Spirit Hoods are back in stock!


Spicy Monkey Spirit Hoods are back in stock as of 3pm pacific time. The first run sold out in barely 90 minutes, so if you want one…don’t wait! Even if you don’t have kids, or want to wear one yourself, DONATE one or 10 to a children’s hospital. Bald little babes everywhere, should have one of these.

We have to thank Alexander and Shayoon and everyone else at Spirit Hoods for this incredible experience! Seeing how enthusiastic and supportive everyone has been about the spicy monkey hood reminds us of how Ronan would have been so beyond excited to see it. Thank you all so, so much. This is honestly a dream come true.

9 responses to “Spirit Hoods are back in stock!”

  1. Just ordered 2 thanks for letting me know !!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I just ordered 2 !!

  3. can’t see your instagram …. why ?
    Hope that all the family is ok, Roro is ALL the time in my mind, thanks for him and for you …
    Love you, from France

  4. Shelly Westerberg Avatar
    Shelly Westerberg

    Yay! I just ordered one for my boys! Can’t wait until it comes in the mail! You’re a strong Mama– keep up the great work you are doing!!

    Shelly Chicago, IL

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  5. Ordered two as well! Yay! Thanks!

  6. The Spirit Monkey video is so perfect. Ronan’s life needs to be remembered. He wasn’t a statistic, and he is not a number. He is a spicy monkey! And more people will know his story and his beauty thanks to you Maya. You go girl!!

  7. To everyone who has ordered a Spicy Monkey spirit hood…PLEASE, please send us a photo of you/your kid(s) wearing it when you get them! Inbox us on face book facebook.com/theronanthompsonfoundation or tweet @ RonanFoundation

    Can’t wait to see everyone looking sooo spicy!

  8. I want to buy one and donate it to a local children’s hospital (New Orleans, LA area). Do I need to buy it, have it shipped to me and then ship it to the hospital or is there a way to get it shipped directly to the hospital? I realize I could just put in the hospital’s address in the shipping field but I’d feel better knowing that it was going to end up in the correct place (children’s oncology floor) and even better- that they know the story behind it.

  9. I just ordered mine and I will wear it everyday! I know I’m not the White House but I hope I can bring awareness in any way that I possibly can, for RONAN and all the other babies who deserve to be heard! 🙂

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