To the sweetest little Swifty’s…


You all are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for all the love and support. To whomever drew this picture, I just wanted to say, it took my breath away. To me, it looks like an older version of Ronan. I often wonder, what he would look like at 5 years old. I think he would have looked a lot like this. You are so talented and this drawing is so beautiful. I miss my little man so much. He was perfect. Thank you for this. It tugged at my heart a lot.


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  1. I saw this earlier on twitter and I thought the same thing. Looks like a 5 yr old Ro!!! The person is definitely gifted and talented.
    Beautiful Ronan!!! Xo

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, and I know someday you will reunite with Ronan up in Heaven. My brother was born with cancer in his liver, however it wasn’t discovered until he was 1. He fought it for a year, and almost died. Not too long after he turned 2 in the hospital and soon after got to leave, he was diagnosed with Autism and Fragile X Syndrome. I wasn’t alive yet- Hes almost 16 and im almost 14. I’ve seen the pictures of him, so little and fragile in the hospital bed. Breaks my heart. He’s healthy and cancer-free now, thank God. But im soooo sorry about little Ronan, and I cannot even IMAGINE the pain of losing a child. 😦

  3. Gorgeous drawing!!! : )


    Live in Los Angeles and want to help The Ronan Thompson Foundation?

  4. Just beautiful. I always wonder what my sons would look like if they were still alive. Sending hugs and hope. FU Cancer!

  5. WOw….gorgeous. Love to all the new lovies that are gonna come on this journey!

  6. Ronan’s Mom:
    What a beautiful boy. Keep listening to Ronan’s song…
    Lost my Kaley to medullablastoma. She was 6 for one month and then I lost her. Read about the life in your belly now. Seems crazy right? I had the same feelings of fear as you do right now… Kaley Rose died in December …. then, somehow ~ someway …. Kelly Rose was born the following July. Didn’t think it could happen after such loss. But it did. It did. And she makes me go on living …. It will happen for you too! I hate that we are members of the same ‘club’ … but we are. My name is Kelly and I am thinking of you…

  7. Very touching thanks for sharing.

  8. Simply beautiful.

  9. Maya!

    I am wishing that your baby looks exactly like Ronan. Skies up there should feel sorry for taking Ronan away. If God cannot give you Ronan back, then at least Ronan can be born again!!!!!!!!!! If that happens, I will believe Ronan has come back to us again. This drawing is amazingly beautiful.
    Now a days I am crying so much that my 5 yr old asking me “Mom! Why you always crying?. What is the problem?..” and then I cry more…I touch his little hands and pray that miracle happens and Ronan comes back to us and to his family. Ronan never wanted to leave us as we can see how much his tiny body was fighting, but then he finally gave up when he was just too tired with pain and suffering.
    To those people who think Maya got famous. To the people who criticize her writings…Come on people! Don’t you see pain in her eyes and face. She is living dead and putting herself together for her twins and Ronan. We all are not in her shoes but still we can feel the pain. I am wondering “What is wrong with this world… Why are people not HUMAN!!! Why Royal Wedding had to be that lavished… Why not it had to be simple and every dime was spent & what they spend on clothings is not get going towards saving Ronan and other children…

    Maya! You are my role model. You are an amazing mother and Ronan is proud of that as he always says” I love you”. Thank you for your fight against childhood cancer…Thank you for making us realize that how precious these children are..


  10. Hope you have been able to rest Maya. Thinking of you.

  11. Cutest little boy ever! Im am a huge Taylor Swift fan and I am so glad Taylor and you wrote this amazing song Ronan. I am so glad that Taylor helped me find your story Maya. It is so inspiring. Ronan has inspired me. I keep listening to Ronan over and over again and can’t even imagine what you are going through. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that that beautiful boy in that picture was robbed of his life. I can’t even imagine. Thank you for sharing Ronan’s story. Im glad Taylor has touched your life and that is why i love her! And thank you Ronan for being an amazing little boy and inspiring me to be a rockstar! rest in peace little guy

  12. Maya,

    Yesterday I saw you on TV. Today turned on the radio this morning and heard you on Beth and Bill (I hardly ever listen to the radio, but something told me to turn it on). Ronan is everywhere now and it’s about time!!

    When Ronan died, your story was etched in my heart, on my mind. It’s been an excruciating journey to read your words all this time, and now to hear them in song…it’s beyond anything I can describe. I didn’t need to go back and read any of your posts. It was all there, already. As she sang them, each line…the breath was literally knocked out of me.

