A Love Letter to Taylor Swift

I don’t have words tonight. I don’t, but somebody else does. My babydoll, Ro. I turning this post, over to him tonight. Because the only way to explain the beauty of tonight, is through him. Love you, Ro. I miss you every second of the day.

Dear Taylor Swift,

A love letter to you? Yes. A love letter to you, from me because I know that angels are real. And you are one of them. I watched my mama today. I watch her all the time and I know sometimes she thinks I am not around, because she cannot see me. But after tonight, I know she will know I am always around, even when she forgets because she is so sad. I watched my mama today and she was having a really hard day. I know this because when she is having hard days, she gets really quiet. I watched her as she struggled to put one foot in front of the other today. I watched her go about her busy day, trying to be productive, but she was consumed with the thoughts of missing me so much, that she couldn’t focus on a thing. She stayed out of the house most of the day and I could tell that she was so tired from not sleeping well anymore. She was so tired and sad today. She cried a lot. I heard the things she was thinking in her head. At one point, she thought she was too sad to go to your concert tonight and thought of giving her ticket to somebody else, who wasn’t so sad. My mama is thankful though, so she was instantly aware of how rude this would be and she did really want to go to your concert. But she also felt like hiding in the hole she wishes she could dig in the back yard of ours and never come out of again. She had one of those moments where she thought to herself, I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up. She quickly checked herself back into reality and spent the rest of the next few hours, taking care of my brothers.

She sat down, on the floor of her bedroom. She got out a sharpie and some paper. She cried and she wrote you a letter. She told you things in the letter like who I am, what happened to me, about our love, how nobody is listening to the sad story of childhood cancer. She told you she feels like you are an old soul like me and how we have the same sparkly eyes. She included some pictures of me in her letter to you. She knew you were worthy of hearing my story. Only certain people are. You are one of those people. I helped her make this decision today to write you this letter. She was so tired but I kept buzzing about it in her ear. She listened. She doesn’t listen to other people often, but she always listens to me.

She got to the Jobbing Arena and was still feeling really sad. I think she cried on the drive there but she is really good at wiping away tears now in the dark so nobody notices. She went with her friend, Katie, who I never got the chance to meet, but I love her so much. She takes good care of my mama. They met the up with The Blair girls and their mama. They looked so beautiful. They were all dressed up in Tu Tu’s and my favorite color, purple. My mama’s sadness, started to lift a bit. The girls excitement was infectious. They were so excited to be there and to be meeting you. My mama threw herself into the happiness of those two little girls tonight, even though her tears would not seem to stop. Somedays she can control them. Not today. And not tonight. I wished she could have known that I was right there with her, holding her hand. Her sadness makes her forget this.

Once my mama picked up the tickets she and the girls, waited in line to get into the concert. They were late to meet you for their meet and greet. A wave of panic washed over my mama as she imagined how heartbroken the two girls would be if they had missed you. It ended up being fine and they were greeted by a really nice man who whisked them off to the back area of the concert venue. Your Dad greeted them, introduced himself and took them into your meet and greet room. What a gem. My mama watched the way his eyes lit up as he talked about you. She is able to read people pretty well and it was obvious within the first couple of minutes of meeting him, how much he loves you. My mama thought to herself, “He loves his daughter as much as I love my Ro.” It made her feel peaceful. Your dad spent some time talking to my mama and the girls. He left after a while and they were left alone to wait for you. My mama had her back turned as you walked into the room. She turned around when she heard someone saying, “Maya, Maya, Maya!” Over and over again. She turned around to find you. You were the one calling out her name, rushing towards her at full speed to give her a hug. You embraced her and told her you were so sorry. My mama was stunned to say the least. She thought you had no idea who she was or who I was. You were now standing right in front of her, telling her all sorts of things like how you have been reading her blog for over a year now. How your parents read it. How her heart is broken for all of us. You kept telling her you were sorry, you cried, you told her that I was the most beautiful boy on earth. You told her how much you love the video of me where I tell her I love her. You told her how you had never seen a mother love something so much. My mama was filled with disbelief and shock. She thinks nobody is listening to what she is saying. But then it hit her, as you were telling her how sick you were over the statistics of childhood cancer that she had posted on her blog a few days ago. Holy shit!, she thought to herself. People ARE starting to listen! Taylor Swift just rambled off how she had no idea what the statistics were for childhood cancer, until she read what I wrote! TAYLOR SWIFT!

