“Ronan” is already # 2 on iTunes! Thank you all for buying. You are amazing!

75 responses to ““Ronan” is already # 2 on iTunes! Thank you all for buying. You are amazing!”

  1. Absolutely one of the most beautiful songs. Loved seeing his handsome face up on the screen.

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    1. You’re right Ashley, everytime I see Ronan’s photo, I feel different. A feeling like I am close to this little man!

  2. I have barely discovered your blog and I have to say I’m very touched and moved by everything you’ve done for your little boy. I bought the song and is currently on reply truly beautiful song keep all this going up you are a inspiration to do better in life, Ronan is an inspiration he will live on forever. Thank you for inspiring me, and thank you to Rockstar Ronan for inspiring me as well.

    Much love, Jennifer G from Los Angeles, Ca.

  3. Nickerson, Robert M Avatar
    Nickerson, Robert M

    Amazing song.

  4. it’s a beautiful song – capturing all the heart breaking beauty of your writing and sung by a true artist. you’re going to be a game changer Maya – keep going!

  5. Bawling…..absolutely beautiful song!

  6. I cried for an hour watching SU2C!!! Love the song. We bought it 3xs 🙂 always RoLove !!!
    Loved seeing your spicy blue eyed monkey on that screen!!! #ronan
    XO RoMama!!!

  7. What a beautiful song, so glad it was Taylor that brought it to us! Ronan in amazing =)

  8. That was such an amazing song with to the moon and back over and over! Then following was the picture of the most amazing blue eyed little boy. Of course the tears started and I’m back to absolutely positively no child should ever ever die from cancer. Maya, you and Ronan are an unstoppable team and YOU will prevail!!!!!!!!! Ronan will always occupy a spot in my heart. That includes you and you will give ’em all you’ve got to defeat childhood cancer.

  9. What a special night for Ronan from a special person. Love Taylor’s song!!! No dry eyes here.

  10. I read through your whole blog in one night to start off. It had me in tears. I looked up Ronan after I heard Taylor Swifts amazing song tonight. Ronan has inspired me even more to become a pediatric oncologist. I know I haven’t even graduated highschool yet, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing Ronan’s story. In the years to come, I’m itching to help fight this nasty disease and destroy it once and for all. Ronan really is an inspiration and I wish I would have known about him before. Some day I will make a difference and Cancer will regret ever messing with anyone!

    Inspired and sending love with lots of prayers, Hayli T from Kentwood, MI. ❤

  11. I just stayed up all night reading each and every blog post after hearing Ronan’s song on the telethon tonight. I have heard such an inspiring story of strength– your family is absolutely amazing, and little Ronan was incredibly lucky to have you all. I can’t even imagine what the last two years have been like for you, but I hope you know that your courage and grace in handling this hurdle is so admirable. In the last seven hours I have fallen in love with all of you, your story has impacted me in a way I can never thank you for. I have gained a new outlook on life tonight, and I will always remember to be grateful for every blessing in my life.

    One of my favorite song lyrics says “do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?”.
    I hope you know that yes, the stars do shine for you and your family, and Ronan will never be forgotten.

    xoxo Sarah

  12. This song has moved me in ways that I can’t even fathom. I’ve been crying for about five hours straight now. Your little boy was such an angle. He is so lucky to be with Jesus, though. He is in such good hands. You don’t need to worry about him. He’s up there playing with his plastic dinosaurs, looking down on his mom and being so proud of her. You have done so much for so many kids. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of all of the tough little troopers who can’t be with us anymore. Thank you. Sending so many prayers your way. xxx

  13. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Maya, you are one special person inspired by your gorgeous boy and I, for one, salute you.
    Sadly I know another little boy fIghting a brave fight. With peoole like you on this earth, maybe one day the battle will be won forever. And as for that Taylor Swift… What a beautiful soul. You are a major inspiration and I hope you get the whole world talking about Ronan.

  14. Maya…i don’t have the words tonight to adequately describe how I feel. I am emotionally drained as it has been nearly 12 hours since I heard this news and my mind has been going 100 miles an hour ever since. What you have achieved is nothing short of ROMAZING! We, your lovies, love you and your spicy blue eyed boy…we always will. We will stand by you long after the hype has died down. We have seen you at your lowest and I know we are yet to see you at your peak – i know that will happen the day that Ronan’s centre opens…I hope to be there. We love you to the moon and back.