    Your strength to keep going and grow an awareness and passion for these kids…admirable, inspiring, agonizing, thrilling, hopeful, hopeless. Such a mish-mash of emotions, thoughts, actions. Not enough words in my vocabulary.

    Even though he is away from you, you are taking care of him and you are doing astounding things in his honor. And he is taking care of you. You two are in your secret club…it’s just not quite so secret anymore.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard and read all this before. I just, had to get it off my chest? To let you know that yet another person is thinking of you both and your family daily? Action is better than words though. I’ll do what I can.

    As a local, I look out for you all the time. One day I might bump into you. If I do, there is a huge hug ready.

  13. The drawing, like your Ronan, is absolutely beautiful. I recently started following your blog, after the Stand up to Cancer aired. I have read it from the begining. I want to thank you and Ronan for making me a better person and showing me what really matters in life. I have five boys who I love with all my heart and soul and I could not begin to imagine how painful it would be to lose one of them. You and Ronan inspire me. I will do what I can to help fund research for childhood cancer, because I would want people to help if it was one of my boys that had to endure this nasty disease. In regards to your previous blog, you question if you will love your new baby as much as you love Ronan. I believe you will because you have a huge heart. There is another blog that I follow called “Notes of Naya”, the mom that writes the blog lost her baby as an infant almost a year ago and just this month she gave birth to a new baby boy. While she was pregnant she had all the fears that you mention having. Her last blog was the first since having her new little one and all those fears are put to rest. They were just fears, thats all. It’s normal to feel that way and it’s ok too. You will be the same great mom you are to Ronan and your other two boys, no doubt about it.

  14. Maya,
    Hello, my name is Tara and I am a 21 year old living in New Jersey. I am so touched by the story of Ronan. I wish I had read your blog before he passed away because I would have loved to meet your little rockstar. However, his life and his story has still touched my life. I have tirelessly spread the word of Ronan’s story and just ordered “Fuck you cancer, Rockstar Ronan” bracelets and have had people ask me about the story behind them and where to get them. I gladly tell them about Rockstar Ronan and his brave fight until the very end. Your words create this picture of this amazing, spitfire kid who was loved by so many. It’s not fair that he had to leave this earth so early in life but he has made such a HUGE impact in just his short life. He has left a legacy that will continue to live in your heart, all those that knew him, and even people like me who never knew him but feel like they did. Thank you for having the strength to share Ronan’s story with such poise and honesty. His story has truly touched me and I am glad you had the courage to share it. Hope all is as well as it can be.


  15. Hi, Maya!
    My name is Marina, I’m twenty years old and live in Brazil.
    I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, but I’m very emotional and I can’t stop crying.
    Taylor Swift is here in Rio de Janeiro for a little pocket show (which I can’t go, by the way), and I were reading some of the stories about today’s show, and then I found out about the song “Ronan” … and about you and your story.
    Your story is so… beautiful and sad, but still beautiful. u know? My mother has cancer (we discovered at the end of last year), and she is THE MOST important person in the intire world to me. So, honestly, I “know” how you feel when you say that u wanted to be able to do something to change it all.

    I read some of your posts and noticed that you have just discovered you are pregnant again and that u think you will wont be able to love your children like you love Ronan.
    Look, since last year, my family and I started attending lectures on spiritualism (do not know if you believe, I didn’t used to believe …) but … Now, my mother and I, we say that we are sure that we were mother and daughter for many, many lives and you still being. Our love is bigger than any (or almost any other) I’ve ever seen and I would do anything for her.
    What I mean is: Nobody will replaced your beloved Ronan, and neither should they! Your childrens are also very loved, I’m sure! But perhaps this child you are “waiting”… is the spirit of Ronan. I’m sorry if something I said may bother you. That wasn’t my intention.

    I hope you get happier and happier. And I hope Ronan is in a beautiful place waiting for all of us.


  16. Your beautiful little man did not die in vain. Because of your decision to document his and your family’s journey through this horrible experience, now the ENTIRE world will know your son’s name and story. The awarness this will bring to research for a cure for this disease is immeasurable. Your beautiful little bot is truly inspiring, and he has forever touched me and countless other people out there that are now becoming aware of his story.

    I am not a mother myself yet, but I can only imagine the pain that you went thorugh and that you continue to go through. My heart breaks for the pain that your little guy had to suffer through. You are right when you say that he did not deserve it. I know that you want more than anything for all of this to go away and to just have your little boy back, and I wish that was possible for you and your family more than anything else in this world. If there was anyway to make that happen, I have no doubt that you would have already done it. I hope there is some small amoputn of comfort that you can take in the fact that Ronan is now bringing awareness to a horrible disease that otherwise would not be in the spotlight, and also that he has touched SO MANY people out there, and will continue to forever.

