20 responses to “Breaking News! Palmer Cash has Rockstar Ronan Kids Tee’s Available!”

  1. Great T Shirt! I hope they fly off the shelf. :+)

  2. I forgot to say: Love the quote So true!

  3. Saw KATIE today. So proud of you and your husband. I hope you and Ronan can make your dreams come true.

    There is a site BAKESPACE.COM, That has a site where charities can make their own digital cookbooks for free. and set a price and raise money for their charity. So even if it sold for only a couple dollars the thousands of cooks and bakers would raise a lot of money for the Ronan Thompson Foundation. Check it out. Love and Peace in Ronan’s name/

  4. I love how you chose a skull rather than something overtly cutesy like a frigging teddy bear.

    Btw Maya are Liam and Quinn identical or fraternal? Sometimes they look really similar in pictures, other times they look quite different and I noticed one is taller. Just wondering!

  5. I was being prepped for surgery this morning at Eisenhower Medical in Palm Desert, Watching T.V. while the nurse inserted an IV; a commercial for the Katie Couric Show came on. I looked over at my husband and said “You know that lady who’s blog I’ve been reading with the little boy who died of Cancer?” He said “Yeah Why?” I said “She and her husband are going to be on the Katie Couric Show today so I am recording it to watch when I get home.” Immediately the nurse, Kristen, asked what lady I was talking about. I gave her a high speed outline of Ronan’s story. With tears in her eyes she recounted her own personal story about her 5 year old daughter who recovered from having a large brain tumor in her cerebellum at the age of 3 months. Her name is Natalie Taylor. After several surgeries, chemo and radiation she said they left St. Jude in Texas 14 months later completely cancer free and still is today. Her biggest accomplishment at the age of 5 has been to learn how to walk without her walker. I started to cry. By the time I awoke in the recovery room she and all the other people working at the time had looked at your website and plan to buy bracelets or send donations and watch Katie Couric today. I just watched it and am filled with the same tears I could see throughout the whole audience. Maya you are beautiful on the inside, which in my opinion is the most beautiful of the beautiful. I hope I helped a little bit spread Ronan’s amazing life. I plan to order a t-shirt. I also gifted “Ronan” by Taylor Swift to everybody on my contact list. My way of making a donation. Love you.

    1. That is awesome!

    2. That’s amazing! My family watched the show with me since I recorded it also, that’s my ‘spreading the RoLove’ but you beat me by a landslide with that! Hope your surgery went well!

  6. I’m saving up for at least 2 of the shirts and one of each bracelet (for now). I was just wondering why the photos and the colour descriptions of the shirts don’t match? I like the light grey with purple skull + Rockstar Ronan on it but in the description it says the shirt is navy :/ Several others have different descriptions as well. Either way, I’ll still buy it but I was just wondering which was correct? Great job on Katie! You did amazing, you held it together great (I didn’t while I was watching…) and I’m so proud of you and everything you have done! Ro is all over the place and his name is spreading fast. Soon he’ll take over the world thanks to you! (you’ll take over the world thanks to him too). Love ya lots!
    xo Kailee

  7. Watched you guys on Katie. Good for you guys for all that you are doing. I want to send a hug though cause in no way did that show what you have truly lost. No one will ever know what you have truly lost. One of the saddest things that you did show was how cancer takes a child and changes their looks do dramaticly.
    Just hug cause it is so hard.

  8. Thank you just ordered for my 4 year old he will love it!

  9. Just bought one for my one year old! Now she can be dressed just like her mommy.

  10. I watched Katie today and this was the first time I have heard of Ronan, I cried the entire show and then went on to read your blog, I have been crying the entire evening with so much sorrow for what you and your husband must feel. To think about it feels like my heart is being torn out from my chest. I have an 11 yr old son and I literally cannot imagine being so strong. Your a huge inspiration and I will make sure I make a donation to Ronan’s foundation. I have never seen a more beautiful child! Ronan was a doll face! I can’t get that adorable face out of my head. Please take care!

  11. Yay! I was wondering why there wasn’t one for kids! I cant wait to buy one for my son! โค

  12. Totally off subject here, (I do love the t-shirts btw!)… I was listening to some old CDs and found myself listening to the Journey ’96 Trial By Fire album. One song just jumped out at me, and since you haven’t had a “Ronan’s song for the night” for a bit, I thought that I would post it and see if I am nuts or if it fits how some people see you and Ronan…

    Journey: When I Think Of You

    Magic… moments
    They’re the things I will remember
    Where’s the time we spent together… laughing
    Then you walk into my dream… dear

    And I see your face
    Young and so free, smiling at me
    So long since I’ve… had you near

    Now you’ve come back again
    Where the love never ends
    And you’re right here
    When I think of you

    When I… need you, I just close my eyes
    And you’re… here
    Right beside me when I’m lost in… shadows
    Of the memories of you… oh my dear

    And I see your face
    Young and so free, smiling at me
    In your eyes I walk without fear

    We’re together again
    Where the love never ends
    ’cause you’re right here
    When I think of you

    Hold on… just for a while
    Hold on… hold on

    I try to forget the night that you left
    It’s all so unreal, with you gone
    I can dream once again…
    Where the love never ends
    ’cause you’re right here
    When I think of you
    When I think of you
    When I think of you

    And yep, not afraid to share that I heard the song, thought of Ro and Maya, and got majorly choked up (okay, I cried… so sue me!). It’s amazing how we attach so much meaning to songs that we hear during specific times in our lives, and just hearing them again can take you right back to that moment.

    I loved the Katie Couric show today as well.

    Be well, take care of Poppy, Liam and Quinn (and Woody gets to take care of you ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and keep Ronan’s love alive in everything you do… when you think of him (which is always).

  13. Yay!!!

  14. I was just wondering if they are going to be restocked for a 5T? Can’t wait to purchase it, if and when it becomes available!

  15. I really want to buy a shirt. I need a 2x or 3x. Do they carry those sizes?! I love the ladies but would even buy the men’s. I heard about the 2 babies killed by their nanny in NY today. I thought of how you must be able to understand some of the mother’s pain.

  16. Bought my 1yr old son his Ronan Rocks T-Shirt today and my bracelets. This Christmas I will be ordering all of the kids in my family Ronan Rocks T-shirts, in thanks for their health and in total un-deterred support and belief in finding a cure for this beast!

  17. Can you put your ronan picture on the shirts

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