    1. Well said Ali!!!

  15. It’s an amazing song, I literally wept for hours after listening to it on SU4C. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

  16. I want you to know that Ronan has his own tag on Tumblr and his story is being spread even more. His song is currently number one. Please keep fighting this fight. The world needs more people like you.

  17. Hi Maya,
    I am not sure where to start as I have never blogged or really written to someone I never met, but I really felt I needed to…
    First of all, I wanted to express my deepest condolences to and your family. There is nothing worse than a child dying before their parent—it’s not right! I also wanted to thank-you and let you know how inspiring you are.
    I was watching TV earlier tonight and turned the channel to Taylor Swift singing about Ronan. I have never really seen her, but have heard her some of her songs. When I hear her sing I usually am left breathless because it was always a joke with my son Ryan and I how he was going to marry her one day.
    I am single parent of 3 boys and in Aug 2008 my oldest son Ryan was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer-he was only 19 at the time. I was blindsided because I can’t ever remember him being sick, but as a family we had overcome many challenges and this was another one we were going to overcome.
    He fought hard like an ‘army guy’ and never wanted people to know he was sick-even through chemo and several surgeries. I fought hard with him and believed and prayed with everything in me that he would survive and that he would get his miracle, but it eventually took his life on April 09, 2010- he was only 21.
    Also, thank-you for sharing Ronan with us, through the beautiful song and your blog. Although I have cried most of the night after hearing this song my heart melted as it reminded me of Ryan. He to was a beautiful boy, with big blue eyes and a smile that would light up any room (especially when he was getting his chemo with his bald shiny head). He loved dinosaurs and when he was 3 he wanted to be a paleontologist…I love him all around the world and back again…
    I will stand and continue to fight this fight with you!!
    much love xoxo

  18. Ro’s #1 now! This is epic!

  19. I agree with her! I’m doing the same exact thing… Crying with the song on repeat! Rest in peace beautiul Ronan

  20. Make that #1 RoMo!!!! And, um yeah, of course Ronan, Taylor and you created this amazing song, and of course you’re opening a world-class neuroblastoma center, and of course you’re creating another amazing human life…. because just like Samuel L. Jackson in “Pulp Fiction” – you’re a Bad Mother Fucker! You should totally have a wallet that says so.

  21. #1 Baby!!!!

  22. This morning #1 😉 is there a way to know how many copies sold?

  23. Your son was a beautiful boy and I could tell from the way Taylor Swift sang last night just how much he affected everyone. In those four minutes he affected me and tears overflowed. Words cannot expressed how touched I was and when I went to your blog and read Ronan’s love letter to Taylor, I was in more tears. He is a little angel spreading so much heart to everyone. Thank you Taylor and thank you for sharing Ronan’s story. It will be one I won’t forget.

  24. I just discovered Ronan through a comment on YouTube…and I’ve been changed. I’m so sorry this all happened to you, and even though I’m not old enough, not important enough to make a difference, I WILL be here for you. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one, I lost my grandmother when I was 7. She was the most important person in my life, and she died of cancer, too. I didn’t know what to do, I felt mad at everyone and everything. I know that’s pretty harsh for a 7-year-old, but it’s true. I couldn’t change it, and that pissed me off. But now I’ve accepted that God has just taken another angel into his world, and I’ll see her soon enough. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss, but Ronan’s doing a beautiful thing…watching over you and your family in heaven. 🙂

  25. The song gave me goose bumps and made me cry, but I knew the second she started singing that it was a song for Ro. You are amazing and he is amazing and all of the Ro love is gonna change the outlook for these children who develop this horrible disease. I am so proud of your dedication to this disease and I know Ronan has the biggest smile on his face!!! You go girl and never quit believing. Also, congratulations on your pregnancy, I believe in you, in every way!!

  26. Such a beautiful song!! Awesome of her to do! Love 🙂

  27. Ronan, we already knew you were a Rockstar, but now even more!! F U cancer, Maya’s coming for you and taking all of us with her! XOXO Maya!

    1. “F U cancer, Maya’s coming for you and taking all of us with her! ”
      LOVE this- sounds like a great battle cry!

  28. It’s first now 🙂

  29. Dear Maya,
    I hope that when you listen to “Ronan” you are as touched and inspired as we (your “lovies”) are when we read your words. You and your little man are doing amazing things!