    I am 32 years old, and am still grappling with that “do I want to have kid’s?” question. After reading your story and being inspired by the incredible love and bond that you had with your little man, it leaves no doubt in my mind that I can only hope I am lucky enough to have that with my own children that I now know that I want. Your sweet little Ronan will live on in so many ways. Ronan, you, and your family are truly an inspiration.

  17. Ronans story has gripped me for 2 days now. He was so beautiful and its fantastic taylor swifts song ronan and ronans story will help spread the word on child cancer and how no child should have to suffer. I really hope there will be more focus on cancer awareness now.
    As a mother maya, you are an inspiration and i will never take my two children for granted again.

    Thank you for sharing your story


  18. Maya,
    After hearing taylor’s song on the radio and seeing many swiftes write on twitter i realized i have to tell you something…
    You are a brave mother and will continue to be brave for your twins and new child. Ronan is an angel in heaven taking care of you. Someday you will reunite with him, but right now you have to be strong for your family. Ronan is in our hearts, and every time i hear the song I start crying because Cancer is a mean fucking bitch that takes lives everyday. Keep writing your thoughts on the blog for thousands of people will keep supporting you, including me!
    My best friend once told me “When life gives you a 100 reasons to frown just give it one reason to smile!” and till this day i don’t forget her words. We are very close and when ever I am sad she tells me these words. I know you will have a wound in your heart but you have a reason to smile and that reason is that your twins, husband and new child (unborn) are healthy and will help you keep Ronan’s memory alive.
    I hope one day you will find peace with yourself and show your kids that you’re okay. No one should lose anyone special to them, but God might be giving you a second chance. He is giving you Ronan back in a different form, in a new child. You will love this child sooo much and realize that you don’t want to lose him/her or your twins.
    You were a great mom to Ronan and still are. He is proud to be your son, and wants you to be happy in life. He wants you to take care of his brothers and his new sister/brother. Don’t ever give up in life. Live it to the fullest but remember Ronan, keep his memory in your heart just as he takes a part of my heart now.
    Taylor swift is a true angel on earth, she knows exactly what you’re going through. you should thank her and tell her that millions of swifts love her for thinking of you and Ronan and making us aware of childhood cancer. I hope you never go through this again. I know its though but Ronan appreciates everything you did for him. You truly are a role model!

    God bless your twins and husband,
    Much love to you, all your family members and unborn child…
    Lynn ♥♥

  19. I read this whole blog, this whole time, yet for some reason I have not commented once, maybe because I didn’t know what to say, maybe I didn’t want to be any more then someone watching what you wrote.

    But I’m going to say it, my uncle passed away from cancer when I was 8 my grandma passed away from skin cancer before I was born and, one year ago, around 2 months before little Ronan I was diagnosed, I had cancer in my small intestine, a rare and hard to treat cancer, even more rare in kids (I’m only 13).

    But you have been through so much. Please, help make it known. Also one donation to breast cancer fund, is a liar, they stole an old woman’s idea of a salmon ribbon for breast cancer and turned it pink. The woman said no, you can’t have this design, but they stole it. Please do this, do it for Ro, do it for me, do it for everyone, remember the faces of the parents, remember the children who perished, the ones who still suffer, and the ones who have grown, and do it for them. Keep your eye on the goal, and do more then find the cure, more then make it known, more then make it vanish, make all those who have experiances have there trauma, but not there memory, let them remember the pain, but not badly, let them, let you live on.

  20. I honestly don’t know what to say… You and Ronan’s story have touched my heart so. I heard about your story through another blog I follow. I have never lost a child and can’t imagine the unbearable pain that comes with it. I am a teacher but have this yearning desire/feeling that I am meant to do more or something to help these children. I actually have a child in my classroom in remission from Leukemia. Seems like politicians and such would just do the right thing. I don’t comment on blogs often, but just felt the need. I too am due in April. Blessing to you and yours…

  21. Maya, I skipped ahead on my reading to suggest that you send copies of your un-edited blog to a producer who will make it into a movie with part of proceedings going to neuroblastoma research and some to cure childhood cancer. Maybe Taylor Swift can put you in touch with someone.

