“Hey Maya, it’s Taylor Swift…”

Ronan. Do I even have words to write about what happened today? How can I find the words to write about this tonight? It’s taken me about 10 hours to process the phone call I got this morning. It all started with a voicemail.

“Hey Maya, it’s Taylor Swift…”

“What???” I thought to myself. Taylor Swift just called my cell phone. O.k. take a few minutes and process this. I was waiting for your Mr. Sparkly Eyes, so I sat with this voicemail for about 30 minutes, until I was done visiting with him. It was only after I was getting up to leave that I said to him, “Taylor Swift left me a voicemail earlier.” I let him listen to it. “Really? You need to call her back,” he said. I calmly said, “I will do so, when I leave here. I wonder what she wants.” He chuckled and said, “You are something else. Nobody else in their right mind would be calm about something like that.” I left there smiling with not a clue as to what was to come.

I got into my car and was headed to Dr. JoRo’s office, but I decided to pull over to return Taylor’s phone call. I was expecting to talk to her mom, since she had told me on her voicemail that she was getting on a flight to New York City. To my surprise, I was patched into Taylor herself.

“Hi Maya! How are you?” she said in that sweet darling voice of hers.
“Hi Taylor! I am well, how are you?” as if she was just another one of my everyday friends.

My calmness soon turned to complete and utter frozen shock when these words came out of her mouth.

“I wrote a song for Ronan,” she said. The tears started pouring down my cheeks as soon as I heard her say those words. But her words didn’t stop there. Not only did she write a song for you, but she wanted to know if it would be alright to preform it on the nationally televised Stand Up 2 Cancer show which is on every major network and is seen in over 100 countries. She wanted to know if she could use a picture of you in the background while she sang the song. She wanted to make me co author of the song with her. She talked about how from reading this blog and following our story, has inspired her and how amazing she thinks I am and all I am doing, to bring awareness to childhood cancer. She went on and on about some other things, which I tried to understand and reply to, but I couldn’t focus on a thing besides the fact that she wrote a song, for you. That she hadn’t forgotten about your beautiful blue eyes and our love story. One so powerful that Taylor Swift decided to write a song about it. This cannot be real. But then I remembered, this was you she was talking about. Of course this is real, because you are that beautiful and that amazing and our love is that strong. I don’t even remember what I said to Taylor as had buried my head into your blanket that I take with me everywhere and all I could pretty much do was cry and tell her thank you. How do you even find the words to thank somebody for something like this? I was a blubbering mess telling her how much this meant to me as she was helping me keep your memory alive and helping me to do amazing things. How if I had to pick my dream person to be tied to your name, it would be her because she is full of so much pure goodness, just like you.

I got off the phone and I was shaking, crying, and could not even form a thought. I called your daddy. He was so quiet after I told him the news. I yelled at him in the phone, “Are you there? Why are you so quiet?” He said he was so quiet because he was crying. He couldn’t believe what had just happened.

My day was shot after that. I picked your brothers up and let them listen to the voicemail from Taylor. They were both smiling but couldn’t wait to tell me about who got hit in the face with a football at recess. I had to act like that story was half as exciting as the one I had just told them. Good thing my acting skills are becoming better. Yeah, football story… just as awesome as my Taylor Swift story. You gotta love 9 year old boys, right:)

I have been thinking about this all day long. I am not proud of myself very much anymore because you died and that just ruins any sort of goodness that I am able to feel most of the time. Because of the whole, I was your mama, I promised you I would get you better, and I didn’t. To me, that is still unforgivable. I know your cancer was out of my hands, Ro, but you know it destroys me that I broke my promise to you. Today, I let myself be a little proud. Do you know why? It’s because of that whole following my heart thing. When Taylor invited me to her concert last year and I had the chance to spend a little time with her, I just knew she was going to do something amazing, on her terms and her time. I had so many people trying to push me and saying, “You need to reach out to Taylor Swift. See if she can help you get X,Y, and Z done for Ronan’s Foundation. See if she will donate this or that or do this or that.” I just responded with, “No thank you. I’m not going to do that.” People looked at me as if I were crazy, but asking something of Taylor, just felt wrong. I always kept it to myself why it was that I was not going to reach out to this very generous girl, who out of the kindness of her heart, invited me to her concert, only to take to time to talk about you, with me. To me, that was enough. I was so thankful just to hear her say your name out loud. That was so much more then I could have ever asked for. I always went back to, if Taylor does something for Ronan, it will be something completely organic and natural, not because she felt pressured or forced to. Not because I asked her to. I didn’t ask, Ronan. I sat back and just let the world work in the way which I have always known it would… because it was meant to be. Because I feel the best things that happen in the world, just happen naturally, when they are supposed to and when the universe comes together. I mean, I get the news that I am pregnant only to find out about a week later, that Taylor Swift wrote a song just for you?? That is you working your magic in a way that I cannot even wrap my head around. It’s been so long since I’ve had so much good come our way that I don’t even know what to do with it all.

It’s been 5 days since I got the Taylor call. I’m having to keep this hush hush for now which I totally understand. I am still in complete and utter shock at this point. The timing of all of this is really unbelievable. How the stars and the universe are just aligning at just the right time. How everything that I knew would happen, is just falling into place, naturally. The way that I always trusted in myself and you, to make this all happen. If you had to die Ronan, and I have to live on this earth without you… you can be damn sure, I am going to make something amazing come out of it. This is by far, the most amazing thing that I could ever have imagined… times 1,000,000,0000. I could not have dreamed up any of this happening, in my head. How that girl, with the most sparkling blue eyes, that remind me so much of you… is about to finally give a face and a voice to childhood cancer that it needs so desperately. Now, people will want to pay attention. Now, maybe childhood cancer will get the awareness/funding/and attention that it deserves. Now, maybe less children will die in the future due to somebody huge, stepping up and caring. Taylor Swift, just changed the face of this disease and all I can do is sit here and sob about it. But I am sobbing in a way that I never sob anymore. Because I am so unbelievably happy, Ronan. This is all because of you and our love story. One that will live on forever and do such good things in this world. All with the help of an amazing girl who just happens to be named, Taylor Swift. She could have done this for anybody, Ronan. Anybody. But she didn’t. She did this for you and for us. Because she knows and believes in us so much, that she is giving us the biggest gift that we could have ever received. The gift of an eternal love story between a mother and a child. One that will never end. One that will keep on living forever and soon the entire world is going to know about the most beautiful little boy, who changed the lives of so many because of the love he had for the short life that he lived on this earth.

I love you to the moon and back my spicy monkey boy. Thank you for all you are doing. Thank you, Taylor for this gift you have given us. I promise to make you both proud of all the goodness that is going to come.

I miss you, Ronan. I miss you, I love you and I hope you are safe.


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  1. I am so happy for you. I bought the song, only listening enough to find out what it was. “Ronan” has already brought so much attention to his story and to childhood cancer awareness, and I am so glad for you. You are amazing.

  2. RoMama,

    Friday was a day for Ronan! I had butterflies. I cried for about an hour. Love the words. Love the song! Love TS! RoLove always!!! Lots and lots of RoLove! I can’t wait for your research center. It’s happening! It’s big! You and Rockstar Ro are moving mountains!!! I’m with you… Everything at its time! And here you are! I was at that TS concert. I saw you! Wish we could’ve met. Someday Mama! You are an inspiration to all the people of the world. Rockstar Ro is worldwide. Keep doing what you are doing! I’m right here behind you! #mayasmafia 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful. What an amazing thing Taylor did – bringing Ronan’s story to worldwide attention AND bringing more awareness to childhood cancer. I am so thankful that you, Maya, are such an open, honest, and selfless person. You have such a beautiful soul and I thank you so much for sharing your story. Ronan’s story. I have gone through a complete transformation since discovering this blog. I am no longer a whiny brat, I no longer care about my silly, stupid “problems”. I have so much to be thankful for, and I have YOU to thank for that. I can’t wait to finish college and get a job and work with kids and give so, so much to cancer related charities. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration you have provided through your words. Taylor picked a mommy who’s story was worth worldwide attention. You are so incredible, Maya. Thank you.