My mama is funny like that though. Here you are standing in front of her, one of the most famous girls in THE WORLD, and she feels like you are her friend that she has known forever. She didn’t feel nervous. She felt like she was talking to someone who knew me, and really cared. My mama didn’t even try to fight back the tears tonight as she was talking to you. She let you see her pain and her sadness. There were no walls up. She’s not like that with many people. She must have felt like you are a really special girl. I watched how gracious you were with your time. I watched as you had this huge concert to perform, but it seemed as thought you were only concerned about my story and the story of these other really sick kids who my mama told you she has to fight for, for the rest of her life. I watched the way you talked about me with such passion and sadness. My mama saw it too. My mama listened as you told her how you go to hospitals and visit the Oncology floor. She was so thankful. She knows you know how something so little like that, means the world to all of those kids, who deserve to have a world, but don’t anymore. Their world is the hospital, “ass-poles,” yucky medicine, weak legs, lots of pokies, upset stomaches, bald heads, pain, discomfort, no fresh air, and being trapped inside like they are zoo animals. You are the ray of sunshine that those kids need. You were the ray of sunshine my mama needed tonight. Thank you for giving her a break from her sadness and making her smile for a few hours.

I watched my mama at your concert. I watched the as she took little Elizabeth Blaire who was all decked out in her Tu Tu and held her for hours while they watched you perform in the Pit. I watched as my mama kissed her bald head several times. I watched as the people stared because they were too shocked and sad to look away. Because nobody thinks kids get cancer. But they do. And sometimes they die from it. And they shouldn’t. I watched as my mama spent most of your concert, with tears in her eyes. Out of both sadness and happiness. The sadness of missing me, but the happiness of feeling that I am really always around. I watched as she was taken back to our time together on earth when I was sick and here and how much she loved taking care of me. She never cared if I was sick. She never got tired of taking care of me. It was her favorite thing to do in the world. It was our magical time together and we fought so hard so we wouldn’t ever have to be apart. But somebody else had a different plan. A plan that involves me not being here anymore. A plan that involves my mama missing me so much, that she will stop at nothing until people start to listen so that maybe one day, another mama won’t have to feel her pain. I know she thinks she owes this to me, to carry on my name…. but I owe this to her too. She deserves to feel happiness again. She deserves to know that even though I am not here, we can still change things together. She believes in our love so much that I know she knows great things are going to start happening. They already are. This was obvious to her tonight. The world is slowly changing because of our love. You proved this to her in such a big way tonight. Thank you for that.

Thank you, Taylor Swift for being such an old soul. Thank you reminding my mama of so many things tonight. How the power of a dream, really can change the world. As long as it is a dream fueled by love, passion, strength, determination, pain, and a bit of “spiciness.” Those are the kind of dreams that move mountains. Those are the kinds of dreams that do change the world. Thank you for being a girl, who never gave up on her dreams and who is watching them all come true. My mama’s dream is me. My mama’s dream is for everyone to know our love story, so Childhood Cancer gets the awareness it deserves. So that kids start getting better treatments and survive things like Neuroblastoma. My mama’s dream is for people to start just being better people in general because they know what is truly important in life. My mama’s dream is for everybody to follow that little list that she wrote, “How to Live like a Rockstar.” My mama’s dream is to live her life, the way I would have lived mine. I need my mama to start to heal, so she can fulfill what she is here to do. I felt a piece of her heal tonight, thanks to you and making her aware that so many people are listening. People like you, who are bigger than life and who could easily turn the other way to ignore our story. But you’re not. You didn’t. You know our story deserves to be heard and acknowledged. You took such a little thing tonight, by looking into my mama’s eyes, and telling her how sorry you were, that I died. Those two things mean everything to my mama. The simplest acts of kindness, compassion and honesty. If only our world were filled with more people like you, sweet Taylor Swift. I can guarantee it would be a much better place full of sparkles everywhere.

G’nite Miss Taylor. G’nite my mama. I hope you know I am safe. I love you to the moon and back. Sweet dreams.



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  1. Tears flowing and flowing….Taylor Swift is another angel here on earth. Ronan and your voice is louder than you realize and you have impacted so many of our lives. Love and hugs sent your way!

  2. Rockstar Ro, I was there last night. I saw your mama on the jumbotron. I thought of you and your mama when Taylor sang “Last Kiss”.

    Your mama is an Inspiration to Mama’s everywhere!!!

    I hope she sees you in her dreams. I hope she feels you always around her. The breeze in the wind. The whispers in her ear.

    Ro you are the most beautiful blue eyed spicy monkey and I think of you all the time.


