Secret Dimples and Butterflies


Ronan. You know what got me through today? That little secret dimple you gave Poppy. The exact same one you had hidden on your little right lower cheek. The one that only came out when you smile or pouted.

The picture below is you at around a year. This was Poppy yesterday. That secret little dimple is such a gift that every time I see it, I get butterflies in my stomach. You are beyond amazing for doing this and this is absolute proof that you played such a huge role in all things Poppy.

Thank you, Ro.


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22 responses to “Secret Dimples and Butterflies”

  1. he is so beautiful he is wonderful
    he is everywhere, he is present
    he is not gone at all

    you are right Maya

    I and my mom love him and remember him like you dear
    today after so many days I showed his picture
    to my mom and she cried and told me he is there everywhere

    thank you so much Maya

    love Ajay

  2. Maya, this took my breath away. Ro definitely had a hand in the beauty of Poppy.

  3. My heart weeps every time I read your lines love Maya.
    You’re a strong woman and such a warm person.

  4. Ro & Poppy are twins
    Love that secret dimple
    Rolove always xo
    Ropoplove RoMama

  5. Nadine L'abbé Avatar
    Nadine L’abbé

    seeing lots of “poppies” growing in nearby fields where I live..thinking of Ro
    Big hearts sent from Flanders, Belgium

  6. He IS present, they are as close in looks as can be other than the opposite gender :o)

  7. Ro will always be around

  8. marilyn benjamin Avatar
    marilyn benjamin

    Maya-Ronan and Poppy are beyond beautiful-their strong resemblance is nothing short of Ro working and weaving signs everywhere-thinking of you all!!

  9. So Beautiful! My heart aches every time I read your words. Your little boy will always be with you. Much love! xo Emma

  10. Amazing and beautiful and forever special:)

  11. Maya-
    Poppy and Ro look just a like! What a blessing that Ro shines through in his baby sister! And what a blessed baby sister poppy is to get to carry on Ro!! Maya you are strong I am currently taking care of my aunt as she has been given just 3 short months to live has fucking cancer has taken over her body! I’ve lost my father to cancer my best friend to cancer my mother in law to cancer and now my aunt is fighting for her life!!!! It’s not fair that cancer has such a strong presence in my life and I HATE it I wish cancer would just die and we wouldn’t have to ever talk of it again! You are strong and I find such strength in your words and you family!
    Love you to the moon and back(I also say that to my children)

  12. What a little blessing! I admire your strength so much Maya. Ro’s story reminds me to never take a minute for granted…and to cherish every single moment with my boys. It is a reminder that no matter how shit-tastic my day can get…I have so many things to be thankful for. Keep strong Mama…you’re doing big things!!!!

  13. Melissa Toney Vendt Avatar
    Melissa Toney Vendt

    I really think he came back to you in Poppy. Am I bat shit crazy? She is beautiful just like her big brother! Love you Thompsons.

  14. Lidia Giubilaro Avatar
    Lidia Giubilaro

    So Beautiful:) I’m speechless:) xoxo

  15. I see it! You are the strength that al the moms in your cub need! None of whom want to be there. Just helped my best friend bury her son. Not sure how we move on. Keep telling her lets just take it one hour at a time. There are no words. Your an amazing woman.

  16. I love you.

  17. *Goosebumps* Wow, the little blessings in disguise…Poppy really does resemble Ronan so much! Both are so beautiful. Love to you all!!

  18. 3 children that I know of have did of cancer this week. 3!! Common cancer fuck off already….

    Grrrr…. on a lighter mood , I thought I would share the a blog post of a lovely young lady that is a surviver of Neuroblastoma but stage 3. She was dignosed at 2 years and fought for 14 months.

    A quote from her blog:
    ” I am not only living my life for myself, I am living my life for every child out their who has ever battled or is still battling with neuroblastoma.”

    ❤ To your whole family especially sweet Ronan.

  19. You make beautiful, beautiful children. Thank-you for sharing!

  20. Would you look at that! Truly amazing. Hugs to your whole sweet family. I’ve read your entire blog but this is the first time I’ve commented. I find myself thinking “I wonder how Maya and her family are doing today.” I squealed with delight when Poppy was revealed in all her awesomeness. I’m so happy you all are enjoying her so much. God knows you could all use some beautiful Poppy happy. Keep on swimming because you are amazing, Maya.

  21. you inspire me EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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