  4. I am truely so happy for you, your family and Ronan, what Taylor has done is unbelievable. I don’t know if you know but his beautiful blue eyes are all over the internet, and everyone loves this little angel. This song will never be forgotten, neither is Ronan.
    Sending you lots of love ❤

  5. As I’m reading your post I’m crying as if I had lived with you and Ronan this amazing story. Taylor Swift is an amzing girl but so are you and your beautiful son Ronan. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  6. That was the best night for childhood cancer awareness ever. I, and millions of others, was in tears. Hearing your own words to your baby sung in the most beautiful voice by the most beautiful girl. I listen to it over and over every day. And cry every time.
    We all love you and your family (all 5 1/4 of you). Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. I’m so happy for you and grateful its going to bring funds and awareness to childhood cancer. ALL KIDS who die from cancer deserve a song. We have all lost our children and they are all special and an amazing tribute such as this. We sometimes get the impression that you feel your son is the only child to have been murdered by cancer and that you are the only mother whose life has been ruined by the loss, but there are unfortunately thousands of us.

    1. Kate, I don’t believe this statement is fair. Maya never said she’s the only one. However and a big however, this is HER story and so if you get that impression, it’s because it is HER life that she writes about and HER son who died to cancer.
      AND she is doing great things to bring awareness to ALL children who have this disease. Really? Why do you think she is doing this?
      Please understand I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you or anyone who lost someone to cancer, but your statement is not fair and ignorant if I say so. She is using HER story to help so many others.
      How can you say she acts like she’s the only one? What the heck do you think she is doing this for, to miraculously bring her Ronan back?! NO for everyone else in the future to not have to go trough what she went through.
      I know words can sometimes be written and read wrong but please don’t say she gives you the impression that she is the only one and her child is the only one.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. To me, Taylor’s song is for every single child who has died. I think just about any parent could relate to it. The difference between Maya and other people is that she has put herself out there, in a very raw, honest way that other people simply are unable to do. She gives people a voice…people who would otherwise not be heard. She isn’t planning on building and NB centre for herself…she doesn’t need it anymore. But there are thousands of families out there that do and will…and she is doing it for them.
        Who is the ‘we’ you refer to? This is Maya’s blog…this is her freakin’ diary that she is putting out there for all of us to see – so yeah, it’s about her…it’s about Ronan and it’s about their love story. I’m sorry for your loss, i truly am, but i think you’re being very unfair.

      2. Thank you Yvette, Ali, Abby, Lisa.. Couldn’t agree more with you all.. Thank you for your comments
        I Thank Maya and her family for sharing their story of Ronan, it has completely and utterly touched my heart, he was a beautiful beautiful angel. I love Taylor Swift even more now.

    2. Wow, Kate, that is remarkably unfair. Maya is working tirelessly for other children who are suffering from cancer. This is her blog, and obviously she’s going to focus on her own story and the child whom she misses so devastatingly each and every day. Start your own blog if you want to talk about your own struggle, but don’t begrudge someone else their good fortune in having such an amazing honor. Of course every mother would love for a superstar to write a song in memory of her baby, but come on. Taylor’s song will be a comfort to ANY parent suffering the destruction of childhood cancer. Your comment just seems very jealous and unkind. Have you read other posts from Maya about her dream of building a world class treatment center precisely to cater to families going through this terrible ordeal? Clearly, she considers other people and their terrible heartache, too.

    3. This was a really unfair, and almost hateful thing to say, for reasons the other poster already covered. But I wanted to give it an additional voice. Shame on you.

      1. This is why I should not read comments, they infuriate me!!!! Like, Ali…I am very sorry for your loss, it sucks and is so so so unfair. I can not even believe that you would think let alone write such hurtful words to Maya. Shame on you is right. Dispicable, honestly. Maya love–may you simply ignore all negativity and continue to allow Ro to lead you on this journey–so that someday mamas will not endure what you have.

  8. I just love that this wonderful girl was able to give Ronan, and all other children and families having to suffer through this, that much of a louder voice. Taylor’s lyrics were so honest and telling, and her emotion while performing the song spoke volumes about how much she cares for you, and for Ronan. There were pictures of the girl leaving the concert in tears – clearly emotionally effected. It is impossible to not be touched by Ronan’s story. Thank you, for continuing to push forward in raising awareness, Maya. Thank you, Taylor. Ronan’s legacy is an incredible one.

  9. Your family’s story has changed me forever. I will be donating to the foundation and I want to educate myself and others about cancer…cancer that stole ur baby boy from you. I am a mother of a three year old boy…and I too have one on the way….I can not comprehend the hell you have been through and live everyday. I can say how inspiring you are to make a difference and fight and live for your son! Thank you for sharing ur story and thank you for being an inspiration.

  10. Michael B. Nguyen Avatar
    Michael B. Nguyen

    Thank you. You, Ronan, and Taylor Swift have made an amazing contribution to this world. I’ve said before that in the end, our love will be the cure for cancer. With hearts like yours, I know it will be true. When I pray tonight, I’ll ask how your beautiful boy is doing, and that you receive the answer. Thank you.

  11. Hi Maya, Liam, Quinn, Woody, and the rest of your family.
    This is the first time I leave a comment here. The reason is just because I knew about your blog yesterday. And i keep reading it all night, and crying so much with this.
    You don’t have any idea of how much I want to help you with the idea of create the ”World Class Neuroblastoma Research/Care Center”. I love the idea, I think that no child deserve to have this fucking sickness and we need to make something to stop it.
    I could’nt not imagine what your family was been trought to, I just can’t stop thinking about it. Reading you it just change the way I see the people, the way I made things, everything on me. I really hope that someone find the cure of that disease, to all the sickness.
    To all the pain that people has to fight against everyday of their lives.
    I don’t know what to make, I don’t know who to talk about this, i just know that i really want to help, everyone.
    I’m just 15, and I’m from Paraguay, very very far, but I just want that you know that you have people reading you from all the world, and we all support you.
    I’ll pray for you, and for every person who has been sick o related to a sickness.
    Hoping you the best, wishing you luck..
    – Jani P. S.

    ps: sorry for the mistakes, i’m not that good on english, I only speak spanish, so.

  12. This made me cry from the start. I’ve never been do proud of Taylor as a Swifty, and I can’t stop singing ‘Ronan’ in my head. Every time it comes to mind, a tear drop fills my eye. My little brother is nearly 4 years old, and every time I see Ronan’s bright blue eyes and smiling face, I can’t help but think of him. And then I think of what it would feel like if I lost him to something so disgusting. It would bring my world crashing down. God bless you Maya for staying strong, God bless you Ronan for reminding me of how precious life is, and God bless you Taylor for doing something so amazing for child cancer awareness. RIP. ❤

  13. I am crying right now reading this post. I was driving home on Friday night when I heard Ronan for the first time. I had to pull over because I was so emotional over that song. I have been following your story, Maya, and I am so touched over your love for your son. Ronan makes a difference! I was also touched seeing Taylor Swift crying after she sang the song and she was crying when she left the studio and you can tell how much Ronan has an effect on people. Never give up and always fight for Ro! You didn’t let him down you’re changing the world because of him.

