7 responses to “Sarah Love outdid herself. Thank you, dolly. Thank you Arizona Foothills. It’s Beautiful. It’s Perfect. It’s Real. I’m Honored.”

  1. Perfection.

  2. Beautiful……

  3. Amazing!!!!!!!! A true friend forever Sarah will be. Thank you Sarah for all of your powerful and loving words.

  4. Maya, this was such a beautiful letter to Ronan. You are surrounded by so many amazing people!!

    lots of hugs!


  5. Beautiful words about you and your precious Ronan! That’s awesome!

  6. This work of art & heart is beautiful. If it’s truly original, it should be copywrited & used to it’s max for donations for childrens’ cancer. A house banner, garden banner, tiny pendant for necklaces, braclets, ancklets, rubber braclets, beautiful & calm bamboo fabric t-shirts, stovetop spoon rests, basketballs, footballs, soccerballs, you name it. There are more ways to roll with this art than little old me in Longview can think. So much potential in such a beautiful way………. & especially before Valentine’s Day..

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