  30. ITS #1 NOW MAYA!!!!!! #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I don’t know how to write what I want to say to you…. Wow, you are amazing, I read your blog last night after buying in on Itunes. (#1) now. I don’t think I have ever cried so hard. Your story really touches me, as your family is so much like my own. I have that marriage that is unheard of in this day and age. I have two little girls now 6, 7, and I have my amazing little boy that is now 4. I said the same thing when he was born that you said with Ronan. He is my little best friend and my side kick. As a mother I love my children all the same and desprately. But the bond I have with my “little man” is pretty amazing. 3 weeks ago we almost lost him due to a bee sting. I didn’t even know that a bee could be so deadly so fast, but within 5 min. my son was dying and my Mom was holding him not able to do anything, but wait for the ambulance to arrive. My sister got to the house 4 min. before they did and shot her expired epi into him and saved his life. It would have been too late 4 min. later. I got a frantic call to get to the emergency room as my son may not make it and to pray hard. For 15 min. I didn’t know if he was alive and I have never pleaded so hard with God. After many Doctors appt. we have one set to try to get him immune to this severe anaphylaxis. It may take 5 years but it could save his life for next time.
    My heart is just ripped out for you, and why I am still holding my little boy, with yours gone. As I read your story I saw what life is without him and bawled like a baby all night. You are an ispiration to so many. Your beautiful words flow through so many peoples hearts. I think you should take your blog and make a book out of it. Another way to raise funds for cancer research. I can’t fully comprehend what you are going through, I only have my 15 min. of pure crazy freakout to campare it to, and that is nothing. I do have to say that your words are so well written that I can see it. You are such a beautiful writer that you and your family have just made millions fall in love with you all. I will pray for you all the time, I live in Wash. just 30 min. from your family, as this story just hits so close to home in so many ways.
    Lots of love to all of you,

  32. Amazing, RoMazing 🙂

  33. Number 1 song on iTunes! I cant stop listening to it ❤

  34. Beautiful song, perfect description of your Ronan and you. You have a good friend in Taylor Smith.

  35. (So you can see where your story is getting, I’m brazilian). Just got to know your and your little boy’s story today, after I saw a post on tumblr about Taylor Swift’s new awesome song about an awesome little boy that left this world. As though as I’m not really connected to Taylor Swift’s music, I decided to get to know the story about this great love. I read many of your entries on this blog, and I felt my heart breaking and I cried my eyes out. And what hurt the most was knowing that you cried 5000 times harder than I did. I wish the best for you, Ronan (wherever he is, though he is by your side), your husband, your twins and the baby to come, and for all the people you love.

  36. Ronan is an incredibly touching song. I lost myself looking into those beautiful blue eyes. My heart goes out to the Thompson family for your tragic loss. Your sweet angel is looking over you.

  37. You are beautiful inside and out. Ronan was the luckiest little boy to have you in his life. May he rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your story and filling our hearts so much.
    Taylor’s song made me cry so much. I only hope for the best for you and your family, you are all so strong.

  38. It’s no problem, it’s such a beautiful song. I’m re reading all of your old blogs, and there is so much you say that is very empowering. There is also a lot where I’m like “oh that’s a lyric in the song”. I love Taylor and Ronan. Stay strong we’re with you ❤ best wishes from the state of Washington (:

  39. What an amazing song for an amazing little boy. I cried watching Taylor sing it. I hope the song stays #1 for a long time on iTunes and raises a lot of money! And raises awareness for Childhood Cancer and keeps spreading Ronan’s story. Sending love and hugs your way, Maya…

  40. What an amazing song for an amazing little boy. See, Maya, you and Ronan ARE changing the world! One step at a time. I cried while watching Taylor sing this. Just simply beautiful, and I hope it stays #1 on iTunes for a long time, and raises a ton of money for cancer research, and keeps spreading Ronan’s story!! Sending love and hugs your way…

  41. I wrote in my blog a few words about it. My grandpa died and this song just makes me really sad, but also makes me remember him in a good way.

  42. I am smiling SO big reading all these comments that say “Just found and read you blog after hearing the song…”. So ROmazing to have all the new support and awareness.

  43. Just watched the video on YouTube … I’ve always loved Taylor and now I love her even more. That girl really does have a heart of gold. I’m surprised she was able to even get through that song onstage, I was crying my eyes out in the first 15 seconds just listening, I can’t imagine how she was able to keep it together to sing it! It gave me goosebumps … what a beautiful song for a beautiful boy and his beautiful mama.

