RoTay Magic Everywhere

Ronan. These past few days have been a whirlwind in the most amazing way. I took the red-eye on Saturday with Melissa to New York. We arrived at about 4 a.m. east coast time and a car from The Katie Show was waiting to pick us up. We got to our studio pad, a.k.a. the only place that I find peaceful, and crashed out in the bed that feels like you are laying on one giant marshmallow. It truly is something out of this world. After sleeping for a few hours, we got up and prepared for the day. Melissa ran downtown to meet a friend and I met our little, Rachel, at Bloomingdale’s for some lunch and of course, fro yo. After that, I parted ways with Rach and headed back to the upper east side, where I was staying. Melissa returned soon and we met up with your Fairy RoMo and her husband at the MET. We spent the day in the most glorious way, with not real plan. We enjoyed art, friends, laughter, and a ton of good food while we waited for the other girls to arrive. Later that night, Stacy and Fernanda arrived. We had made plans to meet up with our Fairy RoMo for dinner and I was dying for some good chinese food. Stacy, Fernanda, Melissa and I hopped on the subway and made our way to China town. We met up with our friends and I was so excited to introduce everyone. The introductions were way overdue and we had such a great night enjoying each other and the most unbelievable chinese food that I’ve ever had in my life! Poppy was very pleased to say the least. It was late by the time we got home and I crashed out in our bed with Fernanda. We were so tired, but we were determined to stay up until midnight to download Taylor’s new album from iTunes. We kept falling asleep. Fernanda would shoot up out of bed, “10 more minutes!” and fall back asleep. I dozed off and woke up right around midnight. “It’s time! We can download it now!” I felt like teenagers who were having a slumber party, waiting to get the new album of our most favorite artist. We both downloaded “Red,” with one eye open and quickly fell back asleep. We had to be up really early in the morning to be at the Katie Couric show.

