45 responses to “Thank You to Katie Couric for giving Ronan such a huge platform. It was an honor to be on her show.”

  1. This picture of Ronan eating chips and salsa always makes me extra sad for some reason. I saw you guys on the show today! I cried even though I didn’t think I would I guess because I’ve been following your story for quite a while now but it still got to me. You look great pregnant by the way!! The show was perfect, Katie so genuine! Love you and Woody and the boys! Think of you all often and keep you in my prayers! xoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You and Woody did amazing!! You are such a beautiful mama inside and out and an inspiration to all of us mommy’s!! Keep fighting and we will keep screaming his name..until they find a cure for this fucked up disease!!! Xoxo

    2. This particular picture makes me sad too. In the photos before chemo he was an adorable toddler with chubby cheeks, golden hair, a big smile. After the chemo you could see sadness in his beautiful blue eyes. It’s a haunting expression on a child. It also bothers me when people say “he’s in the arms of God now.” Why would god take a small child away from his parents? I just can’t believe that, there is no reason for it, logical or spiritual.

      Btw my favorite Ronan picture is one of him sitting in a bath chair in the tub, just his adorable face and arms peeking out, and his blue eyes were so sparkly and alive. Just want to pick him up and squish him like a stuffed toy.

      1. Just watched the video – I imagine there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. Woody seems like such a sweetheart as well. I bet Ronan would have grown up to look a lot like his daddy.

    3. Me too Jaime…..I think it’s because you can see just how much he has changed over the course of a few months.

  2. Eloquent!!!!

  3. Maya, I watched the show today and it was so great!! Seeing you and woody and ronans gourgeous face on national tv, it was just pure romagic! To see you on national tv, not just something I read online, it was so real and so hard at the same time to see the heartache in your face. I see how woody is your rock, but I know from everything I read about you, you are so much stronger than you let youself be. Thank you for sharing your story of your beautiful ro, and thank you for changes that you are doing in this world. I know that what you and your team are doing are going to help save so many lives!! Thank you!! Love summer- louisiana

  4. It was very emotional and epic God bless you!

  5. You stole the show! Wow! ;’) I will forever think of you and Ronan while I fight the disgusting disease!

  6. What a fabulous interview. So, so proud of you Maya…and Woody and the boys. I am seriously glad that childhood cancer is getting the attention it needs. Thank you for sharing your story. xo

  7. Jessica Hofschulte Avatar
    Jessica Hofschulte

    So glad you posted the video, I was unable to see it on tv. You are such a beautiful family and you are in my daily thoughts. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I always look for new emails from you to hear about how you are doing and all your big dreams! Love to you all!

  8. You and Woody did such an amazing job! Very proud of you!!

  9. Ronan is a little angel watching over you guys. May God bless you. I’m glad I was able to watch you on the katie couric show and how brave you are to share you story and inspire so many people.

  10. You did great! It made me cry to watch, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been. I am so very excited that more people will now know about Ro’s story. That will lead to more awareness of the fucktard that is childhood cancer and lead to more funding to beat it!

  11. I was not ale to watch this afternoon. Thank you, thank you for posting.

  12. I think I watched your segment with Katie about 5 times today… I just hate so badly that cancer took your beautiful boy. You are doing such amazing things in spite of the cards you were delt. You are doing wonderful things for so many people, so many children, for the entire world…and for Ronan. You are still such a wonderful mother to him. God bless you in all your journeys! xoxo Alanna

  13. It’s after 4am in the UK but i HAD turn on my ipad to watch this as soon as I saw you had posted it, i’ve been waiting all day! It was amazingly beautiful, you were so strong Maya! I too, am sobbing away. The pictures were so sweet, Ro has, and will continue to, touch so many hearts. I loved how “Big Daddy Woo” held your hand so tightly the whole way through:) You are an amazing couple, and I know you will cherish little Poppy so much. Thinking of you and your family always xx

  14. This is amazing! Getting the RoWord out is a beautiful thing!!! Go RoTay! You look wonderful. So proud of all of you!