  3. So glad you had a magical night. So glad you are getting the message out to people and they are listening. All our love, thoughts and prayers go out to your entire family. Have a good weekend.

  4. Amazing. So beautiful and awe-inspiring. Maya, you and Ro truly are changing the world of childhood cancer – only more incredible things are to come from here. People are listening and SO many of us are standing with you both, always.

  5. What a beautiful sentiment to Ronan’s love for you. I hope that your mountain’s can be moved and those sparkles can prevail…..cancer should not be allowed to destroy so many lives. Go Maya……fu cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxo…..Cheryl

  6. I feel so, so happy you had that experience last night! Amazing, wonderful! Praying for more like it, to help you heal, God bless!!! xoxo

  7. Maya…what a beautiful post. You and Ronan ARE making a difference. It is so incredible to watch the awareness grow. I am so proud of you. Thank you as always for sharing.

  8. i am still crying as i write this comment. wow! this sounded like the most incredible and beautiful night! maya, yours and ronan’s love story is the most beautiful story i have ever heard and i am so glad that your love for ro is being heard and recognized and not just by anyone, but ms. taylor swift!! i have a feeling in my heart that more people are going to start hearing ro’s story and the awareness that is overdue on childhood cancer, and all the work you’ve put in is going to pay off and truly change things forever!

  9. Tears, tears, and more tears… sad tears and happy tears. I am now a HUGE fan of Miss Swift, a celebrity who truly deserves her fame that she uses it to bless others! What a beautiful love letter… I love you Ronan!

  10. Elizabeth is a really beautiful little girl, and Taylor Swift has a household of brand new fans here. What a sweet story, I have so many tears of sadness and also happiness at this story. Maya, you and Ro are going to move mountains, you are my heroes.

  11. I like a song, “Take Me Into the Beautiful.” Reading this took me there. Ronan is so alive inside of you. Always with you. I’m so proud that amazing people are standing up to bring awareness to childhood cancer. Your words are reaching millions, Maya. You are changing the world. Sending you love,

  12. Oh, Ronan. You have no idea how many people miss you, even though we never met you. Your mama is the best and makes me a better mama. Thank you for being with her always.

  13. Maya-

    I was at the concert last night as well- and I saw you and Elizabeth on the big screen! I was watching for you, as I am one of your dedicated followers. Your blog is the 1st thing I read every morning and I knew you were going to the concert. T. Swift seems so genuinely kind, sweet, and caring- so glad you and Elizabeth’s family got to meet her. And how awesome is that- T.Swift knew who you were, knew Ronan’s story and follows your blog! So cool! Thinking of you daily, Shawn

  14. What a beautiful post…tears, tears, and more tears. Ro, you and your Mama are remarkable. Your little voice is being heard. Thank you for sharing….I know this is only the beginning.



  15. Just realized where Ronan got his sparkley eyes…YOU. They are sparkling a little brighter in the picture above with you holding that little sweetie. Your smile and his are sweetly disarming. That alone is going to do big things in this world. No one and no thing can get in the way of that smile and those eyes.

  16. I rarely cry, but this story has tears flowing down my face. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I’m a huge fan of Taylor, and I found this on one of her sites. This makes me love her even more. She truly is amazing. So are you and Ro. I didn’t know Ro, but he sounds like a delightful little boy. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. So sorry. This is the first time I’ve ever been on your blog, but I feel like it won’t be the last. I’m only 16, but at this moment I am so inspired. I want to do everything I can to get awareness for this cause. Cancer has been something that unfortunately has been in my family. My mom and grandparents have all been effected. When I was 8, I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and spent many days on the Oncology floor around children with cancer. I was too young to really understand, and wrapped up in my own stuff to do anything. Now that I’m healthier, I will share your story and try to help out. God bless! XOXO

  17. amazing,cant stop my tears from falling..i kno wgod loves u so much thats why he take you soon..your mama loves you too but perhaps god need more angel on heaven.this is so amazing i love taylor swift so much but this prove how real and kind and honest and lovely she is…she deserve evrything she got coz she sooo amazing..thank you for sharing your letter to us my heart achin gbut i know wherever u are..u are happy now…we love u ro…elizabeth so cute in her tutu…god bless your mama who loves u so much..god bless taylor swift and her family…we love u!!!!

  18. Oh wow. Taylor is such an incredibly nice and beautiful person. I am so sorry for Ro. I think that more people should be aware of cancer. More people should realize that it does happen a lot, to people of all ages and there should be more awareness for it. I am crying now, I’m so sorry.