Monday morning quickly came. We got up really early, got showered, dressed and ready. We met all the other girls, at the studio. Stacy, Melissa, Becca, Carolyn, Rachel, and Fairy RoMo. Everyone looked beautiful and the producers put us all in the green room where we snapped pictures and enjoyed the moment that we were in. Soon, we were swept off to take our seats in the studio audience. We had great seats and were treated like gold. Every single person on Katie’s staff is an absolute delight. We watched the studio fill up with the audience. There was such a buzz in the air. The Swifties were there, in full force and so adorable. I sat on the edge of one of the rows and felt more nervous for the show I was going to sit and watch, then the one I had taped just a week earlier. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe it was because for the first time, I was going to see Taylor and I had no idea how I was going to hold it together. Carolyn had asked the producers, if I could say hello to her and they said they would try to make it happen, but they were not sure as the day was packed. As far as I was concerned, I was just happy to be there, watching the show with my beautiful board members.
Katie Couric soon stepped out on the stage. Everyone went crazy. She is so darling and so good at what she does. She made some remark about how she knew who the audience was really excited to see, that being Taylor. She did a great little introduction and soon out walked Taylor herself, in the most adorable little goldish/yellow dress and sweater. She looks like Bambi. So tall, graceful, and young with a little bit of awkwardness about herself as if she truly does not know how beautiful she is. That only makes me love her more. The interview started and we were soon transported into Taylor world which is this world of all things sweet and salty. As in, the best combination of something ever. We saw the sweet Taylor who said things like, “I never want to be the girl who walks out on stage and says, Here I am! For me it’s always, Here they are.” Meaning her wonderful fans. I was floored when she said this. The self-awareness and the humbleness this sweet soul has, truly is remarkable. The salty/sassy side of Taylor played out as well. During a commercial break, Taylor yawned and Katie goes, “Did you just yawn?” Taylor quickly bounced back with, “No.” She has this totally adorable dry and spicy sense of humor that is so refreshing. It cracked us all up. My entire board was blown away by this girl who is so full of obvious brains, beauty and wit. She is one of the rare commodities of the world who truly deserves everything that has happened to her and who will never let it go to her head. In the world she lives in, that is so rare.
During one of the commercial breaks, I heard Katie Couric say to someone, “Where’s Maya?” They didn’t know where I was, but luckily Katie spotted me and I gave her a quick wave and smile. Katie whispered something to Taylor and they went on to the next segment. As soon as that segment ended, Taylor jumped out of her chair and came running up the stairs to me. I got up and gave her the biggest hug where I pushed back my tears with everything that I had. I just looked at her and said, “Thank you, so much.” We stood for a few minutes and talked softy about some things. She rubbed my belly and knew all about the baby girl that is growing in my tummy. She hugged me again told me she loved me and was so proud of me. I told her I felt the same way, that I was so grateful for what she had done. She asked how all the media was going and how I was handling it. We talked for a few more minutes about some other things. She knew about one of my secret plans that I have in the works that I have only told my inner circle about. It didn’t dawn on me, “how in the world did Taylor know this?!” until I sat down and had time to process our conversation. She said she was going to come back for some pictures. When I sat down, I noticed everyone looking my way and pretty soon everyone was whispering, “That’s Ronan’s mom!” They were waving and making hearts with their hands the way they always do for Taylor. It was such a sweet moment that I will never forget. Taylor did another segment with Katie and as soon as she was finished with that, she ran back up to me to take some pictures. We talked a little more. I asked her how she knew about my secret plan. She smiled and told me who had told her. She said, “You HAVE to do it.” I told her I knew and that I would. I love that she knew my secret plan and was on board with it. We talked about Poppy and she goes, “You totally have to name her Poppy. You’ve called her that since the beginning.” That made me smile, too. That Poppy name makes happy. I have definitely fallen in love with it. I told Taylor to tell her mom hello for me. She goes, “She is floating around her somewhere. I know she would love to see you.” I told her I would love that so much. She went back to the stage to get ready for the song she was performing. Everyone in the audience was so excited to hear her. She came back out and sang, her hit, “We are never ever getting back together.” It was absolutely adorable. Soon, the show ended and the girls and I sat in our seats, waiting to be told what to do next. Somebody from the show came over to me and said that Andrea Swift was wanting to see me. I was ushered off backstage where I waited for Taylor’s mom. As soon as I we saw each other, we embraced for the biggest hug. I couldn’t hold back the tears, seeing that woman. I thanked her for raising such an amazing daughter. We talked back and forth about everything. It was so strange as I felt such a strong connection to this woman who I just met, but felt like I had known forever. At one point, after she was thanking me for everything, she goes, “If I were in your shoes, I would be doing the exact same thing. We are all so proud of you.” Right then and there, it clicked. I understood why I loved this woman that I don’t even know. It’s because I know, she would die for her kids, the way I would have died for you. It’s because she has spent her entire life, after her children were born putting them first. It’s because she has fought for Taylor and her dreams, with everything she has. She loves her children with the same undying love, that I love you and your brothers and this Poppy. I could see all of that, just by looking into her eyes. That moved me in a way, that I will never forget. I will never forget the look in Taylor’s mom’s eyes and the kind words that came from her lips from one mom to another. At the end of the day, Andrea Swift, if in my shoes, would be doing the exact same thing that I am doing. Fighting with everything that she has for the rest of her life because there in NOTHING more important in your life than your children, dead or alive. I hugged her one last time and thank her again. I will never be able to thank that family enough for what they have done for us, Ronan, which is ultimately helping me to keep you alive. I will forever be eternally grateful for them and that amazing daughter of theirs that is wise beyond her years. One of the last things that Andrea Swift told me was that she thinks Taylor and I make a great team. I couldn’t agree more. I think many more beautiful things are to come.
After the show, Fernanda and I had a little adventure to tend to. We ran off while the other girls went and grabbed lunch. We were out for a few hours, having our eyes opened to an amazing world and we were so thankful to be a part of it. We returned back to the apartment, absolutely beat. It had been an emotionally exhausting day and we were both wanting to take a nap before the dinner that our Fairy RoMo had organized for the night. We laid down. Our plan was for a nap, but it took a very different turn. We ended up having about an hour sob fest over everything that has gone on, everything that we have went through. All of the love, pain, hope, suffering, and devastation of this entire fucked up journey of childhood cancer. She talked about how she she still can’t believe you are not here. How she thought even during your last hour, that you were doing to pull through. We talked about our day with Dr. Kushner and our pain and regrets with that. The why didn’t he tell us, you were dying? Why did he send us away with such a sense of blind hope when he knew, that you were going to die? She apologized over and over for not being there for the past year, but said she has been trying to process your death as well as my pain. She said she knows she has let me down. I tried to tell her, how she is one of the few people who has never let me down. How thankful I will always be for all she has done and how that I know when we are apart or when we don’t talk for a while, she is constantly thinking of us. I know this and I have always known this. Never in my life, have I had a moment of feeling let down or disappointed in that woman. She gave up everything to walk through hell with us and not once has she ever let go of my hand. I am so grateful for the time she had with you and the bond you two formed. I will always look at that as such a gift. We composed ourself, got up, washed our faces as our makeup was everywhere and got ready for the evening ahead of us.
We met up with Fairy RoMo, our board members, our “little ninja” Rachel, and Scott Kennedy from Solving Kids’ Cancer. It was a 3 hour dinner where my board got the chance to fall in love with Scott, the same way I have. He is the kindest, gentlest soul with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen, besides my own and a few other parents I know, who have gone through this as well. I sat at the other end of the table from Scott and placed him near Fernanda and a few of the other girls as I wanted them to get to know him. It was only at the end of the night that we played musical chairs and I went down to sit by Scott to catch up with him. Our conversations are always intimate, sad, and deep. At one point, I had fought back my tears way too long and it was no longer working. I sat, listening to Scott while I wiped away tear after tear after tear. I never feel vulnerable crying around him. He gets the reason for my tears, more than most people. That breaks my heart so much. I wish none of us knew this pain. I wish that none of us knew this pain but I cannot change that. All I can do is sit here and form my army, to try to change this for all these other kids who are going through this or will go through this. I am so glad to have Scott as a part of my army. He is invaluable to me. We all left dinner and the girls were going on and on about Scott and how wonderful he is. I smiled and said I knew it from the very time I met up with him in that little NYC coffee shop. I’ve got a great intuition about people. Some might say it’s a gift;) I certainly think it is.
I’m back in Phoenix now, where everything seems to be moving full speed ahead. It was a great trip in so many ways. As a board, we got to bond in a way that we never have before. It was nice to get out of the business side of this and enjoy each other and all Ronan beauty that is everywhere. Everyone is so proud of one another, which makes me so very proud. You are doing such beautiful things, Ro. Thank you. I’ve got some secret side stuff to take care of right now. Blowing kisses to you, fingers crossed because once again, I am just following my heart to where I think it is, you are taking me. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe.
P.S. If you have not bought Taylor’s new Album, RED, you need to. It is breathtakingly beautiful, as is everything she does. I have not stopped listening to it, since I bought it. I have informed Liam and Quinn, that is Taylor month at our house and that is all we are listening to;) Team Taylor FOREVER!
P.P.S. Taylor- Thank you. For everything.For letting him live on through you and all the beauty that you are surround with. For being such a wise free spirt who is truly grateful for every single minute of this thing we call life. For letting the boy with the most beautiful blue eyes, touch you to the core. You have helped this mama’s heart to heal. I love you so much.