  44. When Woody texted my brother Will to tell him to watch the show last night I had no idea how much this song would hit me. It is beautiful and seeing Ronan’s picture at the end I completely lost it. The song is now on my ipod along with Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart that we played at our dad’s funeral. Ronan will live on for millions thanks to that song.

  45. Thank you for sharing Ronan with the world. What a powerful way to draw attention to this cause. I have been reading your blog tonight and “ugly crying” the whole way through. Bless you and your family.

  46. It’s Romazing RONAN is the #1 download on
    Maya, you and Ronan are gonna cure this
    Disease!!! You are incredible!!
    One day I will walk into work and care for children who have been cured of Neuroblastoma!!! All because of you and Ronan!! Xo

  47. Taylor Swift is my biggest inspiration, and my heart melts because I know how much her music helps me as a teenage girl, and for you I can only imagine. Taylor is such a loving person to do this for your family and Ronan. I’ve been reading your blog while listening to Ronan’s song and it has made me realize how strong of a person you are. God never gives you more than you can’t handle. Prayers go to you and your entire family.

  48. Dear Maya,
    I was first introduced to your blog after hearing Taylor’s “Ronan” and have been reading about his fight all day from the beginning and though I did not know Ronan as a person, I feel like I did. Reading this has been a very humbling thing for me. I am soon going to be thirteen and most kids my age spend their time shopping and worrying about Justin Bieber’s new hair. Yesterday that would’ve been okay, but today i tried those things and just felt so selfish. Your blog has changed my life and I have the utmost love and respect for you. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

  49. Watched S(up)2C and thought–through bawling tears–“wow Taylor Swift is amazing.” Couldn’t shake the heart-wrenching beauty of the song so searched around and found your blog and again thought–through tears–“wow this family is amazing.” I’ve thought about you more in the past 24 hours than anything else. I hope you and Ronan feel the love, raise boat loads of money, build a huge hospital, and find the cure! ROCK ON and THANK YOU for being a role model of straight up awesomeness!

  50. I listened to Taylor sing “Ronan” and I cried. I just read “Where is Ronan” and I can’t stop crying. He is such an amazing, beautiful boy. Im 19, I couldn’t possibly know how you must feel, but my heart breaks for you. I never knew him and I don’t know you, but I will think of Ronan everyday, and remember that life is so so precious. Thank you so much for sharing his life with me. I completely understand why Taylor wrote the song. It is impossible not to be inspired in some way by your story. I was, and although I don’t compare to Taylor, I wrote something for you. It is not a memorial, or a consolation, but simply some of what you may be feeling, some of what I have read here. I love your family and I love Ronan. ❤ Take care.

    Im at a loss for words tonight
    I won't attempt to hide the pain.
    I feel like Im standing trapped,
    Where being loved and lost
    Are both the same.
    Counting every different kind of pain.

    Im so alone
    Without you where you belong,
    Where your young heart was always there for me.
    I can't run from
    Everything that's going all wrong.
    How could your life be snatched away from me.
    Im surrounded by our friends
    New and old,
    But Im so alone.

    So deeply aware of how much I need you
    In a way I wish I'd never known.
    A tortured day of smiles relieved
    When the tears flow in a steady stream,
    Matching the rain fall perfectly,
    It's like you're here crying with me.

    This sadness is so deep
    It shows up even in my happiness
    How could there be happiness without you.
    To have a part of you would be
    Nothing short of amazing
    You were so amazing.

  51. IT’S #1 NOW!!! 🙂

  52. What an amazing child, family and mom. He’s got you, the song, the center in the works for what I read…. Go for the book. Your writing is amazing, frank, full of love and emotions. The book can go into a movie to reach even more people to bring the so needed attention and awareness. Reach to the airlines for support and sponsorship. I work for one and the do so much with the pink…events, races, t-shirts for employes, Which is great, but they can do the same for this cause. Imagine a yellow logo flying in the skies. National events for Ronan and the fight….
    I wish the best to you and thank you for reminding us what is truly important. I’ve been holding my twin boys a little tighter and I see even more how beautiful they are.
    Maya you can do it all!

