You all rock my WORLD!!!!



Wow. Over 3,ooo signatures today. I am speechless. Thank you all for working so hard, together. This is a team effort. It could not be done without all the love and power that only happens when good people, come together for such an important reason. Today, my husband called me crazy in the most loving way possible. All I have to say is all the best one’s are.

If it takes crazy to change this, count me in.

We still have a lot of work to do. 25k is awesome, but I’d love to blow this out of the water and give this White House a very big reason, to say YES.

Keep signing and sharing.

A special thanks to ALL of the Foundations who have come together on this. Thank you for knowing this isn’t just about one. It is about all of us. All of our kids, deserve this.


51 responses to “You all rock my WORLD!!!!”

  1. Maybe you are crazy…but it’s the “crazy” people who bring about positive change in this messed up world! So proud of you and Ro! Trying to pass the word out about the petition to everyone I know. I can’t imagine reading the purpose of the petition and looking the other way…
    I say if a photo about getting a new puppy can get a million likes, we can get 100,000 signatures!

  2. “I will sign it to get you to leave me alone!”-my brother.
    I’ve no shame in harassing people to sign.
    We’ll get there, without a doubt.
    Love you Maya. Thank you for opening my eyes to this. Ronan, Teddy, and all of the other beautiful babies will not have died in vain. We will change this ugly world for these beautiful babies who inspire us everyday, and who will never be forgotten. As long as their memory lives, they are still very much alive and with us. Not physically, but they moving mountains with their stories and memories. I saw a quote today that made me think of you and Ronan:

    “A True Love Story Never Ends.”

    Your & Ronan’s story is not now, nor will it ever be over.

  3. It looks like Maya is going to have to book a flight to Washington DC to see The White House lit up gold in person. I know in my soul this is going to go through. Ro love is going to make it happen! Can’t wait wait for your blog post September 1st with a picture of you in front of The Golden White House! Maybe I will fly there to get your autograph. (Giggling)! You’re going to be a Pediatric cancer celebrity along with Dr. Sholler! It is utterly fucked this country needs one! Cancer is bullshit!

  4. I love being crazy 🙂
    3990 we can do this Maya’s mafia
    Rolove always!!!

  5. Our local news featured this guy….

    I don’t have twitter or face book… But someone could tweet or tell him too… And all his fans that are buying his song???

    Zach Sobiech is his name if link doesn’t work… His song is clouds.

    1. I have a YouTube account, I will send him the petition and
      ask him to spread the word!! Thanks for the great idea!!

      1. Did you read his story? His song brings tears streaming..
        But then seing his family all there recording… Sweet

      2. I never comment on YouTube, i didn’t know you can’t post
        links! I went to Zach’a site. I advised him about the petition, but
        was posting in his guest book, so I didn’t want to over step my
        boundaries. I told him where he can find the petition. I hope he
        sees it and shares it!!

      3. It was a beautiful song and definitely had me in

  6. Whoohooo!! Come on people keep spreading the word! WE can do this!! Go Maya! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  7. So fuckin amazing!!!!!!!!!! You all are amazing!!! ONE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It’s going to happen! You and your lil mam are moving mountains. I am so sorry Ro’s not here with you BUT im sure he sees how badass his mama is and surely he’s very proud of you. You are very inspiring, just keep following your heart.

  9. Yay!!! The Wooddawg is goin down to gravel town!!!! Lol. :).

  10. More than happy to share and share and share! I have a
    question- I was thinking of making an iphone case with the
    foundation logo on it, would that be okay?

  11. Maya, I was thinking the same thing, screw 25k!! We will
    have that by this weekend!! Let’s keep that number rising and show
    the President that we mean business!! I’m going to write all the
    news channels and Ellen, Anderson, Opera, Katie Couric and Ricki
    Lake a few times a day!! I heard last week that people were trying
    to get Ricki Lake to dedicate a show to pediatric cancer!! So I’m
    going to really try there!! If we can get these people to tweet we
    could get some big numbers!!! I keep hounding my friends and family
    like a crazy woman:)

    1. Really good idea! Just wrote to Ellen.

  12. Look on about page at bottom… Your link to petition to
    whitehouse is there as well… I was shocked!

  13. We are almost there!!! 3,000!!! Feel like crying!!! Your
    bday present is going to come to you!!!!

  14. This will definitely get done now. About three hours ago I
    checked and there was just over 20,000 signatures. I checked a few
    minutes ago and it was more than 1,000 higher.

