Our song for the night, Ro baby. It is so us.

I am a HUGE P!nk fan. HUGE. So of course, I bought her new album today. I was putting on my make-up when this song came on. It literally brought me to my knees and before I knew it, I was sobbing on the floor and my make-up was ruined. Listen to the lyrics. I felt like she wrote this, for me. Everything about the song, reminded me of you, Ronan and how hard it is to live this life, without you. Am I crazy? I don’t think so. I think P!nk might have some Ronan/Mama ESP going on. “Little feet, tired of being a fighter, baby blues, parallel universe, beam me up.” Ummm… this is my life.

Everyone should buy her album. It is amazeballs.


There’s a whole n’other conversation going on
In a parallel universe
Where nothing breaks and nothing hurts
There’s a waltz playing frozen in time
Blades of grass on tiny bare feet
I look at you and you’re looking at me

Could you beam me up,
Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
Probably just stare, happy just to be there holding your face
Beam me up,
Let me be lighter, tired of being a fighter,
I think, a minutes enough,
Just beam me up.

Some black birds soaring in the sky,
Barely a breath like our one last say
Tell me that was you, saying goodbye,
There are times I feel the shiver and cold,
It only happens when I’m on my own,
I tell ya, tell me, I’m not alone

Could you beam me up,
Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
I’d Probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face
Beam me up,
Let me be lighter, tired of being a fighter,
I think, a minutes enough,
Just beam me up.

In my head, I see your baby blues
I hear your voice and I, I break in two and now there’s
One of me, with you

So when I need you can I send you a sign
I’ll burn a candle and turn off the lights
I’ll pick a star and watch you shine

Just beam me up,
Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
Probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face
Beam me up,
Let me be lighter, tired of being a fighter,
I think, a minutes enough,
Beam me up
Beam me up
Beam me up
Could you beam me up.

39 thoughts on “Our song for the night, Ro baby. It is so us.”

  1. Oh my I’ve been writing all day let me be lighter, tired if being a fighter on my note book on my journal even on my social networks, I love pink n her music definitely helps anyone get thru anything – xo love from ecuador

  2. I heard this when I was getting my hair done the other day as they played the album through in its entirety…nearly cried when I heard this song and thought of you xo

  3. You must have a great effect on the the universe…all kinds of cool people are singing songs for you and Ronan =) I agree, Pink is awesome. And so are you. Keep at it, Mama.

  4. Perfection. As are you, Pink, Taylor and of course, “our” Ronan. You know he’s “ours” now too. Through your love and generous soul he has become our baby. Our loss. Our pain. My prayer is that with so many of us sharing your grief, it will become just ever-so-slightly lighter for you. I cannot think of you, hear Taylor’s song (and now Pink’s), without ruining my make-up as well. Thank you for sharing yourself as freely as you do. You are loved.

  5. I love the person that you are. You bring out so much love on everything you do. I love how you are a stay a home mom. I myself have been one for the past twenty years. I love my three children. And even though they are on their to college I always stand behind them without them knowing. But I think they know that I’m still holding their hands 🙂 Your blog brings me to tears. And I myself am a strong person. Keep doing what you are doing. You’re such an amazing wife and mother. ❤

  6. Pink’s voice is so completely underrated and beautiful. Such powerful lyrics, Maya. Feels like she is singing for you and Ronan. Right down to the “blades of grass on tiny bare feet” and “in my head I see your baby blues”. I picture you listening to this with your eyes closed and Ronan’s arms wrapped around you. I hope you get your minute, Maya.

  7. I love the person that you are. Everything you do, I see so much love in you. I love the fact that you are a stay a home mom. I to am a stay a home mom for the past twenty years. It’s the best thing I have ever done. Even though my children are on their way to college I still stand behind them. But I know they know that I’m still holding their hands no matter what age they are. You’re an amazing wife and mother. Reading your blog brings me to tears. The love of a mother is the most wonderful thing. Thank you for everything you are doing ❤

  8. Just a lovely song – thank you for telling us about it. Maya, you are a fucking awesome pinkalicious lady and I wish I could beam you up and bring you here to the UK so I could give you a hug. The best I can do is send you a whopping great virtual hug. Open you arms, it’s on its way. xxx

  9. Amazing! Another song writer credit for the Romazing Rockstar. 🙂 Beautiful. Really and truly so. Lots of love to you, Mama Maya! xoxo

  10. I Love love love P!nk, have done since I was 18 (Im 31 now) I agree this song is perfect! I wrote to pink on twitter and told her about you and Ronan I hope she gets in touch ❤ I think everyone should write to her.

  11. Maya,

    I love that you and Ro share songs almost every night. Here is one that is pretty sad, but I thought was appropriate. It is by an artist named Michael W. Smith and called “In my arms tonight”…

    I really wanna see you
    I really wanna touch you
    If only I could hold you in my arms again
    I really wanna reach you
    Forever to be with you
    If only I could hold you in my arms again

    It was written in the stars
    On the pages of my heart
    Oh, that someday I would find
    The love I feel for you tonight

    On the ocean of our dreams
    Like a prayer you came to me
    And the longing that had been
    Found it’s ending in your eyes
    And I am missing you tonight


    Across the waves, across the sea
    Separating you from me
    Here’s a promise and it’s mine
    I will love you for all time
    I’m wishing you were here tonight

  12. Wow, I couldn’t get on youtube until just now to hear that song. Very powerful and lots of things that relate to what I have read about Ronan and Maya on her blog.

