19 responses to “Our FIRST Photo! Keep em’ coming! Thanks, Christine!”

  1. Can Canadians sign this?

    1. from other comments ive read i believe the answer is yes.
      hope it goes through!

      1. I signed it and posted it on Facebook so all my Canadian Friends will sign it. You will get your signatures by tonight!!! I know it

    2. I am Australian and I signed it – it shouldn’t matter where
      your from, we just need to come together to make a difference!
      Thanks for signing!

  2. My son Jordan Addis was taken by childhood cancer. He was a
    son, a brother and the middle piece of our families puzzle! Please
    fight for him and all the other children we”ve lost to

  3. michelle johnson Avatar
    michelle johnson

    Hi Maya, I was wondering how many signatures you still need
    to have this petition? Thanks:) Michelle

    1. About 950 more. We’re almost there!

  4. so awesome to watch the number of needed signatures go
    down!!!!!! we are almost there and hope we go Way over!!!

  5. I wanted you to know I signed up to be a donor and I am a
    member of the marrow registry in honor of Ronan and all the little
    ones who might need bone marrow. We’re all here to help you in this
    battle! Lisa Richard Sent from my iPhone

  6. Maya!!! Your passion for this is infectious, it’s like a
    fire spreading and igniting the hearts of all of us who want this
    so badly for Ro and every single child who has battled childhood
    cancer and for them the gold army will fight fr what’s right!!!
    I’ve been texting and mailing all evening! I’m getting pissed
    off… Because my phone doesn’t recognise the word neuroblastoma
    and it keeps trying to autocorrect it!!! Love you maya, keep the
    fire burning and we will in Ireland here too Have you and your boys
    ever got to visit Ireland? Wondering had gorgeous Ro had the chance
    to visit here? Was thrilled when I heard ur little girl will be
    called Ireland. Xxx

  7. only 1,600 signature spots left to fill!!! This is [SO]
    happening!!!! Sorry Woody! 😉 Maya, you are absolutely the best
    kind of crazy – I can’t wait to see the White House lit up in
    September, and even more than that, I can’t wait to see all of the
    advances and incredible things this will fuel when they fall into

  8. under 2000!!!! Lets crush that 25000 and keep it going!!!!!!

  9. I bet you are excited to prove your hubby wrong. 😀

    Can’t wait to see the gold White House in sept.

  10. You probably already saw this, but just some observations on what actually happens with petitions that meet the threshold:


    Also, I understand that the White House very recently upped the number of signatures needed to get a WH response to 100,000. Not that YOU couldn’t make that happen, but nonetheless, I’m glad that ours got in before that change!

  11. 1045 left we can totally do this!!

  12. YaaaAAY! 981 left to go!
    Please everyone post on your fb and twitter asking people to sign the petition! We need to bomb the servers with signatures!

  13. 871!! SOOOO excited this is happening!! Now to just raise enough hell that the Pres HAS to DO IT!!!! Maybe T-swizzle can help with that. I am going to her concert in July. Thinking of wearing purple or some Ro gear 😉

  14. This is a wonderful idea!!! Thank you to everyone of you cancer warriors who’s doing this!! I just checked and only 707 to go!! We are going to blow this out of the water!! I’m still writing letters and sharing the link!!

  15. That is so awesome!!!!!!

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