  14. Was watching the Stand Up to Cancer and caught Taylor’s song for your beautiful son. It brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know about your blog and your families story until she sang it. After listening to it I wanted to know his story, and it is such a sad, yet inspiring one. Ronan WILL make a difference, and so will you. Keep doing what you are doing!
    xoxo to you and yours

  15. Taylor Swift has the biggest heart in this world. Thanks to you and your family I can keep on with my dream I want to be a pediatric oncologist and now thanks to you I know I can do it.

  16. Dear Maya,
    I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve been reading this for a long time and have been with your family the entire time, because I haven’t. But after listening to Taylor Swift’s song about your beautiful boy, I have been scouring this blog, reading everything and crying with tears of sadness and joy. You are an incredible person, you have an amazing family and wonderfully spicy little boy. You have an inner strength that is just breath taking. Reading Ronan’s story was life changing. I now want to be everything possible in the name of your little boy. I want to change my life and do all that I can for others. I want to spread the word and show others the light you have shown me.
    Thank you for your words.

  17. So amazing, I don’t even have words. I’m so thankful for Taylor Swift and her good heart. I’m so happy to hear you followed your heart, Maya, and let things happen naturally, not forced, the way the best things in the world always happen. You and Ro are changing the world. Love you, Maya! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I have had so many people reach out to me since Friday asking about Ronan and you and the blog and how all of this came to be. Your story is getting out there. Thank you for letting us all be a part of this.

  18. Maya, the song is absolutely incredible. Right when Taylor sang the words “army guy”, I lost it. Thank you Taylor for writing this song.

    And thank you Maya for sharing yours and Ronan’s story with us. So many people are changed (me included) after reading your blog.

  19. Maya you are an inspiration. Your blog, your perseverance. I remember when Ronan first past away through friends of mine who shared your story. I was following you but it got to sad. I will follow you and how to live like a Rockstar. I promise to and to help however I can. I am thankful for people like you and Taylor Swift who bring about change. Thank you and let me know how I can help. I just donated.

  20. Oh Maya, what a beautiful post.Tears rolling down my face, so happy to see something good come out of all of this, so deserved, thank you Ronan… thank you Maya and Taylor. I cry every time I play the song.

  21. Her song brought me to your site and I cried watching her perform it on Stand up to cancer 2012. Top it off with that beautiful little face of Ronan, I was saddened so deeply for your loss of your child. He is shining through though, through you and Taylor and anyone who is moved by his story as they will share it as I have with others. Bless your hearts.

  22. I am speechless by your unselfishness to allow us along this horrible, wonderful, painful, beautiful journey of yours’. ❤ Thank you for inspiring us all to SUp2C!

  23. Hello Maya, you are such an inspiration to everyone, so strong. I just wanted you to know that you and your family are on my prayers every single day. Taylor’s song is the most beautiful song I’ve ever listened, though sad, it is a way to keep little Ro alive in our hearts.
    Love, Bren.

  24. SO much wonder and goodness from such a tragic story. My daughter lives in your neighborhood and has shared just a bit of Ronan’s story with me and the stories of his memorial at Hopi (I hope I have this correct). I just remember that her family went to acknowledge and celebrate Ronan’s life.
    My daughter did contact me last week to tell me about “Stand Up to Cancer” and that a song about Ronan was to be sung that night. How so very wonderful for you and your family.
    I’ve heard other great news about you from my daughter and just wish you and yours love, and comfort and peace and healing.

  25. I just… I don’t even know what to say. Taylor’s song brought me here, but it is something bigger. Your love for Ronan is bigger. I lost my grandpa to cancer too. We were very close, and I miss him so much. I just want to tell you that I am sorry for Ronan. And I don’t really know you, but I am proud of everything you are doing. And I am sure that Ronan is proud too. He will be remembered. He will be in the memorie of many people. You are a great mom. This post just made me cry so much. Just like the others. I hope that, someday, people will always survive to this disease. That cancer won’t exist anymore.

  26. Once i could finally see thru the tears, I found your blog. Ronan is a beautiful song for a beautiful soul.. .and it looks like Taylor paid homage to brother & sister on the stage, if I’m not mistaken – that dress was covered in poppies! Thank you, Maya, for sharing Ronan’s story with us. ❤

  27. I found this blog after seeing Taylor Swift sing Ronan on SU2C the other night. I am so sorry for you’re loss Maya. I cannot imagine what losing a child would be like but I am so proud of you for not giving up on life and continuing to live life the way you believe Ronan would. I wish you good luck with your new baby and the rest of your life. Stay Strong ❤

  28. I bought Ronan the moment I saw TS tweet, I decided to listen to it while reading your blog. What was suppose to be a 4min song, turned into a whole day on repeat with endless tears. Yours & Ronan’s story is so inspirational, I told everyone I knew in Doha, Qatar (yes that’s how far Ronan has traveled :-)) a friend of mine just lost his mother to cancer, and also an old friend from highschool years ago, I remembered them through the song. I can only wish you all the luck in your fight against children’s cancer, I know you can make a change in children everywhere. I solute you and Ronan, may only the best come out of this. 🙂

    The world loves you to the moon and back Ronan

  29. I love you ronan<3 you are a brave little boy. Rest in paradise

  30. I love you guys so much , you are an amazing family with such courage! 🙂

  31. Oh wow Maya I’ve just caught up on your blog. Firstly Congratulations on your great news of your pregnancy – I’m sure so many mixed feelings but no doubt Ronan is behind it all 🙂 This baby will definitely be a good thing for you and your family. It is totally ok you don’t feel anything for this baby. I was the same – but when he/she is born, you will automatically find Love for him, he will be a little heart warmer but as you know, NO one can fill that big whole in your heart for Ronan!

    The song “Ronan” oh my goodness “sobbed, sobbed & sobbed”, that was heart wrenching but such an incredible song, Ronan would be so proud of the awareness. Taylor swift is amazing for her contribution. I know it’s not right & so fucken UNFAIR, you would do anything to have Ronan here, and not be in this position, but a good thing is happening for other children because of your RoLove x

    The Neuroblastoma wellness centre sounds like a fabulous idea & all your fundraising events, I only wish we lived closer to be able to participate & maybe one day volunteer some time, entertaining the precious little children x

    Your love story will make a difference. It’s hard to describe the pain of losing my/your baby, we are living with the sadness and emptiness for the rest of our lives. It’s too late for Ronan (& my baby) but I truly believe in time there will be a cure for this beast, and you and your beautiful family will be a huge part of making it happen, you are all very inspirational. Thank you.

    We have a little trust opened in memory of my baby, which we donate to the gorgeous little children who are going through NB treatment from time to time, we will definitely be donating to Ronans foundation next.

    Love & strength always xo

  32. I am on tears reading this, it’s so touching. I knew the first minuet that Taylor sang ‘Ronan’ I had to find out more. Stay strong, your in my prayers.

