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  1. Himy names Kaylaand im a senior in high school. After hearing the story about your son i was inspired to join a group in my school that helps raise money for childhood diseases, mainly cancer. I was wondering if i could use Ronans life story as a way to inspire people in my school to donate money as much as it inspired me. You must think this is weird me asking permisson, but him being your son i felt the need to ask if it is okay. Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day(: ________________________________

  2. I have been so touched by your story…I read about your story four days before my own baby boy’s 4th birthday. My heart is so broken for you as I sit here in tears. I cannot imagine what you are going through- you have incredible strength and you are such an inspiration . I will go home and kiss and love on my boys like I do all the time and think of your love for your dear baby Ronan. you say the words Love you to the moon and back and those are the words that I have said to my baby’s every night since the day they were born. A mothers love is the strongest love that one can ever experience. you will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

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