  19. Oh my god I cannot stop crying. How fucking fabulous of Taylor Swift! Maya – I think you are incredible, and beautiful in every way possible, and I’m so so sorry you lost Ro.

  20. WOW. Just WOW. You are reaching for the stars, quite literally, and grabbing them! Keep at it. His beautiful spirit shines on through you. And God Bless people like Taylor Swift. The world would be totally different if there were more of them. I’ve always wanted to go to a Taylor concert. I hope one day to be able to afford it!! ❤

  21. Wow. First I must say I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to have someone so loved lose a battle to cancer. My aunt who I loved so much died of cancer about 8 years ago. I will always remember the last time I saw her and seeing her smiling. I watched Stand Up To Cancer tonight and heard Taylor’s song ‘Ronan’. It’s beautiful. And I’m so glad she’s my hero, she saved my life from bullies and suicide. She’s our old souled angel.
    Much love to you and your family.

  22. I just got to hear that beautiful song “Ronan” by Taylor Swift on Standup2Cancer show….I cried like a little girl. I am so sorry for your loss, but so happy that everyone is getting to know Ro and celebrating Ro’s life.

    My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia A.L.L. on her 3rd birthday and has been off chemotherapy since August 10 (my bday). She was a HUGE fan of T.S. She would always make me go to T.S. website to watch all her videos before she would go to sleep….long story short…We actually got to meet Taylor Swift at one of her concerts in Oklahoma City…….she made our little Rylie feel so special…best part of all was when we were on the way home, she said “Daddy, that was the best day ever”…..TEARS! Thank you for sharing your story and if you are reading this Taylor, thank you for our special moment with you…you will never know how much that meant to us. Thank you for helping us fight against cancer so that no one will have to go thru what our kids went thru.

  23. You are not alone Maya. Even when no one is around God is with you. There is a scripture in the Bible that says that God holds each and every one of our tears in a bag of remembrance. He remembers each tear you shed for your little Ro that lives on in God’s memory. Ro is not suffering, not in pain. He is in God’s care. I hold that gives you some solace but I know… Even Jesus Christ died when he was told that his friend Lazarus died. And yet Jesus Christ knew he was about to resurrect him. He cried. He felt. God too, cries and feels our pain. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I am ashamed that when an acquaintance reached out to me I was afraid and was not there for her. She died of cancer last night. I cry for my shame, but then I realize it is not about me. It is about this dear woman who lost her battle. I can only pray for her because in God’s eyes she is still very much alive. As is your little Ro. I believe in the resurrection. Sorry because my intent is not to “preach” to you. It is just to share some hope. With much fellow feeling for you. Stay strong. You are loved.

  24. Just found my way here after needing to find out about the song Taylor Swift sang tonight. What a beautiful song and a beautiful boy. So many people will be able to relate to this and to the importance of supporting cancer research thanks to this bright-eyed boy who was so loved.

  25. I finish this with my poor English reading.I am so sad that I can do nothing for those children like Ronan who are in pain…I can only let others know about the horrible disease so Maybe they will care ….and I wish someday I can be as brave as you are!

  26. I’m not a person who cries, I just can’t. But this story, YOUR story, hit me. I’m from Spain and I have a friend, a six-year-old kid, who is suffering from neuroblastoma too. He’s now on treatment in the states. I just hope people take awareness of things like that, things that shouldn’t be happening, things that should be given a lot more importance to than they do. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know Ronan but i feel like I did. Just thank you, Maya. Thank you for having the strength to keep fighting, to create a better world for beautiful kids like Ronan was. I don’t know what else to say, you deserve all the best. Thank you.

  27. I don’t cry at much but your story just made me. I feel terrible for your parents. Every time i hear Taylor’s song ‘Ronan’ it makes me get tears in my eyes. I can’t imagine what your mama and you went through. I never really realized how terrible cancer was until now. To be honest, and this will sound mean, i never really cared. But you and your story made me realize how terrible it is and how many people are affected. Remember this, it was YOUR story that made me care. You made me want to help raise money to help find a cure for cancer. You are loved Ronan. ❤

  28. I found myself watching StandUp4Cancer last night, although I usually steer clear of such shows as they always leave my heart hurting. My dad, mom and my brother had cancer, and are no longer with us. I found myself reaching for the remote to switch channels more than once, and yet kept listening, to the statistics, the personal stories, and the entertainers. Then Taylor Swift came on and sang the most beautiful song, which literally swept me along on an emotional tide pool. I wondered if maybe she sang about a child she known and loved that’d succumbed to cancer. Then the song ended, although my tears continued to stream, and behind her reflected the picture of a beautiful little boy with the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and I lost it completely. Maya, I found your blog, and desperately want to become a soldier, one of Ronan’s solder’s, in this battle. No one, especially not a child, should have to fight this fight. Words really are inadequate in expressing my deepest sympathy for your loss, but perhaps my support will do what my words cannot. I will proudly show off my Rockstar Ronan bracelets to any and all, and my humble contributions to the Ronan Thompson Foundation will be ongoing.