  33. […] Ronan – which she wrote about our friends Maya and Woody’s son (you may have read Maya’s blog), who died of neuroblastoma soon after Ezra did. We’ve kind of fallen in love with the […]

  34. So I was reading perezhilton, catching on all my celebrity gossip and I see something about Taylor Swift so I had to read it because I absolutely love her. I saw the video and I started to cry. It’s so beautiful and she sang it with so much emotion I became addicted. Of course I jumped right to iTunes to purchase the song and then I sat down and decided to read your blog, I needed to know more about you and Ronan. Again, I cried. You express yourself so well. And I can feel your love, your anger and your despair. I think you’re amazing. X

  35. I started to read your blog after watching Taylor Swift performance at the Stand Up 4 Cancer. I have lost love ones because of this horrible disease but that is nothing compared to loose a son. You are an inspiration to me, a strong and loving mom capable of doing anything for his little men and his story.
    Just like you I hate when people came up to me and said: ” Don’t worry, this is God’s plan” because there is no way you can give a reasonable explanation to a boy, so full of life losing his life so young but, I will tell you one thing. You and Ronan did lose a battle but didn’t lose the war, I know that your story and your hard work will help to find a cure to this FUCKING CANCER. One day all your hard work will help save the life of another little man. This will not bring Ronan back but will make his memory live forever. 😉 Keep up the good work.

  36. PS: English isn’t my first language so sorry for the errors.

  37. Taylor Swift rocks. I tear up at the end what Ronan big blue appeared on screen. As a 31 years old neuroblastoma survivor, you totally rock!

  38. Hello mama Ronan. I love you and your Ronan, and also Taylor Swift. I’m crying now and I don’t know when it will stop. I just love you and your love story. Tears soaking up my face. You’re an amazing mama! :’)

  39. hi i just wanna tell u that because of ronan i’m gonna help charities i’m only 14 but i’m gonna do it cuz i see ronan in every single child with cancer umm i dont know what to say but i wanna tell u that i’d never seen ronan or talk to him but believe me when i say I REALLY REALLY LOVE HIM :’)

  40. I discovered your amazing story when I Googled after seeing Taylor’s performance. Wow. This song single-handedly turned me into a Taylor Swift fan, but even moreso… a fan of yours. I lost my sister in April, and I have never seen loss talked about so truthfully and realistically. Still, I know my loss simply cannot compare to yours, and I just really want you to know how much you and your family’s strength, as well as Ronan’s strength and beauty, have touched and inspired me. Seriously, you are doing such a wonderful thing here, and even as I type this, I’m still weeping openly. God bless you and your family, and you and Ronan will always have a place in my thoughts and heart.

  41. putri bella safira Avatar
    putri bella safira

    Ronan,You are one and only boy who have a blue beautiful eyes. I’m prayed to U and it fly to the sky. Mama Ronan You are FEARLESS GIRL.
    Your love story with Ronan make a “Ronan” song #1 on iTunes. (Y)
    I love you Ronan,I’ll remembered you Forever and Always. Thanks for being 1 inspired for Taylor 🙂

  42. Hey Maya, you are such an amazing person, so strong, you inspire me in many ways.

    I made this tribute/lyrics video for Rockstar Ro

    Oh and btw Ronan is already No1 on iTunes!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh my.. Pantelina this is beautiful! I really cried! He was so beautiful! So cute! So sweet! This vid is just perfect! :”)

    2. Beautiful! 🙂

  43. putri bella safira Avatar
    putri bella safira

    I saw when Taylor Swift so dedicated “Ronan Song” for your Love story mama ronan. She was cried after show at Stand up to cancer. Common Ronan we’ll fly. ١٥٧٤ ١٥٧٤ ١٥٧٤ you Ronan Thompson.

  44. Hi Maya – as so many here have noted, Taylor’s hauntingly beautiful song about your little boy Ronan led me to your blog. I read it ALL day yesterday and was moved to tears so many times! Thank you for sharing your life and your little boy with the blog reading public. I look forward to reading about the happy times ahead with Ronan’s foundation and your new little one!

  45. I got to watch tay’s performance in stand up to cancer and when she went out she was crying. I decided to buy the song and I couldnt stop crying everytime I hear it. Im sure Ronan is happy too, wherever he is. Stay strong, love. We are always here to help you 🙂

  46. Hi From South Africa – I watched the youtube video of Taylor’s song and it was really moving so I decided to look into who the song was about. I have read your blog and i am really really sorry for your loss and the pain you and your family and Ronan have endured. No mother/father/sister/brother should go through that. I purchased Taylor’s song this morning and have had it on repeat ever since – your blog and this song have had me in tears most of the day. It is a beautiful tribute to ronan in my opinion and in places I see your words in Ronan’s song.
    I am sure Ronan is sooo proud of you whereever he is because what Taylor did was because of you and your love for an amazing little boy – even though i have never met him I read it in your words.
    Wishing you all of the best.

  47. Would love to meet Maya Thompson above anyone else in the world, truly inspiring!

  48. Most of the time I never comment, because I am usually sobbing my eyes out. This post is no different. You are so amazing and Taylor sees that too. She sees that you can change the way people look at this disease and that is why she chose you! The song is amazing and I am so happy for you!!

  49. Awesome video Pantelina! Beautiful Ronan.

  50. Maya, dah–ling (in my rich old lady accent because I know how you love accents), why WOULDN’T Taylor call you? We’d all call you if you gave us your cell phone number. YOU’RE amazing. You’ve changed the way I view the world. You’ve changed the way I raise my daughter. You’ve made me a better person. I’d call you every day and tell you thank you — but I’m pretty sure you’d get tired of that. 🙂

    ALSO — i’ve decided that POPPY is going to be a girl. You can share sparkly nail polish with her.. lip gloss… and all things girly.. PLUS, can you imagine how kick ass a little girl will grow up to be with 3 big brothers? I pity the poor boy who breaks her heart! whew!

    Love you!

  51. I just feel that everything in my life is so stingy right now. I feel so bad that I always make it all about me. Maya, you opened my eyes and I am truly thankful for that. Your love for your child is beyond magical. And through Taylor’s voice, it has gone worldwide now. I hope you know that. I’m from Brazil and I am just 19, so I don’t know much about pain or life. I just know that I am going to do everything in my power so we don’t lose anymore child for cancer. I’m saving money to donate and to reach out to the media, I’m gonna scream to the world as loud as I can because one day I’ll have children… And I’m sure as hell I won’t take watching my baby fading away. I’m reading your blog and I’m just crying thinking that someday, God forbid, I could be in your shoes, so I might as well do something about it even if I don’t. Ronan has inspired so many already. It has inspired me. And I’m not taking my life for granted anymore. I’m changing my ways because of your little boy and your love story. It’s unbelievable. I hope one day I’ll get the chance to meet you and do good together. You’re already the strongest one I know.
    Ps: Now I’m not able to sleep without your love song playing and teaching me so much each time. Thank you, Maya, baby Ronan, Taylor Swift and everyone else involved in this beautiful cause.

  52. Hello, Maya, I wanted to say you’re such a beautiful and strong person. I admire you so much for what you’ve done.
    I’m a Taylor Swift fan, and I find what she’s done really sweet, beautiful and…amazing. I’m very proud of her, and now I’m proud of you too.
    Your beautiful son Ronan will surely make a difference with the help of us all.
    A huge hug from Italy.

  53. song is playing on the radio now in Oakland CA…..how amazing. love taylor for this!

  54. Your son was an inspiration to me! I have been crying for the best our reading the message over and over again. This boy is amazing and I think he should be every little boys hero! I’m soo sorry that this happened to your son he is soo adorable and I love the song about him. T swift is a great person and she will be known for this! And to make this even better tomorrow my school is wearing blue for your son and writing rip Ronan on all of our wrist this little boy is a soldier and he should be known all around I love you Ronan rip 😦

  55. Stay strong, the song is beautiful as ur little son was 😦

  56. This is truly amazing. What an inspiration you are to the world, and Taylor too. I do’t know you, or Taylor, and I didn’t know Ronan, but already you have all taught me things that will last forever. And because of you and Taylor, Ronan will last forever.<3

  57. That was lovely, you should be proud of yourself, You did make him better, he’s painless up there now, watching over you all…I listened to Taylor’s song, it was truly amazing!:’)i am crying at that now, wishing you the best always xx<3
    Don't give up hope, ever!<3

  58. I recently came across Taylor singing Ronan’s song on youtube and it brought tears to my eyes. Ronan was such a beautiful boy and it is a lovely song. My heart is with you and your family.