  15. I hope one day I
    will change the word as much as you do Maya.

  16. Maya, I’m in Phoenix for a couple days and wondered if we
    could meet for a quick walk or coffee/tea to talk about fighting
    against kid’s cancer. Our onc told me today that as good as
    Obamacare is in some ways, insurance companies are starting to cut
    way back on cancer coverage. Two examples he gave me are his trying
    to get authorization for treatment at a cancer hospital for
    leukemia when insurance would only pay for treatment at local
    hospital with no onc doctors or nurses (3 hour call). Also not
    covering treatments outside of clinical studies (1 hour call this
    morning). You and I know that this cannot happen. I want to work as
    a doctor advocate, negotiating with insurance companies to
    authorize coverage so that our kids’ doctors don’t have to waste
    HOURS of their time arguing and convincing uneducated insurance
    company reps instead of fighting cancer. My daughter is currently
    NED, dx 9/10 with NB Stage 4. She is doing the DFMO trial with Dr.
    Sholler, who we love as much as you do. We followed your blog since
    dx and still pray for Ronan every night. “Ronan” is her favorite
    song and she sings it beautifully. We have a 501c3 but no longer
    need it so much and want to raise money to cure kids cancer. I
    would rather work with a more established charity though and not
    duplicate efforts or reinvent the wheel. We love you all and can’t
    wait to see Poppy!

  17. Dear Maya, I recently found your website and I read most
    entries(from the beginning). I am so grateful you gave me the
    opportunity to meet your amazing son Ronan.His story broke my heart
    but it also helped me get a new perspective. Until I started to
    follow your blog, as well as the blogs of several other children
    battling cancer, I honestly had no idea how little funding goes
    into childhood cancer research or what a horrific world the
    pediatric cancer world is. I am happy I found out because now I am
    trying to do my part in spreading awareness.I know I am not doing a
    lot, but I figure every little contribution counts. What truly
    astonished me was that some people asked me why I was reading these
    blogs.Why would I want to “depress” myself by reading these
    stories.They said they don’t get it. Well I don’t get how we’re
    supposed to pretend nothing’s happening. What, if we pretend these
    things don’t exist they will simply go away? In a way, you could
    say that finding out about all these things has also helped me
    realize what kind of people I don’t want to be around. I am sorry
    if I am not making much sense, I hope I am, I am really nervous
    writing this comment, I have been trying to get up the nerve and
    comment. I decided to comment mostly because I wanted to let you
    know that you have my support and I wanted to let you know how your
    son along with other children who are in the same situation,
    changed my life for the better,helped me see things clearer. Ronan
    is really making a difference, but I guess you already know that. I
    have been posting the link to the petition on as many sites and FB
    pages as I could(I am continuing to do so.I would sign the petition
    myself but I am not an American citizen so unfortunately I cannot
    do that( I am from Europe). I truly believe we will reach 25k, we
    are really close and then I hope we will receive a positive answer
    from the White House. Lastly, I want to tell you I admire your
    strength and determination and even though I never met you, judging
    from this blog and your actions I can tell you are an extraordinary
    person. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know

  18. Maya,From all the way from tiny Belgium I did sign the
    petition!!We need to get that white house GOLD…I hope my FB
    friends will do the same…I shared it on my timeline Nadine From

    1. Are you allowed to sign the petition even if you’re not an
      American citizen? I didn’t think that was possible.

      1. You are not suppose to…I think it would be a really good
        idea to not stop at the original 25K needed because I know I have
        seen a lot of posts about people posting without including their
        Zip Codes since they were out of the country. I would hate for it
        to be disqualified because those ones dont count.

  19. We’re almost there ! We just need 3k signatures, but we’re
    going to get even MORE I hope! 🙂 And even if I’m from France, I
    want to fight with you, for all the children of the World ! Good
    luck 🙂

  20. I am sorry for posting three comments in a row, I just
    wanted to let you know I realized I can sign even if I’m not
    American, I already signed and now I am sharing the link with
    friends so they can sign too.

  21. OMG, I can’t believe it, you are almost there!!!!! I have
    tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you and all the kids who have
    or had cancer. I really hope that the white house will be gold in

  22. My 12 year old daughter got involved when listening to her
    fav Taylor Swift. She researched and discovered you. She has
    tirelessly campaigned her school to put up posters, make the
    morning announcements, etc. When they denied her, she took it to
    all means necessary. . . texts, emails, posters in the town stores.
    You have inspired her with your love and courage! I wouldn’t doubt
    all the NJ signatures found their way from Hailey.

    1. I’ve be beggin everybody i know, to sign this one! CRAZY is
      my middle name…I’m all in!!! LIVE CRAZY LIKE A ROCKSTAR – Love it
      ( MAYBE- a new tee shirt Idea )

  23. rebecca lookingbill Avatar
    rebecca lookingbill

    Yay!!!! Thats amazing news! You will definently have to
    come to DC in Sept! Im only an hour from there so I would be there
    as well!!! We can do this!!