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35 responses to “RoTay Magic Everywhere”

  1. Maya, I read your blog all the time. it comes through my inbox every time you post. I’m so glad Taylor and her mom were so amazing to you and I hope your secret plans goes through smoothly. Ronan will be watching over you always. Can you post when you will be on the show?

    1. Tomorrow !!!

      1. I can’t wait!!!!

  2. I love Taylor’s album so much too.. Taylor month at my house too πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad that Taylor Swift has kept Ronan alive with her song… He deserves to have his spirit kept alive forever. You and Taylor do make a great team. Team Taylor FOREVER πŸ˜‰

  3. First of all, you look AMAZING!! Second, Taylor Swift has always been my girl crush. And now I love her even more. When will you be on the show?

  4. Loving your upbeat posts Maya. Your loving soul is moving mountains and kicking cancer in its big ugly butt.

    I do hope you can tell us more of your plans soon. We are all so excited to hear more.

    Stay just as you are- Ro-tastically amazing.

    Love to you, Hilary x

    Ps Hope you got the little gift I sent – I am not asking for acknowledgement at all but I hope it arrived safely from the UK.

  5. So fabulous. And can’t wait to see you on Katie tomorrow. And by the way…you look so wonderful in these pics. I see the poppy glow! πŸ™‚ Ronan is so proud!

