. I almost never comment(what is there to say really? nothing to make things better), but I always read.

  7. lol yes, lots of blog readers still, now and forever xo

  8. Beautiful new website!!

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  9. Of course we are still here!!! Always…..

  10. Julie Surerus Avatar
    Julie Surerus

    Maya, the people who have been following for Ronan will always wait and look for a new blog, even 6 years later when I see an email saying there is a new blog I smile so big. You’ve created a following that is lifelong. We understand it isn’t necessary to write daily ones anymore and we can’t wait to read your book, but posting one every now and then helps me to remember the pain I felt when the world lost Ronan. Thank you for remembering us and I’m checking out the new website now!

  11. Maya. you will ALWAYS have blog readers. I fir 1 have followed your family and your blog since its inception. I have followed your laughs, happiness, family, children’s lives, new baby girl, death of Ronan, and everything inbetween and beyond, up until even now. As long as yiu blig I WILL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW YOU, as I’m certain thousands of others do and will continue . You and your family are AMAZING.

  12. I love your blog! It’s so raw and real. That isn’t coming.on these days. You are Inspiring and moving mountains to help cure this asshole disease that Rob’s the world of our children, our future. You have readers and I bet your book is a NY Times Best Seller!

  13. Still here mama – not going anywhere. Excited for the new website!

  14. I read your blog Hun and sending you my love and best wishes xx 🙏🏻👼💙

  15. Cassandra Greco Avatar
    Cassandra Greco

    Amazing! I’m still so sorry for your loss and will read your blog for the rest of my life! Love you Maya, Ronan and Family!

  16. Maya, I have followed your blog since its inception and I am happy that you are back to updating it. Your new website is outstanding and I look forward to purchasing your book. Please keep fighting to honor your beautiful boy and all the beautiful children who have lost their battles to the monster that is childhood cancer. Thank you for sharing Ronan’s story and letting us become part of your familg.

  17. Kathy Anderson Avatar
    Kathy Anderson

    I think of you so often dear Maya.

  18. The new website looks fantastic – they really did an amazing job. Sending hope and hugs today and always.

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