    It is a gorgeous song and filled with a lot of emotion. Thank you for posting it Maya and letting us even further into your dreams. Good night Ro, your mother is a special lady and you are touching people from all over the world.

  13. I love P!nk too, that’s a great song! I agree, it’s definitely about you and Ronan!! Great lyrics, it brought tears to my eyes and for a few minutes I felt you r pain, thank you Maya! : {

  14. Miss Maya, I have read a lot of what has happened with your baby boy Ronan. I must say he has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. This blog particularly stuck out because I too are a fan ok P!nk, and I had no idea she even had a new album out until I read this and then I clicked straight to “Beam Me Up” to listen to it, and sure enough this song was meant for you and baby Ronan. Tears were rolling when I was reading the lyrics. I am touched by you and I pray for you all the time. I have a son turning one and as if I wasn’t already blessed enough, your blogs made me hold him tighter, kiss him more, and tell him every day how much he means to me and will continue to do so. Stay strong momma. I will continue to send prayers your way.

  15. I was listening to P!nk’s song Beam Me Up and it instantly reminded me of my nephew Joshua who passed away from Leukemia 3 years ago in October. I was going to post the lyric’s on Joshua’s facebook wall via the Youtube video. Before posting I perused the commits below the video and noticed a ton of people saying “Ronan’s mommy sent me here”… Seeing this so many times, I knew I had to find out about Ronan and his mommy. I googled it and found your blog. Just wanted to say thank for sharing Ronan’s story, raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer and for sharing your personal and raw feelings with us. Stay strong, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers… Who knows, maybe Joshua and Ronan and playing together in Heaven?

    Next mission is to find Ronan’s song by Taylor Swift and give it a listen.

  16. Oh Maya! I can’t believe that song! I just got the album and I remembered your post. But I didn’t have the name of the song in my head. I knew it was this one the first 3 seconds! It instantly had me in tears thinking of you hearing it for the first time.

    On a lighter note…I LOVE P!nk, and so do my girls who are 4 and 8. I do have to sensor some of the songs by singing loudly over them (like humming or making up some rhyming word), or turning down the volume!
    This really made me laugh, was when Payton (4) was singing Funhouse while walking around the house…and says “This used to be a funhouse, but now it’s full of evil clowns!” And I thought to myself, yeah I agree. But I turned to her and said “…is that really what they say?…because I thought it was …”but now its an evil clouse” and without missing a beat she looks at me and says, why would P!nk say that…that doesn’t make any sense! Again I thought to myself, yeah I agree.
    Then last week I had just downloaded the “I’m Not Dead” CD, and we were listening to it when she said after one song…”Leave me alone, I’m lonely”, and “go away, come back”…why would you say that…that just doesn’t make any sense. We had then gone full circle where she had to teach me and then I had to teach her about thinks making sense or maybe not making any sense.

    This life that we are given, a lot of times it doesn’t make sense, we never know where it is going to lead us…and I believe we all come together for certain reasons. This summer I was introduced to a little boy, through facebook, by a parent in my community who’s daughter had just been diagnosed with ALL. This little boy, Julian Ross, is 7 and has stage 4 neuroblastoma. I decided that I wanted to help both of these children, so the community and I came together and had a “Kids Kicking Cancer Carnival” for both children. It was an amazing turn out and the small community of Oswego, New York has continued to step up and help these families. I have stayed in close contact with both mothers through out this journey. It was Julian’s mom who posted on a song that Taylor Swift had just sung. It had shaken her to her core, because of the obvious similarities. As soon as I heard the song, I knew what she was talking about! All I could do was think of Julian. I shared the song over and over and then found you, your blog and your foundation. I am so captivated by you and your spirit. I am eager to learn more about all the updates on your beautiful dreams and how they will come true, for a state of the art Neuroblastoma Center. I know that you will move mountains, because that is what makes sense.

    Julian was diagnosed August 4th, 2011. In the process of treatment they found out that he was Chemo resistant. He had a stem cell transplant and things seemed to turn around…for a while. He went through Proton Therapy, and upon completion, 2.5 weeks later, his results showed that his cancer had spread substantially, and his bone marrow was not producing any cells. The last hope was antibody treatment, in which they had no idea if it would work, and had extensive side effects. This brings us up to date, where antibody treatment had been done for 2 months. This past Tuesday was when all the tests were done to see the results of the treatment.
    Here is an update from Julian’s Joust on Facebook, from Tuesday of this week…
    So the results are in……………..Julian’s scans show SIGNIFICANT improvement!!!! Not only is the cancer in his spine very dim, the spots in his hip that have refused to go away for over a year, are completely GONE!!!! His bone marrow that was dead us producing cells!!!! Little man is fighting back and kicking cancers butt!!!! Our doctor was floored on how well it worked. Now, we all know it is because GOD intervened! Please keep the prayers going, they are working!!!!!! We live you all and Ty for your support. BIG group hugs and kisses!!!!!!

    Simply amazing!

  17. No wonder you connected to “Beam me up”. She wrote the song for a friend who lost a child. She talks about it in an interview on her truth about love tour page.

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