  24. rebecca lookingbill Avatar
    rebecca lookingbill

    Just sent this link to my coworkers to have them send to
    more coworkers. Here at United Healthcare there are about 1k people
    in our building 🙂 Hopefully I can bug them all enough to sign

  25. Yeah Crazy feels good.I love being crazy.Everyone calls me
    crazy for not giving up,in the end this is what crazy people do.We

  26. Have you reached out to Chuck Pagano the coach for the
    Indianapolis Colts for help with this and the fight against
    childhood cancer? I recently read a great article about his cancer
    battle and he mentioned many times how hard it was for him to see
    the children with cancer suffering. Just a thought, the more big
    names the better! You are amazing Maya you inspire me every day. I
    even got off my butt an started volunteering at the Ronald McDonald
    House… Thanks for that!

  27. I am a high school math teacher in Fayetteville, NC. I
    emailed the link to my entire current school faculty as well as the
    faculty at my old school. I have also shared on my Facebook. Maya,
    we’ve got your back girl!

  28. Signed the petition from Nova Scotia, Canada❤ just recently
    started following your blog, I am inspired by you, I have fallen in
    love with your sweet angel and my heart is broken for you. I so
    hope you get all the signatures you need!

  29. Mya, I’ve been trying relentlessly for days to sign your
    petition!! I forgot my password needed in order to sign the
    petition and I’ve entered the website given in order to reset my
    password and “Lo and Behold” it said the site is “Under
    Construction” or some kind of crazy BS like that! I then responded
    to them regarding this and of course it stated the “President” gets
    thousands of request everyday and they would get back with me! I’m
    concerned that I’m not the only one who’s forgot their password and
    maybe they’re facing the same problems I’m facing-I don’t know to
    get around this BS!!!!! Does anybody else? I have however forwarded
    your email/blog posting regarding this petition to everybody (In
    “High and Low Places) I know!! Good Luck and “Rock On” LOL, Donna
    Coates Tioga, Louisiana _____

  30. I feel like a crazy person – checking how many signatures
    the petition has, oh, every 8 minutes! You’re doing it Maya – you
    and Ronan! Can’t wait to see 25,000! xoxo

  31. We’re going to do this! We are going to get that White
    House turned Gold, and amazing things are going to happen because
    of it! Much love! ❤ Ashleigh

  32. I tagged me Friends in my post for signing the petition and
    got 18 signatures just off the one post in one day and I’m posting
    it all day and have been everyday 🙂 last I seen we need 3,000 but
    lets blow them out of the water and try for 50,000 signatures at
    least, with all the followers on this blog this is SO possible!!!
    Lets Rock and Ro this!! Love to you Maya

  33. LIVE CRAZY LIKE ROCKSTAR RONAN – maybe a new tee shirt
    idea… any thing that will help supply some money to the fund.
    Maya I like many have been moved by all that you and your family
    have been through… I live here in east scottsdale area. You are
    my HERO!!!

  34. I am so not above harassing people to sign this…it’s all
    I’ve been doing the past month! I’ve posted the link everywhere I
    could think of, and I know most of my friends have listened to me!
    This truly is a cause that needs more awareness. I’m totally on
    Team Ronan 🙂

  35. POST THE LINK ON PINTEREST! I just posted to my pinterest page and it worked! Ladies use Pinterest!

  36. King 5 / Evening Magazine aired a segment last night on
    pediatric cancer. I’ve sent the petition link to the reporter, Joan
    Kinsey, asking that she post it on their site. Thought Sent from my

  37. King 5 Evening Magazine had a segment about pediatric
    cancer last night. Joan, meet Maya Thompson. Maya, meet Joan
    Kinsey. You two should talk!!!! Sent from my iPhone

  38. You are an amazing woman! I’m am doing my part for you, for
    Ronan, and your whole family! Please tell me what more I can do
    here in Colorado!

  39. Mama, you will get all the signatures you need. I see the numbers growing. Can you feel the love people have for your angel son? Bless you for all your efforts. Ronan was such a beautiful child and I love that you do everything in your power to make sure his light continues to shine. I truly thank you for thinking of all the other children and families that have or may have to deal with pediatric cancer. What a big gracious heart you have, Maya. Please take care of yourself too. Those precious twin boys, new baby girl, & husband need you.

    1. I keep the petition page open and keep refreshing it to see the growing numbers! YAY!! Of course it is going to happen! Love. love love….it is all around you Maya and family, and everyone that has had to look this ugly cancer in the face!……LIGHT IT UP!!.

  40. Posted on my facebook & emailed local news stations.
    Ronan&Maya take on the world. ❤
    You'll conquer this. I can feel it.

  41. Signed and posted on my Facebook page. This WILL happen for you and Ronan!!!!! So much love to you for your stength, beauty and determination. Thanks for helping change this world.

  42. Only 844 signatures to go as of 8:15 pm PT. This should be done by midnight. Hopefully everyone doesn’t stop though. I see a lot of people who don’t live in the US saying they signed. I hope the White House doesn’t have a way to see where we’re from. It doesn’t say you have to live in the US but it asks for a zip code. I assume they want a US zip code. Go way over 25,000 just in case they try throwing signatures out.

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