He is sooooo spicy!!!

10 responses to “He is sooooo spicy!!!”

  1. I love his squeaky little voice ❤ Fuck cancer

  2. Oh sweet baby…. I have so many videos of my 3 year old doing these same things and being “spicy” , I find myself not getting frustrated with him as much and not losing my temper, he colored on his white walls the other day with a purple crayon and I started laughing remembering how you said Ronan did that also, my Fiance looked at me like I was crazy because I was laughing so hard all I could think of was Ronan and how badly you want him back coloring on the walls. Ronan is in my heart and mind every single day, I love him as if he was part of my own, I love watching these videos of him and seeing his adorable and hilarious personality. As a mother of a adorable little boy who literally develops my whole soul, my heart aches for you so badly I cant stand it, just know how much you are cared about and how Ronan has really changed people for the good, I give him all the credit for me becoming the mother I am now to my son.

    Big tight hugs ❤

  3. Sweet sweet boy……my heart hurts to see these videos although I love to see Ronan and hear his adorable voice. I cannot fathom the depth of your sadness and hurt.
    So much love and hugs sent your way….

  4. Love it! Love his emphasis on HEY!!! And his squeaky voice “I’m not spicy” lol

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Thinking of you and Rockstsr Ro!!!

  5. He was so cute, so sweet, 🙂 xoxo

  6. Could watch this a thousand times…what a sweet, beautiful, funny, & spicy boy!

    Emma had her rebel on for Halloween, Maya. She was SpiderMAN with Dorothy shoes and she would correct anyone in her squeaky voice if they called her spider girl/woman–just like Ro’s perfectly precious & attituded I NOT SPICEY! Without Ronan in my heart, I may have pushed for a girlier costume–but really, WHY? Letting her be who SHE wants to be, looking up to her 2 big brothers and she brought smiles to many–I am sure more than she would have had she sported a Tinkerbell, MinnieMouse, or Princess costume.

    Love to you…

  7. I must have replayed “I’m NOT SPICY!” fifty times. Oh how I love his squeaky little voice!
    To Ronan: Your mama has every reason in the world to hide under the covers every day for the rest of her life…but instead she is doing amazing things in your name. She fights so hard everyday to pull it together for your brothers and your daddy, but her heart hurts so much because she can’t hear you sing that song and tell her you’re not spicy (even though she knows just how spicy you really are!) None of us can bring you back to her arms, as much as we all want to, but if you can, please visit her when she dreams and let her hear your voice and feel you in her arms. I know how much she wants to see you there. Her love for you goes beyond the moon and back, her love for you is able to be felt by a stranger in New Jersey, and it is the most tender, pure love I have ever seen. Because of her love for you, because of the strength of your mama, because you are so special, amazing things are happening all around her. She is touching millions of lives everyday. Not just people like me who come to her blog every day, but all the people I talk to about you, about your mama, they are being changed too. Ro, your mama has set out to bring awareness, educate others, and fight every day for a cure for kids who are fighting, and shouldn’t have to. But in the process of spreading awareness, she has spread LOVE, by sharing you with us, by opening her heart, she has made mine bigger. I am so so sorry, Ro, that you got sick and that you had to leave so soon. You are so loved and missed. Take care of your mama and daddy and your brothers, they need you so much. We all love you so so much, spicy boy!!

  8. One of my favorite songs, sang by my favorite Rockstar….Ronan Thompson. You Rock baby boy!!!

  9. What a sweet video, we listened to him sing, and instantly brought tears. Thank you so much for sharing!!



  10. This video just made my life!!!

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