  53. I saw a you tube clip of this song at 2AM after I got home from a wedding. It moved me to tears and I had to get to know this precious boy. I found this journal and stayed up until 5AM reading from January to that horrible day in April. By the end of reading, I could barely see through my tears and my body was heaving with sobs. I feel like ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it but I don’t have another word. I shared on my fb page and told people to purchase this song. Childhood cancer shouldn’t exist and we need to find a cure. Thank you for your raw emotion and opening our eyes to the reality of what families like yours go through. Ronan will be with me forever, I will never forget your beautiful little man.

  54. “Cancer needs to get cancer and die!” I admire your struggle as a mom. I don’t have kids of my own; nevertheless, my heart broke into millions of pieces after reading your story. I’ve been thinking about you, Ronan, and the family all day ever since I heard Ronan’s song. Taylor, thank you for helping raise awareness! You’re amazing.

  55. I’ve been reading your blog for the past two hours after discovering Taylor Swift’s “Ronan” earlier today. It’s difficult to describe the emotions even reading the blog brings to me. I can’t imagine all you and your family have been through but you are a strong, powerful wakeup call to all of us. An incredibly inspiring and moving story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  56. Beautiful song for a beautiful boy!

  57. I just listened to the song today, and then learned the background of it. Since then I’ve bought it from iTunes and have had it on repeat the whole day. Discovered your blog and reading your entries have left me in tears. I can’t say much else except that I share in your grief and hope that you find solace. Great admiration for you for having the strength that you have and through Ronan’s spirit and with Taylor is making a difference for others. Thank you for baring your soul here in this blog, every word filled with heart and love.

  58. Maya- I read the majority of your blog today. My heart aches for you and your family. Ronan was the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen, and he seemed like such a delight. I bought the song “Ronan” on iTunes immediately after Taylor’s performance. I want to support the cause. Your blog has educated me on childhood cancer.

    Your blog is also inspiring. After reading everything I am now inspired to raise awareness on childhood cancer and spread tr word this month (and continue to do so in the future)

    Your blog entries along with Taylor’s song bring tears to my eyes every time. Be strong. Continue to share your story with the world. Ronan is still with us today as his story is heard by more people around the world. I wish you and your family nothing but the best. Always know that Ronan is looking down at you and continues to smile and love and miss you more each day.

    Thank you, Maya, for sharing your story with us.


  59. I think you’re an amazing woman and mother for sharing your story. After hearing Taylor’s song last night (which I was balling hysterically to) I googled Ronan and found your blog (which made me cry even more). I honestly had no idea this type of cancer existed until reading about it through your eyes. I bought Taylor’s song and I’m buying a Rockstar Ronan shirt! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that you ever had to experience something so heart breaking. Fu*k Cancer!!

  60. After hearing this beautiful song I was drawn to your blog. I have read a lot of your entries and I must say you are an amazing woman. Your story is very touching. I want to thank you thank you for sharing your story…for being as brave and strong as I know you are…this is the reason I am volunteering at children’s hospitals.any kind of help i can offer would be a blessig to me. Ronan is an inspiration to me and will never be forgotten. Thank you!

  61. Hi, I’m a 13 year old girl who is crying right now. I first heard about Ronan because of Taylor, who I am a huge fan of. When I learned that she would be singing a song on SUTC for a little boy, I was merely curious about the song. But then, I heard the story behind it, about your sweet little boy. I saw my idol and rolemodel of more than 3 years cry for him. I heard the lyrics that said so much. And finally, I found this blog. I just wanted to say that Ronan’s story has touched me in so many ways. I think it’s so inspiring, what you are doing for him and other children with cancer. I can’t find the words to express how affected I am by Ronan or how sorry I am for your loss. But here I am, in South Korea, crying my eyes out after hearing “Ronan”. And, there are many others like me, who’s hearts reach out for his beautiful story. Even though I’m not old enough, or important enough to make a difference, I hope you know that you certainly are. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. May Ronan rest in peace, knowing that his story is being shared all around the world, and knowing that he will always be remembered and loved.

    Sending you love from Asia,
    Jena K.

  62. Absolutely amazing song!! Love it – thank you Taylor Swift, Maya and Ronan. FU CANCER!!

  63. tears streaming down my face! I am the mommy of three and can not imagine your loss. Keep strong mama! I’ll be downloading soon!