  15. Took our breath away. My husband and I watched this together. Thank-you for sharing!

  16. Beautifully done, Maya and Woody. Going on the show to tell Ronan’s story had to have been so hard, even with Katie being as lovely and gracious as she is. It probably felt a bit surreal. So thrilled that you are getting the kind of coverage and attention you need in order to bring awareness to this insidious disease. No doubt your sweet baby boy Ronan was cheering you on and giving you the strength you needed. You looked beautiful by the way.

  17. Watched 2ce today…was in awe of how wonderful perfect you and Woody spoke during that interview. Ronans making these things happen. Was so excited to see you get this platform and know all the good that could come out of it, as if I was watching a friend. Been reading your blog for a long time now. I talk about your or Ronan to people all the time. You’re so inspiring. Someday that research/ care center will happen and good things will come out of it and will all be because of Ronan and you. So proud! Thanks for being you! You do look wonderful pregnant!

  18. Ps…your husband seems like an amazing guy. You can see the strong love he has for you and vice versa!

  19. You and Woody were absolutely amazing. You are so strong, and you will get it done!

  20. It was so good to see you and woody on the show. It also still got to me even though I’ve been following for awhile–how could it not? Praying for you and your family always.

  21. You and Woody did great! I’m so glad that Ronan’s story is getting out there – raising awareness and letting people know Childhood Cancer is real, the toll devastating. RIP in Ronan. Keep watching over your family and guiding them to do big things in your honor!!! Love to you all Thompson family.

  22. I wish they would have shown more of you and Woody. It should have been longer then 10 minutes but atleast Ronan will still receive so much more from this. My heart hurts so much for you and your family. I hope Ronan gets all the best from all this that he deserves. I have so much I want to say but I can’t form the words. I love your strength Maya, I only hope I am as strong of a mother to my kids that you are for yours. The Thompsons deserve so much happiness in the wake of the heartache you have had to endure. When I was fifteen the little boy I babysat was diagnosed with leukemia, he was 5, he is now 13 or 14 (in remission) and I watched his family fall apart, I am so glad to see that not all families end that way from fucking cancer. Stupid fucking cancer. You are always in my thoughts, and my prayers. Congrats on Poppy!

  23. What a beautiful interview and a perfect venue for spreading the word about Ronan and your remarkable cause. Thank you for sharing

  24. Claire Vatterott Avatar
    Claire Vatterott


    I have been following your blog since I heard about Ronan through Taylor’s release of the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. I have gone back and read every single entry. I’ve smiled at Ronan’s unbelievably gorgeous pictures, laughed at his funny stories, smiled at the sweet gestures of his brothers, and, of course, cried along with you as you told his story. Tonight I watched the video of the segment on Katie’s show and the tears are still flowing as I write this. You were so strong and I am amazed at your strength and determination to honor Ronan through his foundation. I pray for you and your family each day and will be a strong supporter as you move forward to accomplish your goals. I have no doubt in my mind that you will do everything you set out to do. Thank you so much for sharing your deepest thoughts and darkest moments with us. You are making a huge difference in the world and Ronan is smiling down on you, telling the other angels “Hey, see that beautiful lady down there? The one working so hard to make a difference all in memory of me? That’s my Momma ๐Ÿ™‚ ”
    Love, Claire

  25. Maya, my husband and I watched the show today, you were so very strong! I am so glad that your story is being heard louder and louder! I bought some bracelets and myself, my husband and three of our friends have all wore them everyday since we got them! Trying to help you spread the word. Keep up the good work, you ARE making a difference! It only takes one passionate, persuasive person to get people to pay attention! Be proud of yourself and all that you are doing. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss of your beautiful Ronan. I believe that your deep determination (and Ronan) are putting a dent in childhood cancer. Fuck you cancer! xoxoxo

  26. Hi Maya~ I saw the show today and was blown away…you (and Woody) were so calm, articulate and relatable. Made me both sad and happy watching…sad missing Ronan for you but happy to see how far you continue to come. Btw I saw Kati on Friday and was singing your praises…you’re so making things happen! xoxo

  27. That’d be Kati T., as opposed to Katie Couric ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. To finally hear your voice. . . After following your blog from day 1. . . Was so moving. I could hear your pain, but also this gentleness. You just blew me away.
    Keep on! You are moving mountains.