  59. I’m almost 16. I heard the song and had to pause it several times to keep the tears in my eyes. There’s not so much I can say that haven’t been said already in all this beautiful coments, but I do have to say how much I admire you, Maya (or like everybody is calling you, Mama) I dont think I would ever be as strong as you are. I admire Taylor Swift for all that she’s doing for Ro. I wish I could’ve met him. I just have the feeling that I would’ve love him even more than now. Because I do feel love for him after hearing the song, your story, and how strong he was. Just like his mama. Wish you the best Mama.
    Thank you so much Taylor for bringing this beautiful story to the light.
    Ro, you were a Fighter, a star, and a hero. Right now, you are an Angel. :’)!

  60. I was reading azcentral today and happened upon the story about the song Taylor wrote for your son. I have spent the entire day reading your blog and crying. So real and so raw. You are a truly amazing woman! What you are doing for children after all you have been though is so utterly inspiring. I don’t think I will ever be the same again. Thank you!

  61. I am only 17 years old and I have seen some terrible things happen to small children. You see them and you think… they shouldn’t be dealing with any of this. They should be crying over scrapped knees and bio boos not cancernger or where they’ll sleep that night. You think after traveling all over sell over different contries seening the pain those children go through all that pain…that when you get home to your home to your town to your country, you just don’t reale e have all that pain right here. You try and try but it’s always there. And it takes one heck of a person to turn it into something positive. Ronan’s story, his song, and your courage in telling us everything has changed me even more. I would love to continue reading and be a help in anyway. God bless you and your sweet boy is safe! 🙂

  62. Poor Ronan…

  63. I watched Stand Up To Cancer Friday night and was so moved by Taylor Swift’s performance of her very latest song, Ronan! She sang with such real emotion, I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! As soon as it was over, I immediately downloaded it from iTunes. And then today, I was watching my local Phoenix news ABC15 News @4pm and saw your heartfelt story. A quick Google search brought me to your Rockstar Ronan blog. I am so sorry for the passing of your beautiful little boy. You are doing amazing things in his memory… I wish you all the luck in the world with your foundation.

  64. What beautiful song about a beautiful little boy! You are an amazing woman. You are in my prayers

  65. I saw Taylor’s song on a friend’s Facebook page. It almost made my heart stop. Once I found out it was written for you and Ronan, I hunted down this blog. Last night was basically a total bust for me, as I spent a good three hours after my boys went to bed reading your story and sobbing, literally, the entire time. I can’t begin to imagine your grief, your journey. But your writing is so eloquent, so always on the nose, that it sears right to the middle of my soul. I’m sending a lot of love your way.

    Your baby boy is beyond beautiful.

  66. You’re doing it Maya! You’re fulfilling your promise. The song made me cry!
    Ronan, you and your family are such inspirations, your story has truly, deeply, touched my heart. Ronan has touched my heart. I hope nothing but the best for you, your family, and the research to eliminate this disease!

  67. Taylor Swift helped me get to know you’re son. And I’ve read your blogs. I’m not here to say I’m sorry for you’re loss but to say thank you for letting the world get to know you’re son. And I know I’ve never even met him or knew about him before Taylor but I love him anyway. Thank you for posting these blogs and thanks for letting me get to know Ronan through you. I can feel his love through you’re words and I’m glad that Taylor gave you a reason to smile. Love, Nicole.

  68. I found out about Ronan’s story after hearing Taylor Swift’s song and couldn’t stop reading your blog. His story is absolutely incredible and you and your family and every child cancer patient out there deserve this amazing thing that Taylor did. The song about Ronan moved me to tears and so did the stories about him on your blog. He is the most beautiful child i’ve ever seen and there is no reason he shouldn’t be here right now. But he deserves every bit of awareness that his story is getting, and I hope amazing things happen now because of him and his story. You seem like such a wonderful person and I admire you. I wish you the best with everything and I pray that one day, soon, that there will be a cure and no one will have to go through this anymore. xoxoxo 🙂

  69. You are amazing. God bless you, Ronan and your while family. Peace to you.

  70. Your story is so inspiring and touching. Ever since I heard taylor swift’s song about your amazing little boy, I have purchased his song and have been reading your blog from the very beginning. I have never felt so touched or connected to a story until I heard yours. I think it has to do with the fact that Ronan is the same age as my nephew along with his big blue eyes and his light hair. I will continue to support and follow your story from here on out because I want to be able to see your wish come true when you can open a world-class neuroblastoma research and care center.

  71. […] my fact checking, and stumbled upon the following video. Taylor Swift wrote this song, inspired by the blog of a mother who lost her beautiful four year old boy to […]

  72. I just saw Taylor’s song tonight. I am so moved by your story. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with the world.


  73. Hi Maya, I just wanted to say your family is in my prayers and you are a strong woman! Ronan is in paradise now. Congratulations on the song! You have an amazing story.

  74. Simply beautiful and heartbreaking.. I have known 1 child who died of Neuroblastoma and the other of Lukemia. They were Phin, who was 2 and half when he died May 4, 2011 of Neuroblastoma. And Rachael who was 4 when she pass on May 2, 2003. This song hit me to the core, just beautiful…Yes, I thank and have a new found respect for Taylor Swift, but for you too…for none of this would not have developed if it wasn’t for you. You allowed RONAN’s story to be told and opened up your heart to the world…not an easy thing to do. And of course to your sweet little boy, he will forever live on in music and in our hearts. As Phin’s mother once wrote….Phin taught us that music can cure the soul! God Bless!

  75. I bought this song when finding out what it was and was listening to it while reading this; it was so touching. I teared up while reading it. I am so sorry for your loss but I know that Ronan is in heaven looking down on you. He would be proud. Taylor is such an inspiration she has such a pure heart of gold ❤

  76. Hi maya , You are such A Good Mother. i am pretty sure that Ronan is VERY PROUD of you ! i have read your blog and it made me Cry :(( just continue doing such good things in life. God & Ronan is always there for you !! :(( just continue fighting for every battle that comes to your life . Your family especially Ronan is always on my prayers .

  77. Maya, I love Ronan’s song and know how much this must mean to you. Nothing can ever take away our heart’s ache. I’m buying this song NOW. My niece Jilly was only in our lives for two short years, after being taken by Cancer. Our angels forever. Thanks for sharing. Kim

  78. I promise you he’s safe. After losing a baby son myself I can completely empathize with you. What a special tribute this blog is and that song is to your special little guy. I read my daughters the littlest angel book and it helps them understand a little. Keep goin for your other kids and I’m very sorry that this happened. Hugs

  79. Your story had my whole entire class in tears. I hope the very best for you and your family. Never let your head drop, hold it high always for Ronan. He is your guardian angel, and will be watching over you for your many days to come. God Bless you and your family.
    Always, Mikayla.