  64. We are so blessed to have Taylor Swift in our lifes, THANK YOU TAYLOR SWIFT
    RONAN’S SONG…I love you so much Taylor Swift…

  65. Maya, this seems like such perfect timing…Katie Couric is one of the founders of SU2C and she is debuting her new talk show this week…how awesome would it be to get her ear and support for the NB center?! You are probably all over it or are hatching a plan as I write this, but thought I’d share the thought! This is just so amazing, you are really making things happen.

  66. Congratulations on it now being at the number one spot! I need you to know that even though I can’t take the pain away or bring him back that I am deeply sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful baby boy and he didn’t deserve to go so soon. I hope you know that he’s so proud of you for being so strong and that he loves you more than you will ever know. I’ve been crying all day yesterday and today because of this. Ronan will be forever in our hearts. Fuck you, cancer, for taking such a beautiful boy and leaving the world with one less smile and set of blue eyes that will never be forgotten. Rest easy, baby boy, we love you to the moon and back.

  67. I can’t get the lyrics out of my head, the song is so sad and poignant, and powerful… and I cried and cried after hearing the song. Being a mother to a young boy, I can relate. You are one amazing, strong woman. You inspire us.

  68. Maya,

    I learned about your amazing and enlightening journey after hearing Taylor Swift’s song Ronan. It is such a beautiful song for such a beautiful little boy. After hearing the song, I researched your blog and read the entire thing from day 1. Laughing and crying throughout the entire thing, I can only tell you that Ronan was a beautiful, special, and unique little boy and I am MORE than ecstatic that his song is now number 1 on Itunes. He deserves that and so much more. Every time I listen to the song, it touches me more and more. You and your family are truly wonderful people and I am blessed to even know your story of strength, passion, and love. Rest in peace and love baby Ronan. XOXO

  69. I have a 14 year old daughter who loves Taylor Swift. I’ve always liked her songs, but now I am beyond words to how I feel about her. I also have a 6 year old boy with beautiful blue eyes like Ronan. I have always told both my kids “I love you to the moon and back.” I just learned of your story and there are absolutely no words I can say to you to express how I feel. I can only say that your story and Ronan’s has touched me so deeply. I know you are in Arizona, but I think because of this song and your son’s story, this may be the time to get the whole country, if not the world involved. I know you just anounced a dream of a world class center for children with neuroblastoma. Why not make it a national effort, if not a world wide effort? I have no idea how many elementary, middle, and high schools there are in this country. But I do think, there must be a way we could get each one to help raise money for childhood cancers. I had no idea that so little of the money going to cancer research reaches childhood disease. It’s sad when anyone deals with cancer. I have lost my grandparents, 3 uncles, and my mother-in-law to this disease. But I believe no child should ever have to deal with f…ing cancer. No mother, father, sister or brother, should ever have to see their child or sibling fighting this horrible disease. Is there anyway we could spread the word and set up fundraisers in every state, in every school? I have a dream and it’s huge. I believe if every school in the country did something, it wouldn’t be long before there was a site to take care of children and families dealing with the same issues that Ronan and your family faced. God Bless you Maya! My heart aches for you. I will treasure each day with my 2 kids just so much more because of you and your beautiful boy.

  70. Dear Maya,
    I found your blog after hearing the Taylor Swift song “Ronan” and reading that it was written about your beautiful son. I cried and read part of your blog. I wish I could read your story from the beginning; it deserves to be heard and read and listened to. Ronan deserves to be seen and known. I went for a run and wept and cried and prayed, so heartbroken for you today. I just wanted to tell you that this person you have never met in California has you and your family and beautiful Ronan on her heart now. I wish I could sit down with you face to face and just listen. I am so profoundly sorry for your loss. I am weeping with you. Love, Michelle Louise Mason

  71. Everything You write everyone can feel so much love you have for child. And you inspire me along with little ronan 🙂 that there is still good in this world. And to live each day and never give up. I’m only 16 years old that shows. you that you can inspire Yaounde and old. I send my love to your family and blessings down your path
    love maria

  72. I’ve just done exactly what Sarah did :
    / September 8, 2012

    ‘I just stayed up all night reading each and every blog post after hearing Ronan’s song on the telethon tonight’

    I’ve cried through nearly every blog post & felt a fraction of the pain you have to live with daily. This is amazing what you are doing, good luck for the future. Ronan sounded like a very speical little man & I have no doubt that you are an amazing mother.
    The song is absolutely beautiful as well ❤
    M xxx

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