  22. God bless u and ur family! #ronanforever

  23. hello i just wanted to say that you are an awesome mom.ronan knows that.Your story has inspired me. i have wanted to be a nurse since i was a little girl im in school for my pre recs and have been thinking of going into peds. i heard Taylor song on the radio monday and instantly downloaded it. it made me cry. my new goal is to be a nurse in peds oncology to help families the way that they should be helped the way your family should have been helped. i have a big heart for children or anybody that is sick. sometimes i wonder why people are the way they are they should want to help and not look down on you for doing what you believe is right. i hope that you can see that ronan is helping you along the way and that you are the best mom he could ever ask for. Raise a lot of money for the children that need help and im glad that someone is pushing so hard for them.

  24. She can’t remember a time when she felt needed.
    If love was red then she was color blind.
    All her friends, they’ve been tried for reason
    And crimes that were never defined.
    She’s saying “Love is like a barren place
    And reaching out for human faith is like a journey
    I just don’t have a map for.”
    So baby’s gonna take a dive and
    Push the shift to overdrive
    Send a signal that she’s hanging
    All her hopes on the stars
    What a pleasant dream
    **To The Moon and Back-SG**

  25. I’ve been listening to Ronan for about an hour now, crying all the time. Your story is sad and beautiful and inspiring and I’m sending my love to you, your family and Ronan.

  26. I have most of your blogs and I have to say, how brave and strong you and your family must be. It breaks my heart to know that a mother has to go on everyday without her other half(her child) I cry everytime I read your entries it make me wish I would have gotten to meet Ronan he is a special child, and now your family has a beautiful, smart,big hearted, loving, a special little angel that will watch over every move your family makes. I know it doesn’t make the pain go away, and they lie when they say time heals all wounds.
    You and your family will always be in my prayers and thoughts, I just told my grandpa to help Ronan til his family can see him again I promise he is in great hands…. love from Illinois

  27. Bless your heart, I know its rough now and will be for awhile but you will see him again someday.

  28. I comented a few hours ago, and well, I am still here listening to the song and crying. I dont think Ill ever forget Ronan’s story. I’ll put this beautiful music on my ipod and I’ll send him my prayers and positive vibrations everytime I’ll listen to it.
    He surely was always surrounded by love, but I don’t think he ever was loved by as many people as he is now. I think few people have. He definately is special.

  29. Maya. You are by far the strongest woman I’ve ever heard of. Words can not express the hurt and heartbreak I feel for you. I have a daughter the same age as Ronan and I can not fathom the struggle you and Ronan went through. I am honestly so glad that I came across Taylor’s song, and now this beautiful story. God bless you and your family. ❤

  30. simply beautiful

  31. Hi Maya,
    I’m just Sue, a good friend of your Mom. Yesterday I met with Jenn, and she honored me by letting me become Maya’s Mafia Bo (Vietnamese for Grandma). We met to make sure everything was ready for the lemonade stand. I will be at The Gold Party with a friend who lives near you, but I’m camera shy & non-photogenic, so please don’t let your Mom talk you into having my photo taken w/ you & Charisma, ok? I prefer to be in the background doing all I can do for you & Ronan. Love, Sue

  32. My god…what a beautiful child. Such a tragic story. I can’t imagine going through losing him. Your strength amazes and inspires me, Maya.


  33. Before Monday I have never heard of you, or Ronan…..then came across your blog. SInce, I have read it start to finish and I have cried and fought back tears more times then I could count. As a Mom, I cannot imagine what you have been thru, your writing is so expressive and raw that a few times I had to close the page and walk away to clear my head and heart. What you are doing with your pain and grief is nothing short of amazing, what a beautiful way to honor your son’s life…..I’m sure Ronan is beyond proud of you. God bless you and your family, enjoy the new baby and best of luck kicking childhood cancers ass, with the army of supporters you have behind you it doesn’t stand a chance!!

  34. I wrote my blog post about you and Ronan today. The more awareness about cancer, the better!

  35. Maya, you are an amazing woman. I’ve been following your story for quite a while now, and I’m so glad that you’re getting such positive attention for all of your hard work. You’re an inspiration, and an amazing woman and mother. Keep up the fight – we’re all behind you.

  36. I want to thank you for allowing Taylor to swing about your beautiful little boy. I have two children–8 year old girl and 5 year old boy. He was born a month after Ronan. Your story and his song have made me realize how much I take for granted with them. I have been crying for days now thinking about what your family has experienced and can’t possibly imagine it. No longer do I tell my children that I am too busy to play because housework needs done. No longer do I lose my temper with them when they spill something on the kitchen floor. I am not saying every moment is perfect but I cherish my time with them so much more than I ever have. I thank you for opening my eyes and realizing that each day is a gift and to treasure it as much as possible. RIP, little one…..