  29. Dearest Maya ,
    I can start by just saying that my heart goes out to you and is sharing with you. I need to tell you how much i greatly appreciate your blogs and this letter. your are an extraordinary woman, you may or may not realize but u have strength beyond most. I feel like i need to thank you for sharing with me and allowing me to understand and feel with you and i want you to know that you have given me faith and belief and touched me. I respect you so much and i know that Ronan is defiantly so proud as well, to have a mama a friend and so much more. And he sounds so strong and amazing. Ronan, yourself and your story has made a difference in many people including myself and my family. I am going to try and take upon myself to reach out more and do much more this is honestly one of the most sincere honest heartfelt real pure (i can go on..) story i have ever read. I want to let you know that even though i may not know you i am so very proud of you. Im so sorry Maya, so so sorry. But i am also very grateful of you and Ronan, for shedding so much hope for so many people. THANK YOU MAYA!
    With all my Love,
    Rene’e ❤

    The generosity that you have shown has reminded me and brought back so much to me that i have stopped taking part in. I am glad I got to know another wonderful side of you that i was not familiar with. Your characteristics are strong loyal and faithful. your sincerity and even the look in your eyes when watching you sing was so powerful and i hope you know that. I am 22 years old similar to yourself and you honestly touched me and changed a lot for me and my perspective. I beyond love your song. And you as well as maya and Ronan made a huge difference in many peoples lives, opening and welcoming awareness and so much more. I actually never have written or commented in a blog or letter etc before (even though i normally have what to say) but as many people probably are commenting i hope mine goes out to both of you as a personal thanks and i hope you feel my warmth. Thank you! You go girl

  30. I couldnt stop my tears from falling. This is the most heart-touching things I’ve ever read. Yes.. Taylor Swift is an Angel, she has always been my angel. But you are an Angel as well Maya. I am sorry for what happened to Ro. He’s such a beautiful boy. Both of you are always in my thought and prayer.

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  40. You are a hero in my eyes!! You are a blessing for the whole world. I’m sorry for your loss. Please keep up the brave fight. Every child deserves a parent like you!

  41. I’m reading this my heart is pounding — tears are just pouring down my face…Maya and Ronan the most amazing love story. I feel the same way about my own lil loves – I love them so much I wouldn’t know what to do w/o them. But Maya you and Ronan are special. You are going to change the world and the face of childhood cancer. Now millions of people are aware thanks to your story. I have been advocating and have been aware about childhood cancer for less than a year — can you believe even having 3 children my oldest being 8, that I only learned the facts about childhood cancer 8 months ago (thanks to Gabby Vogel RIP). 8 months ago!!!! That is how seriously under recognized childhood cancer is! I sometimes wonder if what I’m doing to help is really enough, I post on FB, I share pages of journeys of those families in the trenches battling this war called cancer, I volunteer for organizations that help families impacted by childhood cancer…and then I thought about it again…and every little bit helps. Everytime I share a post on Facebook or send a tweet, it’s a few more people that are aware. If everyone did something small it could turn into something really big! The power and strength in numbers! Thank you so much Maya, Ronan and Taylor Swift for being a beacon of hope and inspiration to the WORLD! Go GOLD for childhood cancer awareness! Hugs and so many more hugs!!!! Rosanna Diaz (Long Beach, CA).

  42. So many tears… How does one body produce so much water?
    God bless you, Ronan.
    My mother always told me when I was really little that if you let a balloon go and fly up to the sky, it would reach Heaven and one of the little boys and girls up there would find it.
    So that’s just what I’m going to do, except this one will be for a certain little boy. It will have your name on it so you know it’s yours.
    Always thinking of you.

  43. this letter was totally made me cry…ronan is an example of everyone suffering like her condition……..inspite of all ur fightings and hopes, you still there guiding ur mother sad for your loss…!!!!