  80. I stumbeled across your story while reading the news, i cant imagine your struggle but i think your a hero and so strong. Tears poured out while at my desk at work, the whole story and your blog moved me i couldnt help but share with all my co-workers, now they are bawling. Your an amazing person Ronan was lucky to have a strong mom. He will always be watching over you, And im sure very prond of you! I wish you the very best!
    Yours truely, Kylee

  81. Maya, I read your story on the daily mail, and saw your beautiful son with big blue eyes for the first time today. Then, I listened to Taylor’s song over and over at work, and have read your blog since I got home. I have shed more tears tonight than I can ever remember. Your story is heart breaking but you weren’t quiet you were honest and angry. You have reached millions even me in a little town in Michigan. You have made a difference in many lives and hopefully with the research for this heart wrenching disease. I have a 6 year old son -I know I will take the stress of mother hood especially being a single mom in a whole new light. You’ve taught us mothers to be thankful for the messes, the tears, the craziness.. Because with out it we wouldn’t have them, our most prized possesion in the world. Thank you for sharing your story, your beautiful son. He’s with you in everything never doubt that god needed him. God bless you. And your family live for the ones who are here and don’t ever let this boy go. Please contact me if u ever need it. I wish there were words to bring you comfort

  82. I heard about Ronan’s song last week & it literally dropped me to me knees. We lost our beautiful blue eyed angel boy Jaxon to the same cancer. Jaxon was 3 when he passed away. He fought hard just like Ronan. I undersatnd the Mommy guilt you are referring to all too well. I am so grateful to you for allowing the universe to do it’s thing. What an absolute miracle blessing Ronan’s song is. I believe our boys are friends…playing…laughing & watching over their families. I admire you & am so grateful finally something positive is happening in the world of Childhood cancer.
    Keep Being The Best Mommy!!!
    Love Always,
    Lori Smith

  83. Loss is a heartache no one can heal.
    Love is a memory no one can steal.

    Love and light to you and your loved ones Maya.

    Ronan, your time here on earth left the world a gift beyond infinity. We are keeping your mum and your family in our prayers. Sleep peacefully little one.

  84. Ronan really changed my life, Thank you Taylor for write this beatiful song, about this enchanting boy, and thank you Maya because your love story is most beatiful than every love story book that I read! Thank you!

  85. I think this is what differentiates Taylor Swift from pretty much any other singer currently out there today. I don’t think that any other artist could have written/performed such a heartfelt, emotional, deeply tragic song and created such attention to such a worthy cause. I can’t say I love every song Swift sings, but after her actions regarding Ronan and childhood cancer, you will never hear me say another negative word about Swift again. Rock on, Ronan!

  86. I am so happy for you. Your story made me cry, probably like so many. I already loved Taylor Swift and now my love for her turned into so much respect. I send you all my blessings and all my love and I really really hope this turns into the miracle and the change you and Ronan always hoped for.

  87. I downloaded and listened to this song with my 8-year-old daughter, and we both gave in to tears. It just so happens that tomorrow night we get to host a very special tea party that has been months in the making. We have the honor of being able to meet a three-year-old little girl who is fighting her own battle with stage IV neuroblastoma. She is the niece of a friend of ours, and when my daughter learned she was sick last spring she forfeited her birthday presents and instead asked everyone to donate to help her family with their battle. She then decided to grow her hair out to donate it. Months later and it’s halfway down her back now! She’s collecting pledges from everyone she knows – any amount they wish to donate per inch of hair that is cut at the end of the year. All of this just to give this precious child’s family more help; more hope. If an 8-year-old little girl can care so much and give so much, we as adults can certainly step up to the plate. We all have something we can contribute, be it money, resources, skills, or simply love. Life can be unbelievably fragile, and unbelievably unfair. Thank you, Maya, for finding the strength and the courage to share your tender heart, your beautiful boy, and your gut-wrenching story with the rest of the world. I’ll end on a lighter note – the irony of all of this is that my daughter’s idol has been Taylor Swift for the past 4 years. Her jaw just about dropped to the floor when she learned Ronan’s story and how he inspired the beautiful song. She had no idea that “her” Taylor had found a way to help fight cancer, and that she had been inspired by a little one’s battle with neuroblastoma just as she has. So although we started crying during the first verse of “Ronan,” the story behind the song helped us smile through the tears. What a testimony to BOTH writers of those amazing lyrics. You’ve moved us to listen, to feel, and to take action. My little girl is even more motivated than she was before this past weekend. I may have to talk her out of home remedies to promote hair growth! 😉 Bless you, and thank you. I can’t say that enough. THANK YOU.

    1. Miss.maya. as I write this I am crying and listen to ronan’s song..you are the strongest mother I know.I lost a son april15th2012 due to premature labor I can relate to this song about loosing a son! Its a pain that will never go away but just know ronan is here with you and smiling and thanking you for keeping he’s memory alive!

  88. Hello, Ronan’s story is so touching. And my little (he would have been 11 Sept 9) brother passed away about two weeks ago due to brain stem cancer. I heard about Ronan and downloaded it and it reminded me of Jack. Incredible little guy. (:

  89. Hi Maya… First I want to express my love for you and Ronan I am so sorry that Ronan is no longer physically here with us, you and your family. Your loss, your story is truly changing lives. You are an incredible young women and you have truly inspired me and my family. I was introduced to your precious Ronan this week on Monday by my 14-year-old daughter, Marlaina. Marlaina was diagnosed with ovarian germ cell embryonal carcinoma on 3/5/2012. We were in the car on our way to Children’s Hospital for a scheduled test. She said, “Mom, Taylor Swift wrote this song for a little boy, who was only 4-years-old and died of cancer. I downloaded it and it is number 1 on itunes. It made me cry. She sang it on the Stand Up for Cancer show. They showed a picture of him and he was the most adorable little boy I’ve ever seen! I want you to listen to it.” Marlaina played Ronan for me on her ipod. While driving, I immediately began to sob. My heart was broken… I said, It just wasn’t fair. I then asked her to download in my iphone. I want you to know I do not have any songs downloaded into my iphone. I can now say I do. Since, I have shared Ronan with my family and friends. I shared Ronan with my 20-year-old daughter Sara and we cried together. She immediately wanted to know more. She found Rockstar Ronan and she has been reading your blog, literally, non-stop. She has shared and read to me parts of Ronan’s story. You have truly touched our hearts and have inspired us to make some important changes in our lives. Even through the changes we have been experiencing in our own battle of this horrible disease. Sara and I have decided to read your Love Story… from the beginning as family time with my two other daughters, Marlaina and Savonna. Thank you for you! Thank you for sharing you precious Ronan with us!

    Big Love to You!

  90. This is the most beautiful and sad story I’ve ever heard. The song “Ronan” is so amazing and your story brings tears to my eyes. I have 2 children who both have big blue eyes, my son looks just like yours, I pray for you and your family.

  91. This is amazing. How God works. And the love between you and Ronan. So inspiring! Yes, I heard your story after the sweet Taylor did such an amazing job singing this song but I don’t think that really matters. As long as the word is getting around about your little man. He’s so adorable, by the way! But Taylor is a true blessing and she just proved how amazing of a person and songwriter she is. To take YOUR story and just snap her feelings into it and write about your little boy. That’s something powerful and you’re right, Ronan had something to do with it. It was beautiful, you’re beautiful, and he is beautiful. You have inspired me to be grateful for everything I have and I really don’t need anything else besides my family and the love of my life. You showed me how strong love is. Everytime it rains, he’s there. That really gave me chills. It was so powerful. Just know that Ronan will always be there with you and he’s never missing out on anything. He’s right there next to you. And thanks to Taylor Swift, more and more are learning about you and him. And that means you’re inspiring more and more people. This is my favorite quote. It was found on a wall of a concentration camp during World War two. “I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love even when I cannot feel it. I believe in God even when he is silent.” Thank you for sharing your story with us all. He’s in a better place now. With an amazing man! Thank you! And I’m praying for you and your family, always. 💜

    P.S. Great job, Taylor Swift, and thank you for spreading the story of little Ronan!