  29. RoMama,

    You and Woody did a romazing job to bring pediatric cancer to the forefront. So proud of you! You looked beautiful and Woody is your rock!!!

    Thinking of you and Rockstar Ro!
    L&Q and Poppy!!! XO

  30. You have such a beautiful way about you Maya and such a loving husband! You both did such a great job of spreading awareness. You are so brave-I know that you hate to hear that but you are!
    xo, Elizabeth

  31. You did a wonderful job & you have definitely led many to the world of Childhood Cancer- one by one, people will start paying attention… Hang in there.

  32. Holy shit, Maya. That was even better than I imagined it would be. The absolute most heartbreaking 10 minutes. You looked positively stunning. I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to listen to Ronan’s song, but I’m glad they played a bit of it. And for Katie to get emotional. Professionals like that aren’t supposed to show their feelings, but when they do, it’s magic.

  33. I watched the video earlier. I barely got through it, I was crying from the very start. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. You and Woody did a great job. And I know you’ll continue to do wonderful things for Ronan and childhood cancer. Keep holding on.

  34. Maya, you are so brave. You’re an inspiration to me and I truly look up to you.

  35. Maya,
    The big ugly cry that Katie was holding in made me sob. You and Woody will build the center, it will honor your beautiful boy and it will save lives against this horrendous beast. As i write this I am awaiting results of Cathryn’s recent follow up scans. Even when your child survives, life is NOT the same. When you spoke of making every day magical in those 8 months Ronan fought, we try to do the same everyday single day Cathryn survives. It’s still a battle your’e just not on an IV pole, stuck in the hospital and watching people stare at your bald child when you venture out. I know that someday my Cathryn will be a part of your center; her arms will wrap around those sick kids who need to know there is hope. Bless you for turning your pain into greatness for all of us. I admire you so much.

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Katie Couric cry on TV before. it was a very tender moment and seemed natural and really the right thing to do as it gave all of us permission in the auidence and the viewers at home to feel free to feel their emotions as well as we cried together. Tears are a good thing and I think through the pain is easier in the long run than around the pain. This is what I have been trying to keep in mind as we lost my husbands father in May to Pancreatic Cancer he had been diagnosed at Christmas time. In some ways it still feels like he is not gone. It’s really a hard thing to grasp.

  37. Maya,

    Although I have only been following your story for a little bit, I think you are amazing and your little boy was breathtaking! You have such a kick-ass attitude and I love it! You are destined to do great things.

  38. Thank you so much for posing this. I live in Australia and have followed you since the first time I heard Taylor’s song. We dont get the Katie Couric show here so I am so glad you posted the link. It blows my mind that all these kids are being swept under the rug. Keep up your amazing work! These kids deserve a voice and a cure!!!!

  39. Thank you for sharing your pain with others…

  40. Erika Murguia Avatar
    Erika Murguia

    Hi maya I love ronan and you also your blog this interview with katie was awsome had me crying the whole time just wanted to tell you how much ronan is apart of our family too, you guys did great big hugs to you, woody ,liam and quinn & lil poppy cant wait to see her

  41. This video was horrible to watch, but only because you can see so clearly the love and grace in your voice. You are obviously a loving and beautiful family, and it is horrific to even consider what you have suffered because of childhood cancer. I cried so much over Ronan having to go through this, and because you are being so strong in the face of such tragedy. I wish he was here, I wish he was cured. I wish you didn’t have to live with this every day, and that he was here with you. The world is grieving with you.

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