  6. Taylor is such a wonderful person. She really is one of the good ones. You two definitely make a wonderful team.

  7. You are romazing RoMama.
    Always rolove!!!
    Love Taylor!!!
    Can’t wait to hear about what’s coming up. You are moving mountains

  8. That’s fantastic Maya. You are doing a wonderful thing for so many children. As Ronan, you are an angel and we are proud of you, as a mom and as a person. We already have Taylor’s cd, is beautiful and is playing all the time at home and in the car since this monday.
    You and your family are always in my heart and prayers.
    Giovanna from Madrid

  9. Maya,
    I have been a Taylor fan for a long time now and a Ronan and you fan more recently. You are an amazing mom. I have read your whole blog and check everyday for a new post. You and your team are so inspiring, I have voted for many things your blog and the foundation are up for, and I will continue to support you and everything Ronan anyway I can!
    I’m sorry for your loss and pain.
    Keep fighting and best for luck in your secret plan.
    Fuck Cancer!


  10. I am going to buy Taylor’s CD the first chance possible. Being 14, I can’t drive out and get it, or use my paycheck, as I don’t have a job. But that doesn’t bother me, because now I am enjoying every second of my childhood. Thanks to you, Ronan. Love you all.

  11. Loved your post. I have been waiting to hear about your NY trip. And you had some AWESOME shoes on for the show. And I agree….Poppy must be the name. Poppy Ronan Thompson. There it is. A great name.

  12. I absolutley love this post!!! Cant wait for tomorrow!!! Xoxoxoxo!!!! Fuck you cancer!!!!!!!!

  13. My first and only blog that I read…I think you are going to write a book. Taylor Swift is an amazing young women, just like you.

  14. Oh Maya, I don’t know if you hear enough how amazballs you are and how everything you are doing is soooo powerfull! I hope you do, because you need to know that. You are rasing such awareness to this nasty nasty diseases and I can’t wait to see where the road takes you. I was 10 years old when my sister lost her battle with neuroblastoma and every day since then I kept hoping and praying no other family will have to go through what we did. I believe and trust that you will help make my hopes and dreams come true.

    I’m like a kid in a candy store every time your posts come out because I’m so excited to learn about eveything that you are doing and worlds that you are moving to end this. .
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for working sooo hard, thank you for bringing so much awareness to all this.
    I can’t wait to hear all the ‘secrets’ you have… So so excited! Thank you, JK

  15. I have been reading your post since I heard Taylor perform on the stand up to cancer fundraiser. It was the first time I heard of your beautiful amazing baby boy’s life. I am a mother of an almost 3 year old little boy. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, but your pain is loud and clear in your post. YOU are such a amazing woman. I have never felt like I do when I read your post. It makes me want to run to you to be another person on your board so I can help do all the amazing things you want to do to make this horrible disease to go the FUCK AWAY. One of my best friends husbands has just been diagnosed with cancer 😦 I just don’t understand any of it. I keep reading and reading but why are so many people dying all the time from it. IT MAKES BE SICK. I can’t wait to see all of your secrets come to life and one day I hope to I can meet you and be able to make a difference just as much as you are. Your boy will never ever ever be forgotten that is for sure. I feel so close to him and you when I ready about what you are doing. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on the Katie show!!! you are such an inspiration!!!! I know that Ronan is protecting your family and leading the way for all the amazing secrets you are working on. Please never ever stop believing. thank you for making a difference in my lfke when I haven’t even met you. Thank you for making me a better Mom. Much love to you and your beautiful family πŸ™‚

  16. Yeaaaaa Maya! You go girl! Can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow! I talk about you like we are long lost friends lol. Love you girl and I love Ronan even more! Xo

  17. Beautiful!!!! Taylor gave you a most amazing gift… immortality of Ronan’s life and legacy and the love story you shared. Songs that are that touching and powerful outlast time, Maya!!! That song will be here long after we’re all gone. Ronan has changed the world and will continue touching people’s hearts forever thanks to your open heart and Taylor’s compassionate soul…she so beautifully translated your story into that song. Ronan is eternal. I’m so sorry for everything he went through. My heart soars to hear and see the beauty Ro creates. Love!!!

  18. I’m so excited by the wonderful things happening for the foundation – so excited to hear what has been in the works! Ronan is with you all the way momma – and yes, I hope you name this baby Poppy too πŸ™‚ Seems so fitting. Taylor Swift is an amazing person and I love her for sharing Ronan with the world and having the compassion to show love for Ty. The voices crying out against Childhood Cancers are growing and you all have so much to do with that – the times will be changing – I just know it.