  92. I am so happy for you right now. Taylor is lovely as ever. I am only 17 and i know i cannot imagine what it would be like losing a child, but i know its painful. We are all standing up today, as one to stand up to cancer. May Ronan rest in piece. We love you little man.

  93. Hello! I am super touched about Ronan,also the song of taylor swift for ronan. I also have a baby brother who passed away last november,he was only 1 1/2 months when he passed away. Yeah,also my mom,she was inpired in your story ronan. And eventhough im only a sister,i feel how sad to lose a brother,but the biggest pain were in my mom and dad. They stayed in hospital for a month,i think its only 15 days when he is at home. He has a heart disease,conjenical heart disease,at night of november 14,2011 he was attacked,he turns into violet and they went to the hospital,in the next day they delievered my brother in the biggest heart center here in philippines,@ 12:15 pm in the afternoon,i was in school i received i phone call from my mom,she said that my brother died. I thought it was only a prank text,mixed emotions,tears flow in my face. I went home by myself,i started to scream why,i also relate on taylor’s song for ronan. I hope he’ll meet my brother in heaven,they’re both in heaven now. Be strong maya!

  94. Hye.. well, i just wanna say that i feel sorry for your son..but from i heard, he is a great son and u are a great mother..And the song that Taylor Swift are really nice and potray u and Ronan relationship. It is beautiful…please stay strong and never give up…

    with love, Ira from Malaysia

  95. heey maya
    i am a swifty i will not lie about it but when i head the song and read what it was about and tht picture of ronan appeared i really had to cry. every time i here the song the tears burst in my eyes over and over again. i’m so sorry for you and your family that you have to miss ronan R.I.P
    take care xxx

  96. […] the blog, Thompson wrote about the moment she heard that message, starting with “Hey Maya, it’s Taylor Swift…,” and what happened when Thompson called Swift back — “tears started pouring down my […]

  97. Thats amazing. I have the songs in my favorites and I think it was very nice for her to do that for. You are strong woman and I’m sorry for your loss.

  98. Peggy J. Parks -- Muskegon, Michigan Avatar
    Peggy J. Parks — Muskegon, Michigan

    This has to be the most incredible love story I have ever heard. And what Taylor did for you is a lovely, priceless gift from her heart. As a mom, and a grandma, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you have gone through, but you’ve turned it into something selfless and beautiful. God bless you, Maya. You’re making your little guy very proud … hopefully you know that.

  99. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby boy. I heard the song Taylor Swift wrote for Ronan for the first time today on the radio and I had to pull over because the tears became too thick. The song, your story, Ronan’s memory should remind us all how fragile and uncertain life is. As a mother of two young boys and another one on the way, from the bottom of my heart I am truly and deeply sorry for the loss of your handsome blue eyed prince.

  100. actually….I found my way here after hearing Ronan. It’s such an amazing song and after reading quite a few of these blog updates I can tell you are one amazing mother! Ronan was a lucky little boy. It breaks my heart to hear/read stories like this. Innocent little ones being pulled into a situation beyond anything they should ever have to experience. Just know that whenever I look into the sky I’ll be thinking of Ronan and all the amazing, wonderful ways he’s blessing this earth even though he’s not physically here.

    And I knew there was a reason Taylor Swift was my favorite singer. Just brilliant.

  101. Hello. My name is Ariana and I just want to say how truly sorry I am for your loss. Ronan was not only a beautiful little boy but he was loved by you so much and he is so lucky for that. I am a seventeen year old girl and although I’m sure thousands of girls would say they are taylor swift’s number one fan, I think I win. Ive been to all her concerts numerous times and she has not only helped me with her songs about relationships but she has touched me with every single one. However, Ronan is now my new favorite song and Taylor Swift is my idol and ro-model and she has made me so proud with this song. I did not know about Ronan until her song and of course I patiently waited for her to play it on the stand up 2 cancer. After hearing the song, I now know you are my ro-model as well. The fact that you are living your life raising money helping other children with cancers beautiful and to go through losing your baby boy is something no one should go through. I will always look up to you when I think I have it bad. I not only listen to the song “Ronan” a hundred times a day, but I sing it while I’m driving or wherever I am. The tears that come out of this song make me realize how important life is. I currently attend high school but I am looking forward to going to college and going into education for special needs children. This story really has inspired me to continue working towards my goal so I can help children. Ronan will forever be your little boy and you are truly blessed to have had him in your life for 4 years. Stay Strong and his memory will live on in my heart forever. xoxo

  102. This made me cry, just like the song does everytime i hear it, i really hope more attention goes to childhood cancer. Ronan will live forever in our hearts. Stay strong.. x
    Lots of love, from Egypt

  103. Hey.
    I’m 15 years old and from Michigan. I was in my Business Management class when I first heard “Ronan” We had to do a worksheet in Microsoft Excel about our 10 favorite songs. I had 9 songs down and couldn’t think of another one. So I googled Taylor Swift music and I came across a song called “Ronan” I listened to it on YouTube and I thought it was just beautiful! I came across this website and when I began reading your earlier posts I got super emotional. I usually don’t get emotional that much but your story has just really tugged at my heart. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I read your blogs. I have lost so many loved ones to cancer but I can’t even imagine losing a child that young. I continue to listen to “Ronan” at least twice a day. The lyrics are just so beautiful and inspirational. I wish you and you and your family the best. ❤

  104. Beautiful, I know you’ve heard this a lot, but I’m so sorry. Ronan’s beautiful 🙂 I’m so glad she chose you, your family really deserved this chance, and it’s fantastic because she’s raising awareness for the Ronan Foundation and childhood cancer in general. Have a wonderful life xxxxxx

  105. I didn’t know him, but he was the most beautiful, strong, amazing child I hav ever heard of! All of the people who made those mean comments should be ashamed of themselves! I mean, how heartless can you be!? The kid DIED!!! He was 4! Hav some pitty on the family and him. He is probably in heaven know looking over his family. He was beautiful! I wish he had more time with his family. At least one more time to see them.

  106. hi maya your son is an inspiration to us and he is so adorable he fought it like an army guy he was the stroungest little kid i have/will ever know. for all those people who were being mean why dont u grow a heart what if that happened to u and someone said that to u and your family!!! love you ronan!!! ❤

  107. Hey I’m from Brazil and i just wanted to say that i’m really emotional about this, I think that you’re the most strongest woman that I’ve ever met and I admire you a lot! I’m a Taylor fan and I thought absolutely beautiful what she, I cry every time I read something about your little angel or listen the song Ronan. The Ronan Thompson Foundation it’s an amazing foundation and everyone should know about it. I’m really sorry for Ronan but i’m happy for you new baby! I really wish you the best Maya! xo ❤

  108. Hi. I just wanted to say that I put this song on my ipod today. I just heard the lyrics and kept thinking that I had to see who this “little man” was. I got home, got some cereal and went to my laptop. I kept reading your post about the song and I just realized that I’ve been eating my cereal with a full stream of tears.
    I hope Ronan is happy. He deserves to be happy. I can’t even search for the lyrics or go watch the video of Taylor singing this song, right now. That boy seems so alive that I can’t see it otherwise.
    Still don’t know his story, but you better be sure that that is about to change. Everyone should be aware of child cancer, and I’ll make them, with Ronan always playing with plastic dinosaurs in my mind 🙂

  109. Absolutely beautiful…I bought this song because I love Taylor Swift and it was so touching that I just had to know who the song was about. When I read your story, I literally got goosebumps and could not help but cry…big tears, real tears. Love to you and your family and to Ronan, your gorgeous little man who will always know your love!

