Katie Couric Tomorrow!



I hope you all can watch. The show that Woody and I taped, will air tomorrow. Also, be sure to tune in on Friday as well for the amazingness of Taylor! Thank you!


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  1. what time is the show

  2. Can’t wait to meet you guys !! Have itset to record :O)

  3. what channel in AZ and what time?

  4. DVR is set RoMama!!! Will not miss it!!! Rolove always!!! Maya’s mafias!!! XO

  5. I can’t wait to see you on Katie tomorrow. I look forward to hearing more about all the amazing things you have been doing, and hopefully learning about new ways we can all help Ronan’s Foundation. So proud of all the things you have been able to accomplish!! I continue to think of Ronan and your entire family daily!!

  6. I can’t wait to see you and Woody on the Katie Couric show tomorrow. I know that I am going to get very emotional during parts that you describe Ronan and the fight that he had to endure, but getting the childhood cancer message out there is so very important that I commend your courage for exposing yourself to those emotions in public.

    I know that it is all for Ro, and you are right when you said he is working his magic and bringing so many amazing things back into your life. To me that is just proof that he is watching over you and sending his love your way daily.

    Be well, and the best of luck with your Poppy. What a wonderful name, or nickname if you decide to go in another direction.

  7. Looking forward to it!! Time to give cancer the bad press it deserves!!!!!

  8. Taylor Swift is on Katie tomorrow too.

  9. Setting up my DVR now! You are such an amazing, strong family. I am so grateful to you for continuing to share your journey with all of us, and for letting us all get to know your beautiful Ronan. Thank you for all of the incredible things that you continue to do, to increase awareness and help so many others. Cancer sucks, no doubt about it. But love is stronger than cancer. It is stronger than death. And the love between you and Ronan will continue to change the world. XO

  10. I have recorded the series as of last week so as not to miss your episode. My heart breaks for you every time I look into his most gorgeous blue eyes ever!!!

  11. We can’t wait to see you on Katie. I’ve been following you and Ronan on your blog for a while how. I cry daily reading it. Thank you for sharing with the world. You and Ronan humble me and i have fallen in love with Ronan, as has anyone who knew him or has gotten to know him through your incredible blog. Just know you are never alone, even when you feel like you are. Good luck tomorrow!! Love from NJ, Eileen

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  12. DVR is set…it’s so cool to see your name (as well as Woody and Ronan’s names) on the description of the show. I can’t wait to see you as you do what you’ve set out to do–bring nationwide awareness to the horror that is childhood cancer. You’re amazing and you’re making Ro so proud! Your army–those you know and those of us who you don’t–are strongly behind you!

  13. What channel & what time?

    Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 23:07:38 +0000 To: alb0426@hotmail.com

  14. Is there a way to watch it online? Tucson is one of the few markets that doesn’t carry the show 😦

  15. Have it set to record.

  16. I can’t wait to see it! Have been waiting for so many days! You inspire me and I so love Ro! Hugs to you!

  17. can some PLEASE put it up on youtube? I cant watch it :(:(:(: plz upload it thank you!

    1. Yes please! I’m in Ireland but dying to see the show! Found your blog through Taylor, it hurts so much to read. I’ve a little boy who is almost 1 and so healthy and beautiful. When I see photos of ronan a a baby it cuts through me that he was so healthy and beautiful and cancer robbed him and your family. It scares me to my core that it could happen to any family so keep fighting the hard fight Maya. You’re doing it for all us moms who would gladly give our lives for our precious bundles x

  18. I will be watching! You inspire me so much too, I feel your pain and cry when reading your posts. You and Ro are doing such a wonderful thing, so proud of you. Spreading Ro Love here in Washington! Hugs!

  19. I am watching now in NC and you guys are not listed as being on this show. Madeline Stowe is on and the topic is reinventing yourself. Is this the show you are on???

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  20. Can’t wait! I think ur an amazing woman.

