Heroes for Hope


Another great event in the Pacific Northwest. It was a huge success last year, please help them make it even better this year!


2 thoughts on “Heroes for Hope”

  1. I’ve read your blog up to the very first post. There was not one in which I did not cry. You have gone through an unimaginable tradegy, and you are one of the only peoples whos blogs I’ve read who wasn’t pretending to be strong. But, you are. Ronan’s song whispers through my head, and I cry, every time, and am amazed at your strength, and that of your boys. I am 12, and I don’t know if I could be as strong as they are. The idea of writing messages on purple balloons was genius. And made me sob, even though I have no right to, because this is your…. journey? I don’t know what it is, buy what you feel, the pain that is part of you, can change our world. Can make a difference. I pray for Ronan, along with every other nameless child, because Ronan is the face of child cancer. He is gold. I feel as if I know him though your words. Thankyou.

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