Join the Fight against Pediatric Cancer! Watch this video and Dell will donate $1 to Pediatric Cancer Research

Please watch and spread the word. Dell is doing great things. You don’t have to spend any money, just by watching this video, Dell will donate a dollar every time it is watched. Thank you all so much.


Side note*** I just had someone comment that they heard this video was a scam. I can promise you, it is not. I am very careful about the things I support. Dr. Giselle Sholler emailed me herself and asked me to share this video, which is why I posted it. She is very involved with Dell and would know if this were a scam. I promise I do my research on the things I post. I promise I trust her. This is legit. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There are a lot of things out there, that are just not worth our time. This is not one of them.

21 thoughts on “Join the Fight against Pediatric Cancer! Watch this video and Dell will donate $1 to Pediatric Cancer Research”

  1. I had someone e-mail me and say thats a scam…urrrrrrrrrrrrr I politely told them my oldest son went to school with Maya and it is NOT a scam !!

    1. I promise it is not. Dr. Giselle Sholler emailed me and asked me to share this. She would know if it was a scam and would not be a part of it. She is very involved with them. xxoo Thanks for trusting me.

    1. Every view counts as $1 dollar…I just watched it 5 times & will watch it as many more times as I can until we reach $30,000. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! xoxoxo ❤ 🙂

  2. Maya & Ronan you both are an inspiration to me & my family! I will do anything I can to help support, fund & educate everyone on this fuckwad disease!!! I have watched & shared the link w/ ALL my contacts in hopes that they will all watch at least once to help support Neuroblastoma & other childhood cancers as well! Keep up the good fight Maya you ARE & WILL DO GREAT things in RONAN’S name, so that other children do not suffer the same fate as your sweet Ronan & the many many other children taken prematurely by this disease! xoxoxo ❤

  3. “Will he come back alive if we watch all of the movies?” my little boy asked me….we were lying together in his bed, he was having trouble falling asleep. I had just received my ROCKSTAR RONAN emails and wanted to read your latest entries. I showed my son Ronan’s picture and we talked about Ronan. I cried. My kids are no strangers to my tears… I love you Maya and I love you RoBaby…

    I have a joke for you. It made me laugh, and I hope it makes you laugh too. It incorporates a pretty great word too:: Boy asks, “Granny have you seen my pills, they’re marked LSD.”
    Granny replies, “ Fuck the pills, have you seen the dragon in the kitchen?!”

  4. Hello, Im new here! My name is Melanie and my son’s name is Aaron Wayne. I did not have the chance to follow you or Ronan, for that I am sorry, however I was dealing with my son’s cancer for the second time since the age of 11. My son was diagnosed twice and the second time around we were not as blessed as the first. I guess the reason I’m posting is because I want you to know that I to have been trying to bring awareness to this horrible disease kiiling our babies, and our future. September 20th made a yr that my son has been gone from my sight. We tied Gold ribbons on the tree’s outside our local Children’s Hospital. The newspaper and 1 TV station was there. The article was in the Temple Daily Telegram, in Temple Texas, as “Families Gather to Honor Cancer Patients”. If you ever have any free time on your hands I think it’s a pretty good start for us. I also wrote a blog on the hospital website that is now sharing a page with Taylor Swifts Song about Ronan. I just wanted to stop in and tell you hello, I’m sorry for the loss of all our children. I am being very vocal about this in my local community and in surrounding communities. I am very glad to see someone got the attention of someone who might be able to help by shinning some light on this DEMON! God Bless you all.

    Melanie Karnowski

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