  19. Maya…look at all you have achieved. I knew when I started reading this blog you would do something amazing. Following your journey has been the most rewarding, heart breaking, life changing thing I have ever done. You make us all want to be better people – to do more with this one life we have been given. Thank you.

  20. This entry had me crying at my sons baseball practice!! I could not explain my tears to anyone who was watching me. I have always felt connected to Talor Swift’s music and found you through her. She sings from such a beautiful place. The same way you write this blog. With your heart and soul. After my boys go to bed I stay up late and have been reading your blog from the beginning. I have a five year old who is so full of spunk that I just laugh at him everyday!! My heart is so full of the love that you express in your words. You truely remind me to live in each moment and embrace all the little things.These are things I promised myself to remember after watching my sister lose her battle with Leukemia and leave behind four young kids. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart for reminding me and sharing your beautiful boy.

  21. Absolutely fucking amazing! Can’t wait to see you on Katie and I cannot wait to see how many more hits your site gets because of this! 9,065,615 as of right now…can’t wait to see what that number is tomorrow!!!!

  22. I too have thought about a book. I think that would reach out to so many people.
    I have written to Taylor Swift and to her record company. I dont know if my letters will reach her, but I really really wish Ronan’s song was available to buy in the UK. Because of this song, I found your blog and haven’t been able to get Ronan or his family out of my mind since. I truly believe that if the song was made available here, your story would touch so many more hearts! x

  23. Could you possibly identify your board members in the photo from the Katie show..It would be nice to put a name to a face…these warriors deserve to be recognized!

  24. I like Poppy Ronan Taylor Thompson!

  25. Hello Maya,

    Thanks so much for sharing this great adventure. I hope you got my long ass email about my Ronan dreams. I sent it to the mayawoody email.

    Although I am loathe to deviate from any suggestion of Taylor’s…and I can totally hear her saying pop-pay in her darling fake British accent…the name that gets my vote is

    Ireland Taylor Ronayne Thompson
    I did not even know there was a feminine version of Ronan until an Irish friend was talking to me about names. She said it’s “traditional” Irish and Gaelic!

    I bet you are going to get a million baby gifts with poppies emblazoned all over them. Good thing poppy IS a girl.

    I have something to send you- if I send it to the foundation address to your attention, will it find its way to you?

    I, like your squillions of Ro-Los (see, Swifties isn’t the only cute name for a huge group who adores someone!) can’t wait to hear about all these secret projects. I know they will ultimately end up helping more beloved Romazing babies fight this battle they should never have to wage in the first place.

  26. This post made my heart SO happy for you! Maya, keep fighting the fight!!! I can’t wait to watch you this afternoon on the show!!

  27. This is all so overwhelming even just for this little reader of yours. I’ve been nervously waiting for this post. πŸ™‚ The only word I have right now is “amazing”. You look and are amazing. Ro is amazing. Taylor is amazing. I found myself humming “Ronan” over and over yesterday. He’s everywhere and in every one of your followers.

    Now for a totally superficial and unimportant question in the big scheme of things – what are and where did you get your gold sparkly shoes? πŸ˜‰

  28. Taylor is a lovely girl and sweet as pie. Sometimes I think her “Aww shucks lil ole me?” persona is a bit contrived, but you make her sound very genuine.

    I have to be honest and say I thought the album “Red” was a bit of a letdown though. We all know Taylor is a great writer and she can sing well, too. But I feel her music is drifting away from her roots into a bubblegum manufactured pop direction. She is nearly 23 now and I expected something more mature, I guess. “Ronan” is probably my favorite song of hers at this point but I can’t listen to it without crying.

  29. Jackie Kaffenberger Avatar
    Jackie Kaffenberger

    I just want to say you are an amazingly strong woman and that little boy will never be forgotten because of how much his mother has loved him in life an death. I pray for you and your family. I hope that you can find happiness in the new baby that was an obvious gift from your ronan.

  30. Taylor has the insight of the oldest of souls to me, and I would buy and happily listen to anything she writes from here on out. That sweet girl can do no wrong. And I still think POPPY is the best name ever.

  31. Dearest Maya – You and Ro make this world a more beautiful place where love can still move mountains. Thank you for sharing your story. I read your blog all the time and always walk away with a heavy, but hopeful, heart.

    Dearest Taylor – Thank you for existing. What an amazing young woman you are.

    Dear Cancer – Fuck you right in your fucking ear you raging piece of shit.

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