I’ll be in San Diego this weekend! Who’s coming to RUN with me?!?!











Use the code, “Ronan” for 5 dollars off registration fees. We have created a “Team Poppy for RTF” as well. The password is gold. Come join our team!


7 responses to “I’ll be in San Diego this weekend! Who’s coming to RUN with me?!?!”

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  2. We will be there!!!!

  3. It’s a little far for me but go give it your best for a great cause!

  4. Hey Maya! Just wanted to pass this along – This amazing group of college students has raised over $8000 for childhood cancer research, and they are shaving their heads bald tomorrow to raise awareness:


    I’m so thankful for you and these incredible young people that are fighting so hard for these kids. FU CANCER!!

  5. We will be there!

  6. Just saw that the White House is being lit pink for breast cancer month – why not gold for pediatric cancer? I call bullshit…shame on our government.

  7. I’ll be there tomorrow to volunteer and help everyone make the event a success. Although I live in San Diego, I only found out about the event b/c of you. Thank you. I am honored to help and your spirit inspires me to make a difference.

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