How SPLENDID is this! Get this event on your calendars for 4/11/13! A discount at one of our most favorite retailers AND they are committing a minimum donation of $1000. 3 cheers for SPLENDID!

3 responses to “A SPLENDID Event!”

  1. I love Splendid’s tops!

  2. Is there anyway to shop online for the event? Thanks so much – Lanie

  3. What beautiful posts you recently wrote involving your beautiful twins,wow these posts were so full of emotion that they brought me tears,what they said is so beautiful because so true,so honest,they spoke with their heart,i knew they are beautiful adorable kids,i just saw it looking at their smile,without knowing them,i knew they were adorable and they just showed it;its one of the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard when Liam said he has two brothers and a sister on the way.You can be so proud of ur little twins;i know they are treasures for you and part of that unique wonderful family you all are.Just by looking at their smile,i knew your twins are special.By the way,i just wanted to tell you each time i hear the chorus of rihanna song “Diamonds” “you and i we are like diamonds in the sky”,i think of you and Ronan and always have tears in my eyes because you and Ronan are like diamonds in the sky.Thats why iam feelling Ronan’s love now,always.Sending love and hopes for your adorable lovely family.

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