  44. My friend had a patient in the hospital she works at with neuroblastoma. She was a 12 year old girl, old enough to know what’s happening, yet young enough not to know what life is about. I immediately thought of Ronan when I heard. I think it’s amazing that you are going through the pain of writing about him all the time. I think it’s amazing that you truly want others to never have to go through this, while so many people would everyone to feel that pain. You have no idea how much what you’re doing could mean to that 12 year old girl, or any child with cancer. Thank you, on behalf of the rest of the world. There truly is good people out there.

  45. Everynight I read your blogs and I am slowely catching up.. This one made me smile and cry hysterically at the same time.

  46. Hey Maya, i’m from Singapore (a looong way from america, you can be sure that you’re being heard :)) and i heard about your blog today. actually, a week ago, my friend-who is a big taylor swift fan-mentioned something about the most touching song ever called ‘ronan’. she said it was about a four-year old boy and that she cried soo much. She didn’t give any details so i kinda guessed: ‘what is it about? cancer?’ and she said ‘yup’. i think she suddenly remembered that i might be sensitive about that topic.
    My older sister passed away this year in march. she wasn’t a child, but taken away at 18 and she had cancer too. She fought for about a year. i can’t say that i know how you feel, but i will say that i did love her sososo very much. She was our family’s ‘everything’ for a while so when she left, it was horrible. i wish everyday that some people could be more thankful for what they have (i wish i was too), and i am so happy that at least one person could be heard. you and ronan are helping to change the world step by step. i admire you so much- your strength especially. i am only 16 and i suppose we’re different because a mother’s love just goes, well, to the moon and back. i think about my sister everyday and i know you are thinking about that beautiful four-year old boy that has made such a difference because of you.
    i don’t know if you’ll read this, but i wanna thank you for being so open. You clearly moved mountains with your thoughts alone.:) i really hope you’re doing okay and i know that you’re so strong even though there may be tears. Good luck with everything and thank you for fighting for those (especially kids) with cancer.

    you can be rest-assured that some people over here in singapore support your cause 🙂

  47. I only met ronan when my sixteen year old daughter asked me to watch Taylor swifts song About a beautiful three year old boy who died of a horrible cancer, this was the day after she had performed it. I can honestly say he has been on my mind ever since, I am now looking for ways that I can help to stop this evil disease and it is beautiful ronan that has inspired me to this. Keep up the fight and good work.

  48. Maya,
    I found your story last night, after listening to his song. After crying constantly I looked around. I looked at the faces of the high schoolers around me and at myself. I became infuriated with all of it. As I listened to my friends complaining about their parents, or what they didn’t have or the other kids I just wanted to scream. I got so mad that I just wanted to look them straight in the face and say ” Seriously?! You’re gonna sit here and complain about everything when there are people, little kids struggling to hold on to their lives, enjoying every second of them?!” And being so frustrated I simply started to bawl again. And for a second simply reading your words let me escape. I want you to know that I love you. I don’t phsically know you but I do know one thing: you are incredibly strong. And I know that he was the most amazing boy ever to walk the earth, that he is an angel and he is right there with you all the time.

  49. I just saw your story on Katie and cannot stop Google searching Ronan’s name and reading/watching everything that comes up on your beautiful son. He is truly a little angel. Praying for you, your family and the new baby on board:)

  50. Taylor Swift is an an angel! I love her! You and Ronan are two angels who fought like soldiers. You are just so inspirational.
    God bless you and your whole family,
    And of course, Ronan ❤

  51. Hey Taylor and Maya,
    i just want to say you have been a massive inspiration and although im twelve i am sure i will have something to do with helping or discovering a cure to cancer one day. if i could donante $9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 i would but i am too young. if anything i do pray for you Maya and You Taylor and of course Ronan. im sure a lot of other people to, when i first heard Taylor sing i cried and cried and cried because everyone should deserve to live a life and have a marriage and have kids one day and im sure in heaven ronan has met alot of other young boys (and girls) his age and are having fun. but taylor one day i will help with cancer and be a singer, i want to be just like you. There is alot to say but i would rather say it eye to eye, but i cant. if you ever come to Australia Maya, please try and do a campaign for cancer so i can see you and get your autograph and Taylor hopefully ill get to meet you at your red concert, i went to your speak now one. thank you for inspiering everyone, not just me to want to do something meaning full in life.
    From Lexie, you #1 fan

  52. tayor swift i ni love with you ny love for you is like a huurcane that never ends so in love with you i tnik abut you in the dat and i deam abut you at night will you give me a try my assress is jamesskinner selby ave sant paul 55104 my name is jamesskiinner but go by thee name lissa

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