  37. I have never been so moved by a blog or a cancer story before. I am a mom of 2 and ever since I read your blog I have been thinking of Ronan the whole time. Bless you and your family. You are a wonderful mother and a wonderful inspiration for everyone. Your love story has touched countless people, and will bring the much needed awareness. Keep up the good work.. we are all behind you!! I just cant get your beautiful boy and his beautiful, soulful eyes out my of head! He is indeed a special little boy to have this effect on people. I find myself crying from time to time, and hoping that some way Ronan will come back. But I do like to believe that when he passed away his soul became one with yours. He lives through you Maya…

  38. Hi Dear Maya…

    You don’t know me but I want to tell you you are so brave, so admirable, so strong!! I didn’t know whether write here or not, my english is not so good…because I’m chilean. I used to read everyday the dailymail in my work, is crazy because I’m not england but it helps me in my english and the other day I saw this news about Taylor Swift and your beautiful son Ronan and cancer…

    I’m so much interested in cancer because my father was diagnosed with glioblastoma almost a year ago, is a terrible form of stage IV cancer…and I am so angry about it, trying to search in internet and everywhere why this is happening to perfect healthy people!!?

    And then I felt so much pain because of your boy, beautiful boy with the most beautiful eyes and then I remembered my brother (5) and my dad…and the only thing I wanted to do is cry, and trying to do something…

    I read your blog, all day long, and I don’t know how to explain it but I felt so connected to you…I’m 23, don’t have kids but…It’s something inside me that hurts so much, believe me that I tried to put me in your place since the first day till now and the only thing I want to do for you now is try to ease your pain…I wish I could carry with the half of your pain and feelings…

    I pride everyday for you, for your family…and I’m sending you always just a big hug, a big warm hug. We are so so far away but I feel Ronan so much close to my heart, he really touched my heart, he is in my life now and in my voice too.

    In someway I feel something special with this, I feel that I have been calling for something more, not just stay here watching how many children and people are dying with no sign of cure…maybe I have no solution for this but if I can to prevent it would be great for me and for everyone who is fighting with this…

    I wish I could explain better what I’m trying to say and what I feel, it’s a little bit difficult in english but I couldn’t be quiet because I really really wanted to write to you…

    Even you don’t know me I’m always thinking of you and with all my heart I’m telling you thank you for let us be in your life, be part of your story and thanks for Ronan, because he came to change this world.

    With all my heart,

  39. Dear Maya,
    You don’t know me and I don’t know you personally, but your life story and of your beautiful son Ronan has touched my heart in the most beautiful way. I’m sorry that it took the loss of your son for me to reflect on my life and to wake up and appreciate the blessings that are my children, which btw I have three, my husband, and just my family in general. I feel so ashamed about the times I do easily complain about my kids and not really stopping to just enjoy them and their lives. Just knowing that would trade all that had happened just to hear and ser your little Ro throw some kind of tantrum. I, too, like so many People, became aware of your son by Taylor’s song on Friday. Since then I have read so many of your blogs and have cried for your pain and loss. I am a mom, and I can’t even begin to understand your pain, but one thing I do know is,that you are a mom who hurts for her loss, but you are also strong and an inspiration to so many!!! I have never read anyone’s blogs. Me responding to one is unheard of, but for you, your little boy, and to stand up to cancer, I HAD to do it!!! My husband was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, so I personally have also been affected by this deadly desease. So all this to say that I support your cause 100%!!!! Congratulations on the new baby and I know you will love this baby sooooo much!!!!! Thank you for all you have done:) and remember to just push through with everything you got!!! I know I will:)

    1. What I meant to say in the paragraph that didn’t make any sence is……just knowing that you would give anything to just here and see your little Ro throw any kind of tantrum. As long as you still had him. Just wanted to clarify.

  40. I found out about Ronan today. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Your words are so deep, I can’t stop crying.
    Some members of my family died from cancer too but Ronan and you made me change.
    I will value my life a lot more now.
    Thanks. You are an incredible mom.

  41. We lost our own little boy last Winter to Enterovirus. He was younger than Ronan but had those same beautiful blue eyes. As I found your story through a news site today while flying, I made a donation and cried like a little baby. Must have been quite a sight to everyone sitting in first class with me, but who really cares? I know the depth of your pain and weep for your loss. But I also know that little guy is waiting excitedly for the day far off when you’re reunited again, just as mine is. I hope there is some solace for you to be found in that truth.