  21. It’s 320 here in NYC patiently waiting to see you on Katie!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait! XO

  22. Watching Katie right now!

  23. Cannot wait to c u on katie!!!!!! Thank u for being so strong and bringing awareness. Xxooxxoo

  24. I just watched you on the Katie show!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  25. Just watched! Yay! You looked beautiful Maya!! It was so nice to FINALLY get to see you in person. God bless you and your beautiful family<33

  26. I just watched your segment on Katie. Maya, you did AMAZING… Woody too!!!! I cried the whole time. I pray for you and your family and especially for your little seal. I know he is happy with Ty and all the other children that have gained their angel wings too soon. Please take care of yourself. I love you and what you do. THANK YOU!!!!!! **hugs**

  27. Just watched you and Woody. You are amazing! Go do all those big things!!! yayayayayay!!!

  28. I just watched you on Katie. You and Woody are amazing people. Your strength inspires me. I don’t think I could be as strong. It breaks my heart that children have to go through this, they do not deserve that. I have a 4 year old and your story has touched me so much and has made me a better mommy. I can’t imagine your pain and I wish you and your family didn’t have to go through this. Thank you for sharing your story. Ronan was a beautiful little boy and he is still shining.

  29. You did amazing maya, you looked beautiful and talked so gracefully yet full of heart. Thank you for changing my world,

  30. Just watched you on Katie !!! It was perfect!! Maya and Woody you were great, an amazing team. Maya your love came across so beautifully and everyone could feel it.

  31. I just saw you and your husband on Katie’s TV show. I was very moved by your story. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house or my house for that matter. I thought Taylor Swift put together a wonderful song for your family.. My heart goes out to you and your family. My heart still aches hearing your story. I think it is great that you have put together a foundation moving mountains to fight Cancer.

  32. So brave Thompson’s. Just watched you on Katie. You are rockstars!!!!

  33. Maya I’m watching the Katie show right now and you are about to come up!!! Let me get some tissue out cuz i know you are going to make me cry!!! God bless you!

  34. Your segment was incredible! Of course, I sobbed through the entire thing and giggled at the end when Katie suggested you name the baby after her. To move a journalist like Katie to tears during an interview really shows how Ronan is making a huge mark in this world! Can’t wait to hear about your secret plans and do everything I can to help them come true. I’ve been reading since August of 2010 and will always, always be spreading the word of Ro. Wish I would have had the chance to meet that incredible boy, and hope to be so lucky to meet you one day!

  35. Maya, you and Woody were awesome on Katie’s show. You know your strength makes Ronan proud.

  36. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and every time it makes me cry. I hold my son tighter now and spend more time being silly with him when before I would have shrugged him off.
    I just found the video of your appearance on Katie couric. You are amazing Maya. You have so much strength and determination. I doubt i could be as strong as you.
    Know that in Australia people are thinking of your sweet boy and of you!
    Chelsea xxx
    P.s I’m also expecting a bub in April. X

  37. Maya, I watched you and Woody on Katie today. You were both amazing. I sobbed through your entire segment, of course. Ronan is changing the world and it is incredible to watch. He is so proud of you. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  38. You did amazing

  39. Maya and Woody- there are no words… I tuned in to Katie today to watch as I have since her first show. Today I felt so many emotions. Those piercing blue eyes took over my television screen, I was mezmorized. What a beautiful boy.
    My faith as a Cathloic has made me worship, believe, praise, question and of course accept what God has decided. But it is the understanding that has left me with the unanswered question…why? Children are a precious gift- you both know that. The two of you have shown the rest of us that we must believe- even when we don’t understand the ‘why’? My thoughts, prayers, faith, and hope are with you. Blessings to your two boys and the precious baby on the way.
    Ronan is forever an angel looking down on your family. I too have one looking down on my family!
    God Bless-
    Kay Stevens

  40. Yes Taylor thank you for being you and for your amazing music!!!!

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