SARAHCalling Adult Survivors / Cancer Fighters for LIGHT the WHITE HOUSE GOLD campaign!

We are consistently amazed by how much support we get from adults who have fought cancer, and say, “kids should never have to go through this.” We want to show the White House that raising awareness for kids’ cancer isn’t just important to the parents’ of our littlest cancer fighters – it is important to ALL OF US.

How you can help:

  1. Adult Survivors / Cancer Fighters – take a picture of yourself holding a sign template (below).
  2. You can hand-write the sign on poster board or have it printed. Make sure it’s large enough to read.
  3. Follow the template and keep it simple! We want the message to be loud, strong & clear.
  4. We will post the pictures on social media, and make a slideshow from the pictures. By sending us your picture, you are consenting to the dissemination of your photo.
  5. Send the photos to by MONDAY, January 28, midnight EST. (We wish we had more time, but the petition window ends on February 6.)

The Ronan Thompson Foundation


I’m [NAME]. I am a [type] cancer survivor. But I’m asking you to shine a light on pediatric cancer, the #1 killer of our kids. Mr. President, light the White House GOLD this September.

Please sign the petition:


  1. I’m a 36 yr old neuroblastoma survivor. I was treated at St.Jude in memphis as a child. Ill do anything to help your cause!!!

    Dena Boscaccy

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    1. Wow that is amazing!!

      1. That’s romazing!!!

  2. rebecca lookingbill Avatar
    rebecca lookingbill

    Awesome idea! Just checked the petition and you only need 2326 more!! Your gonna make it Maya!

  3. I’m Laura. I am a 25-year-old Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer
    survivor, and I will definitely do this to support Ronan’s cause! I
    also ordered a “Loving Ro Was Red” shirt for Valentine’s Day and
    can’t wait for it to come in!

  4. RoMama I’m behind you!!! Maya’s mafia I believe no kid
    should ever have to go through cancer! Fucancer!! Always

  5. Man, this is one way I can’t help…other than try to
    spread the word to other ppl who are fighting or have fought. And
    CONGRATULATIONS DENA!! That is amazing!! 🙂

  6. You are going to make it, Maya! You are amazing!

  7. The White House going gold would be epic. And if they say
    no, that’s going to piss a lot of people off and there will be an
    uproar. They will end up having to do it. I know this is going to
    be accomplished. You have 1000’s of supporters that are all rooting
    for your cause. One little thing though, car crashes is the number
    one killer of children.

  8. You got this Maya! And Ronan is cheering you on. It could
    NOT fail with his love behind it too. Just watch the signatures
    pour in. I know you will still be crying, but I hope it’s tears of
    hope and joy.

  9. You (we all) are going to smash that 25k total. Within 24
    hours I reckon! x

  10. My uncle passed away from lymphoma eight years ago today

  11. What a brilliant idea for the faces to come through with the signatures. Rock on rock on!!!

  12. I lost both my grandpa’s to cancer and had several friends die from cancer. My father-in-law died at 58 from cancer and his wifes dad died of cancer. I had a classmate die from cancer in school and another friend survive child cancer. She is still my good friend to this day.

  13. My name is Natasha, I am 37 and a 2x breast cancer survivor!! I am blessed to be the mother of two beautiful children and i love my life.:) but every day my thoughts and prayers go to the children and the families that I have known, that have lost their battle with cancer and also those who are still facing the journey. Fuck You Cancer!!!

  14. is there a template for people who arent survivors of cancer or currently fighting cancer? i’m a young adult whose father (#1 favorite person in the world, my best friend) was killed by cancer sixteen months ago. pediatric cancer has become my favorite cause because even though i miss my dad an incredible amount (/am angry at the world/think it’s so unfair/dont think he should have had to die), i think i am one of the luckiest people i know overall. i had a great dad, best friend, and life with him for 25 years. kids like ronan don’t even get that chance.

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