I’m on my knees, begging you to sign this. Please. Our kids deserve this.





O.k… As much as I LOVE Star Wars, the fact that this petition got over 25,000 signatures, enough to make it to The White House, is a little disturbing to me.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take one minute and sign our petition below. These kids deserve the recognition and the awareness as they are fighting for their lives. Please do it for the kids who are no longer here, who are still fighting, and even the one’s who will be diagnosed in the future. This problem is NOT going away just because it is being ignored. I will be heartbroken if this does not make it to The White House.


Thank you all who have signed and shared. Please continue to share with this everyone and anyone.


68 thoughts on “I’m on my knees, begging you to sign this. Please. Our kids deserve this.”

      1. I just checked the White House page and there is no mentioning of living in the US, only that you have to be 13. You just have to give your name, zip code is optional. So any one of 13, please sign!

        “Who can participate in the We the People platform?”

        “Anyone 13 or older can create or sign a petition on WhiteHouse.gov. In order to participate in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov, users must create a WhiteHouse.gov account and verify their email address.”

  1. I would love to sign it, but I live in the uk, and I think you need an American zip code!
    I really wish you the best with this. You are Maya Thompson. You can run a marathon without training, You are a SuperMother, and an inspiration to MILLIONS! You swear, you kick ass on a daily basis… You are fecking awesome.
    If anyone can do this. Maya and Ronan can
    I have no doubts this will happen!

  2. Hey!
    I don’t know if you’ll see this, but, I’m from Canada, and I signed the petition. However to do so I had to pretend I lived in the us, and use “90210” as a zip code(only us zip code I know, from the show lol) this might be stopping some people from signing it. As I’m sure like me many of your readers are not from the us! Good Luck! 😀

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I signed it a week ago. Hopefully people start signing it. Everyone, tweet Maya’s article and try to get more support. It shouldn’t be hard to get a measly 25,000 signatures.

  4. I signed it. I wasn’t sure if it would work since I am from Canada, but it seems to have worked. Now I am thinking of getting the Canadian Government involved. Sending just love….Rolove forever…

  5. For all you people outside the US you can still let people know about it. Tweet it a lot and ask people to sign. It shouldn’t be hard to get 25,000 signatures. Maybe we need a United Nations petition. Can’t the doctors from around the world work on this?

  6. Guys… we can do SO much better! There are over 17, 000 more signatures needed, and that is FAR less than the number of people who read Maya’s blog. If everyone signed, it would mean the world to Maya. Please. Do it for her. She deserves to know that people are on her side. By signing this, we can give her a glimpse of hope. We CAN make a difference, we just need to try. Please… Maya needs this. The children need this. We need this. Please sign it.

  7. Hey,

    My name is Madi and I’m a senior in highschool. I’ve been running a campaign for the past 6 years to get the Girl Scouts to use sustainable palm oil in their cookies. I’ve done alot of petition work, and both of my petitions on Change.org have gotten over 70,000 signatures. I follow your blog and because of it Ronan’s life provides me with perspective daily. You and him continue to inspire me, thank you for never giving in. I just wanted to offer my help to get this petition enough signatures. I also have contacts I’d be happy to share and would love to become more involved however I can.

    ❤ Madi

  8. I signed:) This is a great idea! We also need the White House to allow for more studies on NON-TOXIC therapies. It’s not just about awareness…We are aware, but we need a CURE for this EVIL disease! Chemotherapy and Radiation should NOT be acceptable in the year 2013; especially for growing babies and children! This is the message the White House needs to hear! We need the medical establishment to REALLY want to find a cure; not be in it for the Greed and Money. CURE, not AWARENESS should be the real message to the White House. Keep up your great work, Maya 🙂 You’re a great role model for everyone 🙂

  9. You only need to be 13 years old to sign, so have your spouse, partner, teenager, roommate sign too. Seems like you can sign even if you are not living in the states. Why not try! Signed the first day and still sharing in all different ways I can think of. Wondering why not all organizations fighting pediatric cancer are supporting this?????

  10. Hi , I just signed an hope it happens. Also i have been reading your story since I heard the song Ronan. I was intrigued as to whom this beautiful boy was an found ur blog. I even back tracked to day one and read every blog. I cried alot a real lot reading your story. I also love that you use the word FUCK. One of my favorite words. I use to think everything happens for a reason however I have a different opinion after reading ur heart breaking story because he belongs with you. Who would ever think it was better for Ronan to leave you and have you and your family suffer so much. How stupid i feel to have once thought that. I share the same birthday as you and this year i wished the impossible wish. For Ronan to be back in your arms. I wished that he would visit you that night or at least soon. This will be my wish for every birthday to come. Someone asked what i wished for and i said my wish was not for me this time but for someone else. I admire you for your strength and for sharing your raw emotion, but even more for not sitting back, for continuing to fight for Ronan and other families and For making people like myself aware.

  11. I forwarded the link to this organization — thon.org — in the hopes that they can help spread the word!! Hope it makes an impact.

    Ronan is moving mountains through his Mama, that is for sure. He is moving mountains just for being who he is as well of course. That White House will be glowing with his spirit in September, I just know it.

  12. Hi Maya – Signed a few days ago and sent an e-mail out to family and friends. I also included your blog because I want everyone to know about Ronan. My son (almost 3) has a rare cancer and I really hope this gets to the White House! Thank you for having this petition started and thank you for all you are doing to fight this horrible disease! For my son’s birthday we are giving out the gold “find the cure” bracelets. We are trying to get the message out.
    Support you 100%
    Lisa-Long Island

  13. I hate to bring this up, but those responses from the white house were freaking brilliant!

    Back to the real petition: I have signed, my wife has signed, and many of my friends have signed. I will keep pushing this and share it daily to help get the word out and to bring even more attention to childhood cancer.

    With how many people have seen this site, and have been touched by Ro, it is unbelievable that more haven’t already signed as well.

  14. Maya,

    I signed and reposted! Then I saw several people who reposted. Today is my niece’s 2nd bday – diagnosed with leukemia at 17 months. So it was perfect timing. I hope it happens, we are in Maryland and if they do it I’m going there to take a pic!

    XO, Jen

  15. Is there anything more that needs to be said? Open your eyes and your heart to the innocent children that deserve recognition.

  16. I signed. I have to say I was a little weirded out by having to register with the White House, but I got over it an signed the petition. Awareness for childhood cancer can only be good.

  17. Last night the signatures were at 8,000. Now it’s almost 8,400. They’re climbing. I won’t stop until February 6th when it’s the deadline or we hit 25,000. We should be able to get that small amount.

  18. Just signed! And for those of you who feel as if you don’t have the time, it LITERALLY took me less than 3 minutes. It would have taken less but I had to create an account. SO NO EXCUSES! Good luck Maya, I hope to see the White House turn gold! Best of luck

  19. Hey Maya!! I tried so many times to create an account so that I can sign the petition, but it seems that the password is not accepted… 😦 I’ll try this again later, I hope I succeed!!

  20. I wish I could sign the petition but I’m from India.

    ….They don’t let non-americans sign.

    I would if i could. ❤ I'm thinking about you and ronan though.

  21. I pray for any and all pediatric patients who has any type of cancer that they overcome it and live happy and healthy lives I also pray for all those who have lost their battle to cancer I ESPECIALLY PRAY FOR MY SON GABRIEL ANTONIO VEGA TO DEFEAT CANCER YOUR MOM AND I LOVE YOU SON AND WE ARE HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY…

  22. We fully support the advancements that can be made to better peoples who face such a crises like this. We support the kids especially who are suffering with any form of cancer.

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