Because a child’s life is worth more than Gold


We are slammed busy foundation wise here as we are gearing up for September, which is childhood cancer awareness month. You all have been asking about The Gold Party like crazy; and we don’t blame you as last year was a huge success.

This year, we have decided to do an entire GOLD weekend. Please keeps the dates of September 27th and 28th open and ready. We have 2 different events we will be doing as we had some amazing opportunities come our way.

I promise details will be coming soon, but it takes time to finalize it all.

Hope you all are well!


4 responses to “Because a child’s life is worth more than Gold”

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the two events. Hope you are doing good RoMama.

  2. Jennifer Wolski Avatar
    Jennifer Wolski

    Will this be in Phoenix again? You need to have these across the US!!!

  3. Jillian Oliff, N.S Avatar
    Jillian Oliff, N.S

    I agree with the women above me! I’m unable to fly out because of my nursing classes 😦 BUT I am going to plan ahead to try and make a trip out there next September once I graduate and am working 🙂

  4. We are working hard in NY to Go Gold in September… A group of families and Foundations have worked all year to get NY on board, to raise awareness and to help families going through this now. I wanted to share with you because you can help us make it big… please help us share this and help us push NYS to Go Gold in September… (The Capital Region Childhood Cancer Coailition, Albany NY)… this is more information about it:

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