Did I mention I’m running another marathon without training?!?! Here is my shameless plug.







This time last week, we posted a thank you for sharing Ronan’s story and getting over 40,000 followers for our page. We asked if people would consider donating to our current campaign, the Rock N Roll marathon challenge. You guys came through for us, donating over $1,000.

But we still have a long way to go in order to get to $100,000. And we only have a short time in which to reach that goal.

Today we are asking for people to sponsor Maya. Yes, that zany girl is doing another marathon with NO TRAINING! She says if Ronan and these kids can go through horrific cancer treatments, she can certainly run a marathon without training. And if she can run 26.2 miles with no training (not long after giving birth, no less)…I think we should sponsor her and get her to her personal fundraising goal of $10,000!

We are not asking anyone to give who isn’t able to. We are only asking that you consider doing what you can. If you can skip a couple Starbucks and donate $10, we love you. If you’re independently wealthy and can sponsor $10,000 without blinking…we love you AND we’re a little jealous.

To sponsor Maya directly, please donate to her fundraising page:

Unfortunately the minimum donation is $10 and we could not get it lowered. But if you think “only” $10 won’t do anything, please reconsider! If only 25% of our followers here gave $10, that would fund our entire $100,000 campaign. We need you to help us raise this money for desperately necessary research toward pediatric cancer. We are so thankful for all of you and we know that once again, you will come through for us.

Perks! Everyone loves perks!
Anyone sponsoring Maya will get their name on a special page on our site highlighting Maya’s sponsorship team!

A randomly chosen person who makes a sponsorship pledge for Maya today will also get a video thanks from her and a special thank you gift.

9 responses to “Did I mention I’m running another marathon without training?!?! Here is my shameless plug.”

  1. Can i sponsor from Canada? Won’t let me put in my Postal code 😦

  2. I tried to sponsor you a couple days ago, but I was having trouble donating from your link….so I managed to make it more confusing by becoming a supporter and making a donation which shows up as two different entrees! Sigh…..it’s all good. You rock Maya….anything for Ro

  3. Sometimes I am so tired that it takes seeing all that you are up to and knowing that I need to get my butt up… I need to move my wobbly bits and change this. Thanks for the words and force and inspiration. Tomorrow I.Will.run.with.my.wobbly.bits ;).

  4. Spirit Hoodies is going to be on the new episode of Shark Tank next Friday! When I saw that preview at the end of tonight’s show, I immediately thought of you and Ronan.

  5. Just donated! Sending you hope and hugs. FU CANCER!!

  6. Ty’s mom Cindy is looking for votes on BeKind for her Muddy Puddles Can you help out? It ends tonight, and she is behind. http://www.tylouis.blogspot.ca

  7. Maya, you have magical little ways of accomplishing things – I don’t know anything other than what I’ve read in this article, but I thought you should hear the beautiful song.


    PS: DON’T read the comments. They’ll just piss you off.

  8. Maya, did you see this! What an awesome discovery! The cure is coming!

  9. Hey Maya,
    I know you are beyond busy, and I can only fathom how hard the Holidays are without Ronan. Please know that your family is my thoughts. Wishing you all the best in the new year.
    Sara, Grace, and Sam (my spicy little man)

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