  42. It is amazing to see so many comments here on your blog from people around the world and all they have is love to share. With Ronan’s help, your blog inspires goodness in the world. You are making a difference already in everyone who reads your blog. We walk away more awake and aware on what’s truly important in life — to love your kids everyday, to absorb the everyday small moments and be consciously aware and grateful for them. To stop and just absorb them. People run so fast focusing on “doing and “having”. Through your words on your blog, we are shaken awake that “doing and having” is not at all what life is about. It is about love and about what energy you put out into the world. Kids are getting more hugs and receiving more patience from their parents. Thank you Maya. Keep pushing forward. You’ve gathered more people than you know behind your cause. We are ready to help and contribute to kicking childhood cancer’s effin ass!

  43. I wanted to write and leave you a message. I’m 26 and am in school to be a nurse. I’ve known since I was little that whatever I do with my life career wise, I want to help kids. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. Then around freshman year in high school I changed to child psychology. One thing is I was born with an inoperable cyst at the base of my brain, which caused hydrocephalus because CSF can get into my head but not out. I had a shunt placed at 3 months old to correct this. It never bothered me again, besides a malfunction that required surgery at 7 months old. When I was in my junior year of high school, I started with horrible headaches, which within a month or so, ended with me having emergency surgery due to a malfunction. I had another surgery a month later. Since I’ve graduated high school I’ve had 21 surgeries, thus making getting through college hard and seeming to be impossible at times. It was all the time in the hospitals that made me finally change my major to nursing. I was in children’s hospitals for all but the last few surgeries, and it quickly became apparent that it is the nurses who really make the stay as easy as it can be or as hard as it can be for the child and their family. Yes the doctor is responsible for the care, but nurses are the ones who are there all day with the kids. They can be there for them when they need to cry, but don’t want to do it in front of their parents because they don’t want them to be sad(something I did). I absolutely love kids, and having been on the patient side, I can’t think of something more amazing to do with my life than to help them and their families through what might be the toughest point of their life. I’ve always gone back and forth with what department I wanted between neurology and oncology. However, hearing Ronan’s story through Taylor’s song and this blog made the decision an easy one. Most of these kids are in the hospital long term and they deserve people willing to devote their heart and soul to them. I know I can do that. Thank you so much for your strength in writing this story and your honesty. Maybe I can help kids like Ronan and families like yours and somehow make their day a little brighter, while we all do what we can to make sure a cure is found. Thank you!

  44. Dear Maya,

    my boyfriend is a firefighter. A couple of weeks ago he showed my stepfather and his grandson the firestation (is that the right word? sorry, I´m not a native speaker). My stepfathers grandson had lost his best friend some days earlier due to cancer. When he showed them one of the cars with one of these really long ladders on them my stepdads grandson asked if the ladder reached up to heaven where he could see his friend. I don´t know what my stepfather answered. What do you answer a child who has just lost his best friend when he´s asking such an innocent, heart breaking question? I really don´t know. I´m following your Blog for a couple of days now. Of course Taylor´s song made me read it. I´m really sorry that I did not notice it before. But I am aware. I´m aware that cancer is a fucking asshole for taking Ronan away and for taking any child away.
    I really don´t know how to end this comment, ´cause everything I come up with does sound so lame and meaningless considering your situation.
    But maybe FUCK YOU CANCER is a good last thing to say.

    Kitty ❤

  45. WONDERFUL DRAWING! I feel so touched by Ronan’s story! Like I have never been touched with feelings before. Do you know who also remind me of older Ronan? :’) David Beckham’s middle son Romeo.They look a bit alike I think.

  46. you are an absolutely wonderful, courageous and strong woman, the effort that you put into for awareness of cancer patients to help them fight through is amazing, i listened to Ronan and cried like i’ve never cried before because although i didnt experience anything close to yours my heart broke from the perspective the song gave me and because i have a four year old sister who means the world to me and i kept thinking of you and how strong you are, he must have been a wonderful boy, God bless you and your family<3

  47. Awww<3

  48. HI Maya, I sent you an email yesterday, telling about Ronan, my son and the product for Mucositis. Just had to let you know, Jen Goodman Linn was a good friend of mine, we are both from Livingston, NJ, went to elem. jr high and high school together. I thought she was the ultimate warrior in this fight, and am still amazed how much moey she raised. We are trying to bring Cycle for Survival to Denver.

    GOd Bless,

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