19 responses to “Our song for the night. It reminds me so much of us. I miss you.”

  1. Love this song. Good night. ❤

  2. this is really inspiring.. thanks for sharing!

  3. Can I recommend that you listen to ‘Break Your Knees’ by Flyleaf? I’m not sure if you will like the style of music, but the lyrics remind me of you. Remember ‘Your labours aren’t in vain’.
    – Danielle

  4. I loved the song, thank you for sharing it. “Every time I close my eyes, it’s like a Dark Paradise” I love that lyric specifically.. I am sorry about everything, I have only had a little taste of what you are going thru and that alone was too much for me to bear. Every time I had to go in and see my daughter attached to tubes at PCH, I felt I died a little inside, so suffocated and helpless. You are a strong woman, you lost your little love and you still keep fighting his fight. I am sorry but I dont think that I would have the same spunk, readiness, loyalty, courage to face what you face every day. You are my hero, you really are. I love Ronan, I didnt know him, but I love him and I think about him every single day. I hug my children a little longer at night before bed and before I send them to school or just thru out the day. I have more patience with them. Your story has absolutely changed my life and way of thinking. Thank You for letting me feel that same love that you so loyally feel for your child & children. I dont know what else to say.. I know your Christmas wont really be 100% merry, but I still wish you one. Take care and I hope that one day the pain will be just bareable, instead of so fucking painful.

  5. You are soooo strong Maya I admire you and truly love this song . I never met Ronan but with your posts and videos on YouTube I feel like I know him soo well

    Love you stay strong and keep fighting ❤ Emily

  6. I have been in a Lana Del Rey obsession. Thank you for that! Her album has been on replay!!! But ummmm was the Born to Die song the one that reminded Woody of you? And I really miss your songs of the night to Ronan. So thank you for this little treat! 🙂

  7. This song is for you & Ronan & who all of us will lose someone….

  8. Raquel, I feel your sentiments. Thank you for posting them here. I hug my kids more closely too,,,, who knows how long we will have them?

  9. Is a beautiful song. It explains very well how you feel… I’m sorry it has to be like this, no mother should have to lose a child. But you and Ronan are doing wonderful things to fight against this preposterous thing.

  10. I keep up with your blog all the time, Maya. You are a very inspirational person and everything you are doing now is so wonderful. I’ve noticed though that you’ve lost your faith in God because your son was taken from you. And as cruel as it may sound to you, maybe just maybe he took Ronan due to cancer because he has this amazing plan for you to change the lives of children all over the world fighting the same thing. I believe that one day a cure will be found for this and it will be all because of the amazing things you are doing now and will do. You’re going to save lives Maya. You started your foundation from a loss and you will end it with a gain. You will gain so many lives of children fighting everywhere one day. It may not be fair, life really isnt, but everything you are doing is worth it. You WILL see your precious angel again someday. I can promise you that. He is watching over you everyday and so is the Lord.

    1. Sorry Maya but seriously Nicole I cannot believe you just told a grieving mother that

      “maybe just maybe he took Ronan due to cancer because he has this amazing plan for you to change the lives of children all over the world fighting the same thing”

      If it may “sound cruel” then maybe you should just not say anything because it is cruel. NOBODY has a right to say that “God had a plan for Maya or Ronan.” Ronan did not die because he was the “chosen one” he died because of lack of proper medication and treatment for pediatric neuroblastoma. Please keep your religious ideations to yourself, I do.

    2. I agree “L”

    3. I know this has been addressed by others but i have to say something…pretty much because I am far too opinionated for my own good.

      Nicole, that is the WEAKEST excuse for a child being taken from their mother that I have ever heard. Fuck that! If people got their heads out of their asses and saw what was going on every single day to these children, i guarantee there would be a cure because people would be throwing money at the doctors and researchers. God doesn’t cure disease…if God even existed and prayer worked, these kids wouldn’t be dying every single fucking day.

      WHY do people feel the need to push their religion on other people. Keep it to yourself.

      Maya, I swear Lana Del Ray sings your life. I love you.

  11. he will be waiting for you on the other side, i am so sorry

  12. Took my two sons to the pediatrician yesterday for a standard check up. Started asking him about Neuroblastoma…little did I know that his daughter was diagnosed with it at 9 months old. It is indeed time to kick cancers ASS. Unacceptable that so many children have to suffer.

  13. We need to get the word out and ask everyone to go sign the petition to appoint a Pediatric Oncologist to the National Cancer Advisory Board. These children need a voice and a cure!! This will get us one step closer to more funding and awareness. Please repost anywhere and everywhere.

    We can and we will do this! In honor of your beautiful Ronan and children battling this barbaric disease!!


  14. Everytime I read any part of this blog, I cry, all I do is cry because i feel the same things you feel. The only difference is I lost my mom last year and she was only 43. Yes I know it’s different, but it’s the same in some situations. I miss her more then anyone will ever know. I wish I could take back the things I said that might have hurt her and I wish I could’ve hugged her more or loved her more, even just talk to her one last time. I couldn’t imagine losing my son, Dexter,you have a lot of strength. As I read, I just think about how you feel, and how there just is a big hole missing inside of you that is impossible tO refill, and so many people don’t understand. You are one amazing person, and it helps me to know I’m not the only one hurting. You’re helping me and I just wanted to let you know. And I’m sorry this is a totally random reply. Thanks, lots of love.

  15. Hi Maya. I want you to know how Ronan’s story has touched my heart in an amazing way. I think of you everyday and what you are forced to go through losing your gorgeous boy . I coming up with a way to donate to the foundation for the holidays with a 1500 dollar goal hopefully more. My family usually goes over board with gifts and I already have everything I need and more so I think I will have all my gifts be donations and try to raise some more on top. Take care of yourself and your new baby. When things get unbearable remember you created a beautiful baby boy who is about to change the world of childhood cancer in an amazing way. But, fuck that, I wish my donation would give u ronan instead. So much love. Angela

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