A Dangerous Day Indeed

Ronan. Today, I lived. I lived and I didn’t feel like dying for the first time, in a long time. But I am still aware of the reason it is, that I am trying to live this life to the fullest. I am aware that it is because of your death, that I have no choice but to go on and try to live this life now that I am without you. That is a heavy things to carry around with you, when you are just trying to survive. It weighs you down but at some point, you just have to try to get used to carrying this weight around with you now. Because it is never going away. I met Mandy Bee, Kristi and her friend, Jacqueline, at Scottsdale Gun Club. I’ve never shot a gun before in my life. Well, that is not totally true. I’ve shot a bb gun a few times. I think I tried to shoot my little brother once, when we were little with one. But that is the extent of my gun experience. Today, I had no idea of the awesomeness I was in for. I should have known just due to the company that I was in. We arrived, Mandy and I had to watch a little video before we got started. Kristi and Jacqueline are pros. Jacqueline has been shooting guns since she was 9. Badass. We made some pretty little targets to shoot at. Most of them said, “Fuck You Cancer.” or “Cancer is an Asshole.” I made one, for a specific person, who shall remain nameless. But it felt the best when I was shooting my machine gun, at this sign. I also made one for Inferno Fuckwad Bob. Jo would have loved that. We shot a couple different machine guns, a pistol…. I have no idea of the actual names of these guns. All I know is it was the best therapy I’ve had in a long time. I took out a lot of aggression and anger today on those targets. I felt empowered. I am woman, hear me roar.  I told Woody I want a machine gun, for Christmas. I was joking, of course. But that is how I feel. Like life is so fucked up that I should just be able to walk around and carry a machine gun with me at all times. To kill all the zombies that are trying to eat me. You would have loved today, baby doll. I know I made you proud. Check mark number 1 for your little bucket list  that I am going to carry out for you. Thank you K,M and J for today. It was a day that Ronan would have loved.

After our little Baby Danger outing, Mandy Bee and I went and grabbed some lunch. I told her I was freaking out because I hadn’t worked out today, so I was going to go home and try to get in a run before I grabbed the boys. She told me I should just come over and I could workout at her house. She said she would teach me to box. Sign me up! Another thing, I’ve never done. We got to her house and changed. She has a punching bag hanging in her garage. I told you this crazy stalker girl, is my kind of girl;) One that keeps a punching bag hanging from the ceiling of her garage because she likes to take her aggression out on things that she can hit. It was pouring outside. We turned on some loud music and bootcamp Mandy was in full effect. She yelled at things for me to do. I did them. After about 20 minutes of doing whatever she told me, it was time for my little punching lesson. I put on her gloves. I tried to focus on my form and breathing. Mandy held the bag and screamed a lot of fuck words for me. It was hard. Really hard. Next I took off the gloves. It was time to hit the bag, with my forearms. I can’t remember what Mandy called it and I didn’t care. All I knew is I was beating the shit out of something and I didn’t want to stop. I continued. She told me that was enough. I told her no. I wanted more. She told me to look at my arms. They were all scraped, bloody, red, bruised. I told her I didn’t care. It didn’t hurt me. She let me go another round. She had to pull me away. We worked out in the pouring down rain. I didn’t have shoes because I had worn my boots earlier in the day. So we were both barefoot. After our kicking workout in the rain, we went on a run. Barefoot. We came back to her house. I told her I wanted to punch the fucking bag again. She let me but finally told me enough was enough. She wasn’t going to let me hurt myself anymore for the day. I felt like what I bet a crack addict feels like. I wanted more. My bruised and bloody arms, told a different story. I can hardly wait for my next little punching lesson. I really did tell Woody that I want a punching bag and boxing gloves for Christmas. Preferably purple.

You know how I am when I say I’m doing to do something, Ronan. I don’t half ass it. Today, I didn’t do just one thing I’d never done before. I did three. I told Tricia this and she laughed and said, can’t we just ease into this and your new danger plan? I told her no. I’m already plotting as to what next week has in store. Although your brothers will be out of school for break, so I’m going to have to get creative so I can include them too.

I’m tired tonight. Sore. I spent the rest of the evening, feeling sick to my stomach due to the crazy Mandy Bee Bootcamp. It’s still raining. Pouring. I hope it never stops. I love you. Today, I missed your smile so much that it took my breath away. You have the most beautiful smile baby. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe. Sweet dreams my little wild and free soul. I hope you saw all I did today and you know it was all for you. Always for you. G’nite.


12 responses to “A Dangerous Day Indeed”

  1. Awesome!!!! You rock mama Maya!!!
    Thinking of you and Rockstar Ro!!! Always… Your blue eyed spicy boy. Thanks for sharing him with all of us!!!

  2. Even of you feel you have nothing to smile about, you still have a beautiful smile. Granted its with a gun in your hand, but you do indeed have a beautiful smile. I know where Ronan got his smile from now.

  3. How awesome of you. A real smile in that photo! Ro would be so happy to see his mama going nuts and being her awesome self:)



  4. Glad you had a day that made you feel the way you wanted, hope you are not to sore today. Have a great day!

  5. You rock girl:) That’s right shoot the HELL out of that cancer. I always wanted to go shoot something too ( a target of course) I can’t wait to do it. You look amazing with that big gun in your hand..Rockstar Ronan forever:)

  6. This makes my heart smile, so glad to hear you had a good day. I think about you and worry about you so much. Hope you start having many more days like this one ❤

  7. I love it!! Ive always wanted to learn how to shoot guns, it seems like such a rush!! I am glad that you found something to make you smile 🙂 Sending my prayers and love!!!

  8. Rebel WITH a cause. Love it!

  9. You are a bad ass. In every way. I love it!

  10. I don’t think I will come up with anything exciting or creatively dangerous to do–my brain just doesn’t think that way–probably the way yours didn’t before this nightmare you are now living began. I am happiest at home with my husband and children…plain and simple, boring, uber undangerous and exciting to most but amazing for me. I realize and appreciate that more fully however, because of you & Rockstar Ronan. Love to you, Maya. Great to see Inca kicked some ASS today–and thrilled that you continue to be surrounded by such amazing people.

  11. So impressive and inspiring. Fuck you cancer (and watch out b/c Maya can now shot & box)! Take care.

  12. Dear Maya,
    I first heard about your sweet, wild and free Ronan last year when your twins were in first grade. I am a kindergarten teacher at their school and have become obsessively caught up in your blog. You are doing the world a true favor by being who you are…Fuck you cancers and all (that just so happens to be the name of my summer vacation.)
    My friend and I are both survivors of this shitfucking disease and decided to take a trip in honor of this punkass disease having the balls to try and knock my friend out. It can bend over and kiss my ass. All that Ronan had to suffer through has really made me think about the other children fighting this fucked up fuckinridiculous disease. My greatest joy in life Is helping and teaching children. I would love if you could give me the name or phone number of who to contact to volunteer my time? If I wasn’t a kindergarten teacher, I would have been a pediatric nurse, so certain things don’t bother me. The way they would for some.
    I ready to go and would be honored to donate my time in honor of beautiful blue eyes!
    Sleep well sweet Maya!

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