  110. I bought this song as well, and after listening to it, I had to research what it was about ( because that’s what I do with every new TSwift song) and then I found your blog. And I honestly have been inspired to do something because if you and your story! I played the song for my 17 yr old daughter and it stayed on repeat. Thank you for sharing your story and Ronan’s story with the world! Thank you TSwift for bringing awareness to the world! You make me want to be a better person!

  111. Hi Maya, I want to tell you something, you’re a super mama.
    Ronan was a beautiful boy, he was so brave and I’m proud of you ❤
    Thanks for everything, the song is beautiful and all the swifities in the world loves you ❤

  112. What a nice surprise from Taylor! Who knew something so exciting would happen! This brings a lot of awareness to neuroblastoma that is much needed. The song is so incredibly beautiful as well. Keep up the good work Maya!

  113. I listen to the song every day and I know how special your little boy was. As soon as my sister played the song for me, I googled his name trying to find out about the beautiful little boy who I couldn’t stop thinking about. I truly believe he was a little angel, and the worlds most beautiful one too. Every time I see a picture on Instagram or Facebook, I am mesmerized by his blue eyes. I know I don’t know you and I know it is so hard for you but he will forever be in my mind and your family will always be in my prayers! God bless you, and know Ronan will never be forgotten

  114. […] Swift really has a heart of gold and I’m doing this story absolutely no justice so just click here to read it straight from Maya’s blog.  I stumbled across this song by complete accident a couple of months ago. I listen to it because […]

  115. This is so sad and hopeful. I’m glad something amazing
    could come out of something so tradgic.

  116. I am very happy for you. I was looking at the video and listening to the song. It really touched my heart. ❤ RIP ❤

  117. Hey i have seen a report about Ronan an it break My heard. Anderen i have heard The Song from taylor it is very beutiful. I send my heard to you.

  118. I cried for hours after I read your blog. These lovely words just took my breath away. You’re amazing! And the song from Taylor.. I haven’t got any words for that. I heard it all day long and was lost in my thoughts. This story really breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I can imagine how hard it can be for you and your whole family. I hope you stay strong and try everything to make you feel better. ’cause there’s no reason to give up! You see that millions of people are behind you and supports you wherever they can. I admire you and you just really touch my heart with your blog and I’m sure I’m not the only one, who feels like that. Keep it up and head high! Now you’ll always have an adorable angel with you ♡ I’m sending you a lot of power from Germany!
    Love .

  119. Hi. My name is Gabrielle Kovelman. My friend and I were wondering if you would allow us to schedule a run for Ronan. We were both so moved by your story and felt we needed to do something to make others aware of whats happened. Please reply soon yours truly
    – Gabrielle❤

  120. […] antes da morte de Ronan, e chorou muito ao saber do acontecido. Ela escreveu a música, e depois ligou para Maya para falar isso, e pedir para apresentar a música. Na apresentação no SU2C (e até no áudio da […]

  121. Oh my god… I first heard the song Ronan when it came out and literally bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t listen to it again because it was just so unbelievably sad. A couple months later I listened to it again just so I can show my friend and I had to leave the room because I once again bawled my eyes out. Today is the anniversary of his death. I listened to the song again and then actually did research on this. I stumbled across your blog and just lost it. I can’t even imagine how you feel. I don’t really know you but you’re one of the strongest women ever. I highly respect you and I’m so sorry for your loss. Have a wonderful day.

  122. I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift. But, what she did for you and for Ronan was surely amazing. I never thought that the song would be that touchy and I never thought that I will cry. I’m so proud of your patience to take care of Ronan and fought for him even tho’ you knew it’s kinda useless in the end. But it really showed me that mother’s love is forever and natural, mother’s love defeats anything else, mother’s love is infinity. You’ve been great, Maya. I know—scratch that, we both know that now Ronan is smiling. I love you Taylor, Maya, and…Ronan 🙂 xx

  123. I am deeply sorry for you and your family, and the loss you have had in your lives. I must say when I heard what Taylor Swift did for Ronan, I was not surprised……..I have never met Taylor, but have a Nephew that once worked for her; and he assures me that Taylor has a huge heart and really cares for her fans. God bless you all…and thank you Taylor.

  124. […] that of pop-country-superstar Taylor Swift, who sent her a personal voice mail beginning with “Hey Maya, it’s Taylor Swift…”  But it didn’t end there; Thompson recounts, addressing Ronan as she always does in her blog […]

  125. I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and I’m so happy for you that she wrote a song about Ronan!!
    I’m sure your little Ronan will be happy to know about that.
    I am so buying that song, trust me, I’ve heard it and it’s amazing.
    Your story about Ronan is also a representation of other children like him, and Taylor is obviously aware of that too.

  126. I miss Ronan so much. I hope that he is in Heaven playing with Talia and Robyn and other children that have passed. It most be the worst feeling in the world. Losing someone. I would know, my grandmother is just slipping away without anything to do about it. Ronan was such a BEAUTIFUL boy and I hope that you and him are at peace. Taylor Swift might just be the most generous person ever. What she did came from her heart, not for the publicity. We need more people like Taylor and Ronan. Fighters and amazing people. You are such a good parent and I give all my condolences. May Little Blue eyed Ronan, Rest In Peace little Angel. 😔👼🙏

  127. I’m your bbiggest fan please call me on this phone

  128. What an inspiring, emotional, sharing of your deeply personal story. I am only sorry that it took me so long to find it. In my case, here in 2015, April, I heard Ronan for the first time. I just cried as the lyrics filled my mind with so many opposing directional thoughts. Who sang it. Why. I could tell this was born from tragedy, but with such a sweet touch in the chorus I wanted to know more. I am glad I found this. Your story. Your emotions. Your feelings both of failure and of rejoice and hope. I Applaud your openness. Yku are not alone. I have.shared and been aware of other stories. It’s so important to connect and seek answers for tomorrow that though may never be answered in tbe short term, lend us , you, a path of purpose. So again, blessed that you were willing to share, I feel the love you share with Ronan. Thank you, Jim

  129. […] Taylor Swift was so moved by Thompson’s story that she wrote the song “Ronan.” […]

  130. I am a high-school student in Iowa, doing a project on Taylor Swift. While researching her I found this story and it touched me deeply. Thank you Maya for sharing your story. The second part of my project will be dedicated to Ronan.

  131. […] Up 2 Cancer show which is on every major network and is seen in over 100 countries,” she wrote. “Ronan” is Swift’s best non-album track, even if it’s too much of a […]

  132. […] Up 2 Cancer show which is on every major network and is seen in over 100 countries,” she wrote. “Ronan” is Swift’s best non-album track, even if it’s too much of a […]

  133. […] from neuroblastoma at just three years old in 2011. Swift basically co-wrote the song using quotes (with permission) from his mother, Maya Thompson, who had written a blog about her son. This lyric video, which is a […]

  134. […] a 2012 post on her blog, Rockstar Ronan, Maya documented when Swift reached out to her out of the blue in regards to the […]

  135. […] a 2012 post on her blog, Rockstar Ronan, Maya documented when Swift reached out to her out of the blue about the song. […]

  136. […] 2012 post on her blog, rock star Ronan documented that Maya suddenly reached out to Swift about the song. Swift left her […]

  137. […] a 2012 post on her blog, Rockstar Ronan, Maya documented when Swift reached out to her out of the blue in regards to the […]

  138. […] a 2012 post on her blog, Rockstar Ronan, Maya documented when Swift reached out to her out of the blue about the song. […]

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