Ronan. Can you even believe the sweet pictures, below? Some little girl, whom we don’t know had her 7th Birthday party today. She wanted to share the RoLove so she did her whole birthday party with you, everywhere. Thank you, sweet dolly Kate and her mommy, Nicole. I feel like I’ve been kissed on my lips by my Robaby himself.

People’s kinds hearts are amazing. And these little girls will grow up to be even more amazing, because of our love baby doll. I am so thankful for the parent’s who are grateful for the lessons they are learning. I am so grateful for parents like this, who understand how lucky they are to have their babes to tuck in and kiss goodnight. I am so thankful for the beauty that WILL come out of this. Your death will not be in vain, Ronan. I will keep spreading our love, everywhere. I am thankful for the beautiful people who are listening. Thank you so much. To ALL of you.


14 responses to “RoSweetness.RoMagic.RoLove.RoMazing.”

  1. Wow. Romazing!

  2. Love you Maya. xxooo

  3. Maya,

    Romazingly beautiful!!!

  4. That just makes me cry! Simpy amazing…I can’t believe a girl whom I went to high school with- for 1 would have ever lost her beautiful amazing innocent baby, soul mate, spicy monkey, etc. I just never thought anything like this would have happened…it’s just so crazy for me to wrap my head around. Even though we were just aquaitences.. I just CANNOT imagine this AT ALL! BUT, I also never knew how much of an amazing mother/person you were either. I see Ronan/you pushing you everyday to the fullest and this is the payoff…people can be so awesome! And you are so awesome too, which is where you’re beautiful son who sounded so much like you got it from! I have a minni me too-temper and all. You’re doing the best a woman/mother who lost a child can do. One foot after the other, just take it day by day. This just probably sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but comment tonight. I thought it was too cool, the persuasivness that you have I share your story all the time and feel like part of my heart is broken as well and just can’t imagine your pain. I would gladly give a piece of my healthy heart to mend a piece of your broken heart even tho it probably wouldn’t even help. I sure wish it could. Much love to you my high school acquaitence. πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, that is so sweet, amazing and heartwarming! πŸ™‚

  6. I love all the Ro words!! The list is gROwing!! RoLove to you RoMama!

  7. These are the things that bring a smile to your heart….unlike the haters out there…this mom and these little girls will make a positive impact in life – Romazing!

  8. Dearest Maya and family. I have followed your story from the beginning and have never replied, our family has just taken in so much awareness and have learned tons from your story and we are in awe! We were always wondering what we could do to help out…well, I think this is our calling, we have a little office off of 32nd Street and Indian School, nothing fancy, but would love to have you come by and take a look to see if it will work for your needs. If you are interested, please call me (Kathy) at 602.818.7833, I or my husband would be happy to fill you in on the details. Much love!

  9. Your message is sinking in. Love these little kids.

  10. So incredibly touching and amazing!!!!!!

  11. Maya,
    I love your blog, I started reading it with my daughters Madeleine and Frances soon after Your sweet boy was diagnosed. On May 30th, 2011 my older daughter Madeleine (14) had a close friend pass from brain cancer. She was devastated, especially after reading about Ronan’s passing. We have thought and thought about how we could contribute to making a difference to this horrible disease and finally we have discovered an idea and we think it is perfect considering your love of music and Woody’s passion for guitar. She and I both play. I actually taught guitar for years and she was one of my first students. I was also shocked when I watched the post of Woody playing some Camper Van Beethoven. Nobody ever knows who they are which happens to be one of my fav’s!. So, on to my idea. My daughter Maddie and I make our own guitar picks. We would love to make tons and tons of purple one’s with F U cancer on one side and then something about Rock on Ro on the other. All free of charge for you if you could find some cool music shop to sell and donate proceeds. What would be even cooler is if you end up having that rock concert you could sell them there! I don’t have your email but if you are interested email me at My girls and I think about you often and we would love to help you fight this so if it sounds like something you think would help to raise awareness, please contact me as soon as possible so we can get a jump on it. If not, good luck to you!
    Erin Riek

  12. Sweetie pie baby girls!!!! πŸ™‚
    Love you Maya. Think of you & your family & Ro every day. Perfect stranger but I love you & will look for ways to help you. Xo

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